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New York Times lost it sense of reality when it wanted the US government to provide the SNOWFLAKE-friendly SAFE-SPACE version of REALITY!

NYT openly asks for a ‘REALITY CZAR’. Wants a Ministry of Truth to handle conspiracy theories.

NYT’s pedophilia-friendly Kevin Roose has been suffering from heartburn on behalf of the US intelligence community. He has been mercilessly mocked by Amazing Polly on Youtube before her channel was yanked.

New York Times wants the government to provide them with reality

The reptilians are very afraid that their trade in human subjects was almost exposed in the WayFair scandal, which was exposed by Amazing Polly. They will not let her stay on Rumble.

Amazing Polly is a big believer in Q. Well, Q was not able to stop the steal in 2020.

Her website is still not working well. The videos are at

On Rumble.com, her channel is at

I predicted that the election would be stolen in the book Reptilian News Cartoons v2020 several months before the election.

Moral Volcano Prediction for 2020 US elections and afterwards - CNN Projection

How the US media deliberately lies about Trump

After lobbying governments to ban the Trump event and fear-mongering attendees about coronavirus, US media gleefully claims Trump event was a failure. Truth is different.

These people, who made this video, had made reservations but were unable to attend the event because it was postponed for a fake “Juneteenth” holiday, one of several excuses used to sabotage the Trump event.

Reuters uses heat record at Argentine station (63° south of equator) outside Antarctic circle (66° south of equator) to spread Climate Change alarm

The Antarctic station is three times farther away from the South Pole than it is from South America.

Reuters headline raises alarm on Antarctic temperatures.

Climate alarmists think they are helping the environment when they are actually accelerating ‘Man-made irreversible Climate Change’ by blowing unnecessary hot air.

Yesterday, Reuters quoted World Meteorological Organization to claim that Antarctica is experiencing the hottest temperature ever! It breathlessly warned:

Scientists believe global warming has caused so much melting at the south pole that the giant ice sheet is now on course to disintegrate. This would see an eventual global sea level rise of at least three meters (10 feet) over centuries.

I checked where this Antarctic station was on the map and found that its was at the very tip of the continent. Its latitude was 63° S. The Antarctic Circle latitude is currently at 66° S. It was 3° outside the Arctic circle.

This makes the research station closer to Argentina than the South Pole. I know from a PG Wodehouse novel that the southern-most province of Argentina is Tierra del Fuego. I went to TimeAndDate.com website to see how far it was from that state to the research station.

Maps showing how far away from the South Pole this research station is.

This distance from Tierra del Fuego to the Esperanza Base is just over 1100 kilometres. To the South Pole from the base, it is nearly 3000 kilometers. The TimeAndDate.com website map seems to show a longer distance because earth is spherical and the map is cut and stretched on a square.

Map showing distance between Tierra del Fuego and Esperanza Base and between Esperanza Base and South Pole.

Here is how various news organization are spinning the news report. Associated Press and other news agencies have got the memo and everyone is having a good cry over the rising temperatures. They probably needed it after Trump escaped impeachment.

Other news outlets spin the Reuters story.

In 2014, a team of Australian scientists and an international group of journalists (including from the BBC and Guardian) went to the South Pole to prove that the ice there was disappearing.

Professor Turney and his acolytes were lured into an embarrassing fiasco by their own neurotic creed. On Christmas Eve, little more than a fortnight after the start of its voyage, the Shokalskiy became wedged in thick ice. As the weather worsened so did the crisis on board. The vessel turned into a ship of fools. What made the debacle all the more humiliating was that this is now the height of summer in Antarctica, when ice coverage is meant to be at its most limited before the onset of winter. Faced by evidence that confounded their ideology the team was bewildered.

Global Warming brigade lose the plot on a ship of fools

NBC News adds fake lesions to stock photo to promote measles vaccine and demonize vaccine opponents

NBC News adds fake skin lesions to stock image of healthy baby and claims it is from measles. Thanks to @MediaRabbitHole for finding this fraud.

