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What alternate media? Try some podcasts instead!

While the mainstream media paddles around in its reality-distortion field, peddling conspiracy theories from governments and globalists (such as ISIS or Climate Change) and distracting us with inane hearsay about celebutards, people are turning to alternative news websites and even podcasts for a proper perspective on what’s happening around us… Really? Are we now down to amateur MP3 recordings masquerading as media properties? Read on…

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is still putting on its shoes” or so goes a quote attributed to Mark Twain. Rest assured that it is lies, not love, that makes the world go round. We live in an age of universal deceit. Big Brother is already here all but in name. Whatever George Orwell had predicted in 1984 or whatever Bertrand Russell prescribed in Icarus, or, the Future of Science has already been tried, tested and implemented in various parts of the world. In 1924, Bertrand Russel wrote:

The effects of psychology on practical life may in time become very great. Already advertisers in America employ eminent psychologists to instruct them in the technique of producing irrational belief; such men may, when they have grown more proficient, be very useful in persuading the democracy that governments are wise and good…

More sensational than tests of intelligence is the possibility of controlling the emotional life through the secretions of the ductless glands. It will be possible to make people choleric or timid, strongly or weakly sexed, and so on, as may be desired. Differences of emotional disposition seem to be chiefly due to secretions of the ductless glands, and therefore controllable by injections or by increasing or diminishing the secretions. Assuming an oligarchic organization of society, the State could give to the children of holders of power the disposition required for command, and to the children of the proletariat the disposition required for obedience. Against the injections of the State physicians the most eloquent Socialist oratory would be powerless. The only difficulty would be to combine this submissiveness with the necessary ferocity against external enemies; but I do not doubt that official science would be equal to the task.

In 1984, the totalitarian society of the future was divided into just three groups – elites (inner party), useful idiots (outer party), and slaves (proles). The most fitting example of such a society today is the one-party “democracy” called Singapore. There, only the rich (or elite) can own cars and buy land for residence. All others live in high-rise apartments. At a young age, students are channeled into two streams, the haves and the have-nots, based on their performance. The former are allowed to go to college and get white-collar jobs. They become the useful idiots. The latter can only get to polytechnic/vocation schools and eventually end up in blue-collar jobs (requiring manual labour). They are the slaves. The living costs including rent and transportation are high. Behinds its modern facade, you can just about manage to live in Singapore and be content. But, absolutely, no complaining. There are signs, posters and notices everywhere telling inhabitants what to do and what not to do. There is only one political party in town and that’s the ruling party. There is no independent media. No protests are allowed. Any gathering of more than two people in a public place needs a police permit. There are cameras and undercover agents everywhere. Judges order corporal punishment such as caning, whipping, and even whole-body confinement in a small box. The concrete jungle sticks plastic trees everywhere so that more cameras and notices could be hung on them.

