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Thank you, Donald Trump! Like influenza, Coronavirus is here to stay! Lockdowns are more deadly than China or their viruses! End the mass-hysteria contagion from WHO!

Taking advantage of lack of testing kits, globalist reptilians are forcing extended lockdowns to pave way for a global mandatory vaccine. Advocates of cheap and simple antibiotic-based cures like chloroquine/azithromycin and the hopeful high-dose vitamin-C treatments are being defamed.
Adam Schiff eye patch

Schiff for brains should invest in an eye patch. He is plain scary.

On CNN, doctors are saying that sick people visiting emergency rooms are not being tested. They are simply assumed to be coronavirus patients because the treatment protocol is the same as influenza.

On Russia Today, a New York ambulance driver said they are bringing in huge numbers of people and almost all of them die as soon as they are intubated. Apparently, the treatment protocol in New York is not saving the patients. The virus seems to persist after decontamination or no effective medicine is being used. Apparently, closed-air medical facilities are acting like death traps. It is only a matter of time before all healthcare personnel are infected.

Some New York hospitals have found success with high-dose INTRAVENOUS vitamin C treatments. Afraid that the future CV vaccine will be without a market when it arrives, mainstream media has embarked on a smearing campaign, quoting from old literature about PER-MOUTH vitamin C poisoning that have occurred in healthy individuals or without proper medical supervision.

In France, one of the world’s leading epidemiologist found that the antibiotic chloroquine did indeed save patients in test groups. (France Officially Sanctions Drug After 78 Of 80 Patients Recover From COVID-19 Within Five Days; Daily Wire) He was then smeared by the mainstream media allied to French president Macron for spreading fake news. French government has also confiscated all stocks of chloroquine. (Escobar: Why Is France Hiding A Cheap And Tested Virus Cure?
; ZeroHedge/Asiatimes) This study found that chloroquine was effective as a prophylactic treatment (early-stage infections) but French government has allowed it only for severe infections. (France allows drug chloroquine to be given to gravest coronavirus cases; TheLocal.fr)

It is clear that people world over are being prepared for a global mandatory vaccine. To ensure this, the reptilians are trying a three-pronged approach:

  • Extended lockdowns causing extreme economic hardship, thereby netting more bailouts for influential business groups, greatly increasing their power over the already weakened sections of the society.
  • Influenza deaths (already occurring in the tens of thousands in Western countries) are being counted as coronavirus deaths, citing lack of testing kits
  • Not recommending antibiotic-based cures such as chloroquine thereby increasing the death toll.
Articles condemning Trump for promoting chloroquine

Journalists’ faith in some scientists is “concerning”.

Trump is doing as best as he can to save his people while the people in VP Mike Pence’s task force such as Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci are botching things up at every step. Dr. Fauci seem to be hoping a total breakdown of law and order, and millions of deaths. They are saboteurs, not saviors, and should be dismissed.

One lady in a conspiracy video showed serious conflicts of interests of these two individuals.

The most startling information however is the fact the WHO director Tedros Adhanom is a terrorist, who took part in an international kidnapping operation!

CoronaVirus used to be a pandemic theory pushed by Rockefeller Foundation only a decade ago to promote global governance a.k.a. slavery of mankind

In a research paper published by the Rockefeller Foundation, a global pandemic killing 20% of the world population was developed as a possible future scenario challenging global governance.

Texe Marrs mentioned this paper in one of his broadcasts. I have written about it before and even uploaded it to ScribD because of its significance.

Rockefeller Foundation paper predicting 2020 coronavirus pandemic

Rockefeller Foundation paper predicting 2020 coronavirus pandemic

Read more about it in:

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman has rightly pointed his finger of suspicion at the US Army, which has decades-long history of conducting biowarfare and chemical warfare experiments on civilian populated areas.

“CDC was caught on the spot. When did patient zero begin in US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”

According to CNN:

Hundreds of athletes from the US military were in Wuhan for the Military World Games in October 2019.

Stop pinning flu deaths on “CORONAVIRUS” when there are NO TESTING KITS!

The symptoms of infection are similar to influenza and pneumonia.

Some Indian virologists published a paper that found similarities with AIDS virus and strange inserts in the protein structure of the virus that indicated might have been a bioweapon. This fuelled conspiracy theories and hence the paper was withdrawn.

One US senator asked China whether the virus was a bioweapon that got out of hand.

However, everyone from the Chinese authorities to the WHO say that the new ‘coronavirus’ is a new virus – COVID-19 (a.k.a. 2019-nCoV).

Because of this, testing kits are not available. The kits will have to identify unique protein sequences in the new virus and provide an indicator mechanism. (Read “Coronavirus: White House concedes US lacks enough test kits”; 6 March 2020; BBC)

So, how are so many deaths attributed to the 2019-nCoV?

Circumstantial evidence!

The symptoms of 2019-nCoV are similar to pneumonia and influenza. If a visitor from an affected such as China dies with symptoms of either disease, the cause is labelled as coronavirus. Some science!

In 2019-2020 flu season in the US, 20,000 people are supposed to have died from flu.

While such a high number of people dying from an infectious disease in a developed country is unbelievable, how are these deaths different from the ones attributed 2019-nCoV?

When testing kits are not there, 2019-nCoV deaths could be anywhere from zero or 20,000, if we considered influenza symptoms alone.

Also missing from the news is any discussion is the bioweapons program of the United States.

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

The swiftness with which ZeroHedge’s Twitter account was suspended shows the acute sensitivities of the Pentagon CBW program.

CIA experimentations on humans at major hospitals

Any euthanasia law will be prone to misuse – UK’s NHS starved & killed thousands with its Liverpool Care Pathway protocol

Reptilian News - How UK's NHS deliberately starves and kills elderly and sick people in the name of euthanasia

UK’s NHS has deliberately starved and killed thousands of patients, most of them deliberately identified as terminal. Doctors and hospital authorities were given quotas and financial incentives.