NBC uses stock images for vaccine propaganda

Fake lesions found on stock image of healthy baby used by NBC news to promote vaccine propaganda and demonize vaccine opponents.

When the NBC News crew went to the hospital, they could find only the propaganda nurse but no actual baby with measles? Or, were they just lazy.

NBC News uses doctored stock photo of healthy baby to create false propaganda against vaccine opponents

Original stock image showing healthy baby

NBC Video

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

What is fake news? The definitive answer!


Fake news by Sky News

Fake news from Sky News: When news anchors bring in experts merely for their propaganda value and cut them off mid-sentence if they doubt the official conspiracy theory.


Fake News - Douma attack video by White Helmets terrorist group

Western media: When you repeatedly broadcast a fake video from a terrorist organization (White Helmets) as your government’s “iron-clad” evidence of a chemical attack (justifying airstrikes) and blackout from the news when the alleged victims turn up unharmed.


Fake News by BBC

When the BBC journalist explicitly asks the expert why he is telling the truth when it is contrary to the official conspiracy theory.

Fake News in Xi’s China (state censorship) and Modi’s India (self-censorship)

Reptilian News - Fake news in China and India

Press censorship in 11 Jinpeng’s China and Modi’s India

Over the past few weeks, Western media have mocked the Chinese state for censoring innocuous words on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter alternative. This is despite the clamour in the West for cracking down on alternative news sites and ideas.

Skeptical as I was, I searched for the same words on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Nope, no sign of censorship. Western media claimed the number 1984 has been banned. Baidu had no problem with it either.

All-seeing eye on Eleven Jinping

Moral Volcano spots halo on Eleven Jinping in Reuters photo

Meanwhile, CNN campaigned that YouTube shut down Alex Jones’ Info Wars channel and also contacted advertisers for their comments. YouTube then suspended/purged several channels. Even gun hobbyists channels felt compelled to move to a popular pawn streaming site.

Then came the famous Chinese eye-rolling video. A female journalist at a business news website rolled her eyes in frustration at a long-winded and obviously pre-scripted question at an official Chinese state press conference. Xi’s power grab has been in motion for a few years now but Western media is quick to hang him. This happens even while police, intelligence agencies and every petty government department in the West is arming itself with ever more surveillance and autocratic powers.

What’s so unusual about a pre-scripted question? Anyone who has watched Obama’s press meets and interviews knows that it was all a charade. American journalists would shamelessly applaud him and laugh at his lamest jokes. It was only when he would tour abroad that he would get a dose of reality. Obama looks like a kid whose candy has been taken away from him.

Note how a lone American journalist, out of habit probably, tries trigger a clapping frenzy.

Indian media used to be apolitical, as competition is fierce. Somehow, Modi has conquered them. Everyone in the media is afraid. Of what, we don’t know.

When Kapil Sibal gave his press conference on the mysterious deaths of three other people in the Judge Loya case, it was reported live in the afternoon. But by evening, all news channels avoided any mention. Next day, newspaper vaguely alluded to some issues in the case and that Congress party demanded a thorough investigation. They all printed a PTI report that was misleadingly brief. Total and absolute self-censorship!

How mainstream media peddles FAKE NEWS to promote vaccine sales – a CNN example

Anybody can make these sort of assertions.


If you look at the following headline, it seems that they have actually found some new scientific proof. Dig deeper, you will find none.


Just another survey-based wishful thinking er study providing no scientific cause-and-effect reasoning – all to promote vaccine sales and headline skimmers. The data range is narrow and the sample size is tiny. The devil is in the detail.


But this sort of specious connection is all right for promoting vaccines. If, on similar lines, a connection between measles vaccines and autism is made, then all rigorous scientific principles will kick in and the whole notion and the person who made it will be knocked out.


Here is a comment that best captures CNN’s attitude.

CNN outs an apple! American journalism triumphant against bad apples!

I think journalism in the US has reached a new low. If the top decision makers at CNN think that a simple gimmick like this would change perceptions then it only proves how stupid they were and how stupid they thought Americans were.