One might argue that the Buddhist culture of the inhabitants makes them submissive and that it would be impractical in other parts of the world. Right? Beggar’s belief! Nobody is more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Taking away whatever power that people have has become the main job of governments around the world. In the US, Obama is ruling by decree, issuing an unending stream of executive orders bypassing Congress. To make it a less of hassle, Obama has also allowed US federal agencies write their own rules. A good example of how this works can be learned from the Net Neutrality hullabaloo. Americans think Obama is on their side as he had opposed to any change in Net Neutrality. But, very few of them realize that it was he who who enabled the FCC rewrite and expand its mandate. In India, Modi is also doing the same with ordnances. Everyone is rushing to pander to corporates and special interests. Recently, the WTO ruled that Indian government should remove its restrictions on US poultry imports (citing avian flu concerns) because those restrictions were not based on an “international standards.” Who writes those international standards? Nameless faceless bureaucrats at the UN? Big corporations? Fascism means rule by corporates – not hounding Jews as most people falsely believe. There is no better way of bringing Fascism than by legislating every pursuit and vocation out of existence. The big tomes of most of the new laws passed by Democrat and Republican politicians at various levels in the United States are all written by one organization. I forget its name. The laws are designed to strip us off our God-given inalienable rights. The Land Acquisition Bill that is pending in the Indian Parliament is not the only one. Several of them are being pushed along or have already become law in various countries. How come all of them are moving in the same direction? The 100 smart cities that Modi promised are just rehashed versions of dense megacities like Hong Kong or Shanghai that globalists have long promoted to corral human populations into. In the pink papers, there is lot of talk about the need for land banks and the one-time stamp duty exemption sought for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) by the new set of “technocrats” who have sailed in with Modi. These are one of many vehicles to dispossess people of their land. This kind of subterfuge requires a submissive unquestioning public. So, the old game of divide-and-rule works has been put to good effect to distract the public – males against females, homosexuals against heterosexuals, liberals against conservatives, children against parents … not just Hindus vs Muslims or Muslims vs Jews or Christians. To top it all, there is also the locals-vs-foreigners exploit to distract us. In the United States, transit through airports has become a privacy nightmare for American citizens and legitimate travelers because of the naked-body x-ray scanners and abusive TSA personnel but the southern border with Mexico has been thrown up to all kinds of illegal immigrants from Latin America. Apparently, no terrorist has yet been able to locate a travel agent in Mexico! Terrorists can come only by air; never over land. European countries have also been inundated with immigrants – Muslim and African refugees from the America’s perpetual “War on Terror”. Anyone who opposes this sly demographic attack on White Christians is called a racist or xenophobe. Decades of guilt-tripping the Whites by writers, journalists, and talking heads has made it easy for politicians to openly state that the locals are too laid back (in other words fools) and growth can only come if legal and illegal immigrants are let in. (NYT, Thomas Friedman, http://www.deccanherald.com/content/291398/more-time-hope-amp-reform.html) This has ensured that White Christians are being reduced to a minority in many cities. This goes on even as various outfits promote abortion, delayed child birth, birth control and for what it’s worth homosexualism among White Christian populations. Interestingly, while Jewish organizations and individuals are at the forefront of support for all kinds of immigration in the West, Israel seems to have had no problem evicting black African immigrants! (https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2054&artikel=5750629 , https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/it-is-okay-for-israel-to-get-rid-of-illegal-immigrants-but-not-for-america/) Then, there is the drugging problem. People in the West are over-medicated. Hormones and antibiotics in food has ensured that the population is overweight from a young age. This is a self-reinforcing cycle that does wonders to the balance sheets of pharma companies. Big Pharma has not even spared children. (It is a high-growth market!) A huge number of American kids have been wrongly diagnosed as suffering from autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and other psychological ailments and doped up. (Most psychotropic drugs are based on narcotics. Many of these people become dependent on drugs later in life and become delinquent.) Nurses in schools aren’t there to just administer first aid but they also do psychological profiling. In reality, they have become just another conduit for medicine sales. Speaking of schools, well, do you know that many American schools have cops stationed inside the premises? Activism by NGOs and legislative bodies have ensured that a school’s major concern is dealing with paperwork and non-educational activities. It is all coming to India, don’t worry. We need to be on par with “international standards.”

For someone who follows international news and has read a few history books, this is all quite apparent. But, for the majority of my people, I am saddened to note that they see nothing amiss. Once in a while, they find something wrong but they rarely think there is a concerted effort to subvert society as a whole. Most of my countrymen don’t read newspapers. The ones who do only skim the headlines. This is bad because editors typically rewrite headlines to make them seem less controversial and journalists hide the juicy stuff somewhere in the middle or the last paragraph. In the 90s, I used to visit the British Library regularly and I got to read several of their newspapers. At that time, British newspapers were hyperventilating about a few select crime cases. Every newspaper was literally screaming bloody murder. They seemed to be competing with each other as to who sounded the most outraged. Today, there are cameras all over the UK (even in dressing rooms and homes) and jails have been privatized. Law enforcement and judiciary works to keep the jails full at all times. (Of course, the financial terrorists in the City of London can commit no crime. HSBC had helped international drug cartels and terrorists to launder billions of dollars but no HSBC banker has gone to jail.) Legislators, for their part, have been busy writing new laws to make almost everything a crime. Even more appalling, child protection services take advantage of the slightest of excuses to grab children from their parents and put them in foster homes or government institutions (where many of them have been abused). Already, divorce rates are high and by 2016 most children will be born out of wedlock. They did not even spare the elderly. Doctors were used to implement a fiendish scheme called Liverpool Care Pathway and thousands of elderly patients were put to death. They were wrongly and prematurely declared to be dying, and then sedated and starved to death. (Daily Mail; Euthanasia by the back door: Hospitals ‘death pathway’ is open to error; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1210848/Terminally-ill-care-scheme-death-pathway-warn-experts.html)

