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Didn’t the billions of dollars given to George Soros used to sponsor protests defaming Christians & Christianity in Ukraine & Russia

American meddling or American taxpayer dollars used to fight Christianity!

Reptilian News - George Soros and Femen attack Christianity and Christians.

American Christians pay taxes and Jewish financier George Soros spends it on Femen attacks on Christian chruches and people.

Donald Trump should investigate Freedom House and other George Soros NGOs which received billions of dollars from USAID

US State department and intelligence agencies have funneled $2 billion to their Ukrainian friends with just two USAID contracts

Reptilian News cartoon - How USAID gave George Soros billions to topple Ukrainian government

US govt agency USAI gave more than $2 billion to Geoge Soros-run Freedom House to topple the Russia-friendly regime in Ukraine. After spending a lot more money, US finally toppled the Ukrainian president and established a loyal stooge in his place.

USAID Yellowbook FY 2001 archived at

Click to access yellowbook01.pdf