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Finding ‘Clouds of Secrecy – The army’s germ warfare tests over populated areas’ by Leonard Cole

How to use the “media” tab of the “Page Info” dialog in Firefox browser to find obfuscated images.

The book “Clouds of Secrecy: The army’s germ warfare tests over populated areas” by Leonard Cole is a mainstream academic account of US army’s covert attacks on American citizen in peacetime. It is sourced from meticulous and original research and from reports published in American newspapers like the New York Times and state/local newspapers.

The book Clouds of Secrecy - The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas by Leonard Cole

A super-big copy of the old cover of the book “Clouds of Secrecy – The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas” by Leonard Cole. You can click this image to get the full version.

How to copy browser images hidden under layers of HTML

I wanted to use the image of the book cover in a cartoon but the cover had changed in its reprint avatar. It is not as dramatic as the original.

I tried to search for the book and Google and other search engines have lost most of the links to the book. Bing search engine used by DuckDuckGo returns on images of clouds, not the book. (This shows how believable Microsoft’s claims on on AI and such.) On Google, I found very tiny images of the old cover. However, one result in its Book search was humungous. This image could not be saved easily to desktop.. On examining the HTML using the “Inspect Element” option, the image was still untraceable. To protect the copyrighted contents of books, Google has already restricted the amount of content that can be viewed but even that content is obscured using obfuscated HTML/CSS DOM code. This is understandable because Google could be and had been sued by publishers over its book scanning service. Anyway, I wanted just the cover image. Here is how I accomplished it.

Select View » Page Info » Media and scroll down to the image you want to download. Copy the URL and paste it in a browser tab. Now, you can right-click the image and save it to your desktop.

Media tab of Page Info dialog of Firefox browser

Media tab of Page Info dialog of Firefox browser allows you to find the URL of obfuscated images.

Any euthanasia law will be prone to misuse – UK’s NHS starved & killed thousands with its Liverpool Care Pathway protocol

Reptilian News - How UK's NHS deliberately starves and kills elderly and sick people in the name of euthanasia

UK’s NHS has deliberately starved and killed thousands of patients, most of them deliberately identified as terminal. Doctors and hospital authorities were given quotas and financial incentives.


Smart Cities = Denser Cities = Private Cities = Globalist Privatization of public infrastructure & inevitable price gouging

See the oxymoron in the title? Open to all but private! They first drain local governments of all funds with unpayable debt using infrastructure white elephants and then say new urban landscapes should be left to private developers effectively locking you in a Fascist concrete jungle prison.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Is the explosion of rape cases in India caused by hormones in milk and chicken, obscene film and show sequences on TV and stupid parents who won’t switch off the TV when kids are around?

When government gives free food, youth are not interested in finding a job. Raping and harrassing women is a pastime.

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

ET editor recommends a book about homo sex to kids. Children are the next frontier of homo and sexual propaganda.

If these fools are to be believed homo propaganda is the biggest deficiency facing today’s children – not schools, teachers, books, furniture, school buses, electricity…

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their "homosexuality awareness program" to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their “homosexuality awareness program” to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

Humans survived millennia without all these sex education and homo awareness propaganda. They only makes children vulnerable to serious harm. Kids are being bombarded with an overwhelming amount of messages and visuals about sex all the time.

With the impending Aadhaar system, children are going to tracked like hell. The Right To Education (RTE) Act will make children education less focused on learning and more focused on propaganda. It is a Fascist device in disguise. Only rich bastards will be able to get quality education. Children from middle-class families will be in debt if they learn too much. Most will have only just about education to make them good obedient factory workers or computer operators. Most will be happy to get jobs pizza delivery boys.