When I am reading papers today, I see that the same thing is happening in India. Bit by bit, almost like clockwork, everything seems to be falling into place. I don’t know if there is a way to prevent India from joining the list of broken nations but we can definitely prevent ourselves from lending support for our own downfall. A good way to start would be to read newspapers and avoid watching TV news channels. When you watch TV news, you become a passive consumer of propaganda. The news flows by you. You cannot hit pause and return to a previous paragraph. It does not let you think. When you read newspapers, don’t just read the local news or the sports/entertainment section; read the international news too. Try to read a bit of business news even if you don’t understand all of it initially. Follow international news on the Internet too. A single newspaper may not provide all the news you need or be interested in. Use RSS feeds to keep track of news from multiple sources on subjects that matter to you. For example, to keep track of GMO and monsanto in India, you can do a search for the subject in a news aggregator site such as Bing News (not Google News) and then find the RSS feed. The feed reader will then update you whenever a new article has been published on the subject anywhere on the Web.

Besides the online versions of newspapers, there are bloggers and specialist news websites that can provide a different perspective on a particular subject. Then, there are podcasts… Well, I wanted to write this article as an introduction to a few podcasts that I listen to but this has turned into a long rant. Anyway, it could be a good introduction. I wanted to write this article around the time when I released by Android browser app. The app had a RSS feed reader with podcast support but most Indians do not know what podcasts are. Podcasts are popular in the United States but not in India not many people have heard them. The podcasts that I am reviewing here may not be dealing with the truth, the whole truth or nothing but the truth but they can definitely give you an international perspective on what is happening in India. Once you learn how to decipher news from propaganda, you can be on your own. Anyway, here is the list:

  • Webster G Tarpley: I had an image of Tarpley’s book Bush: An unauthorized biograpy on my blog for several years until I moved it to WordPress. The book is available free on Tarpley’s site. It is all about Bush Sr. and what a screwy character he was even before he became CIA director, VP and POTUS. There is a chapter on some assassination (Kennedy or Reagan) which is not available online. Anyway, it was a fascinating read years ago. To properly understand the book, you must also have read Victor Marchetti’s CIA and the Cult of Intelligence in which you learn that CIA runs drugs for right-wing rebels in South America, supplied Naga ultras with weapons in India, and airlifted prostitutes to IndoChina. William Blum’s Rogue Superpower would also help. Blum also documents how US government had tested chemical and biological weapons on civilian areas in the United States. Rogue Superpower has extensive footnotes and everything can be cross-checked with newspaper archives. It is so good that even Osama bin Laden quoted him in one of his video tapes. If those non-fiction books are too much for you, then I suggest you go with a fiction primer – novels from the now forgotten Jonathan Black who wrote books such as The World Rapers, MegaCorp, The Plunders, and The Carnage Merchants. If you read them, you will be able to make sense of the Boko Haram massacres, Rwandan genocide and the many Syrian “carnages”. Anway, I learned sometime last year that Tarpley had a podcast. Tarpley also appears on the Iranian Press TV and the Russian RT. Unlike the rest of this list, Tarpley is a regular scholar with a PhD. He is a historian and speaks several languages. He had worked in Italy/Moscow where I think he mentioned a retired KGB general met him and gave him a lot of information for further investigation. It seems to have helped him write something on the American hit on Italian president Aldo Moro and also about Bush family. He also written book on 911 and Obama. 911 Synthetic Terror is the better one, where he has reviewed every bit available evidence and looked at all possible angles. The Obama book is a disappointment in comparison. His language is clean, except when he refers to chocolate king and Western puppet Poroshenko of Ukraine as Pornoshenko. Tarpley was an associate of Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche runs the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which publishes a lot of good commentary on strategic affairs. William Engdahl also writes for EIR. LaRouche has documented a lot of material critical of Jews and/or Israel and blamed them for everything ill with the world. (Not many people realize the global kleptocracy is run by people from all races and religions.) As a result, LaRouche he was ignored by mainstream media when he ran for US presidency. (They wouldn’t even mention that he was in the race.) Tarpley now supports the Tax Wall Street Party and other small groups that are trying hard to fight the two-party system that works more or less like the World Wrestling Entertainment company. Tarpley recommends a small transactions tax on financial trades, as a way of making Wall Street pay something. He has also taken up the cause of a Rev. Pinkney, who has seems to have been incarcerated by the owners of WhirlPool corporation. Apparently, a black-majority company town had been taken over by the corporation. They managed to do this by making the town pay for a white elephant water infrastructure project, underwritten by Wall Street. The project made the town bankrupt and it was put under the financial administration of a Wall Street lackey by the governor of Michigan state. One of the tactics used by the town to terrorize black residents was to grab children when water bills were not paid. When the bills were not paid, the water supply was cut off. The water company then informed the child protection services who reasoned that children would be starving if there was no water. This went on for a while until Rev Pinkney started organizing the community. They turned the pipes back on after the officials turned them off. This got him on the wrong side of the corporation, which wanted take over the town for real-estate projects. When Pinkney tried to organize a recall petition against the mayor, the corporation/administration found some issues with the documentation and then arrested him for falsifying the papers. Since then, Pinkney has been in jail fighting his case.
    Same-day sentences by Judge Sterling Schrock for same type of crime

    Judge Sterling Schrock is a racist.

