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Moral Volcano Prediction: Mandh-buddhi Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi will win 2019 elections and/or form government again at any cost

You can mock all you want, this is the kind of fool that globalists want as their puppet.

Modi, our radar expert

Modi claims he wanted Pakistan airstrike not to be postponed because he thought clouds would prevent Pakistani radar from tracking Indian fighter aircraft

Every stooge is usually given at least two terms.

Reptilian News cartoon: How foreign countries can change Indian voting results

Indian EVMs use foreign-made ICs (microchips) and components. Foreign governments can now decide who will win Indian elections by requiring these EVMs use undocumented secret code routines that respond to external radio instructions supplied by election saboteurs.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (25-Apr):

  • Modi and his Israeli promoters and the Intelligence Bureau will ensure that Modi wins by tampering the #EVMs. These reports are useless. Modi knows who to bribe. After all, he got the most money from anonymous electoral bonds.

UPDATE (14-May-2019): Apparently, the stupid fool Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi writes poetry. His other superpowers include the ability to write down questions he will be asked in future scripted interviews.

Modi scripted question from NewsNation

Modi’s handlers got the questions and answers already printed for him.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (29-Apr):

  • If EC allows Modi to be elected despite these violations, then the losers can challenge elelection claiming that the EC had given Modi an unfair advantage.

  • Going by Hindutva Voting Machine malfunction trends, #Modi Wave is intact.

  • Candidates fighting against #Modi should file their cases now, as after the election courts may not want to stop him from getting sworn in.

Indian Election Commission will not begin counting votes for several days even though the voting machines are all DIGITAL!

Save your tears for Modi! He is not the poor possum he claims to be!

The Wire reports that, contrary to his claims of being a chaiwallah onc, Modi for a while managed a canteen owned by his uncle. Further destroying his supposed brotherhood with chaiwallahs, UP government evicted chaiwallahs from BHU campaus before Modi’s visits because they thought chaiwallahs represented a threat to Modi (https://thewire.in/203797/defective-tea-kettle-dead-sabarmati/).

Reptiian News cartoon: Modi mocks bus and train passengers

Modi asks critics of his high-speed bullet trains to ride on bullock carts.

Sheesh! The way Modi is crying around the last few days has been disgusting. Won’t they be stealing the elections this time too? Why does he become so paranoid around election time? Does he think his handlers will abandon him this time?

The election commission will not count the votes for several days, even though the voting machines are DIGITAL. Even paper ballots take less than a day to count. They are tampering the voting machines only for you, Modi. So, don’t worry, you idiot.

How Indian Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs can be hacked

Like RFID chips and crystal radio receiver sets, the EVMs can be tampered with special radio instructions used by saboteurs to change the results. If the ICs used in the EVMs are not manufactured in India, then countries like UK or USA are duty-bound to add undocumented software routines and components to the chips.

  • If EVM software is hardcoded into the chips, then undocumented code pathways can be included at the chip manufacturer’s end at the behest of countries like US/UK. If the code is stored in flash memory, then code or the final tally can also be flashed or compromised by EC officials. It is unlikely that the EC has chosen flash memory-based chips. So, it must be the first case.
    How Indian EVMs are hacked

    EVMs cannot be verified by a human. Even though ELECTRONIC voting machines can reveal the results on the same day as voting, Indian Election Commission uses a schedule to deliberately delay the results for several days, sometimes even weeks. This gives the saboteurs enough time for manipulation of the EVMs. The CCTV footage of EVM storage rooms can be easily run in a loop with fake time stamps to fool party representatives.[

  • The chips could have RFID elements that could leak vote count data to specially made RFID readers. After the Punjab elections, Modi seems to have received advance word about the votes cast. As a defensive measure, he asked his ministers to show details of tours they undertook to defend the demonetization exercise. This proves that someone was able to scan all the EVMs and realize that BJP-SAD combine had did not gather enough votes.
  • Another more cumbersome tactic is to use EMI readers individual vote counts. This is unlikely to be case.
  • RFID chips do not require power. The radio waves emitted by the scanners provide the power for the RFID chips to emit data. The same concept can also be used to write fresh data into the EVMs. The vote count can be changed by activating unknown code pathways and components in the chips. This is how BJP manages to win seats in places where Muslims are in majority.

