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Donald Trump should call the Democratic Party’s bluff on BLM-Antifa-Chaozistan protests

George Soros starts another colour revolution and this time it is definitely black.
Reptilian News Cartoon

Soros creates a colour revolution inside America.

Trump should use the globalist Divide-n-Rule policy. Trump should ask the Democratic Party to accept Chaz-BLM-Antifa demands in full or hand over the administration of their cities and states to the Republican party. When the protestors came, the Democratic Party’s adherence to the lockdown regulations not only weakened, the spineless twits went out and joined the protests! Social distancing and all that jazz was just a charade! They wrecked the global economy for nothing.

The looter-protestors are demanding that governments “defund the police”. Well, the Democratic Party should defund the police! For a few days, the partisan mainstream media was claiming the ‘defund the police’ does not mean defunding the police. But, the BLM-Antifa mob called their bluff. They want NO POLICING, WHATEVER!

Well, Democratic party politicians should give up their security guards and defund the police. Trump should turn the tables on Democrats whenever he is asked about the protestors. He should rhetorically ask Democratic Party to defund the police or quit. Either they are with BLM-Antifa or they are against. They cannot have it both ways.

Rioting-looting protestors of the George Soros-funed BLM and Antifa have created a new country inside America. It is called Chaz. It should have been Cha(o)zistan. They have seceded from America with six blocks of downtown Seattle.

Cha(o)zistan enforced their takeover using believe-it-or-not GUNS! Aren’t gun lovers White Supremacists? Several White joined this new country or the 51st state of America. The looter-protestors have several demands.

WARNING: Trump should not jump the gun and turn these protests into another Ruby Ridge or Waco. FBI-CIA-DoD will sabotage any attempt to use force. If at all some force has to be used, it should be tear gas. Trump can drop tons of cannisters of tear gas over Chaozistan. By international law, he is empowered to do so against a hostile power.

Adazing.com is a self-publishing author’s friend

They say they are raising prices soon.

I do not get amazed easily. Definitely, not by software. The last time I was amazed by a software was when a multi-site submission software went through captcha images like it was child’s play.

Yesterday, I got an ISBN for my book Reptilian News Cartoons and I was trying to generate barcode images using it. Somehow, I landed on adazing.com and their site offered to generate 3d mockup images of books. I can do this manually with GIMP but they were doing it on stock photos of outdoor and indoor settings.

I uploaded the back cover of the book and they created a ton of mockups. Three mockups were freely downloadable. The rest of it was thumbnail images. The thumbnails were not downloadable.

Now, I like a challenge as anybody else in a 100-mile radius and I immediately did ‘Inspect element’ on the page’s HTML. Apparently, they did not generate any of the mockup images server-side. No, Sir. They have stock images with certain regions transparent or semi-transparent (for lighting/shade effect). They, then use HTML5 Javascript to place the uploaded cover image behind in those transparent areas. This happens on client-side – in your browser. Non-transparent areas of the stock image will block part of the cover image, completing the photo-realistic effect.

Who are these people and how did they get my book?

I had done the same thing to Hillary Clinton’s photo on the front cover of the B/W version of Reptilian News Cartoons. The text ‘Pay For Play’ was placed so surreptitiously that most people would think it was real. However, I did not know the same effect could be implemented in so many other ways.

Even the video that they created with my book cover was faked. They have a video on Vimeo that uses a no-name book with nothing on the cover. Then, they use Javascript to render the image over the video. Everything looks A-OK.

Kudos to Adazing for making it a seamless experience. The site provides several other services such as in-store book publicity material and author media kits. Their services are for authors who cannot do GIMP or Photoshop and do not want to deal with graphic artists.

New covers for my book ‘Reptilian News Cartoons v2020 by Moral Volcano’ are epic!

Different covers for different editions.

I hate the word ‘epic’ whenever and wherever it is used to describe something that is supposedly impressive but in this case I approve.

For a full introduction to what this book is read

The “Reptilian News Cartoons” book – paperback, ebook and free sample PDF download

Lockdowns will not end the pandemic because coronavirus is a US-China bioweapon

It is better to die from an infection rather than starvation.

