Though RBI has to keep interest rates high to prevent Indian Rupee from devaluing, Raghuram Rajan or his successor will bring rates to zero

Just in time for dubious financial products (a la Wall Street) from the new “Payment Banks”!

In an era of competitive currency devaluation, lowering interest rates would be stupid.

But, greed spares none.

In a low interest rate regime, there will be no point in investing in government securities or other fixed rate instruments. So, even conservative players such as government bodies, insure companies and regular Joes will be forced to invest in these dubious financial products that had already been seen as causing systemic destruction in 2008.


Nitin Gadkari to privatize public-funded roads, following Goldman Sachs advice that caused Puerto Rico bankruptcy

He has allowed himself to be convinced that government-owned toll roads (which are an anachronism in itself) need to be given to private parties for a paltry upfront amount.

His earlier stance of doing away with all government-owned toll roads was probably a bid to attract suitcases.

The electronic toll (e-toll) collection system introduced in the country will help save Rs. 88,000 crore and cut waiting time at toll plazas significantly, Mr. Gadkari said quoting a Transport Corporation of India-IIM Kolkata study.


Even as Puerto Rico finds itself increasingly unable to pay its unpayable Wall Street debts, Goldman Sachs and other vultures from the Street are picking up more debt instruments directly tied to tax collections. So, the tax goes directly to the banks, not to the Puerto Rico government.

Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks have been advising the Union Finance Ministry to encourage states and local governments to issue municipal bonds so that they can privatize public properties in Indian cities in a similar manner.

Wren & Martin Grammar anyone? The state of textbook publishing in India

Oxford grammar has dropped interjections from parts of speech! Have Britons really become a nation of drunks in permanent stupor-hangover, as some news reports allege?

Cover of Wren and Martin's High School English Grammar & Composition

It all started with the question what a subject and a predicate were. That’s how state board books in India start with English grammar. My new Oxford grammar book was of no help. So, I went and bought a copy of the venerable-old Wren and Martin “High School English Grammar & Composition” today. This is a book that has been in use for several decades by students of English in India and other British colonies. It is like Dondo Moden French Course, which is a humble textbook published by Oxford University Press and used all over the world to learn/teach French for over a century.

When I was in school, I never owned one but my friends used it. Even though I was surprised they would spend actual money to buy a grammar book, I found the book worthwhile before exams as it had more grammar exercises than the one prescribed by our school syllabus. My friends also bought the key to the book and it was useful to cross-check our answers!

S Chand had made several revisions to the original text. There are now two editions – one illustrated and the other is not. I bought the illustrated one. The paper quality (recycled) is not as good as it was IN THOSE DAYS but the color illustrations were a surprise. I did not buy the Key to HSEG&C but it is available. (The Dondo book also has a “key” book for its exercises.)

Illustrated Wren & Martin's High School English Grammar & Composition

The Oxford grammar book bears no resemblance to the grammar used in Indian school textbooks. Oxford grammar seems to be an example of the control-freak mentality that has ruined several disciplines. The US Department of Defense would call a pencil as “portable handheld graphite communications inscriber”. They obtained a permanent place in management books by famously ordering toilet seats for $600 per piece. One of their studies revealed that 50% of their software projects were never delivered and one-third of delivered projects were never used. These inefficient and corrupt fools then bypassed the whole issue by asking Carnegie Mellon University for a solution. Those morons came out with SEI CMM (Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model). This was adopted by industry without question and for years experienced project managers were denied jobs because they did not have training or experience in SEI-CMMM. It is only in recent times that people have realized that the whole thing was stupid and a waste of everyone’s time. Even before they got rid of this ghost, it was periodically harmed by hysteria such as agile, stack ranking, frameworks, and other common-sense alternatives.

In my CBSE high school grammar book, there were 9 parts of speech and they began with the articles a and an. In the W&M, (at least it seems to be now that) articles are part of adjectives. That’s fine because they also describe a noun just like other adjectives. In the Oxford grammar book, interjections have been eliminated, and articles and other forms of adjectives have subsumed in to what are called as determiners. Ouch! Why did they even bother? All of these so-called determiners are just adjectives!

There are no interjections in Oxford grammar. Articles have been folded into what are called 'determiners.'

Anyway, S Chand says it is the oldest and biggest publisher of educational books in India. (Textbooks in India are bigger than other forms of publishing.) I am not sure if S Chand is as big it once was. There are definitely a whole lot more publishers now.

The reason I went for W&M was the poor language and grammar that I found in the state board school textbooks. Using the Oxford grammar book was out of question. In India, W&M English rules. The Oxford book tried to be easy while being detailed but failed in both. W&M is simple and makes sense.

So, why are schools using these substandard textbooks? It is a long story. When I was in school, we had English reader and non-detailed books published by Orient Longman and Gulmohar. (After our school got affiliated with CBSE, we switched to several NCERT/CBSE books.) After Longman was purchased by Pearson, Orient Longman changed name to Orient Blackswan. Gulmohar is now an imprint of Orient Blackswan.

I was also looking for a maths textbook and found that prices from big publishers were way above what lower middle class people can afford. (The textbooks are mainly targeted at CBSE and ICSE students.) The substandard English textbook used by my kid’s school as part of Karnataka State board is priced at just 70-80 even though it is in full color. The Orient Blackswan textbooks are above 200 and I am not even sure if it was in color.

I did find a better quality maths textbook by one publisher Bharti Bhawan priced at 100 but their books are devoid of color. The authors have retained the copyright with them and the publisher has not even have left their website or email address in the book.

The problem with these publishers may be that they print the books in Delhi where costs could be high. There is only one place in India where you can publish high-quality books in full color at a very very low price and that is Sivakasi, the place in Tamil Nadu from where all the Diwali fireworks come.

So, my advice to all these Delhi publishers is to visit the factories in Sivakasi and ask Delhi printers to match the price.

Established big-name Indian textbook publishers should also focus on state board student textbook market. They need to first cut their price. Sivakasi can help with that.

Pearson has been buying up all independent textbook and educational publishers. There are very few independent educational publishers left. (Have you noticed beloved Camlin stationery company is now part-owned by Mitsubishi Pencil) They have also put their people in the United Nations and are imposing their coursework on all over the world. Bill Gates has also jumped on their bandwagon and want all school teaching to be transferred online (on Microsoft Azure cloud running Pearson e-learning, of course). It is a bad omen if the fox is licking the lambs, as Navjot Sidhu once said.

Pearson-Microsoft’s product is called Common Core and this is being imposed on schools all over the United States by the Obama government. The Common Core system is also being imposed on schools all over the world via the United Nations. People from Pearson-Microsoft meet the top officials of school boards and their Common Core curriculum gets imposed down the line without any consultation. Parents, teachers, students, and school administrators have all bitterly complained about the Pearson-Microsoft product but the relentless assault on the traditional form of school learning goes on unabated. The Common Core curriculum has been faulted for dumbing down education, overloading school administration with non-teaching staff while pushing more computer sales, software licenses and cloud contracts.

Pearson is so sure about its education market fortunes that their are shedding Financial Times newspaper and Economist magazine (Economist claims it is a newspaper on the cover) to focus on its core incompetency.

Don’t think India will not fall under their global sweep. Already, the former DMK government has taken the first steps in Tamil Nadu. They called it Samacheer Kalvi, which is the exact Tamil translation for Common Core Education.

What alternate media? Try some podcasts and websites! [NOT COMPLETE]

While the mainstream media paddles around in its reality-distortion field, peddling conspiracy theories from governments and globalists (such as ISIS or Climate Change) and distracting us with inane hearsay about celebutards, people are turning to alternative news websites and even podcasts for a proper perspective on what’s happening around us… Really? Are we now down to amateur MP3 recordings masquerading as media properties? Read on…

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is still putting on its shoes” or so goes a quote attributed to Mark Twain. Rest assured that it is lies, not love, that makes the world go round. We live in an age of universal deceit. Big Brother is already here all but in name. Whatever George Orwell had predicted in 1984 or whatever Bertrand Russell prescribed in Icarus, or, the Future of Science has already been tried, tested and implemented in various parts of the world. In 1924, Bertrand Russel wrote:

The effects of psychology on practical life may in time become very great. Already advertisers in America employ eminent psychologists to instruct them in the technique of producing irrational belief; such men may, when they have grown more proficient, be very useful in persuading the democracy that governments are wise and good…

More sensational than tests of intelligence is the possibility of controlling the emotional life through the secretions of the ductless glands. It will be possible to make people choleric or timid, strongly or weakly sexed, and so on, as may be desired. Differences of emotional disposition seem to be chiefly due to secretions of the ductless glands, and therefore controllable by injections or by increasing or diminishing the secretions. Assuming an oligarchic organization of society, the State could give to the children of holders of power the disposition required for command, and to the children of the proletariat the disposition required for obedience. Against the injections of the State physicians the most eloquent Socialist oratory would be powerless. The only difficulty would be to combine this submissiveness with the necessary ferocity against external enemies; but I do not doubt that official science would be equal to the task.

In 1984, the totalitarian society of the future was divided into just three groups – elites (inner party), useful idiots (outer party), and slaves (proles). The most fitting example of such a society today is the one-party “democracy” called Singapore. There, only the rich (or elite) can own cars and buy land for residence. All others live in high-rise apartments. At a young age, students are channeled into two streams, the haves and the have-nots, based on their performance. The former are allowed to go to college and get white-collar jobs. They become the useful idiots. The latter can only get to polytechnic/vocation schools and eventually end up in blue-collar jobs (requiring manual labour). They are the slaves. The living costs including rent and transportation are high. Behinds its modern facade, you can just about manage to live in Singapore and be content. But, absolutely, no complaining. There are signs, posters and notices everywhere telling inhabitants what to do and what not to do. There is only one political party in town and that’s the ruling party. There is no independent media. No protests are allowed. Any gathering of more than two people in a public place needs a police permit. There are cameras and undercover agents everywhere. Judges order corporal punishment such as caning, whipping, and even whole-body confinement in a small box. The concrete jungle sticks plastic trees everywhere so that more cameras and notices could be hung on them.

