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BofA & JP Morgan turned bearish on equities even as they announce buybacks!


US markets will collapse without buybacks or Fed PPT. Looming corporate debt defaults will precipitate the final collapse.

Instead of deploying money in the business, corporates are borrowing to fund buybacks. Buybacks announced earlier have lost billions in sharemarket value.

As economic conditions worsen & cheap credit dissappears, massive defaults on these corporate debts are unavoidable.

What’s even worse is central banks are purchasing these corporate bonds. In other words, central bank purchases of corporate bonds is fuelling market rally. When that stops…


JP Morgan’s not likely to bothered by ‘fine’ – It owns the FED – From US to Iraq & Libya

JP Morgan will make on the deal; not lose.

JP Morgan will borrow $1 billion from the Federal Reserve at 0% interest, invest in the markets, make a profit and pay the fine.

If Morgan were to lose money, then shareholders would have fired CEO Jam ‘hee hee hee’ Dimon.

The first thing that happens after a US invasion is handing over the central bank of the unfortunate nation to JP Morgan. It happened in Iraq and in Libya. In the near future, it will happen in Syria.

See how many articles the NYT has written about the Iranian central bank over the years. They are obsessed with taking over central banks.