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When Modi govt says Aadhaar data is safe, they are being factual, not truthful

RTI requests have revealed that foreign companies implementing the Aadhaar data have had unrestricted access to it. Yet, Modi govt insists the data is safe. This is in classic Indian government doublespeak. Unlike paper files, which can mysteriously go missing or get burnt in a fire mishap, they still have the data. They are just being truthful. Consummate crooks!

Reptilian News cartoon - What does UIDAI mean when they say Aadhaar data is safe

Modi government says Aadhaar data is safe. What they mean by that is nobody has deleted the data. They don’t mean that nobody has obtained unauthorized access to the data. Foreign companies have access to the data. Private Aadhaar service providers can request the data. Lot of Aadhaar data have been leaked on the Internet.



Modi govt has expanded the Aadhaar ID program for cows, they say, to prevent smuggling!

Following the footsteps of US government, Modi wants to have all cattle in a government database. Maybe it will be useful for some multinational company like Danone but the reason they are giving for this effort is to prevent smuggling. Yes, Aadhaar was to receive govt subsidy for LPG. Demonetization has defeated belack meney, terrorism and fake notes.

Reptilian News cartoon - Aadhaar for animals

Modi govt makes Aadhaar for cows too.

Gang involved in making fake Aadhaar cards busted in UP, 10 arrested


Why Aadhaar is bad for you & India!

Reptilian News cartoon: eKYC is an oxymoron. Even dead people can pass it.

Know Your Customer means exactly that. e-KYC is an oxymoron. Even a dead person’s phone can complete e-KYC.

Unlike a hand-written signature, the biometric fingerprint can be replicated without the will/knowledge of the owner. Any business can collect fingerprints and personal data. If fingerprints are leaked online or sold to mobile phone theives, then they can conduct Aadhaar-enabled financial transactions.

The UIDAI Act offers no recourse or alternative for those whose biometric data has been stolen. With so many things made dependent on Aadhaar, life will come to a nought for those people. Aadhaar is a single-point failure on which the financial security of our nation is being set to be wrecked.

What Aadhaar? Manmole & Modi ending gas subsidy to pave way for piped gas supply from US-UK firms & their Indian/Arab fronts

It was all decided years ago but bit by bit the subsidy regime is being eliminated. The pipelines laid by GAIL will be used by foreign/private gas supply companies. Reliance also wants to supply piped gas. Shell, British Gas, and Qatar gas and many trading firms are interested. But the subsidized trade in gas cylinders is a big stumbling blocks. So, our politicians are working overtime on this. Public money wasted on cronies in sweetheart deals is never a problem but a subsidy on an essential commodity for households is an unbearable burden for the lizards.

In any case, 700 million people have already given their biometric data as part of the Aadhaar card. It was time to withdraw the carrot and end the charade.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Why biometric ID cards are bad? Don’t apply for AADHAAR! It is an acceptance of slavery!

Acting on the orders of their Rothschild-Rockefeller overlords, the government of India forced the New India Assurance Co. to issue an ID card for Moral Volcano’s son.

The government may have bottled Moral Volcano’s spawn in some bio-bank somewhere but this kid was not mine. It was a colleague’s son. This happened before I got married and around the time I was in search of a bride.

New India Assurance Co., a GOI undertaking, issues an ID card for a son that Moral Volcano never lent help in creation.

New India Assurance Co., a GOI undertaking, issues an ID card for a non-existent son.

Imagine what the government could do with a database with all your biometric data. They initially said that AADHAAR ID card was meant to ensure government benefits went to deserving poor. Now, they are saying it will be used for all purposes. By making it a success in India, the globalists are planning to re-introduce compulsory identification cards in Western countries, where earlier attempts have failed miserably.

Government will, in future, abolish cash and make all transactions electronic. This will ensure that everyone is tracked like a dog. When everything is in computer databases, then government will be able, at the click of a button, to strip all assets a person has. Protests like that of AAP will become totally unviable. Fascist government will be inaugurated with the willing participation of the people.

Nandan Nilekani is in charge of UIDAI or the Aadhaar scheme and he has contracted the database contract to a “startup” funded by the American CIA, which is really managed by the Rockefellers in America for the Rothschilds. If you follow software programming websites, everyone is promoting this MongoDB as if it is next best thing since the release of DBase for CP/M.

Economic Times story on CIA outfit getting UIDAI contract

Nilekani gives Aadhaar database contract to a known CIA front company.

UPDATE 7-February-2014: Accident Relief Care (a third party providing accident insurance on behalf of New India Assurance Co. Ltd.) has sent me a new card, even when the old card was valid till September this year. They have engraved the wrong blood group on my card. If the wrong blood type is transfused, then the body attacks itself and the patient dies.

ARC ID card with wrong blood group

ARC ID card with wrong blood group

Google is watching you (animation gif)

Beware! Google is watching you.

UIDAI Aadhaar’s Hidden Motive To Aid Private Monopolies

A taxpayer-funded get-it-free demographic database for marketers.

…it looks like that the UIDAI will allow stinking-rich CEOs access poor people with their money-grubbing schemes! Aadhaar will not only bring people under the surveillance of a police state but also tie them inescapably to private monopolies. Haven’t we been promised that UIDAI will only be used by the government? Then, why this betrayal?