One might argue that the Buddhist culture of the inhabitants makes them submissive and that it would be impractical in other parts of the world. Right? Beggar’s belief! Nobody is more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Taking away whatever power that people have has become the main job of governments around the world. In the US, Obama is ruling by decree, issuing an unending stream of executive orders bypassing Congress. To make it a less of hassle, Obama has also allowed US federal agencies write their own rules. A good example of how this works can be learned from the Net Neutrality hullabaloo. Americans think Obama is on their side as he had opposed to any change in Net Neutrality. But, very few of them realize that it was he who who enabled the FCC rewrite and expand its mandate. In India, Modi is also doing the same with ordnances. Everyone is rushing to pander to corporates and special interests. Recently, the WTO ruled that Indian government should remove its restrictions on US poultry imports (citing avian flu concerns) because those restrictions were not based on an “international standards.” Who writes those international standards? Nameless faceless bureaucrats at the UN? Big corporations? Fascism means rule by corporates – not hounding Jews as most people falsely believe. There is no better way of bringing Fascism than by legislating every pursuit and vocation out of existence. The big tomes of most of the new laws passed by Democrat and Republican politicians at various levels in the United States are all written by one organization. I forget its name. The laws are designed to strip us off our God-given inalienable rights. The Land Acquisition Bill that is pending in the Indian Parliament is not the only one. Several of them are being pushed along or have already become law in various countries. How come all of them are moving in the same direction? The 100 smart cities that Modi promised are just rehashed versions of dense megacities like Hong Kong or Shanghai that globalists have long promoted to corral human populations into. In the pink papers, there is lot of talk about the need for land banks and the one-time stamp duty exemption sought for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) by the new set of “technocrats” who have sailed in with Modi. These are one of many vehicles to dispossess people of their land. This kind of subterfuge requires a submissive unquestioning public. So, the old game of divide-and-rule works has been put to good effect to distract the public – males against females, homosexuals against heterosexuals, liberals against conservatives, children against parents … not just Hindus vs Muslims or Muslims vs Jews or Christians. To top it all, there is also the locals-vs-foreigners exploit to distract us. In the United States, transit through airports has become a privacy nightmare for American citizens and legitimate travelers because of the naked-body x-ray scanners and abusive TSA personnel but the southern border with Mexico has been thrown up to all kinds of illegal immigrants from Latin America. Apparently, no terrorist has yet been able to locate a travel agent in Mexico! Terrorists can come only by air; never over land. European countries have also been inundated with immigrants – Muslim and African refugees from the America’s perpetual “War on Terror”. Anyone who opposes this sly demographic attack on White Christians is called a racist or xenophobe. Decades of guilt-tripping the Whites by writers, journalists, and talking heads has made it easy for politicians to openly state that the locals are too laid back (in other words fools) and growth can only come if legal and illegal immigrants are let in. (NYT, Thomas Friedman, This has ensured that White Christians are being reduced to a minority in many cities. This goes on even as various outfits promote abortion, delayed child birth, birth control and for what it’s worth homosexualism among White Christian populations. Interestingly, while Jewish organizations and individuals are at the forefront of support for all kinds of immigration in the West, Israel seems to have had no problem evicting black African immigrants! ( , Then, there is the drugging problem. People in the West are over-medicated. Hormones and antibiotics in food has ensured that the population is overweight from a young age. This is a self-reinforcing cycle that does wonders to the balance sheets of pharma companies. Big Pharma has not even spared children. (It is a high-growth market!) A huge number of American kids have been wrongly diagnosed as suffering from autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and other psychological ailments and doped up. (Most psychotropic drugs are based on narcotics. Many of these people become dependent on drugs later in life and become delinquent.) Nurses in schools aren’t there to just administer first aid but they also do psychological profiling. In reality, they have become just another conduit for medicine sales. Speaking of schools, well, do you know that many American schools have cops stationed inside the premises? Activism by NGOs and legislative bodies have ensured that a school’s major concern is dealing with paperwork and non-educational activities. It is all coming to India, don’t worry. We need to be on par with “international standards.”

For someone who follows international news and has read a few history books, this is all quite apparent. But, for the majority of my people, I am saddened to note that they see nothing amiss. Once in a while, they find something wrong but they rarely think there is a concerted effort to subvert society as a whole. Most of my countrymen don’t read newspapers. The ones who do only skim the headlines. This is bad because editors typically rewrite headlines to make them seem less controversial and journalists hide the juicy stuff somewhere in the middle or the last paragraph. In the 90s, I used to visit the British Library regularly and I got to read several of their newspapers. At that time, British newspapers were hyperventilating about a few select crime cases. Every newspaper was literally screaming bloody murder. They seemed to be competing with each other as to who sounded the most outraged. Today, there are cameras all over the UK (even in dressing rooms and homes) and jails have been privatized. Law enforcement and judiciary works to keep the jails full at all times. (Of course, the financial terrorists in the City of London can commit no crime. HSBC had helped international drug cartels and terrorists to launder billions of dollars but no HSBC banker has gone to jail.) Legislators, for their part, have been busy writing new laws to make almost everything a crime. Even more appalling, child protection services take advantage of the slightest of excuses to grab children from their parents and put them in foster homes or government institutions (where many of them have been abused). Already, divorce rates are high and by 2016 most children will be born out of wedlock. They did not even spare the elderly. Doctors were used to implement a fiendish scheme called Liverpool Care Pathway and thousands of elderly patients were put to death. They were wrongly and prematurely declared to be dying, and then sedated and starved to death. (Daily Mail; Euthanasia by the back door: Hospitals ‘death pathway’ is open to error;

When I am reading papers today, I see that the same thing is happening in India. Bit by bit, almost like clockwork, everything seems to be falling into place. I don’t know if there is a way to prevent India from joining the list of broken nations but we can definitely prevent ourselves from lending support for our own downfall. A good way to start would be to read newspapers and avoid watching TV news channels. When you watch TV news, you become a passive consumer of propaganda. The news flows by you. You cannot hit pause and return to a previous paragraph. It does not let you think. When you read newspapers, don’t just read the local news or the sports/entertainment section; read the international news too. Try to read a bit of business news even if you don’t understand all of it initially. Follow international news on the Internet too. A single newspaper may not provide all the news you need or be interested in. Use RSS feeds to keep track of news from multiple sources on subjects that matter to you. For example, to keep track of GMO and monsanto in India, you can do a search for the subject in a news aggregator site such as Bing News (not Google News) and then find the RSS feed. The feed reader will then update you whenever a new article has been published on the subject anywhere on the Web.

Besides the online versions of newspapers, there are bloggers and specialist news websites that can provide a different perspective on a particular subject. Then, there are podcasts… Well, I wanted to write this article as an introduction to a few podcasts that I listen to but this has turned into a long rant. Anyway, it could be a good introduction. I wanted to write this article around the time when I released by Android browser app. The app had a RSS feed reader with podcast support but most Indians do not know what podcasts are. Podcasts are popular in the United States but not in India not many people have heard them. The podcasts that I am reviewing here may not be dealing with the truth, the whole truth or nothing but the truth but they can definitely give you an international perspective on what is happening in India. Once you learn how to decipher news from propaganda, you can be on your own. Anyway, here is the list:

  1. Webster G Tarpley: I had an image of Tarpley’s book Bush: An unauthorized biograpy on my blog for several years until I moved it to WordPress. The book is available free on Tarpley’s site. It is all about Bush Sr. and what a screwy character he was even before he became CIA director, VP and POTUS. There is a chapter on some assassination (Kennedy or Reagan) which is not available online. Anyway, it was a fascinating read years ago. To properly understand the book, you must also have read Victor Marchetti’s CIA and the Cult of Intelligence in which you learn that CIA runs drugs for right-wing rebels in South America, supplied Naga ultras with weapons in India, and airlifted prostitutes to IndoChina. William Blum’s Rogue Superpower would also help. Blum also documents how US government had tested chemical and biological weapons on civilian areas in the United States. Rogue Superpower has extensive footnotes and everything can be cross-checked with newspaper archives. It is so good that even Osama bin Laden quoted him in one of his video tapes. If those non-fiction books are too much for you, then I suggest you go with a fiction primer – novels from the now forgotten Jonathan Black who wrote books such as The World Rapers, MegaCorp, The Plunders, and The Carnage Merchants. If you read them, you will be able to make sense of the Boko Haram massacres, Rwandan genocide and the many Syrian “carnages”. Anway, I learned sometime last year that Tarpley had a podcast. Tarpley also appears on the Iranian Press TV and the Russian RT. Unlike the rest of this list, Tarpley is a regular scholar with a PhD. He is a historian and speaks several languages. He had worked in Italy/Moscow where I think he mentioned a retired KGB general met him and gave him a lot of information for further investigation. It seems to have helped him write something on the American hit on Italian president Aldo Moro and also about Bush family. He also written book on 911 and Obama. 911 Synthetic Terror is the better one, where he has reviewed every bit available evidence and looked at all possible angles. The Obama book is a disappointment in comparison. His language is clean, except when he refers to chocolate king and Western puppet Poroshenko of Ukraine as Pornoshenko. Tarpley was an associate of Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche runs the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which publishes a lot of good commentary on strategic affairs. William Engdahl also writes for EIR. LaRouche has documented a lot of material critical of Jews and/or Israel and blamed them for everything ill with the world. (Not many people realize the global kleptocracy is run by people from all races and religions.) As a result, LaRouche he was ignored by mainstream media when he ran for US presidency. (They wouldn’t even mention that he was in the race.) Tarpley now supports the Tax Wall Street Party and other small groups that are trying hard to fight the two-party system that works more or less like the World Wrestling Entertainment company. Tarpley recommends a small transactions tax on financial trades, as a way of making Wall Street pay something. He has also taken up the cause of a Rev. Pinkney, who has seems to have been incarcerated by the owners of WhirlPool corporation. Apparently, a black-majority company town had been taken over by the corporation. They managed to do this by making the town pay for a white elephant water infrastructure project, underwritten by Wall Street. The project made the town bankrupt and it was put under the financial administration of a Wall Street lackey by the governor of Michigan state. One of the tactics used by the town to terrorize black residents was to grab children when water bills were not paid. When the bills were not paid, the water supply was cut off. The water company then informed the child protection services who reasoned that children would be starving if there was no water. This went on for a while until Rev Pinkney started organizing the community. They turned the pipes back on after the officials turned them off. This got him on the wrong side of the corporation, which wanted take over the town for real-estate projects. When Pinkney tried to organize a recall petition against the mayor, the corporation/administration found some issues with the documentation and then arrested him for falsifying the papers. Since then, Pinkney has been in jail fighting his case. Obama, who makes political capital out of any race issue, has been of no help. Nobody from the mainstream media has taken otice. The black residents of Benton Harbor has been thrown to the whims of a corporation. Tax Wall Street Party is fighting his case and survives on small donations. Tarpley canvases support from listeners. At other times, Tarpley digs up a lot of little info that seems otherwise impossible to find. I learned from his show that Victoria Nuland’s real name was Victoria Noodleman and that Ed Snowden originally worked for the CIA before he went to work for NSA. There are no ads in this podcast. There is some humour in the podcast, the sauve sophisticated kind but he keeps it to a minimum. For some stupid reason, he supports illegal immigrants and thinks infrastructure projects (white elephants) are good way of creating jobs. He hates all republicans and just about tolerates democrats. Tarpley was opposed to Romney as a future President and went into great lengths as to why he might be the prophesied Mormon conduit to take over America. Mormonism was started by an outrageous polygamist American named Joseph Smith and taken forward by another polygamist named Brigham Young. It borrowed a lot of ideas from Christian Bible, Talmud, Freemasonry, Eastern mythology and what seems like his Smith’s fertile imagination. Joseph Smith created a new Bible called Book of Mormon. He tried to run for US presidency and was lynched to death for his troubles. On all other counts, I agree with Tarpley.
  2. William (Bill) Cooper: Cooper is no longer with us. He was killed in a shootout with the police after there were complaints that he brandished a gun at some troublemakers near his residence. Cooper was an officer in the military when he says he stumbled up on some government documents that lead him to the world of conspiracies. Later, he started broadcasting on short wave and focused on globalist kleptocracy, secret societies, history, Bible, Jesus and other matters. In many broadcasts, he quotes extensively from published and secret archives of secret societies. These broadcasts are now archived on his site as audio files. In these files, you will hear him gold (not gold funds or company shares) and dried emergency food supplies to fund his operation. He also encouraged others to follow him and showed how they could use short wave broadcasts to bypass the mainstream media filter.
  3. Alex Jones: He is the enfant terrible of the conspiracy world and he is probably the most successful. When I first heard about him, I went to WikiPedia where it was said that he had foreseen 911 in a vision. I thought he was a crackpot and forgot all about him until I saw the video of him falling on Piers Morgan like a tonne of bricks. I instantly liked him. I tried to listen to his podcast on but found him to be speaking in an extremely agitated manner with absolutely no humour. Strangely, I mentioned this to someone and sometime after that Alex Jones started adding a bit of humour in his broadcasts. He played some extra music and made himself a bit more tolerable. The USP of his shows are his guests. Government employees, whistleblowers, and victims of government/corporate wrongdoing come on him and pour their heart out. His sites are visited by millions of readers and he gets a lot of tips and disinfo. Jones has all the conspiracies on his fingertips and it is very difficult for people to bamboozle him. His show has a lot of ads including male/female enhancement pills, dried food stuff (emergency food rations for future economic collapse/shutdown), and water filters for removing flouride, chlorine and other chemicals put in by utilities. He also has a fledgling news team. They do create original material and cover news stories that mainstream media tries to avoid such as the open border gates at the Mexico border. One day, I saw a TV documentary where a crocodile taking a neat bite off the back of some beast. The next day, Alex Jones quotes Churchill and recreates the same scene I saw on TV. Maybe we both saw the same documentary on the same day but it was too freaky. I stopped listening afterwards. Jones tries hard to be recognized like a legitimate news source but he can’t help peddling strange stories about the elites. He vehemently denies this when people in the mainstream media mock him with their own made-up stories about him, say, about giant bats residing under the United Nations building. However, I remember one episode in which he said he met Karl Rove, the Bush advisor/mentor, at a party. He says Rove made some strange noises that made him doubt he was really a human being. Jones says Rove would speak like a normal human being at one moment and make some weird animal-like noises in the next. Jones said he was overwhelmed by a desire to flee and their meeting did not last long afterwards. He is also on record stating that he had sneaked into Bohemian Grove where the elites of the world perform satanic rituals. (He took a photo to prove it.) Although people in the mainstream media mock him, he says Hollywood regularly consults him on their film projects. Like many people in this list, Jones operates out of Austin in the right-to-work state of Texas. Alex Jones has hinted there are people in his family who were probably Freemasons (they had showed him the ceremonial dress). He has also stated that there are people in his family with military and intelligence background. Bill Cooper, the original conspiracy theory broadcaster had awarded Alex Jones a crazy nutball award.
  4. Texe Marrs: What I know about Texe Marrs is from what he has said about himself. He used to work in the US Air Force. He was for sometime assigned with the task of keeping track of advanced technologies with military implications. Then, he says he had a calling and became a preacher. He also was taught at psychology at some Texas university. He has written several books on Freemasonry and other satanists/globalists. He has also produced videos on the “evil elites”. He is the only one in this list who dares to name the Rothschilds as a purveyor of evil but he however doesn’t say they are the sole purveyor of all evil. Someone listening out of context to his shows might mistake him for a Jew-hater. Even I thought so but Marrs pulls no punches and calls a spade a spade. Sometimes, there is no two ways of dealing with a subject and the Jews in question are guilty as charged. Marrs is a Christian first and foremost. A Muslim or a Hindu might be offended by what he says sometimes – that we worship the Devil. But, he is a preacher and that’s his brief. Marrs also publishes several books on his own that mainstream publishers wouldn’t dare to touch. Protestantism founder Martin Luther’s Jews and their Lies would be a good example. He also sells cassette tapes and CDs of his podcasts. His ministry also runs a children’s home and says all profits from his publications goes to his ministry. His podcasts are very entertaining, as he reviews the news and technologies used to enslave us. However, he also covers the use of sexual perversion in secret societies and the use of sex baits and blackmail by Israeli organizations in the United States. This makes it awkward to listen to his podcasts in the presence of others, particularly women and children. Being a preacher, his language is clean, although I have heard him once tell someone to shove his filthy ideas where the sun doesn’t shine. Texe Marrs also works from Austin. He was opposed to Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate. Romney is a leader of the Mormon community and many including Marrs feared he would promoted by the influential group as the prophesied Mormon messiah who would drive America to an extreme (with the US Constitution “hanging by a thread”) and then “save” it sealing the fate of Mormonism as the prevailing faith in all Christendom. It did not pan out and Obama got reelected. On all other matters, I agree with Texe Marrs.
  5. Max Keiser: Max is not a podcaster. He has his own show on the Russian broadcaster RT. He was for a brief time with BBC World News. The Keiser Report videos are available on his blog Max focuses on the financial terrorists of Wall Street and City of London and explores their scams and scandals. Max was a trader on Wall Street and later hosting shows related to entertainment and stocks. His shows are extremely entertaining and hilarious. His show features Stacy Herbert in the first half where they review news items that rarely get attention in the West, for example, Western funds investing millions of dollars on non-existing Chinese firms or Davos running out of limousines and aircraft parking space during the climate change summit. Max sometimes makes off-color jokes. In the latter half, he interviews a financial analyst or commentator. Both parts are extremely entertaining and informative. He also engages in activism. Max is also friends with Alex Jones and George Galloway. It is difficult to gauge how serious he is with his campaigns. For example, he wanted his followers to buy silver to short JP Morgan’s position on the metal. JP Morgan manages the gold reserves of several countries. It wouldn’t have matter if half-a dozen countries ganged up to short JP Morgan. JP Morgan stole Iraq’s central bank and Libya’s central bank. Ukraine’s gold is said to have disappeared. The other issue with Max is bitcoin. Bitcoin is every bit as opaque as the Federal Reserve’s or Bank of England’s IOU system of money. Why would bitcoin be a better option? One of the reasons why bitcoin was touted as safe was that no government could confiscate your bitcoins. This has proved to be false. One bitcoin exchange have collapsed after hackers stole their bitcoins. A contrabran drug site using bitcoins as currency was taken down by US Feds who now have become the biggest holder of bitcoins. Given the way Max promotes bitcoin, I have come to think that he is the notorious Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged founder of bitcoin. Before becoming a broadcaster, Max Keiser created virtual currencies for his Hollywood Stock Exchange, that is, back in 1996.
  6. No Agenda: This started with “no jingles, no music and no agenda.” Now, it has all three. It was the first podcast that I began listening to and it is very entertaining. Former MTV VJ and podcasting pioneer* Adam Curry teamed up with PC Magazine columnist John C Dvorak to start this podcast as freewheeling conversation about news and stuff. At that time, Curry was living with his first wife in London. He was also running his company Podshow/Mevio with VC money. (It recently ran out of money recently and shut shop. Curry admitted that there was no way to make money of a network of podcast shows.) To me, it seems that he had upset someone in the kleptocracy with his conspiracy stuff and they seemed to have blown the lid of his affair with another woman. It lead to his divorce and he started soliciting donations for the show. After his divorce, he started living with his new girlfriend. And, they seemed to have dived head first into conspiracy world, living off very much like Alex Jones fans – water filters and dried food. In one episode, the conversation goes like this:

    AC: And I… I got to tell you. I like David Ike. I buy into a lot of what he is talking about but I have never… I’ve always had a little… little bit of trouble with the reptile stuff. From time to time…

    Today, Curry is much wiser but doesn’t like Alex Jones anymore for he is a competitor. He still uses one of their water filters but that’s it. Like many others in this list, Curry now operates from Austin, Texas. The show is more more entertaining than ever. AC and JCD compete with each other and review the news – American, international, tech, entertainment and others. It was from No Agenda that I learned that most vaccines use mercury or aluminum as a preservative or that the FBI had a three-week cycle of releasing news about a terrorist plot to attack the United States that the helped (conceive and) foil. These were stuff that slipped past mainstream journalists. There are not many places on the Internet where you can listen to AP reporter Matt or British politician Nigel Farage speak the truth. The show is not suitable for listening in the company of others, certainly not among women or children.

  7. Tax Justice Network: I started listening to this very recently. The voice of the presenter is so smooth that it could have been created by a computer.
  8. Gnu World Order: This podcast is not about the odious New World Odour people. It is a podcast about Linux and FOSS alternatives for a No World Order in computing.
    • Dave Winer disputes Adam Curry’s claims about podcasting. If Steve Jobs selected Adam Curry’s podcast to demonstrate with the iPod, then it must be Curry’s invention. I am on Curry’s side because Dave Winer stole my TweetsToRSS app name for his own Node.js implementation and then claimed he had been working on a RSS-for-Twitter solution for 10 years! A ridiculous claim because Twitter is only 8 years old.

Coal linkage plan for power producers proves that Modi’s govt policy is dictated by vested interests

Piyush Goyal is a A Raja clone! Nothing much has changed from Manmole’s time.

The InfraLive magazine ( is not a magazine that you can get easily from your local newstand but they covered the scam in great detail. The coal linkage plan reads like it was written by the power producers, not by the coal ministry or even a government official.

In this letter sent to the Coal India Limited (CIL), the Indian coal ministry has asked it to continue to supply coal to Thermal Power Producers at knock-down prices that they were able to lock on under Manmohan Singh government. Now, Piyush Goyal has asked CIL to continue supplying the coal at the same price. Yes, there is a line that says the savings may be required to be passed on to consumers but consumers have seen bill rates go up, not down.

On the Times Of India, the news originally appeared in a small column.

On their website, there is more info.

When reading about the coal scam in the book by the former CAG’s Vinod Rai, one can see that nothing much has changed under Modi.


Learn to use Subhash Browser & Feed Reader and TweetsToRSS Server

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Subhash Browser does a lot more with just 3 app permissions. Most browser apps have 3 pages of app permissions.

Subhash Browser does a lot more with just 3 app permissions. Most browser apps have 3 pages of app permissions.

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The changed headline was inspired by the bath salts zombie hysteria from 2013.

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Why is RBI governor Raghuram Rajan shipping physical gold held by Indians to Bank Of England? Why won’t BOE take dematerialized gold (junk IOUs) bought by RBI from IMF?

If gold is not a worthwhile investment, why is Bank of England and New York Fed asking central banks to store it in their vaults? Why can’t Bank of England or New York Fed take the 200 tons of dematerialized (paper) gold that RBI bought from IMF? International bankers don’t want to deal with their own junk IOUs?

Exactly two years back, there was a coordinated global news blitzkrieg against gold. Such PR campaigns usually use some real-world event and for this one Goldman Sachs’ short position on gold was used. Suddenly every pundit in pink papers around the world started saying that the era of gold was over, gold had lost its lustre, it was a poor investment and blah… blah… blah… Goldman coyly reversed its position but it hardly caused a ripple. (

The blitzkrieg was necessary to prevent a breach of the psychological $2000 an ounce barrier – something that would have caused the US dollar to collapse.

Meanwhile, the Indian Rupee was sliding against the USD and there were newspaper columns and editorials and media interviews about how gold was bad for India. (In the corrupt money system that we have now, US dollar will rise even if American economy is not doing well and sliding into debt and Indian rupee will lose value even if it is doing okay! US debt-to-GDP is now over 100% and its treasure bills are not even rated junk!)

“Money invested in gold just disappears from the economy,” they said. What about money invested in electronic gadgets that we import by the billion and pollute the environment? Don’t they suffer 100% depreciation? There is no import ban or duty on that. People have alwasy known that gold retains its value and could be used to tide over tough times. No, these guys weren’t aware of that. “Gold is BAD!” Like petroleum, which is extremely energy-dense, gold is extremely value-dense. You can hold a small quantity of it and it will still hold a larger value with no risk of depreciation.

Globally, there is a shortage of gold, which is not being acknowledged. Gold stored with Bank of England and New York Fed by central banks from around the world has been surreptitiously sold to make up for the deficit.

BIS asked Central Banks were asked to replace gold with stocks!

To reduce the demand for gold from central banks, Bank of International Settlements quietly amended the Basel 3 liquidity list for banks worldwide eliminating gold and replacing it with stocks! (

Central banks shipping gold to Bank of England

Meanwhile, operatives such as former greencard holder and RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had tried to mop up gold by ordinary Indians and ship it to Bank of England, ostensibly to improve the reserves quality! (

Hidden in this info box is the only published acknowledgement that I could find that the 200 tons bought by RBI was just dematerialized gold. I read in BusinessWorld or somewhere that RBI interestingly stores (some/all of?) its physical gold reserves in the vaults operated by HSBC in Bombay.

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold instead.

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold instead.

Gold leaving vaults and refineries from the West at an unprecedented rate

As gold seems to be leaving refineries in Switzerland faster than could be replaced, Indian government had tried to offset gold imports by trying to create domestic supplies in the name of government-issued gold bonds. (

New York Fed refuses to keep its promise – won’t deliver gold!

New York Fed told Germany that their gold would take seven years to ship and gave it only 5 tons. Germany obediently agreed to continue keep its reserves in New York. This image is part of a bigger illustration create by

New York Fed melted Germany’s gold without permission

Central banks hold their gold in New York Fed’s vaults on the promise that the gold would be untouched but New York Fed has acknowledged that it had melted Germany’s gold bars. This proves that gold stored by other countries had been melted to be sold on the open market.

“The organisational preparations were very time-consuming since the required agreements and contracts are voluminous and detailed,” the Bundesbank’s Thiele said in a statement four weeks later. Additionally, some bars in New York had to be melted and recast. To Boehringer, the recasting was the ultimate red flag. It meant any trace of original serial numbers had been wiped out. “Their untouched existence since the 1960s is no longer provable,” Boehringer says.

