relaunched with a Daily News feature – now the conservative alternative to Drudge Report

I had given up on the thinking that I had too many domains. I bought it again, as there are so many Moral Volcano books now. I have also decided to move my blog to it. (WordPress’ new block editor is annoying and they seem to have sabotaged the classic editor. The block editor has some interesting features but is less useful and more complicated. Like Gnome 3, they hobbled the old stuff to force people to like the new stuff. Less is more. Black is white.) It will take some time. The biggest change is that the home page of the site is like Drudge Report. (I am still writing the code. It will probably be launched in January 2022.) I used to read this site every day until last year when I noticed that Drudge had become woke and was peddling Leftist propaganda. Since then, several alternatives had cropped up. They have retained some aspects of Drudge Report but they all have problems. They have revolting ads, too many news articles, lots of images, hot air (views, opinions), celebrity stuff, social media news and anything the Leftist media hypes. I need news, not views (unless it is my own). So, the home page is very sparse and very user-friendy. There is no Javascript – no analytics, cookies, tracking, ads or social media. It will have an RSS feed so that users can anonymously access the content. Despite the ‘daily’ name, it will be updated over a week, unless I get help from some volunteers. There is a page for submitting news articles. It does have Javascript for validation purposes but other pages such as news archives and the blog will have no Javascript.


Comments on this blog are moderated by government agents. The Moral Volcano Essential Reading List will explain why.

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