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New York Times lost it sense of reality when it wanted the US government to provide the SNOWFLAKE-friendly SAFE-SPACE version of REALITY!

NYT openly asks for a ‘REALITY CZAR’. Wants a Ministry of Truth to handle conspiracy theories.

NYT’s pedophilia-friendly Kevin Roose has been suffering from heartburn on behalf of the US intelligence community. He has been mercilessly mocked by Amazing Polly on Youtube before her channel was yanked.

New York Times wants the government to provide them with reality

The reptilians are very afraid that their trade in human subjects was almost exposed in the WayFair scandal, which was exposed by Amazing Polly. They will not let her stay on Rumble.

Amazing Polly is a big believer in Q. Well, Q was not able to stop the steal in 2020.

Her website is still not working well. The videos are at

On Rumble.com, her channel is at

I predicted that the election would be stolen in the book Reptilian News Cartoons v2020 several months before the election.

Moral Volcano Prediction for 2020 US elections and afterwards - CNN Projection

I saw Greta Thunberg for the first time and she does seem crazy!

Swedish teen receives backhanded compliment from Jesus-hater Sarah Silverman who praised her as a little ‘Jesus’

I steer clear of PR campaigns masquerading as news. The Swedish teen’s name was in a lot of Climate Change propaganda that was masquerading as news items. As usual, I ignored them. Of note was one news headline that drew attention to the poster child for abortion Sarah Silverman‘s surprising portrayal of the teen as ‘Jesus’. Surprising because Silverman is Jewish and hates Jesus with a passion that makes even diehard Jewish fanatics cringe in fear.

After many weeks of this girl in the news, I saw a video of her for the first time when I hit Sara Gonzales channel. (This is a good Sara and thank God for that.) I was expecting someone like Malala and was wondering anyone would be angry with a little kid. I should have known I was wrong. God! The Swedish girl is a freak. Like a possessed demon. The remake of Exorcist would not have been a worldwide hit if only they had cast this fruitcake.

Like Mandela being a Communist Marxist trained by Israel Mossad, it will come as a surprise that her activism and new-found fame is the result of a carefully planned PR exercise. (Who’s REALLY behind 16-year-old Greta Thunberg? Ugly feud between her opera singer-turned-climate-activist mother and the green PR man who she accuses of exploiting her; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6946815/Whos-REALLY-16-year-old-Greta-Thunberg.html)


Switch off the Fake News TV and get a newspaper instead

John Carpenter's "They Live" was a documentary, not a science-fiction movie!

There are no magic glasses to spot them. There is no “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to fight them. Yet, they live… on TV! You are being bombarded by an unstoppable stream of globalist conditioning propaganda that is TV news. Read a newspaper instead. Choose a new medium with which you can pause and critically think for a moment about what you have been asked to believe.

What is fake news? The definitive answer!


Fake news by Sky News

Fake news from Sky News: When news anchors bring in experts merely for their propaganda value and cut them off mid-sentence if they doubt the official conspiracy theory.


Fake News - Douma attack video by White Helmets terrorist group

Western media: When you repeatedly broadcast a fake video from a terrorist organization (White Helmets) as your government’s “iron-clad” evidence of a chemical attack (justifying airstrikes) and blackout from the news when the alleged victims turn up unharmed.


Fake News by BBC

When the BBC journalist explicitly asks the expert why he is telling the truth when it is contrary to the official conspiracy theory.

How to defeat political correctness – Use the word JUDGMENTAL to counter-label all PC labelling!

Political Correctness

PC fiends label everything and make them look bad. You can do the same to defeat them. Use the word JUDGEMENTAL!

Even as politicians in the West are demanding that YouTube and other sites ban what the call fake news and conspiracy theories, it did not prevent Western media from adopting a holier-than-thou attitude at Chinese site Weibo’s over-enthusiastic censorship of what they thought were words related to their President Xi’s power grab.

A search for the same words on Baidu search engine showed no censorship. Just like Youtube suspended channels related to conspiracies and gun hobbyists, Weibo has been pro-actively indulging in censorship without any government push.

There was also this video of a Chinese journalist rolling her eyes in frustration of another journalst asking a long-winded and definitely pre-scripted question. The video is being cited in the West as how scripted official Chinese press conferences are. Anyone who has watched Obama’s press meets and interviews knows how scripted they were. Journalists had no compunction applauding for the silliest of things he said. This would become even more apparent on his foreign tours when some American journalist out of habit startle everyone by clapping his hands in total silence.

Obama was always considered as a great speaker but it was always with the help of teleprompters.

CNN openly sheds tears for a CIA terrorist outfit even as it imagines life threat from a funny online message by Trump

Reptilian News: CNN supports terrorism when it is sponsored by CIA

CNN says Trump’s decision to end the teeny tiny CIA genocide “program” in Syria is a massive victory for Russia

Times Of India editor recommends children be given book on homosex

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

If these fools are to be believed homo propaganda is the biggest deficiency facing today’s children – not schools, teachers, books, furniture, school buses, electricity…

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their "homosexuality awareness program" to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their “homosexuality awareness program” to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

Humans survived millennia without all these sex education and homo awareness propaganda. They only makes children vulnerable to serious harm. Kids are being bombarded with an overwhelming amount of messages and visuals about sex all the time.

With the impending Aadhaar system, children are going to tracked like hell. The Right To Education (RTE) Act will make children education less focused on learning and more focused on propaganda. It is a Fascist device in disguise. Only rich bastards will be able to get quality education. Children from middle-class families will be in debt if they learn too much. Most will have only just about education to make them good obedient factory workers or computer operators. Most will be happy to get jobs pizza delivery boys.