A virus is a very basic life form. So basic that it is difficult to tell if it is alive. It has a DNA/RNA strand protected inside a protein shell. That’s it. When inside a host or a vector, it inserts its genetic material into a host cell’s nucleus to create copies of the virus. The replication is the only observable indication that it is alive.

How did the bat virus jump species so quickly?

The ‘novel’ coronavirus was found in bats in China sometime in 2018 (Daily Mail; “Chinese state media footage from 2018 shows scientists in Wuhan’s virus lab studying ‘a novel coronavirus found in bats'”; April 2020). A thriving virus needs to have a special protein structure to bind to cells in the host organism. This takes several decades or centuries of evolution to occur.

For this virus to bind to cells in humans, the same viral structure will not be useful. The virus will need significant changes to its RNA/DNA to be able to thrive inside human cells. That means several decades or centuries of exposure to humans and a subsequent species-jump.

Even before this new virus could gain a foothold in the bat population, something enabled it thrive inside humans. How did this species jump occur. What helped it? WHO helped?

In 2015, researchers at University of North Carolina seem to have done enough groundwork for this to occur. (STAT News; “SARS-like virus in bats shows potential to infect humans, study finds” November 2015)

The UNC scientists wanted to see if cousin viruses coronaviruses that are carried by Chinese horseshoe bats also posed a threat to people. They used one, SHC014, as a representative of the group.

They inserted a key part of the virus, its spike protein, into a SARS virus and then ran experiments to see if the hybrid virus could infect human respiratory tract cells (in a dish) and mice that were vulnerable to the SARS virus.

It did.

Americans transfer money to China for bioweapon research

Now, let’s switch the focus to the US. Coronaviruses were a subject of US bioweapons R&D.

The US National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) led by Dr. Fauci granted two rounds of $3.7 funding on coronaviruses, starting in 2015. After the news broke out, the US National Institute of Health (NIH), the parent body of NIAID, cancelled the funding.

Newsweek’s article claims that the first trance of $3.7 million was spent on cataloging wild bats and their viruses, and was completed by Wuhan lab team lead by Zhengli-Li Shi in 2019. The second tranche for the same amount in 2019 was for ‘gain of function’ study, also at Wuhan.

Myth-busting busy-bodies like Science mag, Politifact and others claim that Wuhan lab received less than $600,000 and most of the money was spent by US NGO called EcoHealth Alliance, which directed the Wuhan effort. (Some accounting adjustment!)

So, they claim, the Chinese lab did not receive millions and the weaponization could not have occurred so quickly.

Well, they had four years from the time American and Chinese scientists (including Zheng-Li Shi) discovered the possibility at UNC in 2015? That’s plenty!

Americans transfer virus sample to China for bioweapon research

Chinese agents working in the West have been caught transporting weaponized virus samples to China. Last year, a Chinese scientist Xiangguo Qiu and her husband was removed from their positions at a Canadian P4 lab. Many Western institutions are severing their links to the Wuhan lab and other Chinese research facilities. This was only because Trump learned about it and took action. Until then, it was all hunky-dory to collaborate with Communist China.

CIA experimentations on humans at major hospitals


Who funds ‘gain of function’ studies

Dr. Fauci, of course. He funds them because it will help in developing anti-viral medications for use in epidemics and pandemics, Newsweek says.

“Well, schmuck, do you have any anti-corona medicines now that we have a real pandemic?”
“So, you did help fund creating this pandemic, didn’t ya?”
“Good work, mofo!”

When it was revealed that scientists like Dr. Fauci receive money from vaccine patents, Dr. Fauci voluntarily gave them up, claiming that he had to put his name on the patent only because Bayh-Dohl Act required him to. This piece of legislation was enacted in the 80s and give scientists monetary benefit from patents originating from research funded by taxpayers’ money. In the banned excerpt of the documentary Plandemic, Judy Mikovitz says this has created a great conflict of interest in the medical research community. And, she is right.

Will the coronavirus vaccine be free?

Secret clinical trials conducted by Gates Foundation in connivance of state officials led to deaths of tribal women and students.

