Rothschild Agents Steal Moral Volcano’s Stuff!

Can the greatest conspirators the world has ever known stoop to this level?

Indian postmen and private courier boys terrorised by Rothschild agents and deliver unnecessary Stuff!

Indian postmen and private courier boys terrorised by Rothschild agents… deliver unnecessary Stuff!

“We have unlimited resources. There is nothing you can do,” a man shouted behind me, as I walking home one night at around 2 AM. As the streets were empty, I was inclined to believe it was a message for me. I did not turn back to see if it was the case. This happened a few years ago. These sort of things happen quite often.

My Bad (Time)

For example, on days when I am late to go to work, there is always someone on the road who asks me what time it is. Usually, these people are dressed no better than beggars and they wouldn’t missed anywhere in the world. When they pose the question, I always pretend I never heard them. When it is the auto driver who poses this question, I give them the wrong time. Except for once, I decided to play along (like Bugs Bunny does) and told the jerk that my watch does not work. The fool fell for it and asked what watch was for. Without missing a beat, I told him it was “just for show.” Nobody ever asked me about my watch ever again although they still for the time.

Unnecessary Stuff

Last month, I complained to the subscription department of Stuff India magazine that I had not received my copy. They promised to send another one by courier (from Bombay). That very evening, I got a copy of the magazine. No courier is that fast, even with intra-city deliveries. I was in for more surprises, as I received two more copies of the same issue in the next few days!

Stolen Stuff

This month, Stuff again did not arrive for two weeks. I was afraid there would be a repeat of what happened last month. So, I took a photo of all the Stuff I had received last month and sent it along with my complaint. Instead of sending an additional copy by courier, I asked them to simply call their courier agent and remind them about my copy.

Stuff India replied that they mail my copy by Indian Post and could not track it. They were also surprised that I got three copies. They said they were sending another copy by courier anyway. This time, however, even the couriered copy did not arrive.

When I complained to Stuff India about the non-delivery of the couriered copy, Stuff mailed me the scanned copy of the delivery report submitted by the courier company. Someone had scrawled my name in place of the signature and added my phone number (which I have blacked out).

A Conspiracy, Really?

Now, why do I think this was the work of anti-national traitorous Rothschild agents working in the Indian government? Well, how did Indian Post deliver two copies last month? On the same day that I complained? And, this month, how come both the Indian Post and the courier company simultaneously chose not to deliver their copy?

I believe I got into the radar of the American Intelligence establishment when I started this blog in 2003. The blog template prominently featured a photo of US defence secretary Donald shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.

secretary shakes hand with Saddam Rumsfeld circa 1983

From BlogPatrol logs, I learned that people from US government agencies and prominent media houses and think tanks would visit the site after searching for “moral volcano” or “moral volcano blog”.

BlogPatrol traces *Moral Volcano* searches

To top it all, I tricked the CIA webmaster into revealing what lead to their taking down of the CIA Iraqi Rewards Program English web page. Later, when I archived the English version of the Iraqi Rewards Program page from the CIA website and even registered a domain (, I guess it became impossible get them off my track.

English version of CIA's Iraqi Rewards Program web page

CIA Iraqi Rewards Program’s english web page, as captured by Moral Volcano

Screenshot of the email from CIA webmaster

CIA email to the Moral Volcano.

And, before, the US government decided to kill Bruce Ivins, the Moral Volcano used to prominently display the now hidden Washington Post story linking the material used in the anthrax attack to the US military stocks. Back then, very sources cited the existence of this story. This image of the Washington Post story was part of the blog template. It accompanied every article.</

WEBPAGE - capitol_hill_anthrax

I guess one of the ways to harass awake-and-alert people (who seek to inform others of the Rothschild conspiracy) is to impose incessant surveillance and constantly remind them about it. I am wiser now and have chosen to live it. It still rankles me quite a bit as this is a huge criminal waste of public money and resources. And, a traitorous job at that.

Comments on this blog are moderated by government agents. The Moral Volcano Essential Reading List will explain why.

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