Still Unanswered Questions of 911

A decade has passed but none of the gaps in the “official 911 story” have been closed.

BBC Reports WTC 7 Building Had Collapsed Before It Actually Did

In this video, BBC reports that a building near the twin towers had collapsed. This is strange because you can see the building still standing in the background. The report was made 23 minutes before the building actually fell. The live video report was disrupted shortly afterwards.

The BBC reacted to conspiracy theories surrounding this report and attributed the SNAFU to the all-round confusion encountered on that eventful day. But, they also made a unbelievable revealation that they had “lost” all tapes related to that broadcast!

BBC reporter announced WTC-7 collapse, while standing in front of it

Many 911 Eye-Witness Accounts Mention Explosions Within The Buildings

While for ordinary TV viewers like us it appeared like the buildings fell because the planes hit them, most eye-witness accounts on that day talked only about explosions occurring within the buildings.

A New York City official named Barry Jennings gave interviews on the day of 911 and later in a 911 conspiracy film that he was in the WTC 7 building before the twin towers fell and that he heard explosions going off inside WTC 7.

Barry Jennings died mysteriously days before a US government agency NIST released a report on the WTC 7. In that report, NIST claimed that the debris from the twin-tower collapse ignited fires within WTC 7 building and the building collapsed on itself as the fires became uncontrolled. It was first case in history of a tall building collapsing due to uncontrolled fires. Disturbingly, documents related to numerous Wall Street investigations such as those of Citigroup’s involvement in the Worldcom scandal were destroyed in the building. US Secret Service lost all evidence they had stored in WTC 7.

Twin Towers disintegrates like a wafer stick and settles on its foundation

Even the “pancake-style” collapse of the twin towers is hard to explain. Although the buildings were built to take multiple plane hits, they fell – ON THEIR OWN FOOTPRINT! Fire could not have weakened all those floors so fast. Even if the tower had been weakened in the middle, there was no reason for bottom part of the towers to collapse on itself. THEY WERE ALREADY CARRYING THE FULL WEIGHT OF THE TOWERS! Even if the top part had fell and sheared off a few floors from the bottom part, a significant part of the buildings should have remained standing.

Shoddy 911 Investigation

More money had been spent investigating the Whitewater (Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky) scandal than 911. The 911 Commision’s job was never to investigate the event. Its purpose was to cover up the investigation. That’s why Henry Kissinger was the first choice to head the commission.

Many 911 Hijackers Invited By US Government

Many of the 911 hijackers were on invitation from the US government and stayed at US military installation. Many hijackers were under 24-hour FBI surveillance. Some hijackers who were alleged to have died in the plane crashes were later reported to be alive and had never boarded the planes. FBI miraculously found a passport of a hijacker at the site when the plane themselves were supposed to have disintegrated completely. (The name on the passport was “I am a hijacker”?)

ISI General Who Financed Mohammed Atta Never Investigated

That’s it.

Twin Towers Debris and Plane Wreckage Disposed Without Investigation

There were lots of allegations that the towers were brought down by explosives, as in a controlled demolition. You can check out the videos of the collapse and it will look like a controlled demolition! An analysis of the steel structures and material from the debris would have proved if explosives were used. But, there was no scope for this. Everything recyclable was surreptitiously disposed to countries like India and China and the rest were buried in landfills.

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