    Obama, who makes political capital out of any race issue, has been of no help. Nobody from the mainstream media has taken otice. The black residents of Benton Harbor has been thrown to the whims of a corporation. Tax Wall Street Party is fighting his case and survives on small donations. Tarpley canvases support from listeners. At other times, Tarpley digs up a lot of little info that seems otherwise impossible to find. I learned from his show that Victoria Nuland’s real name was Victoria Noodleman and that Ed Snowden originally worked for the CIA before he went to work for NSA. There are no ads in this podcast. There is some humour in the podcast, the sauve sophisticated kind but he keeps it to a minimum. For some stupid reason, he supports illegal immigrants and thinks infrastructure projects (white elephants) are good way of creating jobs. He hates all republicans and just about tolerates democrats. Tarpley was opposed to Romney as a future President and went into great lengths as to why he might be the prophesied Mormon conduit to take over America. Mormonism was started by an outrageous polygamist American named Joseph Smith and taken forward by another polygamist named Brigham Young. It borrowed a lot of ideas from Christian Bible, Talmud, Freemasonry, Eastern mythology and what seems like his Smith’s fertile imagination. Joseph Smith created a new Bible called Book of Mormon. He tried to run for US presidency and was lynched to death for his troubles. On all other counts, I agree with Tarpley.