The Bundesbank explained that it recast the bars because they hadn’t met the “London good delivery” standard. Such gold is at least 99.5 percent pure and comes in bars of roughly 400 troy ounces, or 12.44 kilograms. They must bear certain marks, such as year of manufacture, and have sides that measure within specified dimensions. The gold in American vaults is a mix of London good delivery and lower-quality bars. Boehringer figured maybe the German bars had oddball weights and purities and needed to be recast.

He did some quick math on the Bundesbank’s own numbers, dividing the total weight it had disclosed for New York holdings by the number of bars it listed. It came out to about 12.5 kilograms per bar—same as London good delivery. If the central bank’s published numbers were right, Boehringer says, “There would not be a reason to melt them, but they did.”

In the name of finding new funding sources for Indian Railway, minister Suresh Prabhu creates Enron-style, inflation-proof, no-risk model privatization contract!

The agreement does not seem to be about generating new incomes sources for the railways but privatization of railway’s existing profits and revenue. This is a repeat of the Air India saga in which Praful Patel and government appointees (appointed by Manmohan Singh) mismanaged Air India and Indian Airlines, diluted the brands, diverted profitable routes to private airlines and then burdened it with enormous amount of debt by forcing it buy a huge number of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Modi government says Air India is unviable and needs to be closed down. If this goes on, the same will happen to Indian Railways. At best, all profits that the railways can earn will go to private parties, and the government and the public will continue to refinance the railway.

Someone in Amerikah begged WordPress or Google to depress my web stats!

Some obsessed with this two-bit blog finds it too hot for the masses.

The stats graphs looks like an elephant came and sat on it. Surely, someone is determined to send a message of sorts.

Pageviews have slid sharply a day after Digit magazine publishes my article. Someone is desperate to prove they control the message. It doesn’t seem to be related to Google’s “Foul Penguin” update. I have never believed these stats anyway. It was always between 100 and 200, with most searches going straight for Angelina jolie’s rubber boobs.


Several of my posts do not show up in the footer. Some get deleted mysteriously after a few weeks. Images also get deleted. On, APK files of SubhashBrowser files get mysteriously deleted as well. The host claims innocence. The site is down most of the time, as it is now.

There is quite a bit of Google Washing as well. I can type the exact title of a post in Google and all sorts of pages on this blog except the actual post will appear in the results page.

Google unerring avoids the obvious blog post but the repost on Facebook gets linked anyway, even on the - not just

New Screenshot (6-April-2015)t: Google unerring avoids the obvious blog post but the repost on Facebook gets linked anyway, even on the – not just

CIA, if it’s you, then let bygones be bygones. You can remove the CIA Iraqi Rewards Page from your website in a covert operation and I will not make fun of it. (

Meanwhile, anyone interested in the CIA Rewards Program can find it hidden in plain sight on the CIA home page.


If it is the Mossad, well, stop bothering me. You’ve got bigger problems. All these snakes who claim to be your supporters are phony bastards. They are going to sit back and relax when the Rothschilds sacrifice you along with all the hotheads in the Middle East. (Kissinger says there will “No more Israel” in 10 years; New York Post;

Henry Kissinger told a New York Post reporter (in 2012) that Israel wouldn't exist in 10 years.

Henry Kissinger told a New York Post reporter (in 2012) that Israel wouldn’t exist in 10 years.

Was it Hillary “Sea Monster” Clinton?

(Update 2015) This screenshot was taken in March 2014. Until I published the cartoon, there was no connection anywhere between Hillary Clinton and the Malaysian plane. BTW, They didn’t they shoot the other Malayasian plane just to swamp the page with positive quotes, did they?


Carbon footprint of Climate Change scaremongers is way too high! Liquidate global elites to “Save The Earth”!

If you really believe in the Man-made Change Change swindle, then demand a carbon tax on the filthy rich people who own most of the wealth in the world. If anyone can spare money, it is them. Poor and middle-class people are fighting a pitiless daily battle against poverty, inflation, loans and other ills of the dishonest debt-based money system imposed on them. People at the top of the income pyramid should pay carbon tax. They have money to spare. Tax them and save the earth!If you don’t agree, you are anti-mathematics and anti-common sense.

1. Bill Gates‘ private jet and $120-million house is keeping polar bears awake during hibernation


Bill Gates house was once valued at $120 million.

Bill Gates house was once valued at $120 million.

2. Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint is making climate scientologists sweat

Al Gore, the Gulfstream millionaire is a leading cause of climate change.

Al Gore, the Gulfstream millionaire is a leading cause of climate change.

Learn about Al Gore investments in the oil industry and how he is helping drive native Indian communities off their ancestral land.

3. Every time Obama climbs on to Air Force One or Michelle Obama boards Air Force Two a forest dies in the Amazon

The Obamas, both of them and members of his extended family on both sides, uses big US government planes whenever they can and bills the US tax payer all the costs.

The Obamas, both of them and members of his extended family on both sides, use big government planes whenever they can and bill the US tax payer all the costs.

4. Every time you give a dollar to PETA, a puppy dies – literally


Also read:

Want proof that Rothschild EVMs elected Modi rather than people of India?

  1. Modi takes most seats in Assam* ! Karnataka magically switches to BJP within one year! Congress gets a consecutive second term in Kerala despite sex scandals! graphic showing BJP snapping up most seats in Assam where their cadre are nowhere to be seen. graphic showing BJP snapping up most seats in Assam where their cadre are nowhere to be seen.

    BJP has no party structure worth the name in Assam and yet they beat Congress and AGP! (The voting machines were all for Congress recently.) In Kerala, Congress managed to retain a majority of seats despite so many sex scandals bedeviling their leaders. Given that their alliance did not have the numbers to cross the magical figure of 272, states like Rajastan had to be painted saffron totally. (I reminded of Churchill who draw some sharp lines on the map of Ottoman empire and overnight created the new states of the Middle East. (There were then them over to crypto-Jewish tribal leaders friendly to what is now British Petroleum. The state of Israel did not have any oil but was given to a Jewish tribe.) That is why BJP leaders were talking of a Modi Wave from the beginning. Bogus votes have been entered in a ham-handed way that makes it easy to determine the tampering of voting machines.

    It has not escaped notice that polling data implies that even Muslims voted for Modi.

    It has not escaped notice that polling data implies that even Muslims voted for Modi.

    And, just as I had predicted, Rothschild voting machines magically changed their behaviour in Karnataka within just one year after electing a Congress government!

    Moral Volcano predicted that Rothschild EVMs will magically change their preference for Congress in Karnata and favour BJP.

    Moral Volcano predicted that Rothschild EVMs will magically change their preference for Congress in Karnata and favour BJP.

  2. Sharp operators like Paul Dhinakaran knew months ahead of elections that Modi would be PM
    Internationally well-connected people like Paul Dhinakaran knew months before the election that Modi was going to be the next PM and took appropriate steps to protect their wealth. These guys can’t be wrong. Never! The decision to make Modi as PM was made abroad.

    Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran makes peace with Modi.

  3. Modi got modified before election
    American election managers (the Rockefellers) always ensure that the establishment candidate is aesthetically presentable. Otherwise, people might start questioning the integrity of Diebold voting machines.

    Modi - before and after pictures of his plastic surgery

    TOI report on whether Modi got modified?

    Look at what they did to Hillary Clinton before she got elected!

  4. American mole and bleeding-heart liberal Kuldip Nayar made a switch for Modi
    I just saw this on Asianet: Nayar says he voted for Modi. His excuse? Apparently, in the last 6 months, the Congress regime collapsed and “There was no governance!”
  5. AAP got more donating/volunteering/registered supporters than those voted for it in BangaloreA report by The Hindu has this gem.

    AAP has over 1 lakh members in Bangalore but got less votes.

    AAP has over 1 lakh members in Bangalore but got less votes.

  6. American and European government cleared his visa even before Modi was known as BJP PM candidate
    How did they known in advance that Modi would become PM? For a long time it was held that Advani was BJP PM candidate and there was just rumours that Modi might try to challenge him but that was not enough for these governments to remove his visa restriction, which were imposed in the wake of Godhra riots.

The voting pattern of Rothschild voting machines reflect one thing – maximising returns for the global kleptocracy and the continuation of the charade.

  • It isn’t as if Modi is going to throw out all Bangaldeshis. (Globalists’ plan is to destroy nationalities by swamping them with illegal immigrants. Modi will not move a hair to repair citizenship laws that Sonia tried to destroy (despite so many adverse observations by Supreme Court) or remove Bangladeshis from the North East. He will remain a pawn of the Rothschilds and their gang of nation-busters. If at all he does something, then his attempt would be so ham-handed that he would become India’s Milosevic. Indian intelligence agencies will ensure that.)

10 Ways That Global Elites Can Slow Down Climate Change

Global elite are at the forefront of fighting climate change. They should set an example themselves first before asking others to make sacrifices.

1. Don’t live in big luxury homes – Choose Hong Kong-style one-room apartments

Big houses consume more energy. They also trap more sunlight and contribute to global warming. Live in one-room apartments in clustered high-rise apartments, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

2. No private planes – Travel economy on commercial passenger airlines – Or, better, choose trains & buses!

Private planes contribute to global warming. Private luxury jets, in particular, are extremely wasteful and polluting. If you have to travel by air, then choose scheduled economy-class flights on commercial airlines. Prefer mass transport options such as trains or buses. Walk if necessary. Don’t use cars. If you use electric cars, you still are expending fossil fuels at the thermal power plants.

3. You should have no children – If you have any, kill them – It is the ethical thing to do!

Expanding global population threatens the future of our planet. In order to encourage others, you should stop producing children. If you already have children, then kill them. Post-birth abortions are supposedly ethical. This idea was floated on BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

4. Vaccinate your children, often – Enroll your entire tribe in vaccine trials – Use force if necessary

Your vaccine propaganda has included claims that an infant could safely take up to 1,00,000 hundred vaccines (Paul Offit, October 2005; Parents’ Pack newsletter; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). You should set an example to others by giving all those vaccines to your kids in public. There should be weekly elite vaccination camps.

All elites should be mandatorily enrolled in vaccine trials and experimental drugs. Drugs/vaccines proven safe after extensive testing on your crowd should only be released for general use.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Elites should be administered experimental vaccines by force if necessary.

An article in American Medical Association's Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

An article in American Medical Association’s Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

Vaccinated populations seem to show high incidence of cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. Fertility rates are also decreasing among vaccinated populations. Many of them are turning homosexual or discovering alternative lifestyles that does not involve baby-making. Less population means less climate change. Go for it!

5. Eat less – Eat mass-produced plastic food made from recycled industrial waste – Eat roaches if you like non-vegetarian

We know you are gluttons. Many of you are overweight. Every meal you take at a restaurant could feed a Third-world family for a year. You should eat less. Preferably plastic food from McDonalds.

Or, as United Nations recommends, eat cockroaches and insects.

Taco Bell used to say that their version of “organic” sand passes the test.

Eat trees if you are the type that seeks to be one with the Universe. MacDonald’s saw dust cellulouse may look appealing to you.

There is saw dust in McDonald's non-dairy milk shake?

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

6. Stop polluting the environment – Buy pollution control equipment – Use modern technologies

You own most of the world’s biggest polluters – factories, mines, etc. You cause most pollution. How about reducing that? How about installing pollution control equipment with your own money? Or using modern technologies that mitigate/avoid pollution?

7. Stop destroying forests and farmlands – Don’t throw economic hitmen on nations – Don’t threaten/attack/rape/kill/bribe!

You are acquiring forests and farmlands from poor people in Third World countries. How about stopping that? You are also hiring economic hitmen and thugs to drive out farmers and forest dwellers. You are bribing government officials, police and military. You are also overthrowing governments, politicians and anyone in your path. Stop that.