When BJP was repeating “Modi Wave! Modi Wave! Modi Wave!”, they were really telling the truth. Similar to how a crystal radio receiver set uses power from AM/MW broadcast radio waves to power a small earphone speaker, RFID components in the EVM chips are activated by radio waves to hack and manipulate the vote count.

What the EC has done or EVM manufacturers such as ECIL or BEL have done is protect against physical tampering.

Most coin-operated phones in India can be hacked using tones generated by pressing certain numbers on a mobile phone. This does not require physical tampering of the machines.

When EC officials says the EVMs are tamper-proof, they are right. For these simple-minded government officials, hacking means physical tampering.

EC has challenged political parties to hack the machines under control conditions. This will not work. The EC should give each political party at least 10 sample EVMs. The political parties should be able to take the EVMs away with them. Hardware security professionals hired by political parties will then be able to study the machines at leisure – say for a month. After that, these professionals can demonstrate hackability on fresh EVMs under control conditions set by the EC. Or, at the least, they can point out unwanted components in the EVM chips, which the EC should be duty-bound to explain.

I Told You So: A defensive Modi had advance knowledge of voting (tampering) results when he asked his ministers details of their demonetization promotion efforts

Even though “electronic” voting machines were used, it took weeks, instead of a day, to finish voting.

After the elections in Punjab, the American embassy seems to have told Modi that most votes have been cast against the BJP-SAD coalition. To avoid being blamed for the loss and expecting the same in UP elections, Modi tried to put his cabinet detractors on the defensive. He asked for details of tours if any conducted by them to raise support for demonetization. The reptilians seems to have told Modi, they weren’t going reverse the Punjab verdict because the incumbents were thoroughly hated. It wasn’t worth the effort.


In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress made the mistake of allying with another hated incumbent party and that created scope for getting away with tampering the foreign-made EVMs chips. Unfortunately for BJP, their vote bank was totally gone. Not a problem, said the reptilians. Modi had done well with treasonous demonetization and national ID swindles and had won their approval. Like a treat for a good dog, the reptilians seem to have initiated largescale tampering of the EVMs. Even before the voting was over, Modi let the cat out of the bag with his “electric shocks” statement“. BJP got votes even in Muslim-majority areas.


If they could get away with vote tampering in the general elections, the reptilians could effect the same in a handful of states too. (https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/want-proof-that-rothschild-evm-s-elected-modi-rather-than-people-of-india-bjp-sweeps-assam/) But, how can they do that after after demonetization?… Remember, Uttar Pradesh is like Bihar a state where huge numbers of casual laborers had become jobless and/or had to return from other states because of demonetization.

Not a problem! In America, the reptilians feared an armed revolt after Trump said he will not accept the result if it went against him. Yet, even though they let him win, they gave the popular vote to Schmillary Clinton. In comparison, India is a docile country where the population does not have guns to challenge the government.

Have you noticed something else? Amazing how Modi has so suddenly overcome his own doubts and become more eloquent on demonetization than before. Modi is even calling for more humility in his party. That’s hilarious!

Everything about this government is fake. It wins fake elections. It fakes GDP numbers. It gave fake reasons for demonetization – to reduce India’s gold demand (reptilians are running out of physical gold and had to unwind massive long positions in crude oil) and to give payments banks-led cashless transactions a lift up (very few licenses were picked up). They wouldn’t admit that they didn’t have the brains to smoothly & efficiently implement a demonetization plan.

You know they are stupid because they are still refusing to print the 1000 rupee note, which is an important denomination in terms of transaction volumes. All they had was the willingness to accept orders from abroad. As a result, the economy is stuck in reverse gear. Most people are spending only on basics and cut back on discretionary spending. The good thing however is that digital transactions are going to fall and the fantastic dream of a cashless economy will revert back once enough cash percolates into the economy. My people will return to their old ways.

