Pregnancy-disrupting miscarriage-inducing Kenya vaccine was no accident! It was developed by World Health Organization (WHO) as a “fertility-regulating vaccine” in 1972!

World Health Organization doesn’t care if women have miscarriages or pass-on HCG anti-gen to their children. There is no humanity in them and in future… literally everywhere!

When the HCG antigen was discovered in WHO vaccines, it was not known that this would be done deliberately and so covertly. William Engdahl writes:

The idea of using vaccines to covertly reduce births in the Third World is also not new. Bill Gates’ good friend, David Rockefeller and his Rockefeller Foundation were involved as early as 1972 in a major project together with WHO and others to perfect another “new vaccine.”

The results of the WHO-Rockefeller project were put into mass application on human guinea pigs in the early 1990’s. The WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test numerous vials of the vaccine and found them to contain human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG. That was a curious component for a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds or other contact with certain bacteria found in soil. The tetanus disease was indeed, also rather rare. It was also curious because hCG was a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion. Similar reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.

Read more about the Kenya vaccine issue on Kenya Today website. The Catholic organization are not vaccine opponents. They in fact give out more vaccines than the government.

Vaccine with HCG antigen was developed by World Health Organization

Vaccine with HCG antigen was developed by World Health Organization