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Why, unlike Obama administration, there are so many leaks with Trump’s

FBI Bug: We are bugs left behind from the Obama administration. We drive Trump crazy now.

CIA bug: Earlier, we used to relay orders from CFR.

Reptilian News cartoon: FBI bugs the White House and leaks to the Press

An alphabet soup of American intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA and NSA have bugged the White House for decades. They are now driving Trump crazy with leaks because he giving orders instead of taking them from controllers usually supplied from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

I Told You So: Obama phone call to Macron proves that the reptilians had already chosen the winner!

French election has been stolen!

Reptilian News cartoon: Obama calls the French election of Macron

Obama’s election was fixed. Same case with Macron’s. It is no surprising one stooge called the election of another.

In November last year, I predicted that Marine Le Pen’s popular mandate would be stolen from her.

Of course, the names had to change because Fillon self-combusted. So, reptilians conjured a new puppet in the person of Macron.

Apparently, his older-than-him wife is his handler and this makes him the ideal puppet.

After Trump’s win, the globalists seem to be totally upset. That’s why they asked the world’s greatest teleprompter reader to pip Trump by placing a well-publicized phone call to Macron before election.


Even after eight years as President, Obama still feels it necessary to compete with the newcomer in Trump. It only proves that Obama was never really a President – just a dummy figurehead!

Before Jeb “Please Clap” Bush bailed out, RT had this hit piece with Roger Stone

Roger Stone has a written a book titled “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty” implicating Bush 41 in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.

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