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Politically Correct Pigs target Apu of The Simpsons!

An American of Indian origin wants the cartoon character eliminated because he was bullied using Apu’s accent.



“Digital” is slow, requires electricity/Internet & unnecessary for the hundreds of millions of India’s poor

Indian government has failed in everything. It cannot provide a guaranteed supply of water/electricity, good schools & colleges, health services, road and rail services… India is at the bottom of human development because of inept politicians/traitors/swindlers. Yet, somehow people here have strung together a living and Modi wants to spoil that – just to protect his masters’ investments on e-commerce companies.

CIA endangered public safety by publishing the Anarchist Cookbook and “A Qaeeda” Inspire magazine


All terrorism is state-sponsored terrorism. Whatever be the justification used.

It has become an out-of-control situation – not of terrorists but of intelligence agencies.

Obama’s Justice Department justified the risks of giving weapons to the Sinola drug cartel and Syrian, Libyan terrorist groups. Bush administration gave weapons to Afghan groups including the purposely created Taliban groups. George Bush Sr. & Regan gave weapons to right wing terrorist groups all over Latin America. Carter government armed the Afghan Mujahideen.

They all come back attack America. US government helps thing along by giving visas & permanent residence to the hotheads.

American public has no memory. The Press is in bed with the CIA. Members of legislature are under surveillance and blackmail. No wonder there is no end to terror. The enemy is within the government. It’s the CIA.