It may be free. But, like HPV, governments would be persuaded to pick up the bill and Big Pharma which will provide the vaccine to governments would make huge profits, now that the whole world will have to take it. Everyone is a customer. Just imagine!

Even if the payouts from patents is not worth writing about, the windfall gains that people like Dr. Fauci and other enablers have provided pharma companies is unimaginable in all the years to come. You may never know how much they will be paid off but that does not mean there will be no payoffs. Remember how the Obamas received $60 million for four books from a sister company that was the main beneficiary of the Common Core education program.

The Gates Foundation’s trust fund will continue make a ton of money from vaccine sales by companies that they have invested in.

What is in it for Bill Gates? Isn’t he already the richest man in the world?

Microsoft became Microsoft because somebody at IBM decided to buy their reverse-engineered copy of the CP/M OS called QDOS. Windows NT was stolen from Digital Equipment Corporation.

Microsoft became Microsoft because US government adopted its products and forcing its proprietary formats such as DOC and XLS on everyone else.

Microsoft became Microsoft because it stole ideas from competitors and bundled them as free. It even allowed rampant piracy of its network OS to destroy competitors such as Novell. All of this happened while anti-trust authorities looked the other way.

When Bill Gates became old and useless, he was asked to sell his shares and leave. With that money, he made investments in the stockmarket. Then, he realized he could make more money by disguising his operations as a charitable trust.

He will complain about CO2 and go around his country and the world in a private jet. When he went to Epstein’s island, he did not use the jet. He used Epstein’s jet. Gates said he did not know Epstein but a New York Times reports dug up information that he did not know the notorious peddler of young girls. The FBI has lots of tapes that they confiscated from the Epstein island. They are not saying anything but of course he committed suicide while under suicide watch. Otherwise, we might know if Gates has something to hide. Epstein’s associates say he was with US and Israeli intelligence. That is why Bill Gates spends so much money on news outlets to buy influence.

The foundation is bankrolling “journalism” about its activities around the globe. ABC ($1.5m), PBS ($0.9m), The BBC ($51m), The Guardian ($9.3m), The Daily Telegraph ($3.4m) and the Financial Times ($1.8m), to name but a few, have received large amounts of dollars from the foundation.

MSNBC: NYT: Bill Gates Repeatedly Met With Jeffrey Epstein

Maybe, it is not money but just the need to stay out of jail.

No criticizing the Commies!

Have you noticed how Western media are supporting the Communist state from all criticism? Even in India, the Communist-run Kerala state is being praised as a model state in combating corona.

Is it because they support China? No, the US military and intelligence agencies are using their media assets to limit the fallout on China to protect their own hide. China did their bidding, as required by globalist reptilians. In times like this, reptilians should stick together.

The Chinese communists are upset and have shown that they are willing to expose US deep state involvement in globalist pandemic efforts. Global Times, an English-language mouthpiece of the Communist state asked the several uncomfortable questions in an article titled “Four questions the US must answer concerning COVID-19“.

Why did the US shut down the Army laboratory at Fort Detrick that studies deadly infectious materials?

Reports show that the US’ main biological warfare lab had been ordered to stop all research into certain biological agents and toxins for security reasons in June 2019, but no detailed reasons have been offered.

Coincidentally, shortly before the lab was shut down, a large number of people became ill with respiratory symptoms, ranging from a cough to pneumonia, in two nursing homes in a nearby county in Virginia.

As of August 27, 2019, 215 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease, reportedly associated with the use of electronic cigarette products, had been reported to the CDC. All patients described in these reports have had ground glass opacities revealed on their chest tomography scans. Relevant infections had been surging since then, as of September 24, 2019, 805 cases of lung injury from 46 states and one territory had been reported to the CDC.

On March 10, a petition was launched on the White House’s website, asking the US government to make public the real reason for the closure of Fort Detrick, and to clarify whether the laboratory is the research unit for the novel coronavirus as well as whether there was a virus leak. The petition also noted that a large number of English news reports about the closure of Fort Detrick were deleted.

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, the Bulgarian reporter who exposed Obama government’s secret shipments of arms to ISIS terrorists, has reported extensively about infections caused by US bioweapons labs in Central Asia.

US diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program

The US Embassy to Tbilisi transports frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program. Internal documents, implicating US diplomats in the transportation of and experimenting on pathogens under diplomatic cover were leaked to me by Georgian insiders. According to these documents, Pentagon scientists have been deployed to the Republic of Georgia and have been given diplomatic immunity to research deadly diseases and biting insects at the Lugar Center – the Pentagon biolaboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

This military facility is just one of the many Pentagon biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world. They are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa…

Infected – an 2012 EU-funded comic that predicted the 2020 pandemic

Many countries are involved in bioweapon research. Globalists have been toying with idea of using a pandemic to promote global governance, erase national sovereignty and borders, dumb down the human race and establish a world dictatorship.


The “Reptilian News Cartoons” book – paperback, ebook and free sample PDF download

Three-years-worth of Reptilian News cartoons has been made into a book with extensive commentary using mainly mainstream news sources. No conspiracy news sites.

Updated cover (24-May-2020)

Reptilian News Cartoons paperbacks

Buy Kindle eBook or paperback

This full-colour print-replica eBook is available for $2.99, £1.49, €2.69. The full-color printed paperback is beyond the reach of most people – $60, £44 or €49 (more expensive than Obama’s or Kardashian’s hardbound books). It is expensive because of the high number of pages and color option. The B/W paperback is $12, £12 or €12. Only a traditional publisher can bring the cost within the purchasing power of most people. I got no response from InfoWars, my last and only hope.

Size: 30 MB Pages: 434 Cartoons: 149

How to find reptilian news cartoons on Amazon

How to find reptilian news cartoons on Amazon



For some reason, Amazon UK prices are cheaper than their other sites.

Back Cover

Reptilian News Cartoons book back cover blurb

I have mailed the entire book to Alex Jones for sale on their InfoWars store. If this book is sold by anybody else, it will be difficult to reach a more focused audience. Even if they decide not to publish it, it is good that they have a copy and use the ideas. So far, they have not responded. Maybe Google and Microsoft have censored my mail.


The book is written in legally correct or safe language. Anything not supported by mainstream news media citations is clearly identified as speculation. On the front and back covers, the buyer is asked to read this disclaimer. The upshot is I have some ideas and I would like to share with like-minded individuals. And, if anyone does not like my ideas, he/she can go forth and multiply by himself/herself.

The line about the movies is quoted from a movie review by somebody else. I have not seen the first two movies but the last one…. I saw that two decades ago because it had two beautiful actresses in it but it drained the life out of me.

Sample Cartoon Commentary Page

As mentioned on the back cover, almost all news citations accompanying each cartoon are from the mainstream news media. This commentary is for the “Thank Climate Change” cartoon. (The “Climate Consensus” was manufactured by asking the converted.)

Climate Change consensus explained

Sample PDF Download

A 70-page sample for a dozen of the cartoons with watermarks and mostly B/W images can be downloaded from this link.

Download: 3.2 MB Pages: 70 Cartoons 12

No conspiracy news sites

The citations are entirely from mainstream media source. The screenshots have been edited for accommodation within the boundaries of the page but the full stories can be checked out by following the news site links provided in the citations. (Unlike the e-book mailed to InfoWars, the downloadable sample has interactive links. However, when the links refer to pages not included in the e-book sample, they will behave as simple non-interactive text.)

Reptilian News Cartoons citations from New York Times

It took me more than a day to download over a gigabyte of NYT archive links (just links, not pages) from the last 170 years representing… let us say below 20 million pages. I did not hack their site. Google gave it to me.

Text search of New York Times archive links

Google and even DuckDuckGo were hiding/manipulating results. I found an alternative way to search old news.

As reported by New York Times (read the “CIA Established Many Links To Journalists in U.S. and Abroad” article in the animation), CIA has its agents working in many newspapers. Their main job is obfuscation – rewrite headlines to hide the scandalous activities of the reptilians. Most newspaper readers are headline skimmers. Here is an example of a news report where a former DEA agent went public on CIA’s drug trafficking business. Note how the editors have changed the title to make it innocuous. My changes to the article show how the article should really have been.