  • William (Bill) Cooper: Cooper is no longer with us. He was killed in a shootout with the police after there were complaints that he brandished a gun at some troublemakers near his residence. Cooper was an officer in the military when he says he stumbled up on some government documents that lead him to the world of conspiracies. Later, he started broadcasting on short wave and focused on globalist kleptocracy, secret societies, history, Bible, Jesus and other matters. In many broadcasts, he quotes extensively from published and secret archives of secret societies. These broadcasts are now archived on his site as audio files. In these files, you will hear him gold (not gold funds or company shares) and dried emergency food supplies to fund his operation. He also encouraged others to follow him and showed how they could use short wave broadcasts to bypass the mainstream media filter.
  • Alex Jones: He is the enfant terrible of the conspiracy world and he is probably the most successful. When I first heard about him, I went to WikiPedia where it was said that he had foreseen 911 in a vision. I thought he was a crackpot and forgot all about him until I saw the video of him falling on Piers Morgan like a tonne of bricks. I instantly liked him. I tried to listen to his podcast on InfoWars.com but found him to be speaking in an extremely agitated manner with absolutely no humour. Strangely, I mentioned this to someone and sometime after that Alex Jones started adding a bit of humour in his broadcasts. He played some extra music and made himself a bit more tolerable. The USP of his shows are his guests. Government employees, whistleblowers, and victims of government/corporate wrongdoing come on him and pour their heart out. His sites are visited by millions of readers and he gets a lot of tips and disinfo. Jones has all the conspiracies on his fingertips and it is very difficult for people to bamboozle him. His show has a lot of ads including male/female enhancement pills, dried food stuff (emergency food rations for future economic collapse/shutdown), and water filters for removing flouride, chlorine and other chemicals put in by utilities. He also has a fledgling news team. They do create original material and cover news stories that mainstream media tries to avoid such as the open border gates at the Mexico border. One day, I saw a TV documentary where a crocodile taking a neat bite off the back of some beast. The next day, Alex Jones quotes Churchill and recreates the same scene I saw on TV. Maybe we both saw the same documentary on the same day but it was too freaky. I stopped listening afterwards. Jones tries hard to be recognized like a legitimate news source but he can’t help peddling strange stories about the elites. He vehemently denies this when people in the mainstream media mock him with their own made-up stories about him, say, about giant bats residing under the United Nations building. However, I remember one episode in which he said he met Karl Rove, the Bush advisor/mentor, at a party. He says Rove made some strange noises that made him doubt he was really a human being. Jones says Rove would speak like a normal human being at one moment and make some weird animal-like noises in the next. Jones said he was overwhelmed by a desire to flee and their meeting did not last long afterwards. He is also on record stating that he had sneaked into Bohemian Grove where the elites of the world perform satanic rituals. (He took a photo to prove it.) Although people in the mainstream media mock him, he says Hollywood regularly consults him on their film projects. Like many people in this list, Jones operates out of Austin in the right-to-work state of Texas. Alex Jones has hinted there are people in his family who were probably Freemasons (they had showed him the ceremonial dress). He has also stated that there are people in his family with military and intelligence background. Bill Cooper, the original conspiracy theory broadcaster had awarded Alex Jones a crazy nutball award.
  • Texe Marrs: What I know about Texe Marrs is from what he has said about himself. He used to work in the US Air Force. He was for sometime assigned with the task of keeping track of advanced technologies with military implications. Then, he says he had a calling and became a preacher. He also was taught at psychology at some Texas university. He has written several books on Freemasonry and other satanists/globalists. He has also produced videos on the “evil elites”. He is the only one in this list who dares to name the Rothschilds as a purveyor of evil but he however doesn’t say they are the sole purveyor of all evil. Someone listening out of context to his shows might mistake him for a Jew-hater. Even I thought so but Marrs pulls no punches and calls a spade a spade. Sometimes, there is no two ways of dealing with a subject and the Jews in question are guilty as charged. Marrs is a Christian first and foremost. A Muslim or a Hindu might be offended by what he says sometimes – that we worship the Devil. But, he is a preacher and that’s his brief. Marrs also publishes several books on his own that mainstream publishers wouldn’t dare to touch. Protestantism founder Martin Luther’s Jews and their Lies would be a good example. He also sells cassette tapes and CDs of his podcasts. His ministry also runs a children’s home and says all profits from his publications goes to his ministry. His podcasts are very entertaining, as he reviews the news and technologies used to enslave us. However, he also covers the use of sexual perversion in secret societies and the use of sex baits and blackmail by Israeli organizations in the United States. This makes it awkward to listen to his podcasts in the presence of others, particularly women and children. Being a preacher, his language is clean, although I have heard him once tell someone to shove his filthy ideas where the sun doesn’t shine. Texe Marrs also works from Austin. He was opposed to Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate. Romney is a leader of the Mormon community and many including Marrs feared he would promoted by the influential group as the prophesied Mormon messiah who would drive America to an extreme (with the US Constitution “hanging by a thread”) and then “save” it sealing the fate of Mormonism as the prevailing faith in all Christendom. It did not pan out and Obama got reelected. On all other matters, I agree with Texe Marrs.
  • Max Keiser: Max is not a podcaster. He has his own show on the Russian broadcaster RT. He was for a brief time with BBC World News. The Keiser Report videos are available on his blog MaxKeiser.com. Max focuses on the financial terrorists of Wall Street and City of London and explores their scams and scandals. Max was a trader on Wall Street and later hosting shows related to entertainment and stocks. His shows are extremely entertaining and hilarious. His show features Stacy Herbert in the first half where they review news items that rarely get attention in the West, for example, Western funds investing millions of dollars on non-existing Chinese firms or Davos running out of limousines and aircraft parking space during the climate change summit. Max sometimes makes off-color jokes. In the latter half, he interviews a financial analyst or commentator. Both parts are extremely entertaining and informative. He also engages in activism. Max is also friends with Alex Jones and George Galloway. It is difficult to gauge how serious he is with his campaigns. For example, he wanted his followers to buy silver to short JP Morgan’s position on the metal. JP Morgan manages the gold reserves of several countries. It wouldn’t have matter if half-a dozen countries ganged up to short JP Morgan. JP Morgan stole Iraq’s central bank and Libya’s central bank. Ukraine’s gold is said to have disappeared. The other issue with Max is bitcoin. Bitcoin is every bit as opaque as the Federal Reserve’s or Bank of England’s IOU system of money. Why would bitcoin be a better option? One of the reasons why bitcoin was touted as safe was that no government could confiscate your bitcoins. This has proved to be false. One bitcoin exchange have collapsed after hackers stole their bitcoins. A contrabran drug site using bitcoins as currency was taken down by US Feds who now have become the biggest holder of bitcoins. Given the way Max promotes bitcoin, I have come to think that he is the notorious Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged founder of bitcoin. Before becoming a broadcaster, Max Keiser created virtual currencies for his Hollywood Stock Exchange, that is, back in 1996.
  • No Agenda: This started with “no jingles, no music and no agenda.” Now, it has all three. It was the first podcast that I began listening to and it is very entertaining. Former MTV VJ and podcasting pioneer* Adam Curry teamed up with PC Magazine columnist John C Dvorak to start this podcast as freewheeling conversation about news and stuff. At that time, Curry was living with his first wife in London. He was also running his company Podshow/Mevio with VC money. (It recently ran out of money recently and shut shop. Curry admitted that there was no way to make money of a network of podcast shows.) To me, it seems that he had upset someone in the kleptocracy with his conspiracy stuff and they seemed to have blown the lid of his affair with another woman. It lead to his divorce and he started soliciting donations for the show. After his divorce, he started living with his new girlfriend. And, they seemed to have dived head first into conspiracy world, living off very much like Alex Jones fans – water filters and dried food. In one episode, the conversation goes like this:

