Are aliens living among us & controlling mankind? Maybe/maybe not but see the cult classic “They Live” first!

We are all zombies now – actually 40% – with vaccination efforts it could be more

I’ve been wondering why so much that is happening around us defies all reason. This report in The Telegraph ( explains it all to me.

Telegraph news report on zombie potential

Blood-brain barrier prevents drugs from targeting these microbes

There are zombies among us

40% of human population is infected with microbes that have the potential to modify our behaviour. The microbes protects themselves by hiding in the brain, after crossing blood-brain barrier, which filters out all drugs. These microbes then alter the behaviour of the host.

Perhaps the most famous example of such “zombie reprogramming” (or neuroparasitology, to give it its proper name) comes from a parasitic wasp that attaches its eggs to the belly of an orb spider. Larvae emerge and release chemicals that zombify the spider, which stops spinning its normal spiral web and instead starts producing a cocoon to hold the baby wasps when they emerge.

After reading this article, a movie I saw last year totally makes total sense. It is about a know-nothing guy (played by WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper) who finds a pair of sunglasses that makes him stumble on to a world controlled by aliens.

Roddy Piper

Wrestling star Roddy Piper is the here of the movie. Although, nobody calls him by name, he is credited as “nada” meaning nothing or nobody (just as we are).

The aliens disguise and appear like human beings but the glasses helps Piper see their true form.

Aliens among humans

The aliens live among humans and act like humans. Ordinary people are unaware of their presence among them.

The aliens control mankind using omnipresent propaganda and subliminal messaging. It’s everywhere but the glasses help Piper see and perceive only the truth.

Propaganda and subliminal messaging

There is subliminal messaging everywhere.

The aliens look out for each other. They also promote one another into positions of influence – all to the disadvantage of humans.

Aliens vs Humans - aliens win

Aliens network and promote each other, while humans have to fight for scraps.

Piper totally freaks out after a close encounter with an alien. (“You look okay maam but this one – formaldehyde face.”) Soon, the alien network is alerted.

Piper freaks out

Piper rubs an alien the wrong way and then they are out to attack him.

Two cops are sent after him. They ask him to go quiet or get killed.

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm...

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm…

Piper sees that they are both aliens and shoots them. He takes their arms and then the action begins.

Piper takes down some alien assets.

Piper Takes Down Some Alien Assets: “I came here to chew gum and kick some ass. And, I am all out of chewing gum.”

As our Fascist system frowns about movies that tell people to get awakened, They Live was not a big commercial success. (You can read the NYT review to see how its greatness was downplayed.

I now feel that ideas from this movie may have also been used to program patsies in mass-shooting incidents. You can’t just ordinary people to just go and kill people. The mind-controlled patsies may been told that their would-be victims are aliens or something along those lines, and the only way to save mankind was to kill them all. Mind control can be used to make people do anything but only under compelling circumstances. The recent harakiri incident by a Nepalese national in New Delhi proves this. Although the pictorial shows a bottle of alcohol, the man was not intoxicated. He was not just hallucinating but also receiving serious commands to do self harm.

News report of the harakiri incident in New Delhi

Ordinary people can be brainwashed into doing unthinkable things provided that they are given a compelling reason.

See… this is how the aliens use even our feeble attempts to protect ourselves against us. Hmmm….

I was made aware of this great movie by a review in The Vigilant Citizen website ( They Live is both a meaningful and entertaining movie. Even died-in-wool masala-movie fans in India will like it. I would suggest you read the Vigilant Citizen review first before going on to the movie. The 1988 movie was written and directed by John Carpenter. The entire movie was available on Youtube but now there are only trailers.

I don’t believe there are any aliens on earth. I believe most reports of aliens and UFOs are the work of homos from NASA/Pentagon. I also don’t believe that members of the elite are lizards disguised as humans on earth. They are most likely to have been hypnotized or mentally programmed from a young age so that there is no humanity left in them. There is no other way of explaining why they act so inhumanly.