8. Stop hiding your income – Repatriate funds hidden abroad – Pay your fair share of taxes!

Individuals pay tax on their total income. Corporations pay tax only on profit before tax. You put all your expenses on the books of your companies, trusts and other cutouts and you pay little income tax. In fact, many of you show notional losses to pay no tax or even demand refunds from past payments. Even the profits generated by companies are held in tax havens abroad and are never repatriated. If you pay your fair share of taxes, it will help governments fund efforts to save the environment.

9. Contribute to save the environment – Pay Elite Carbon Tax – Carbon tax exclusively for elites!

Carbon tax should be exclusive for the elite. You own most of the wealth. Then, you should pay carbon tax, not the slaves. Carbon tax should be a top-down affair, affecting owners of polluting industries such as oil companies and miners, not consumers.

10. Give green technologies a chance – Don’t co-opt them and make them financially unviable

You control the banks and the lending. Your advisers mandate what technologies to choose and what equipment to buy. This increase the capital cost of implementing green technologies and makes them seem unviable.

Bill Gates polio viruses go back home to roost, as polio cases start appear in the USA

Migrating Indian labour brings Bill Gates polio vaccine virus to the USA. OPV drops contain live viruses, possibly from a decommissioned US weapons stockpile. (UPDATE: It seems to have been deployed in the 2014 Syria conflict too.)

Every drop of Bill Gates polio vaccine (OPV) contains millions of live but “attenuated” virus. Unlike in the US, where they use IPV containing dead virus, India gets the Bill Gates vaccine which has live virus. The problem with live virus vaccine is that they are not attenuated enough and thousands of kids have been afflicted with paralysis in India.

The "naive" natives in American get infected with Bill Gates polio virus.

The “naive” natives in American get infected with Bill Gates polio virus.

The Indian health ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO) has swept all of these paralysis cases under the carpet by refusing to accept them as polio, preferring the term ACUTE FLACCID PARALYSIS (AFP) instead.

2011-2012 data on paralysis cases reported within 14 days of receiving oral polio vaccine (OPV).

2012-2013 data on paralysis cases reported within 14 days of receiving oral polio vaccine (OPV).

FAQ on WHO website, which acknowledged polio vaccine spreads the virus to others now blames it on lack of indoor plumbing.

Because the Bill Gates polio virus given to kids can transmit the virus to others, migrating Indian labour seem to be now infecting the US population. Like in India, health authorities there seem to be unwilling to accept the new paralysis cases as polio, preferring to terming them as polio-like syndrome. This is similar to the pseudo-science newspeak alternatives such as SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME (SIDS) used to mask diagnosis of kids who die immediately after receiving vaccines. Or the GULF WAR SYNDROME used to mask side effects caused by exposure to depleted uranium used in artillery shells. Or Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) used to camouflage exposure to the Dupont chemical Agent Orange used extensively in Indo-China to destroy forest foliage.

Times of India report

US has refused to accept paralysis cases as polio.

There are more disturbing news about the polio virus is that scientists are now successfully able to totally synthesized it artificially in a lab. In the Syrian conflict, al Qaeeda outfits armed by the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar seem to have deployed polio as a war tactic to punish civilian populations who refused to fight with them.

Where to find the polio surveillance report on National Polio Surveillance Project website

Where to find the polio surveillance report on National Polio Surveillance Project website

When it is clear that the oral polio vaccine (OPV) with live viruses is making the virus endemic in the population instead of eliminating it, why are they continuing to use it in Third World countries?

I think that US bio-weapons stocks with polio virus are getting decommissioned and Bill Gates is bringing financing from Third-World countries by misleading them to think that they are really saving their populations from polio.

In the 50s and 60s, US weapons manufacturers got rid of huge stocks of ammonium nitrate and other chemicals accumulated during the Second World War by asking Third World countries use them as fertilizers. Later, this was sold to unwitting masses as the Green Revolution. This lead to farmers becoming dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides and losing traditional knowledge on rejuvenating soil.

This kind of thing is going on all them time. US Department of Energy is trying to get rid of radioactive nuclear material as scrap for making belt buckles and other household articles. What if people get cancer? More money for the Rockefeller health industry!

“How To Browse Like A Pro” – The Non-Sheeple Guide To Online Web Services

This article is for people who already have an e-mail account with spyware services such as Gmail. Others do not have to use Gmail or other “free” web services. Just use your ISP email account or a non-US email service such as Yandex. Make it harder for the Orwellian state to get your data.

The first rule in being a pro is the ability to select the NO option. DON’T JUST ROBOTICALLY CLICK THE FIRST OPTION.

Don’t sign up for free accounts with your real name.

This is not your passport application. It is a bait. Make them do more work when they spy on you. Put your real name or nick name or better just the initials only inside the message, never in the user profile settings. signup form. signup form.

Just say no to Google+

When you choose Google+, you sign away your rights in the new Google+ Terms and Conditions. Just say NO.

You don't need a Google+ account.

Say no to a Google+ account

After signing up for free e-mail, enable POP and use an e-mail client to access e-mail

Go to settings and enable POP access. Then use an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or Seamonkey to access e-mail. Don’t sign into Gmail from a web browser, as it does not let you log out easily. If when you click on logout, you remain signed in – for your “convenience,” they say. Gmail has also broken the e-mail address naming system. It does not respect dots in the e-mail addressess. This means that is same as You will be annoyed by what-would-have-been avoidable messages from spammers and people who try to guess e-mail addresses of their not-so-well-known contacts.

If you ever login via the Web interface, your inbox should be empty like this.

In your e-mail client, set it to delete inbox messages after retrieving via POP.

In your e-mail client, set it to delete inbox messages after retrieving via POP.

Also, change POP settings to automatically delete the online copy of your email messages after your email application (Thunderbird/Seamonkey/Outlook) has retrieved them.

Enable POP e-mail and then change POP settings to delete e-mail so there is no online copy of your e-mails.

Enable POP e-mail and then change POP settings to delete e-mail so there is no online copy of your e-mails.

Once in a while log in via web interface and ensure that your messages are getting deleted. Some web services don’t delete message and instead move it to folders like Trash. Select All and click Delete.

Once in a while log in via web interface and delete all e-mail from Trash and in case of Gmail check *All Mail* is empty too.

Once in a while log in via web interface and delete all e-mail from Trash and in case of Gmail check All Mail folder is empty too.

Retain your old Youtube name when you sign-in

YouTube is owned by Google. If you choose the first option, then Google will add a new Google+ account in your name.

Youtube sign-in.

Youtube sign-in.

Sometimes, whichever option you choose, Google will create a Google+ account for you. So, open a new window/tab and type agin. Yahoo also does this. It will ask you for your mobile number immediately after you log in. Don’t give your phone number. Open a new tab and type again.

Google is extremely sneaky. Youtube makes it difficult to login without Google+ but there is a way

Google is extremely sneaky. Youtube makes it difficult to login without Google+ but there is a way to bypass that.

People on the Internet have short attention span. Nobody cares about your username. Don’t let Google bamboozle with some yarn about your username being HARD-TO-READ. Tell them to go and multiply.

Google and its hard-to-use excuse. Disgusting!

Google’s disgusting “hard-to-read” excuse. They are trying to make a fool out of you!

Turn off Google History

Google saves your search history when you are logged in. So, don’t perform any searches when you have logged in to any of their web services. Also, turn Google Web History. Google will say that when you will get SMART SEARCH turned off when you do that. That is FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Ignore it and disable Web History.

Disable Google Web History.

Disable Google Web History.

Use Google’s Data Tools Dashboard and DELETE EVERYTHING!

Google provides a bird’s eye-view on the data that you have stored with Google. Take a look at it – Settings » Account » Data Tools » Dashboard. Then, start deleting stuff. You don’t need to store anything online. Get a hard disk and store locally.

Google's Data Tools Dashboard.

Google’s Data Tools Dashboard.

Log out of Google

Most people don’t see the “Stay signed in” check box is selected by default. Earlier, it used to be unchecked by default. Now, they want to track you like a shadow.

Remember to uncheck the "Stay signed in" check box.

Remember to uncheck the “Stay signed in” check box.

If you forgot to uncheck, then ensure you have really signed out. Google, which invests a great deal in usability, has made it difficult to log out completely. Here is how you log out if you ever forget to uncheck the “Stay signed in” check box. You can always delete private data from the browser menu. It clears all their tracking.

How to fully log out of Google.

How to fully log out of Google.

There are plenty of free web mail providers. You do not have to use Google. Avoid them.

Use browser settings to get rid of privacy loopholes

Set cookies to be automatically deleted when you close the browser. Don’t use the spyware browser Chrome for heaven-sake.

Automatically clear cookies when you close the browser.

Automatically clear cookies when you close the browser.

Clear browser cache and other private data using browser menu option.

Always remember to clear private data before closing the browser.

Always remember to clear private data before closing the browser.

In Firefox, the default option for clearing history does not clear you entire history. Change it to clear everything. I would have expected Google Chrome to have such a devious option but not Firefox.

Screenshot-Clear All History

I use Opera 12.6 – the last version built with Opera’s own rendering engine Presto. Don’t use the latest Opera version built with Google spyware Chrome‘s rendering engine. There is no difference between Chrome and Opera browser now. It is the same spyware with a different name. Use a good firewall. Keep your OS updated and don’t visit shady websites. Explore all options/settings in your browser and change them to suit your requirements. Don’t use Google or Microsoft services or other US-based service. There are many alternatives for them. Keep your online data spread over in many places. Don’t make it easy for your overlords to take a look at them.

Always remember, they are watching you.

Google is watching you (animation gif)

Beware! Google is watching you.

Don’t end up like Miss Teen USA or Scott Ritter or Eliot Spitzer – all of them compromized by their carelessness. Scott Ritter was an UN weapons inspector in Iraq and exposed US claims that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. FBI monitored his computer for a long time and then got him sex chat with their personnel who were pretended to be teenagers. Then, they busted him. Eliot Spitzer was New York Attorney General and was prosecuting top Wall Streets firms such as Goldman Sachs for cheating pension funds and other investors by selling them toxic assets and other dodgy financial “assets”. US government officials who would not prosecute US banks that laundered illegal funds of drug lords and terrorists money by chance looked at at his credit card spending and found that he has been paying expensive hookers. They busted him and he had to resign.

Don’t fall into a trap

There are some guys who says online privacy is non-existent. Tell them to share their passwords if that is true.

To think that mass surveillance is about national security is a myth. It is for blackmailing and harassing non-conformists and potential troublemakers. You may defensively think that you have nothing to hide but unbeknownst to you will get suckered into a trap. If not you, somebody else in your family. Misfortune affects you when you least expect it. Most browsers can now activate your web camera and look at you. They can listen to your microphone. Malware is available off the shelf to activate the web camera and microphone without switching on the indicator light. OEM webcam manufacturers have been asked by PC and laptop manufacturers to make totally controlled by firmware rather than hardware.

Why? Because US government has made them do it. US government is the #1 buyer of IT hardware and software. They dictate the standards. The biggest IT services firm is not IBM. It is Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin, who are better known as defence contractors. They handle most of US government’s outsourced contracts. NSA is part of the US military and it has dirt on all Americans. It is a police state. You live in an Orwellian world. Infrastructure created by the police state will also be used by voyeurs at your ISP or anywhere on the Web.

Read the following articles for more information on:

What gets Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s goat? Lack of booze, “infrastructure” white elephants and human guinea pigs!

Is someone at the Times reading the Moral Volcano in secret? Hello, are you there? Well, if you are, then, shame on you. You are pathetic. I don’t care much about Times of India but what you did to Economic Times is simply unpardonable. I have been reading the latter for over a decade now and I am saddened at what you have done to it. ET sucks, just like the Times of India, now.

Siddaramiah government is “open” to the idea of watering holes open beyond midnight.

Anyway, the latest “Times Campaign” is meant to get Bangaloreans defensive about their city. Bangalore is BORING. So, what, no big deal. Bangalore was originally a pensioner’s paradise and it was meant to be that way. Of course, the paradise is now totally lost and unrecognizable. If intoxicated drivers and late-night gang-war shootings are going to make it more exciting, then who wouldn’t want that? After all, what if some anti-liquor activist got hacked to pieces in the middle of the road in broad daylight? No big deal. What was the point of that old dude Gandhi leading a campaign against alcohol more than half a century ago? Nothing.