    AC: And I… I got to tell you. I like David Ike. I buy into a lot of what he is talking about but I have never… I’ve always had a little… little bit of trouble with the reptile stuff. From time to time…

    Today, Curry is much wiser but doesn’t like Alex Jones anymore for he is a competitor. He still uses one of their water filters but that’s it. Like many others in this list, Curry now operates from Austin, Texas. The show is more more entertaining than ever. AC and JCD compete with each other and review the news – American, international, tech, entertainment and others. It was from No Agenda that I learned that most vaccines use mercury or aluminum as a preservative or that the FBI had a three-week cycle of releasing news about a terrorist plot to attack the United States that the helped (conceive and) foil. These were stuff that slipped past mainstream journalists. There are not many places on the Internet where you can listen to AP reporter Matt or British politician Nigel Farage speak the truth. The show is not suitable for listening in the company of others, certainly not among women or children.

  • Tax Justice Network: I started listening to this very recently. The voice of the presenter is so smooth that it could have been created by a computer.
  • Gnu World Order: This podcast is not about the odious New World Odour people. It is a podcast about Linux and FOSS alternatives for a No World Order in computing.

Is it a new hat? UFO? All-seeing eye? Reuters photo captures secret halo atop Eleven Jinping!

Chinese Communist leader is fulious, reportedly!

Reuters photo of Eleven Jinpeng

Communist China’s President Xi Jinpeng was photographed by Reuters with an all-seeing eye in the background

Now, what would No Agenda conspiracy theorist John C Dvorak make of this? A few weeks back, he accused Obama of projecting himself as a military ruler.

Curiously positioned objects on a photograph made John C Dvorak fear the worst for America - a military takeover with Obama at the helm.

Curiously positioned objects on a photograph made John C Dvorak fear the worst for America – a military takeover with Obama at the helm.

Journalists most likely to suffer from GIDAYS disease

Despite extreme precautions, one day recently on the way to work, I stepped on some dog shit. Fortunately, it happened when I was close to the office. I was able to wash it off with the garden hose. There was also plenty of sand to remove the bulk of it. Sand is an absolute must to remove dog crap off the soles.

That evening when I listen to the latest episode NoAgendaShow.gov, it starts with “How can you avoid this crap?” … or something crappy along those lines.

I am listening to it out of order. Today, there was an episode that wanted a technical name for the following disorder. I have also been in need of giving it a name.

GADGET-INTERNET DEPENDENCE AND ATTENTION YEARNING SYNDROME!. It could be pronounced as Good Days or Gay Days. It has reached epidemic proportions among journalists. They have nothing else to report. Even wire services are carrying the same stupid stuff as news.

OpenNIC will not save your connection – All SSL certificates are belong to NSA/FBI/ADL – Roll your own ISP if you can

Some conspiracy theorists are suggesting that OpenNIC will save you from DNS hijacking by ISPs, Google, NSA, FBI, Scientology and others. Don’t believe them.

So long as you are still with your old ISP, there is not much you can do. Would it be so difficult for them to hijack the OpenNIC DNS IP? A port 53 query first goes to the ISP and then to OpenNIC.

Even if OpenNIC DNS settings are secured by SSL, US government agencies like NSA, FBI and others already have private keys of all SSL certificates that have been issued including those used to CA certificates themselves. It is with these SSL certificates (the entire set) that they are able to route your Internet connection through their ISP Black Box. (See http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/fbi/carnivore_tool.htm) How else can they do it? (Although weaknesses in SSL encryption algorithms have been found, the black boxes are not likely to be cracking these connections in realtime.)