Cloud computing seemed like a stupid idea. Why store data on the web and pay rent when you can store it in a hard disk that you own? How often do you need to access your files from a computer that does not belong to you? Only a traveling salesman runs to such problems! Haven’t we already invented laptops, netbooks and external hard disks? It is like an idea born to fail. Yet, cloud computing has some big names behind it and hundreds of billions of money have already been invested in it. Big companies are moving their data to the mythical benefits and safety offered by the cloud. I’ve been wondering what is the ultimate motive behind all this … until recently…

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or Aadhaar also seemed like another born-to-fail scheme with powerful backers. We already have crores of fake ration cards that are used to steal stocks from civil supply departments. Similarly, our voter rolls have crores of fake voters to steal democracy from us. In at least one state (Assam), Congress will not be able to win elections if it were not for the fake ration cards ~ Bangaldeshi migrants posing as Indian Muslims. How are they going to eliminate fake IDs from this project? Governments in the US and UK have tried similar schemes and failed.

It seems that films like Back To The Future and The Matrix have convinced Rothschild’s minions that biometric identification is a foolproof way to track humans. (Ever wonder why our Fascists (RSS-BJP-VHP), Communists and even churches of various Christian denominations support it. Orders come from above!)

John Dayal

But why is the church canvassing for the UIDAI? In my travels across the length and breadth of this country, I have found Bishops and Parish priests, Pastors and their administrators pumping for the card, without really understanding or being able to explain why they think the cards are important. The only conclusion one reaches is that the Christian leadership has an innate trust in the government of the day, and honestly believes that the government cannot do any wrong…

Actually, the UID card is a costly joke, possibly even dangerous in the long run. The United Kingdom has it for a brief period, and expeditiously gave it up when the populace objected to breach of privacy and security of data issues.

…critics called it ominous. “The fact that, a project of this magnitude was implemented without even the basic formalities needed and an enabling law is a matter of utmost concern. How can a government approve a sum over Rs. 3000 crores for a dubious project, without a benefit analysis study and the approval of the parliament? The only possible reason behind the undue haste in implementing the project is the business interests involved,” a critic said. “The social, economic, political and ethical impacts of the
project are of frightening scale. And well mark the beginning of the end of democracy in India.”

…The US magazine The New Yorker describes how this embarrassment is sought to be averted: a computer operator sits in an office running through enrollment forms to make a cursory judgment whether the image matches the demographic information. “That day,” the journalist reports, “he had already inspected more than 5,000 photographs, and he had clicked “incorrect” 300 times: men listed as women, children as adults, photographs with two heads in them.” It seems there are infinite variations to the theme of error.

In May, “unidentified persons” walked away with two laptops and a pen drive which held data pertaining to 140 persons from an enrollment centre in a school in Hadaspur, Maharashtra. The back-up information was also on the same laptop. The data included “sensitive details” relating to passports, voter ID cards, bank accounts, photographs and
a range of other information. In July, five persons were arrested in Bangalore for issuing fake UID. The UIDAI heard about the racket when they were approached with complaints that “Global ID Solutions” was selling franchises to customers to take up Aadhaar enrollment for a non-refundable fee of Rs. 2.5 lakh an enrolment kit.…

… it is wise not to forget that this is not data
collection in a vacuum. It is set amidst NATGRID (National
Intelligence Grid), the UID and a still-hazy-but-waiting-in-the-wings DNA Bank. Each of these has been given spurs by the Union Home Ministry, with security as the logic for surveillance and tracking by the state and its agencies. The benign promise of targeted welfare services is held out to legitimise this exercise. She says if the Home Ministry were to have its way, NATGRID will enable 11 security and intelligence agencies, including RAW, the IB, the Enforcement Directorate, the National Investigation Agency, the CBI, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and the Narcotics Control Bureau and other secret services, to access consolidated data from 21 categories of databases. These would include railway and air travel, income tax, phone calls, bank account details, credit card transactions, visa and immigration records, property records, and the
driving licences of citizens.

I was reading The Economic Times this weekend when I stumbled on a report that revealed another hidden motive of the Aadhaar project. Manmohan Singh has been saying that the UIDAI project will allow poor people to access government schemes and benefits with minimum hassle. From this report, it looks like that the UIDAI will allow stinking-rich CEOs access poor people with their money-grubbing schemes! Aadhaar will not only bring people under the surveillance of a police state but also tie them inescapably to private monopolies. Until recently, we have been repeatedly told that UIDAI will only be used by the government. Now, they have quietly slipped out the idea that the UIDAI will be used by private parties also. Quite sneaky…

The RIL official quoted in the first instance says the company is also looking to offer online services in “security, health and education”. So, for example, by paying, say, 30 a month, a customer can access doctors online 24X7. He said the company was also talking to the government to link up with the database of unique IDs being created for every Indian, called Aadhaar.

Nandan Nilekani, the chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is implementing Aadhaar, confirmed this. “We have had preliminary discussions (with RIL) on how Aadhaar and the platform can be used to offer applications,” he said. “You may not have a cardiologist for every village, but a 100 of them could be available to millions through this hub-and-spoke model on the cloud (computing).” RIL is targeting these millions. Targeting millions is something RIL never did late in the last century, when its first wave of growth came as a producer of industrial goods – petrochemicals, oil refining and oil exploration.

Now, do you understand cloud computing is for? It is for governments and private companies that want to track citizens and benefit from it.