Modi is daydreaming and believing in his own lies. That is why RBI refuses to reveal details about returned currency notes. More than expected amount has been returned to banks and RBI will most likely falsify those numbers and justify the stupid/useless exercise.

Free offer of 100 units of electricity and fear of DMK force EVMs to vote for AIADMK

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition. PMK’s chances wiped out because of manifesto “issues”.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

Rothschild voting machines (EVMs) have once again voted for BJP in Assam, despite the fact that party has no base in Assam. Although the EVMs voted for the Communist-led coalition in Kerala, Congress miraculously won more than half as much as the Communists. This is astonishing despite 2 terms of scam-tainted Congress rule. Congress should not have won the previous term either. American embassy officials who decide which way the EVMs should vote are not totally pro-Congress. In TN, the ensured that BJP’s rival Congress’ coalition with DMK did not win. Apparently, it hasn’t yet dawned on the DMK that the EVMs are controlled by US embassy. They should do a deal with the Americans to win next time. PMK made the mistake of including a lot of viable pro-poor and pro-farmer solutions in the manifesto. The Western multinationals don’t like that. In politics, truth should be revealed only when its time has come. Otherwise, you create unwanted enemies and destroy your chances.

In a stroke of genius, Jayalalitha had offered 100 units of free electricity. This meant that most households in TN would make significant savings in their monthly expenses.

However, the shine from the victory will not last. Just look at Modi. He scored a massive victory but now looks a worse lameduck than Manmohan Singh. The TN govt has a huge debt load. State-owned firms also have lakhs of debt. The gradual implementation of liquor prohibition will create a huge void in the state’s revenues. (The state started vending liquor because of numerous incidence of sale of spurious liquor and consequent deaths, and the rampant amounts of kickbacks that police and politicians from deriving from the illicit trade.). The offer of 100 units of free current from the already stressed Electricity Board will create even more problems.

The only solution for Jayalalitha is to to oppose GST and ensure that Sales Tax and other state taxes are collected properly. The tax rate should be low to ensure there is no evasion. The state should target the big traders and shop establishments first and ensure they all pay. Small traders should be spared or asked to pay self-declared nominal amounts. Otherwise, she will become a failure like Modi.

Another problem that her second terms faces is from the DMK. Though her coalition MLAs had contested the elections under the Two Leaves symbol, there is no guarantee that DMK will not attempt to wean away her MLAs and break her party. DMK has more MLAs now and they are not likely to wait for 2021 for to get back into power.

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition

The People Welfare Front had some momentum but it was all vaporized by opinion polls which predicted they would lose. The coalition was formed very late in the game and did not do enough preparatory work to make a viable case for itself to form an alternate government. At least CPI and MDMK would have won a few seats. American embassy officials decided otherwise.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

Stalin should return to வெள்ள வேட்டி & abandon social-media-crazy new-age marketers

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

The taint of 2G is not easy to shake off. Some stuffed-up marketers sold Stalin the idea that the நமக்கு நாமே campaign would be enough. Ignoring his own good judgment, gained from decades in politics, he got sold on the advice of some PR gimmick specialists. It has no effect on poor and rural voters. He even gave up traditional dhoti and became indistinguishable to the crowd in election meetings. If DMK won almost 100 seats, it was only because American embassy officials wished that PMK and other parties should lose. BJP leadership seems to have been already told what the result was going to be. They did not show up for press conferences or showed up late. They left Tamilisai Soundararajan and others to fend for themselves and perform a thankless job – all for nothing.
TV-CLIP-BJP-Tamilisai Soundararajan-cleans-up

TV coverage


BJP will win Bihar! As secular parties clump together, tampered voting machines will give a higher share of Bihar votes to the discredited Modi Wave!

If these voting machines can make BJP win in places like Assam, then Bihar will be a cakewalk.

Instead of contesting Bihar elections separately, splitting the vote & making BJP an also-ran footnote and forming a colation after the elections, secular parties have clumped together to give added credence to the phony Voting Machines that will give a higher share of votes to the discredited Modi Wave!