There are plenty of ways to screw with your Net-connected box. They can use duplicate keys of all website certificates or install fake CA cerrificates on your computer and then replace website certificates with fake ones generated against the installed fake CA certificates. Your browser will swear to God that the connection is secure. Go to Getacert.com and roll your own certificate. It is great fun. E-mail, documents, websites… everything can be faked.

The only advantage of OpenNIC is the ability bypass ICANN and domain registrars to create new TLDs and site domains respectively. And, that too is useful only if it were widely adopted. You might as well download all… hmmmm… four? OpenNIC websites for offline browsing and run them on your Apace server.

Disinfo agents come in all forms and shapes. Don’t trust them.

Hidden hand of history.

Hidden hand of history.

Google Search has become slow because of https, Ajax, URL click tracking, Google Suggest, Google Adwords, Google+, Google History, Google Analytics, NSA/FBI/ADL code and donkey crap

Not because of new DNS, as some conspiracy theorists are suggesting. (They, BTW, also stole my line* about Facebook Like-Like-Like-Like clicking madness afflicting netizens and passed it off as their own. Take ideas. Don’t steal jokes.)

Earlier, it was http, direct links, no echoing of typed characters and simple search form submission. Google Search page was also famously sparse.

Now, the Google Search page is weighed down by a whole lot of junk. There is a huge song-and-dance racket that accompanies each key you type and each click you make. Click on that “Sign Up for Google+” link and see the page go totally wild and crazy.

Google Search for "malaysian plane hillary clinton"

Google Search for “malaysian plane hillary clinton”

* – Okay, Mark M**f**kerberg, now that Facebook has 52 options for gender, how about diversifying on the LIKE thingy? “Somebody I know died from Gardasil” LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, LIKE…. Gawd! Compulsive LIKE-clicking morons could do with some options!

Piers Morgan: A New-World-Order shill gets his due or are the Rockefellers dismantling world media?

CNN drops Piers Morgan show.

CNN drops Piers Morgan show.

CNN has dropped Piers Morgan show and Alex Jones is claiming that it only reinforces his view that mainstream media is dying and is unsustainable. And, that alternative media represented by people like him are the future.

This kind of chest-beating is no different from bloggers, during Dubya’s time, who claimed that blogs were the only alternative and mainstream media’s run has ended. Where are they now after the onslaught of Facebook and Twitter? (Dave Winer; Why are people bored with blogging? http://scripting.com/2014/02/20/whyArePeopleBoredWithBlogging.html)

You hear it so much — I never blog anymore. I just post on Facebook. Etc etc.

Mainstream media has a solid model. Alternative media is parasitical!

Mainstream media is based on a solid business model. A news organizations start to provide news that people want. When medium becomes popular, advertisers flock to advertise in that medium. It has worked consistently for more than a century and it will work in future too.

What does alternative media have? Blogs used to be supported by Google Ads. Eric Schmidt is sucking so much Bilderberger unmentionable that blogs would instantly lose ad revenue if they become critical of the establishment. Alternative media have built alternative revenue models. William Cooper (who was allegedly shot by the Feds) used to sell heirloom seeds and dehydrated foods. This model has been picked up by people like Alex Jones and Texe Marrs.

Yet, all of them are dependent on mainstream media for their news. All the cutting edge news analysis is based on a product provided that they derisively call as mainstream news. You will not see bloggers or raging podcasters sending a crew to Sochi to provide hetero-phobic and anti-Russian propaganda to provide all-round coverage of the Winter Olympics. Even if volunteer reporters would do the job, how many sources would you have to depend on. (Huffington Post doesn’t count. They sold out.)

Traditional media is working under a flawed system. Internet exposed those flaws

Mainstream media has a solid business model but has for decades languishing under a flawed system. A system that is controlled by the Rothschilds via their private central bank called Federal Reserve and their kleptocratic financial institutions, which in turn owns most of the businesses in America, including the media houses. Just a handful of Rockefeller front men who control most of the media in America. And, through their news agencies, they also control world media.

For several decades, Pentagon’s budget had financed thousands of journalists (stringers) “embedded” in news organizations all over America and the world. Most mainstream news anchors and show hosts in America get their passes from the Rockefellers’ Center for Foreign Relations (CFR), which also staffs all administrations in the US White House, irrespective of which party wins the election. This screwed-up model worked very well in providing a well-censored propagandised view of the world.

The Internet has unraveled the closely guarded model. That is why the Rockefellers have initiated a wave of consolidation in the Internet and also destroying traditional news media organizations. Here is a list of examples that point in that direction:

We need traditional media for the news and we need alternative media to analyse the news. And, we probably need Moral Volcano to expose the flaws and disinformation that creeps into all of them.