Times Booze Campaign

Times Booze Campaign

Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is leading the charge against the newly inaugurated “boring tag”. Wasn’t she snubbed by officialdom when Metro was inaugurated? No, no. She is so altruistic that she doesn’t care about all that.

What gets KMZ her goat? Lack of infrastructure and booze.

What gets KMZ her goat? Lack of infrastructure and booze.

Because the police is understaffed, bars and discos have to shut down before midnight. This most likely inconveniences Shaw’s foreign visitors. So, she is offering to help Bangalore once again by helping booze flow through the night! Oh, puhleeeease! Could you slack off a bit more and help us a little less, please? With your company’s clinical trials, only some people might get hurt. With 24-hour booze, everyone will face danger.

Biocon says it will have to move clinical trials out of the country.

Biocon says it will have to move clinical trials out of the country.

Bangalore City spends more on new infrastructure than on regular services and maintenance. Streets are filled with potholes. Conservancy workers are not getting paid and the garbage is piled everywhere.

Like all other Metro projects, the Bangalore Metro was designed to drain funds from state and city budgets and also to get governments mired in to debt. After all that expense and inconvenience, it looks like the elevated rail will not last longer than 10 year, as it seems to have been built with fake sand.

Was Bangalore Metro built with fake sand? Buildings built with fake sand will not last more than 10 years.

Was Bangalore Metro built with fake sand? Buildings built with fake sand will not last more than 10 years.

Because of our hopeless exchange rate, foreign money lenders wanting to plug into our tax collection system are only interested in very very big infrastructure projects.

Bangalore City council BBMP is starved of funds because revenue and state government funds are diverted to infrastructure products.

Bangalore City council BBMP is starved of funds because revenue and state government funds are diverted to infrastructure products.

Bangalore City spends more than it earns and is unable to repay loans. Malleswaram market, Public Utility Building on MG Road, KR Market, and many other public properties have been pledged with banks.

BBMP almost pledges Townhall.

BBMP almost pledges Townhall.

BBMP exists only for infrastructure projects. They have no time for citizens of this city.

When people in a locality complained about monkeys, BBMP advised residents that monkeys can get rid of lice and let them do their work.

When people in a locality complained about monkeys, BBMP advised residents that monkeys can get rid of lice and let them do their work.

Karnataka CM Siddaramiah has refused to help BBMP because its mayor is a BJP guy. BJP and Congress play their little petty games and ordinary citizens are the losers. Maybe this is why we need to vote for Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). [Communist Party of India (Stalinist) led by the Moral Volcano will overthrow our Fascist system and execute all imperialist stooges at a more convenient time. I am currently busy with The Slave App browser for Android app. The revolution will have to wait.] BBMP has resorted to hiring drummers in order to create a scene and shame tax defaulters into paying, selectively of course.

Karnataka CM refuses funds for Bangalore City.

Karnataka CM refuses funds for Bangalore City.

Bangalore City increases pay for private firms maintaining streetlights even though it has no figures to warrant the increase.

Bangalore City increases pay for private firms maintaining streetlights even though it has no figures to warrant the increase.

Times of India says the police is not really needed on the streets. Instead, shops and establishments should be allowed to operate 24 hours and there will always be people on the streets. Let’s consider that for a moment.

Because of the great increase in traffic and economic activity over the last few decades, air, water and land in Bangalore has become extremely polluted. An unmanageable amount of garbage is being generated and unscientifically being disposed. It is only during the night that there is some respite. With 24 hours of non-stop activity, Bangalore will be permanently covered by smog like in many cities in China are right now. Don’t the idiots at the Times know this? [Funnily enough, The Economic Times aped The Economist and has an data intelligence unit. Let those guys look at this proposal. Okay, fools?… The Times Group has in the past tried infringe on the Financial Times (London) trademark. They do a lot of things like that.] Untreated sewage goes into the Cauvery. Now, a high-speed rail link to Mysore is planned with foreign aid. Can Bangalore cope up with all this?

Has anyone looked at the numbers? Of course, not. This is most likely a plug for the liquor industry. Just like the Kolaveri viral campaign that Times seems to have inaugurated for Sony Entertainment (

Bangalore has great infrastructure. It also has exceptionally good revenue streams to maintain adequate services. The government should say that development in Bangalore is over and anyone who has any complaints should move to Tier-2 cities and towns. That is how you bring development to new places. If all development is to be focused in Bangalore, we will all have to live in boxes like in Tokyo or Shanghai or Beijing. (Of course, that is one of the globalist aims – denser cities.)

Smart cities is a misnomer. What globalists mean by that is DENSER CITIES ruled by private monopolies, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.  By those standards, Bangalore has a lot of room for more "development".

Smart cities is a misnomer. What globalists mean by that is DENSER CITIES ruled by private monopolies, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing. By those standards, Bangalore has a lot of room for more “development”.

By Smart Cities, globalists mean unbelievably huge populations under the absolute dictatorship and mercy of monopolies and police state.

What about the booze question? All shops and establishments, except essential services such as hospitals and pharmacies, should close at 6 pm. This is the case in many Western countries. [Of course, Indians and other immigrants who go to Western countries as workers and officials are changing all that.] There is a bar in every office. Works stops at 6 pm and then the party begins and goes on until people are tired and go home. That is a humane system, where humans are being respected as humans, not as animals in an industrialized farm.] And, if anyone there works for a minute extra, they will have to be paid double pay for over time or the management pays huge penalties. It is in beggar countries like India where employees want to pay as little as possible but make employees work as long as possible. Why don’t employers bring labour treatment to international standards first?

Bar and restaurants in Bangalore should be allowed to function until 9 pm. Everyone gets a good night’s sleep and society will be in a better mood in the morning. Roads will be emptied of traffic pretty early and the city will become livable again.

With 24-hour operations, all services will be stretched. Retail and hospitality employees are going to overworked and exploited. People will always be on the edge, ready to blow their top. Incessant honking and road rage will be the norm.

Uber-crony-capitalists from the House of Rothschilds are the main force behind this infrastructure spending spree. They control world’s central banks, multi-lateral lending institutions and big banks. The Rothschilds have figured out that governments have a lot of money and know exactly how to take it. They come up with expensive infrastructure projects and pitch them to state and local governments. To sweeten the deal for politicians and bureaucrats, they bring in financing from aid agencies such as World Bank and IMF. Once this “financing” is in place, no cost-benefit analysis is not done by the officials. There is no bidding. The deal is rammed through without public participation, debate or scrutiny. It is in these situations that I think they place calls to people like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. These people, wittingly and unwittingly, lend their good name and add vocal support for these budget-bursting schemes.

Take this pilot project, for example, to supply water for a few towns in Bangalore. The last line in the article hides the bombshell – Rs. 1800 crores for just three towns. Who pays for them? The usual suspects would be – you, the taxpayer. But, there will be a stage when the government has no money to pay the French firm. What happens then? Well, the consumers will have to pay!

Rothschild front Veolia gets water supply contract in Bangalore.

Rothschild front Veolia gets water supply contract in Bangalore.

People cut a lot of slack for Ms. Shaw because she is a woman. She needs no sympathy. Save it for the more unfortunate people in our country of which there are hundreds of millions. Ms. Shaw is an extremely rich person and a CEO of a listed SENSEX company. Would she be so dumb that she can’t follow the money trail in these deals? Does she really think that we are so gullible that we would want to get rid of the bogus “boring Bangalore tag” and support for the Times campaign?

In all these campaigns, they always use a Western example to support their case. So, let’s deal with that too. The finances of the California state in the US is in shambles. Crony capitalists, government officials and politicians are defrauding it in all kinds of ways. While the state can’t pay for schools or teachers, there is plenty of money for other useless expenses that go to private contractors.

For more, read the book Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast. Also, read Greg Palast’s latest expose Larry Summers and the Secret “End-Game” Memo (

Greg Palast's exposé on how the globalist system works.

Greg Palast’s exposé last year on how the globalization system works.

Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press says that Palast is a relative of former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and that somehow implies that Palast is an undercover operative. I think Palast is great and is doing a good service for humanity. We need more people like him – real journalists – and less of the jokers that run ET.

Why are bleeding-heart homos so worked up over a spitting-on-a-Sunday rule?

Because it prevents Homo NGOs from exploiting the RTE act and flooding schools with HOMO AWARENESS PROPAGANDA! There is BIG money to be made from foreign homo NGOs.

16 November 2013

Times Of India editor recommends children be given book on homosex

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

Children are the next frontier of homo propaganda.

If these fools are to be believed homo propaganda is the biggest deficiency facing today’s children – not schools, teachers, books, furniture, school buses, electricity…

Humans survived millennia without all these sex education and homo awareness propaganda. This infiltration into schools only makes children more vulnerable to serious harm.

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their "homosexuality awareness program" to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

Members of a youth organisation working with Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society used their “homosexuality awareness program” to net vulnerable kids who could be used in a homo prostitution ring.

With the impending Aadhar system, children are going to tracked like hell. The Right To Education (RTE) Act will make children education less focused on learning and more focused on propaganda. It is a Fascist device in disguise. Only rich bastards will be able to get quality education. Children from middle-class families will be in debt if they learn too much. Most will have only just about education to make them good obedient factory workers or computer operators. Most will be happy to get jobs pizza delivery boys.


Schools will become the focus homo propaganda in an effort at defanging future generations in its formative years; It also helps reduce population; Homos are lead to believe that they are wired differently so that they don’t suspect hormones/hormone-bursting chemicals in food and water or genotoxic vaccines

Like in America, students in India will get everything except a decent education from schools.

Conservative allegedly homo-hating Republican and former US Vice Dick Cheney’s wife once wrote a homoerotic book. Sorry, I couldn’t find a better picture. This is a poster from They closed it the moment Bush went out and the Kenyan Obama came in. They were just a bunch of pinkos who did not like Bush and conservatives! They fooled us again.


Sex with minors is getting condoned; Pedophilia will become mainstream in future, just homosexuality is now

In India, textbook/stationery vendors and uniform tailors are the ones who see schools as their customers. In the West, schools are considered a big market by a wide variety of businesses. To help this along, education boards and authorities force schools to engage in a wide variety of activities that have nothing to do with education. Hence, schools spend a lot of their funds on contracts to outside businesses. From vending machines that sell candy and soft drinks to personal computers and e-learning programs, the education sector is BIG BIG BIG. Homo propagandists see it as a new growth area and want to take a share of the spoils. With the RTE act, our schools are also getting turned into a source of great profit for a wide variety of businesses. “Special schools” to which elites send their kids will be exempt from all this nonsense.


UPDATE (17-January-2014)

Homos pile on Russia

In Russia, Putin has enacted laws to prohibit homo propaganda targeted at kids. But, Western media houses distorted the news and portrayed a different story, one in which Putin is an evil dictator who just hates homos. Excerpts from the AP interview was published in the Economic Times but even the homos working there are pretending that they are unaware of this.

AP knows that Putin is not anti-homosexuals. Yet, it has no problems in repeating the lies.

AP knows that Putin is not anti-homosexuals. Yet, it has no problems in repeating the lies.

UPDATE (19-January-2014)

Bleeding-heart homos ignore Nigeria which arrests homos while targeting Russia which has banned homo propaganda targeted at kids – Rothschilds make the difference

Nigeria has enacted an anti-homo law and homos are getting arrested for being just homos. You will not find any protests against that because the Rothschilds take most of Nigeria’s oil with companies such as the Royal Dutch Shell.

Nigeria arrests homos with new anti-homo law.

ABC News reports that Nigeria has made arrests of homos with a new anti-homo law.

UPDATE (21-January-2014)

Homos hound top psychiatrist for stating the obvious; people allegedly fighting for their rights are the most nastiest and least tolerant

When someone mocks you, you mock him back. When someone criticizes you, you say something that punctures their argument. Or, you accept the criticism and go away. That’s how it is done.