Chicago Tribunew news report about DEA agent who revealed CIA drug trafficking

Counterspeak using Globalist Newspeak

Globalists have spent considerable time and resources to brainwash the plebians into human sheep, and destroy society and nations as a whole. Reptilian News Cartoons provide inventive counterthink using the same language as the globalists’ insidious propaganda. Everyone needs to this book for de-programming. For example, transexual men and élfinity (L»∞) are the main victims of the globalist depopulation agenda now. Instead of being the forefront of the opposition, they are supporting further depopulation. Over several pages, this book tries to bring these misguided people to reality. Here are some banners used in the book.

American students are brainwashed by liberal colleges and universities to be Communists

Drowning in debt American students are veering towards Communism/Socialism without knowing its dangers.

MeToo - Hashtag Believe Women with broken skuls

#BelieveWomen with broken skulls – Men beating women is not an even-playing field.

Hashtag Toxic Masculinity is trans men invading women's sports

Toxic Masculinity is transexual men claiming to be women and competing with them.

Hashtag Male Privilege and Patriachy is Trans Men invading children's safe spaces and women

Male Privilege and Patriachy is transexual men invading children’s safe spaces and women

Mass-hypnosis is everywhere. Brainwashed lemmings are hurtling themselves to extinction. We need to stop it.

NBC News adds fake lesions to stock photo to promote measles vaccine and demonize vaccine opponents

NBC News adds fake skin lesions to stock image of healthy baby and claims it is from measles. Thanks to @MediaRabbitHole for finding this fraud.

NBC uses stock images for vaccine propaganda

Fake lesions found on stock image of healthy baby used by NBC news to promote vaccine propaganda and demonize vaccine opponents.

When the NBC News crew went to the hospital, they could find only the propaganda nurse but no actual baby with measles? Or, were they just lazy.

NBC News uses doctored stock photo of healthy baby to create false propaganda against vaccine opponents

Original stock image showing healthy baby

NBC Video

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

Subliminal messaging in US national anthem sign-off on television in the 1960s

If this kind of brainwashing was tried for over a decade 60 years ago, what would they be trying now?

Subliminal messages in US anthem broadcast in the 60s

Subliminal messages in US anthem broadcast in the 60s tell American citizens to obey, believe and trust government god. And, also consume “Ultra” and “Naomi”

Someone found an old tape of the US national anthem sequence played on US television in the 1960s during sign off (broadcast going off air – before 24-hour broadcasts) and uploaded it to YouTube, probably using the name found on the cassette – Naomi 1963.

The subliminal messages are as follows:


I extracted the frames using ffmpeg and stitched them up using GIMP. Here is the result.

Subliminal messaging in US national anthem played on television in 1960s

Analysis of the video on modern computers shows the presence of subliminal messages in the video. Some “debunkers” found a newer tape from the 1980s (Museum of Classic Chicago Television), which did not have the message. Hence, they concluded the Naomi tape was a newer tampered one.

The subliminal messages are so close to what were shown in the movie John Carpenter’s They Live that it is indeed tempting to dismiss this as a hoax.

Propaganda and subliminal messaging in the movie They Live

Subliminal messaging portrayed in the movie They Live.

However, after the invention of VCRs, it would have become easy to record the sequence and freeze-frame the times when the subliminal messages were present. It is obvious that the debunker’s tape was the newer modified one with the subliminal stuff removed.

This is a serious insult to the American people. Not only does it make assumptions on the loyalties of American citizens, it also treats them like lab animals on whom experiments can be done. The subliminal information in this tape is a form of brainwashing.

Unscientific world of Climate Models and Climate Change Targets

Who controls the weather

When AOC, Merkel and Macroni submit the Paris Climate Deal targets report, the giant bearded guy in the sky who controls weather events will switch things into slow mode.

The sciensters have made many dire predictions in the past.

BBC claim of ice-free Arctic summers by 2013

In 2007, BBC claimed that Climate Scientologists have concluded that the Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013.

Some of them were literally caught up in their own folly.

Daily Express article “Global warming brigade lose the plot on a ship of fools” by Leo McKinstry

This cartoon by Rick McKee easily demonstrates how the climate propagandists spin their tales.

Climate Change fools change positions often than climate.