Moral Volcano prediction: Modi repealed farms laws so that BJP can steal upcoming state elections (in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab) without raising suspicion about foreign-made EVMs (Hindutva Voting Machines)

His apology was that the farmers were not too stupid to believe his jumla.

Modi waited for 700 farmers to die before having a change of brick (his heart)?

If BJP had stolen (or whoever steals the election on their behalf) in UP, Utharakand and Punjab while protesting farmers were still camping in Delhi, wouldn’t it raise suspicion? Such a win would have made it clear to everyone that Indian electronic voting machines (EVMs) have been tampered. It is only to avoid this suspicion, Modi’s handlers had advised him to withdraw the farm laws. A man who has been so stubborn, causing so much suffering including loss of life and jobs through his ill-advised decisions such as Aadhaar, demonetization and lockdown, is supposed to bowed down to popular will. Farmers will now forget everything and vote for BJP. Beggar’s belief!

In West Bengal, BJP desperately wanted to start a new innings. But, whoever decides these electoral outcomes decided not to give the state so quickly to BJP. They do not want a lot of pople become suspicious at the same time. So, they were given the second position in most assembly constituencies. CPI-M had come third. To prevent CPI-M from casting doubt on the EVMs, their in Kerala unpopular government were given another five-year term. (This is similar to how politicians like Justin Trudeau of Canada and Gavin Newsom of California were able to get re-elected despite being not just unpopular but hated by everyone. In times of COVID, these tiny tyrants will be doubly empowered by globalist controlllers.) Now, CPI-M cannot say they did not lose in West Bengal while claiming they won in Kerala, can they? That is how the contesting parties have been handled post-election. In Delhi, AAP was allowed to win another term so they are not going to complain. In TN, BJP has no following anyway. AIADMK unwisely allied with the hated BJP. Would Tamilians vote for them? No! So, DMK was handled.

BJP had lost so many states that they desperately need win the next state elections. In order to assuage the BJP, the election outcomes seems to have been promised to them. If BJP had lose these states too, then his handlers would not let him repeal the farm laws. Now, BJP is going to win these states and they will say Modi wave is intact.

Varun Gandhi is doing what Shatrughna Sinha and Yashwant Sinha were doing earlier.

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