No, no, no! Political Correctness Nazis are wired differently. They have their heads always stuck in the rear. They question your right to mock or criticize! This is not because they care so much about the person who is the target. They don’t want anyone raising their voice or questioning authority. This is how they defend the elite who run and exploit the system.

The PC pests in the electronic media are the worst. Instead of defending the right to free expression, they pile anyone who dares to exercise it.

When Bal Thackeray criticized Sachin Tendulkar, all these PC Nazis in Times Now and NDTV kept on asking, “How can he say this? How can he criticise Sachin Tendulkar?” What a bunch of morons, they are!


Rothschild bank ABN Amro’s chairman literally dresses like prostitute madam; With LGBT propaganda, dressing in drag will soon become mainstream formal wear

I bet he rose to that high position wearing that dress.

All terrorism is state-terrorism!

Governments foster terrorists and cocoon them from law-enforcement. The paymasters of terrorists and the politicians are the same. In every false-flag state terrorist event, there is someone who issues stand down orders, which allows terrorists to make maximum impact. No terrorist outfit can survive without state support. No arms merchant will accept anything except cash. All terrorist and drug money moves via the international banking system. No government will touch the banks, as seen with HSBC, as they are too big to jail.

In the 9/11 incident, it was the then US Vice President Dick Cheney who restrained US military from taking on the attackers.

In the 26/11 attack in Bombay, it was someone high up in the Bombay police department, who prevented cops from intervening and asked them to wait until the NSG arrived from Delhi. The NSG mysteriously could not find a plane that fly them. Meanwhile hundreds died. Do you think NSG would have been delayed if Sonia Gandhi was among those trapped by the terrorists?

Taj hotel management dismantled security systems as soon as they were put in.

Taj hotel management dismantled security systems as soon as they were put in.

Even in Karnataka, government ignored terrorists under their watch were accumulating weapons. Even when they moved to attack, the cops did not take action.

The wife of US double-agent Headley warned about him but they did not take action.

US government ignored warnings by Headley's wife.

US government ignored warnings by Headley’s wife.

Update 1: US Army Tested Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Weapons on American Cities, and so did UK

And, the tests continue even today in various American cities.

Update 2: CCTV footage shows Delhi Police guy planting explosives in Delhi as part of JK returning-terrorist frameup!

Update 3: In 2007, Pentagon admitted to NYT that Al-Baghdadi was a fictional character and yet CIA continues to arm ISIS using Israel

The other WMD that Tony Blair sexed up – Wife of Murdoch, Ms. Deng

Prior to his election, Tony Blair went and met Murdoch to seek his blessing for his candidature. Murdoch assured him that his rags would not do any hit pieces on Blair’s ministry. (Many of John Major’s minister had leave office in ignominy.)

Blair slept with his master's wife. That's unpardonable.

Blair slept with his master’s wife? That’s unpardonable!

Maybe the Assange revelations are financed by Murdoch.

Moral Volcano starts Communist Party of India (Stalinist)

A new global one-man conspiracy to overthrow Rothschild’s globalist conspiracy. First phase of revolution successful as all founding members of the party have been executed for counter-revolutionary activities. Next Phase: Hang all politicians, except AAP’s who are cool.


The Party needs some fresh blood. New members will be welcomed with open (fire)arms. Apply in person to:

V. Subhash,
Secretary General,
Communist Part of India (Stalinist),
Bangalore – 3

The problem with communism is that the Rothschilds scare the leadership so much that they end up killing everyone who looks suspicious including those in the Party.

Bill Gates’ psuedo-science at TED Talk conference betrays totalitarian aims of Rothschilds and other Globalist fools

Bill Gates says he asked “top scientists” who apparently told him that all CO2 was man-made and that global temperatures would not stop rising until all this solely man-made CO2 was brought to ZERO!
Earth turned to a living planet thanks to Climate Change.

Earth turned to a living planet thanks to Climate Change.

If this is the science that “top scientists” are peddling, then the old adage that “you can’t fool all the time” has to be replaced “Somebody, say clergy or scientologists, can and will fool all the people all the time. It has not escaped people’s notice that he also mentioned that VACCINES COULD HELP REDUCE THE POPULATION!

First, that CO2 is not produced by man alone. Plants produce CO2 (at night). The various minerals on earth produce CO2. The oceans produce CO2. You can’t bring all of that to ZERO. To bring CO2 emissions to zero means you will not only have to destroy all plants or animals (including humans) but also find some way to evaporate all the oceans and water bodies and hermetically seal the earth like a ceramic jar.

Global temperatures keep changing all the time. Climate changes. Climate change made earth a livable planet.

We need pollution control, not people control. At least, control these fools. Send them to Mars or somewhere.

Rich people should pay for the clean up and investment in new technology. Start at the top of the pyramid. Don’t try to find some new way to tax those at the bottom of the pyramid.

At a Ted Talk conference, Bill Gates revealed that vacines can help reduce world population. He also says that top scientists of the world told him that CO2 emissions will have to go to zero to prevent global temperatures from rising. And, that all CO2 emissions are directly linked to humans. Idiotically, he went on to claim that has to be our goal! Zero CO2 emissions means no plants, animals, oceans or land masses.

At a Ted Talk conference, Bill Gates revealed that vacines can help reduce world population. He also says that top scientists of the world told him that CO2 emissions will have to go to zero to prevent global temperatures from rising. And, that all CO2 emissions are directly linked to humans. Idiotically, he went on to claim that has to be our goal! Zero CO2 emissions means no plants, animals, oceans or land masses.


After almost 14 years, Subhash VCDPlayer still rocks! Even in Windows 8.1!

Yes, it does play audio and video. Capturing stills from videos is still not possible.

Yes, it does play audio and video. Capturing stills from videos is still not possible.

This media player was first released in year 2000 and is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6. It used to work without issues until Windows 7. Only thing extra it required was Media Player Codec Pack for supporting all kinds of formats such as OGG, MKV, MP4, VOB, etc.

In Windows 8, I could not coax it work, that is, until a few days back. This was when I had to enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 to get FreeCommander to work in this OS. Apparently, you do not have to separately download Framework 3.5, as it is already present on a Windows 8 computer along with Framework 4.x. All you need to do is enable it in Control Panel » Turn on or off program features.

Enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Control Panel.

Enable .NET Framework 3.5 in Control Panel.

Then, when you install the application, it will prompt you to install NTVDM.

Let the install prompt Windows update to install NTVDM.

Let the install prompt Windows update to install NTVDM.

After it is installed, you need to right-click the application’s shortcut and select Properties » Compatibility and set it to Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7. You can run the application in full glory.

About Subhash VCDPlayer

Subhash VCDPlayer is a free media player with support for VCD playback, image capture, and voice transcription. Apart from Video CDs (VCDs), it can play regular audio and video files in formats that are compatible with Windows Media Player (WMP) 6.4. If you install Media Player Codec Pack, it can play all media formats known to man.

Subhash VCDPlayer uses WMP 6.4 under the hood, which gives it rock-solid stability. Unlike other such programs, Subhash VCDPlayer takes WMP to surreal heights of functionality and ease of use. This has been made possible by borrowing a few ideas from IrfanView (file browsing), Winamp (system tray icon capabilities) and CyberLink PowerPlayer (single-key keyboard shortcuts and still-image capture), and combining them with a slew of unique features of its own. Hyped up, you can call this VCD player as Windows Media Player On Steroids.

Subliminal messaging? Jewish elite of Hollywood are very racist!

The answer can be seen in the movie Kung Fu Panda. Most of the common folk are either pigs (disgusting/non-kosher, eat anything and excessively) or rabbits (which breed and multiply rapidly).

Most of extras in the movie Kung Fu Panda are pigs and rabbits.

Most of extras in the movie Kung Fu Panda are either pigs or rabbits.

A few years ago, I was channel surfing and came up on a Matt LeBlanc movie Ed (I guess). In it, I saw a scene with the face of a black man being replaced by the next scene with the face of a chimpanzee. I was so disgusted with the subliminal message that I did not watch the movie.

The outline of the black man's face was replace with that of a chimp - probably in this movie.

The outline of this unfortunate black actor’s face was replaced with that of a chimp.

Similarly, one day, I was watching an episode of The Simpsons on the Star World channel. Every time, Jesus Christ appeared, there was an inhouse ad with the words “LIES” or “LIE”. These ads appeared only when Jesus Christ was on the screen.

Recently, I was looking for a LM386 microphone circuit and I landed up on a website run by one Jose Pino. Looking around, I read that Jose discovered a subliminal message in a Coke ad. Apparently, the word SEX was visible on the screen for a few fractions of a second. I was not able to spot the message in the Youtube version but the comments section betray its effect.

Watch the video and you will not be impressed by anything. Yet, these kids have been overawed by it when they were kids. This proves that subliminal messaging works! Hollywood elite want White Americans to hate blacks and think that there are too many Chinese in the world. Hollywood elite are lock step with the Rothschild-Rockefeller globalist agenda.

Watch the video and you will not be impressed by anything. Yet, these kids were overawed by it when they were kids. This proves that subliminal messaging works!

See if you are able to spot the subliminal message.

Why you should not post your photos to online sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

Unless you are a celebutard, you should not be “sharing” anything.

You will be tracked even if you are not a criminal

Don’t get defensive and claim you have nothing to hide. It is stupid if you set yourself up for harassment.


Do you want to make it easy for imposters to harrass you, your friends and family members? You may lose your job. It is when you are down that multiple misfortunes strikes you. Misery loves company.

ET cartoon

If you don’t care about your privacy, then nobody will.

Internet and phone companies service providers, Web portals, and social networking sites are selling your data to government spy agencies and marketers.



You will be punished because other are incompetent or careless

From Greg Palast's Best Government Money Can Buy

From Greg Palast’s Best Government Money Can Buy

Once you get into the wrong database, you will not be able to ever get out of it

Databases are always getting backed up and replicated. Records are inserted but never deleted. Even if you get a record deleted in one, it will continue an immortal existence in other copies.

Databases are always getting backed up and replicated. Records are inserted but never deleted. Even if you get a record deleted in one, it will continue an immortal existence in other copies.

You may not realize how you are being tracked

Your online misdeeds stand exposed. If someone is using your photo for a fake profile, then you will get defamed.

You will be attracting the wrong kind of people

Sites such as Facebook and Google+ will make it very easy for debt collection agents track you down. They will find your friends and family and then harass/embarrass them. Insurance agency wanting to deny your claim or increase your premium will find a reason online. Intelligence agencies looking for a patsy for the next false-flag operation might think you are a good candidate. Amway agents might lure you into their pyramid schemes … The scope for trouble is enormous.

NEWSCLIP - ET - Social media networks make it easy to harrass you and your circle of friends and family

Don't be a victim of online identity theft.

Don’t be a victim of online identity theft.

You will be acting as unpaid agents of The Police State

In the heydays of blogs, globalist pests were getting all worked up. Blogs bypassed traditional truth-censoring controls established at great cost. THE SLAVES WERE WAKING UP. Many of the blogs were anonymous and the commentators were even difficult to trace. They had to defeat it.

There had to be a way to make the slaves volunteer information about themselves, friends, families, likes, dislikes, etc. Make all their online activities completely traceable. GET THEM TO SHARE THEIR PHONE NUMBERS SO THEY CAN BE TRACKED BY THE MINUTE. Encourage everyone to put their data on “the cloud” so that nothing can be hidden. After all, if you are not doing anything illegal, there Is no need to be afraid. The answer was SOCIAL MEDIA.

If god forbid something bad happens to you, newspapers will steal your photographs.

From where do newspapers find photographs to publish of the distressed Indian diplomat in New York?

Where did newspapers get her photos?

Where did newspapers get her photos?

From her Facebook page, of course. Newspapers will steal it. No asking for permission. No copyright problems when they are the ones who are doing the stealing.

Newspapers stole her photographs from her Facebook page.

Newspapers stole her photographs from her Facebook page.

Don’t encourage voyeurism

Data traffic icon in the status bar on the top remains on even when Airplane mode is selected. There is no usable traffic then for whom is the data traffic icon working for?

