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Moral Volcano Prediction: Mandh-buddhi Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi will win 2019 elections and/or form government again at any cost

You can mock all you want, this is the kind of fool that globalists want as their puppet.

Modi, our radar expert

Modi claims he wanted Pakistan airstrike not to be postponed because he thought clouds would prevent Pakistani radar from tracking Indian fighter aircraft

Every stooge is usually given at least two terms.

Reptilian News cartoon: How foreign countries can change Indian voting results

Indian EVMs use foreign-made ICs (microchips) and components. Foreign governments can now decide who will win Indian elections by requiring these EVMs use undocumented secret code routines that respond to external radio instructions supplied by election saboteurs.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (25-Apr):

  • Modi and his Israeli promoters and the Intelligence Bureau will ensure that Modi wins by tampering the #EVMs. These reports are useless. Modi knows who to bribe. After all, he got the most money from anonymous electoral bonds.

UPDATE (14-May-2019): Apparently, the stupid fool Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi writes poetry. His other superpowers include the ability to write down questions he will be asked in future scripted interviews.

Modi scripted question from NewsNation

Modi’s handlers got the questions and answers already printed for him.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (29-Apr):

  • If EC allows Modi to be elected despite these violations, then the losers can challenge elelection claiming that the EC had given Modi an unfair advantage.

  • Going by Hindutva Voting Machine malfunction trends, #Modi Wave is intact.

  • Candidates fighting against #Modi should file their cases now, as after the election courts may not want to stop him from getting sworn in.

“Digital” is slow, requires electricity/Internet & unnecessary for the hundreds of millions of India’s poor

Indian government has failed in everything. It cannot provide a guaranteed supply of water/electricity, good schools & colleges, health services, road and rail services… India is at the bottom of human development because of inept politicians/traitors/swindlers. Yet, somehow people here have strung together a living and Modi wants to spoil that – just to protect his masters’ investments on e-commerce companies.

Reptilian News cartoon - Sorry, Indians can't be slowed down by your digital

With so many Indians who are illiterate and technologically handicapped, how come digital transactions the main priority for Modi government?

Credits: The caricature of the fisherwoman is based on the actress Sanjanaa Singh.

Modi’ governent’s e-KYC norms are an oxymoron! Even a dead person can get an e-KYC!


Reptilian News cartoon - E-KYC is an oxymoron

E-KYC is an oxymoron because it enable completion of Know Your Customer formalities without ever meeting him in person. E-KYC will enable even a dead person to complete the evaluation.

DoT’s order asking mobile phone service providers to do e-KYC instead of KYC is a violation of Feb 2 SC order.

eKYC required by banks is a violation of banking and money-laundering rules.


Meme hound finds hope in hashtags after molestation attempt on woman

Reptilian News: Guns are the best way to protect buns

A meme hound finds some Twitter hashtags with which she thinks can prevent rape incidents.

It is not just the the doomed millennial generation that is shorn of any intelligence. This age-worn hag thinks hashtags are going to save women. Idiots such this have been brainwashed like the globalist leftists in America. They suffer from a persecution complex. Everyone but them is at fault.

Like the climate scientologists who attribute all weather events to “Climate Change”, these cranks see gender  culture, religion, nationality or just any form of identity as the problem. All problems in  our society are caused by misogyny & patriarchy. They seek refuge under hashtags, likes, and other online crap heaps.


Modi govt has expanded the Aadhaar ID program for cows, they say, to prevent smuggling!

Following the footsteps of US government, Modi wants to have all cattle in a government database. Maybe it will be useful for some multinational company like Danone but the reason they are giving for this effort is to prevent smuggling. Yes, Aadhaar was to receive govt subsidy for LPG. Demonetization has defeated belack meney, terrorism and fake notes.

Reptilian News cartoon - Aadhaar for animals

Modi govt makes Aadhaar for cows too.

Gang involved in making fake Aadhaar cards busted in UP, 10 arrested


I Told You So: Ajit Doval or China-Pak Dual Agent has once again played Modi for a fool – Indus Water Treaty blackmail results in China’s BrahmaPutra blackmail


As Americans like to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”

There was nothing wrong with the Indus Water Treaty. It was, if you pardon the pun, water tight. There was not much that Pakistan could do. Pakistan actually wanted it renegotiated under a whole new treaty so that they could have more water, limit India’s share & have enough implementation issues so that they could have one more stick to blame India with.

Modi, being a compulsive megalomaniac, became an easy sucker for the trap set by his traitorous NSA Ajit Doval.

As an upper riparian state, China’s development plans for BrahmaPutra were limited by India’s good behavior with the Indus Water Treaty.

Now, short-sighted diplomatic slights against Pakistan has pulled India down from the higher moral ground it enjoyed for decades.

Good luck, morons! Why does Modi surround himself with fools?

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