Movie Review: Nudist Colony Of The Dead

A well-rounded satirical zombie musical.

Thumbnails from the movie 'Nudist Colony Of The Dead'

This is an ultra-low-budget movie made in 1991. It is a musical. It has zombies… nude zombies… nude zombies anxious to wreak vengeance on some religious zealots who threw them off their nudist colony. They had committed mass suicide but every time some religious campers visit the site, the nudist zombies crawl out of the ground. There is one overdue zombie with tits longer than her arms that was quite scary and funny. Mrs. Druple is her name.

There are only a few real actors in the movie but everyone puts a tremendous effort to make it functional. Kudos to the director. Unlike most zombie movies, this one has a perfect ending. The songs are all catchy. I even liked the rap number. There was another number parodying the blind singer Stevie Wonder. These songs were the best:

  • Nudist Colony Of The Dead (title theme)
  • God’s gonna show us the way
  • It’s a inky dinky do-dah morning

The most of the cast are playing a group of young rednecks heading to an outdoor Christian camp. It makes liberal fun of Christianity but I became quite inspired.

Because of the ampleness of zombie tits in the movie, some have commented that the movie was more fun to make than to watch. I do not agree. It is good entertainment. A decent budget would have killed it.

I do not know where I got my copy. It says in the beginning the Super-8 film was poorly lit and had to remastered and spliced with videotape footage.

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