One thing is clear. Traditional media and alternative media have a definite place in our lives. We cannot do without them. But, they cannot survive in the flawed system established by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Only well-accomplished bottom feeders like Eric Shcmidt and Mark Zuckerberg can flourish in it.

Why does Gmail accept messages sent to wrong accounts?

There is a news report which says that a Gmail “glitch” had sent 10,000 email messages to a guy’s Hotmail account.

News report of Gmail misdirecting e-mail messages.

News report of Gmail misdirecting e-mail messages.

I have a gmail account in which I get a lot of email where the spelling of the username is always different. This is because Gmail does not respect dots (.) in the username part of the email. Among them are messages sent by Indian Income Tax department, a depository particpant (stopped after a lot of emails, threats and one phone call), and Dish TV. I get lots of passwords and other confidential information – all of which is intended for somebody else.

I am also getting mail from Narendra Modi. Follower(s) of the Moral Volcano and my many handlers know that I don’t like that politician. The Americans have been busy promoting Modi in Google and Twitter. So, someone signed me up to receive Modi mail. This started sometime after I started writing about that megalomaniac. The mails usually come after I had posted something about Modi. Modi is supposedly strong on National Security but where am I involved in this? Remember, he used anti-terrorist police to spy on a renegade girlfriend. That’s how much he cares about national security!

Google does not want to lose any e-mail messages. At a Bilderberger meeting, Eric Schmidt must have been told that he needs to save all e-mail messages indefinitely (and that he also needs to get phone numbers from users). So, he has ensured that Gmail mail server handshakes are were tweaked to accept mail messages sent to non-existent mailboxes.

Google leads a covert war against RSS & anonymity on the Web

Google News used to provide RSS feed links for any search that you performed from the search box. This allowed you to keep track of all subsequent news updates for that particular topic using a feed-reader application. Well, Google has killed that feature. RSS link is not available anymore.

The RSS features was great. You could put in a search for “monsanto” and keep track of all Monsanto-related news. You could do a search for “rothschild -wasau -giraffe” and get all news stories about the foremost terrorists in the world, that is, the Rothschild family.

At a Bilderberger group meeting, it seems that Eric Schmidt was told that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers did not like this. Google now wants people to be logged into their service in a browser so that it can monitor them for the surveillance agencies.

This Google News link will not give you an RSS feed anymore.


The RSS feed is available only if you search using a different URL.


To get the RSS feed URL, you need to add the “&output=rss” to the address.


Google is not alone in this. Twitter removed RSS feed for their accounts. With RSS, you could track a Twitter user without having to create an account or explicitly follow them. (They referred to RSS as “unsecured endpoints.”) It will not be a long time before other websites follow suit. ScribD has removed RSS feeds.

I have not used Google Reader and don’t even know what it looked like. After Google shut down that service, there were many online articles about Google Reader alternatives. None of them mentioned My Yahoo!. I have been using this service for over a decade. It does a good job of aggregating not just news stories and RSS but also provides cartoons, weather updates, and stock quotes. (Opera browser (up to v12.6) had a reload option in its web page context menu, which ensured that your My Yahoo! page was automatically refreshed.) Yahoo has a good financial news portal at Yahoo! Finance. (http://finance.yahoo.com) and they can provide quotes and company news for the stocks in your portfolio.

RSS used in My Yahoo

This screenshot is from 2005.

Now, Yahoo has started hiding its My Yahoo! service. You will not find the link on many Yahoo pages. That’s how things are with RSS these days.

Opera browser (until version 12.6) had an integrated RSS reader. It was absolutely great. After another Bilderberger group, some people took over Opera company, made it drop the Opera product altogether and instead build Google Chrome-based browser. After that Opera browser has become a Google Chrome clone. Opera, until 12.6, was not just a browser. It pioneered speed dials, tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, and many other features that other browser makers stole from it. It also had an integrated e-mail client, RSS feed reader, torrent client, chat client, download manager, and many other things. Now, it has nothing. It is just an empty shell that contains Google Chrome spyware.

BTW, in the last episode of the No Agenda Show podcast (www.noagendashow.gov), Adam Curry let others know about his discovery of why Google collects phone numbers.

At a BilderBerger meeting, top websites in the world were asked to obtain phone numbers from their visitors, ostensibly to help them recover their passwords.

At a BilderBerger meeting, top websites in the world were asked to obtain phone numbers from their visitors, ostensibly to help them recover their passwords.