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Hillary wants to run again for the office of President!

Hillary wants to run again for the office of President

The Overly Attached Presidential Candidate award goes to Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Given the level of corruption charges related not just to the Clinton Foundation, one would presume that the Clintons would not be interested in attracting attention to themselves. Instead, they are planning to run again. Why? Maybe, because they see that as the only way they can avoid jail. But, why are the so afraid? Trump early in his presidency said he did not want to go after her for her crimes. Under him, the FBI continues to be like under Obama. Recently, they raided the whistleblower of the Clinton Foundation.

Maureen Dowd says:

The Clintons’ tin cup is worthy of the Smithsonian. They hoovered more than $2 billion in contributions to their campaigns, foundation and philanthropies.

After the White House, the money-grubbing raged on, with the Clintons making over 700 speeches in a 15-year period, blithely unconcerned with any appearance of avarice or of shady special interests and foreign countries buying influence. They stockpiled a whopping $240 million. Even leading up to her 2016 presidential run, Hillary was packing in the speeches, talking to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the American Camp Association, eBay, and there was that infamous trifecta of speeches for Goldman Sachs worth $675,000.



What Happened? Get over it, Hillary!

Sorry, folks, the occasion called for it. Hillary begged for it.

Reptilian News cartoon: Hillary happens

“What happened?” is the title of Hillary’s book. As Donald Rumsfeld said, sh*t happens

Hillary Clinton ticks off against all Moral Volcano’s Reptilian News predictions!

“Hillary Clinton slams the DNC, James Comey and The New York Times for her 2016 election loss.”


Bill Clinton’s debut novel is “President Is Missing” – Missing what? Bimbos?

The Hilly-Billy Clintons should take a well-deserved break from politics.

Billy: “My new book’s title is ‘The President Is Missing.'”

Hillary: “Missing what, you moron? Bimbos like Monica Lewinsky?”

Reptilian News cartoon: Bill Clinton's new book President's Missing not liked by Hillary

Bill Clinton’s new book (a novel) “The President’s Missing” should infuriate Hillary because it implies he misses Monica.

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (X) – Fake News

“Evil Russians hacked America, leaked the files to Wikileaks, who then flooded the media with fake news… Well… if the NSA wasn’t busy spying on Americans, I would have some reason to complain.”

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (X) - Fake News

Evil Russians hacked by server and released it to Wikileaks. What was the NSA doing at this time?

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (IX) – Mainstream Media

“Donald Trump is racist, xenophobic and misogynist… Well, that became the mainstream media dope only after Donald Trump went rogue with Mexican wall bomb. Until then, the media was like forever running stories of how untrustworthy I was.”

Silly reasons Hillary Clinton thinks why she lost to Donald Trump (IX) - Mainstream Media

Even the mainstream media did not like me until Trump decided to go rogue with his Mexican wall.