Data traffic icon in the status bar on the top remains on even when Airplane mode is selected. There is no usable traffic then for whom is the data traffic icon working for?

Google uses FUD to dissuade users from setting WiFi off. With the default setting “Always”, WiFi interfaces in Android phones will automatically latch onto any open Wi-Fi network without asking for permission. It will also keep scanning for open WiFi networks draining your battery. No, they won’t mention that in the options.

Be careful with smartphones. In some versions of Google Android phones, mobile phone data icon remains on even when you have activated Airplane Mode. If YOU can’t use it, then who is using it?

The ‘Never’ option in Wi-Fi settings uses FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) to ensure that the user leaves the setting at the default “Always” on option. Keeping WiFi on would drain the battery but Google will not mention that. Google prevents the user from selecting the “Never” option by saying it would increase data usage when that can be easily disabled.

Why would Google do this? Spies need the ability to know at all times where anyone and everyone is and what they are doing. When required, they should be able to connect to a person and see what they are doing.

Voyeurs working at at the police, intelligence agencies, your ISP and your mobile phone service provider all have the ability to watch and share what you are doing. Women in particular should be extra careful. Webcams, phone cameras and microphones can be remotely activated. What happened to the Miss Teen USA can happen to anyone.

FBI arrests teen who surreptitiously activate webcam and captured pictures of several girls including Miss Teen USA

Everyone has something to hide. Women in particular have plenty to hide.

Don’t encourage herd mentality

Just because you are using one of these services, you are driving your friends and family members to use these services. Irrespective of the age, some people are not just cut out for an online presence. You may be causing them harm indirectly.

Some people cannot handle online harrassment and find a wrong solution to it.

Some people cannot handle online harrassment and find a wrong solution to it.

Have direct contact with your friends and family

Websites are no substitute for the real thing.

Change your online identity photos to something like this

Almost all online portals and social network sites are owned by Rothschild fronts. Use their resources against them.

Obama has been watching Angela Merkel since 2002 and still is not convinced she is not al Qaeda.

Obama has been watching Angela Merkel since 2002 and still is not convinced she is not al Qaeda.


Hillary Clinton is really a lizard, no doubt about it.

Hillary Clinton is really a lizard, no doubt about it.

Purulia Repeat: Indian security officials anxious to secure the release of American arms smugglers

All terrorism is state-sponsored. To think otherwise is stupidity.

Everyone's so coy about the flag of the ship and the nationality of the captured crew.

Everyone’s so coy about the flag of the ship and the nationality of the captured crew.

Purulia, Britain, and R&AW

In the Purulia arms drop case, the R&AW took it up on itself to bail out the capture British arms dealer. R&AW claimed that British intelligence had given them information, which they had passed on to Calcutta authorities… but unfortunately there was a postal delay.

This is how traitors in the government work against us. They are one with the terrorist outfits and their foreign handlers.

Ship Captain almost suicided

American handlers of the ship have also seemed to have requisitioned mind-control artists and are making the captain of the ship suicide himself.


The arms ship was according to the crew escorting a ship in Persian Gulf but somehow went off route, bought fuel in Kerala and then was caught off Kanyakumari. It is a story that you can believe… if you are receiving a lot of American dollars as bribe money.

Indian officialdom hastens to save the crew

A former Intelligence Bureau official has chipped in with his support.

A former Intelligence Bureau official has chipped in with his support.

This map on the BBC website shows the maximum extent of Somali piracy operations and how far Kanyakumari is located. Obviously, the US arms ship did not just lose its way.

This map on the BBC website shows the maximum extent of Somali piracy operations and how far Kanyakumari is located. Obviously, the US arms ship did not just lose its way. It is quite clear now that the “former IB chief” quoted above was drinking American KoolAid. The IB is full of traitors who are hobnobbing with foreign governments and promoting terrorism in India.

The Coast Guard would not have caught the ship if it was within Indian waters. Yet, the deputy NSA has tries to change the position by saying that the ship was outside Indian waters. (US ship carrying arms may escape action if it was beyond Indian waters: Deputy NSA; Times Of India; 17 October 2013)

26/11 Bombay Attacks were also planned by Americans

Everyone should remember that the guys who planned the 26/11 Bombay terrorist attacks were also Americans – former DEA agent David Headley and Chicago resident and businessman (the cover) Tahawwur Rana. United States conveniently claimed that that they were double agents who had gone rogue. Americans have also refused to hand over the two terrorist planners to Indian custody.

Are European governments feigning fake surprise and ignoring NSA backdoors in telecom equipment from Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia, Seimens, Cisco, etc.?

NSA isn’t the only Western agency who can do eavesdropping! They couldn’t do their job if it weren’t for the European governments leaning on telcom equipment manufacturers to supply the world with gear compromised with backdoors.

Backdoors in the telecom equipment manufactured by Nokia, Seimens, Ericsson and Alcatel have been placed under the full knowledge of governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Backdoors in the telecom equipment manufactured by Nokia, Seimens, Ericsson and Alcatel have been placed under the full knowledge of governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

DIY Electronics: Moral Volcano’s Mini Boombox Media Player With LM386-Powered Speakers

WARNING: Explicit Photos

I got this car radio replacement module mp3 media player but it did not come with a car. So, I used a pull box to provide housing for the mp3 player. The result is a Mini Boombox MP3 Player and FM Radio. The speakers are powered by a single mono LM386 IC 20x-gain amplifier minimal circuit.


My mini boombox mp3 media player.

My mini boombox mp3 media player.

There was too much noise from the power supply. It had to be quelled using a rather large capacitor.

It took two whole nights because of the noise. Noise is the bane of LM386 circuits. Fortunately, they are eliminated to an extent using caps.

It took two whole nights because of the noise. Noise is the bane of LM386 circuits. Fortunately, they are eliminated to an extent using caps.

Top-Firing Speakers

Speakers are on the top.

Speakers are on the top.

With speakers at the top, the sound fills the room easily. You can keep the boombox next to you but your face will not be buffeted by the sound.

With speakers at the top, the sound easily fills the room. You can safely keep the boombox next to you but your face will not be buffeted by the sound.

Powering It Up

Although rated at 12v (typical of a car radio part), the mp3 module also works at 5 volts. This means that it can work on USB power from a PC or for that matter a laptop. Initially, I was using a battery eliminator, which is a stepped variable AC-to-DC converter.

A truly portable mini boombox media player. It can operate at any voltage between 5v to 12v. That means this boombox can be powered by a 9v battery or a USB port.

A truly portable mini boombox media player. It can operate at any voltage between 5v to 12v. That means this boombox can be powered by a 9v battery or a USB port.

I have a modded phone charger with a 2.1mm DC plug but I also created a USB-to-DC cable to power the boombox from a PC USB port.

I did not think a 5v supply would work initially but I was wrong. Sound output is almost as loud as it was at 12v.

I did not think a 5v supply would work initially but I was wrong. Sound output is almost as loud as it was at 12v.

I can also power the boombox with a 9v battery. For that, I have created a modded battery clip with a you-guessed-it 2.1mm DC plug.

A 9-volt battery can make the boombox truly portable.

A 9-volt battery can make the boombox truly portable.

Audio Format and Storage Device Support

The boombox can play MP3s from SD cards, pen drives or any storage device with a USB port. It also plays FM radio. (I fashioned an aerial out of the antenna of an old RC toy remote.) The mp3 module had a line input connector and I added a 3.5 mm stereo plug for plugging in an external audio source such as a phone or a tablet.

Internal wiring.

Internal wiring.

Finishing It Up

I covered the top with cloth from a recyclable shopping bag.

I covered the top with cloth from a recyclable shopping bag.

On the back I have the antenna, which is not really necessary in Bangalore but may be required in other places. The female 2.1mm DC connector is my socket of choice and is quite durable.

Antenna and the 2.1mm DC socket.

Antenna and the 2.1mm DC socket.

Video Demo


The speaker parts that I had used are not the best or the loudest that I have. I had to settle for smaller ones that would fit inside the pull box. Still, they are quite loud. (If I had used a cap on pins 1 and 8 of the LM386 IC, I would have had 200x gain!) The MP3 player module provides very good pre-amplified sound and I did not want do meddle with with it. The car radio module cost me around 500; the pull box was 70 and rest of the parts (accessories not included) should have been less than 100.

The boombox is packed up and ready to go places.

The boombox is packed up and ready to go places.

UPDATE 1 (20-October-2013)

Front Panel Stereo Input/Output Connectors

I went to Chennai and got 3.5mm stereo panel jack connectors. I added two of them – one for audio input and another for output. I also added a switch so that the speakers are silent when the amplified signal is sent out.

By adding stereo jacks for audio input and outout, I can now send in sound output from other media players to the boombox or send out the media player's sound output to external speakers or headphones.

By adding stereo jacks for audio input and outout, I can now send in sound output from other media players to the boombox or send out the media player’s sound output to external speakers or headphones.

UPDATE 2 (23 October 2013)

Powered Microphone

Now that I have a line input, I decide to create a powered mike with an electret microphone.

The amplifier provides only 20x gain. It seems to be too late to add 200x gain with a 10uF cap between 1 and 8 pins of the LM386 IC.

The amplifier provides only 20x gain. It seems to be too late to add 200x gain with a 10uF cap between 1 and 8 pins of the LM386 IC.

When combined with the 200x-gain Moral Volcano LM386 speaker-in-a-box, the microphone becomes extra sensitive and can be held at a foot or two away for regular use.

A short cable between the microphone and the speaker will create a sound loop. I use a longer cable as the speaker-in-a-box has 200x gain.

A short cable between the microphone and the speaker will create a feedback loop. I use a longer cable as the speaker-in-a-box has 200x gain.

Why does Pre-History begin with Stone Age? How was fire invented? Did Early Man live in caves?

It is not history but historification that we read… Moral Volcano busts some historial myths.

Henry Ford is right. History is bunk. These opening pages of the book "1001 Inventions That Changed The World Since 2,600,00 BCE" prove that.

Henry Ford is right. History is bunk. These opening pages of the book “1001 Inventions That Changed The World Since 2,600,00 BCE” prove that.

My handlers dropped me some books. Of course, to confuse me. I am opposed to direct marketing but I decided to play along, as Bugs Bunny does sometimes.

All of these for the price of Rs. 2100.

All of these for the price of Rs. 2100. What do you say? Okay? For the price of one book, they said, I got so many of them.

No Rajan Effect: Foreign banks in Indian fix the exchange rate, Reuters reports it & RBI rubber-stamps it in the evening

Whether forex rate goes up or not, the RBI governor has no role.

Foreign banks operating in India handle almost all forex trade. They get to fix the rates.

Every day, these foreign banks tell Reuters what rates they would like to be reported. The news wire then adds some excuses and supplies it it to its terminals, newspapers and other agencies.

If the markets are too volatile, RBI orders SBI to sell dollars at a loss if need be and the evening rate is slightly lower than the bigger spreads held during most of the day.

That’s how it works.

IMF plant effect would be a better title. RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had no effect on the currency. It is fixed by our colonial masters living in London.

IMF plant effect would be a better title. RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had no effect on the currency. It is fixed by our colonial masters living in London.

Gold Confiscation

The previous RBI governor said they are not going to confiscate temple gold. But the new governor has ordered Kerala Temple board to report its gold stock. That is another hint that the Rothschilds and their central banks have now run out of gold.

Central banks have given away their gold to the Rothschild stooges and they are now targeting the public.

Central banks have given away their gold to the Rothschild stooges and they are now targeting the public.

Governments (not just American but also Indian) have been after gold

Indian politicians are heavily invested in gold

Are aliens living among us & controlling mankind? Maybe/maybe not but see the cult classic “They Live” first!

We are all zombies now – actually 40% – with vaccination efforts it could be more

I’ve been wondering why so much that is happening around us defies all reason. This report in The Telegraph ( explains it all to me.

Telegraph news report on zombie potential

Blood-brain barrier prevents drugs from targeting these microbes

There are zombies among us

40% of human population is infected with microbes that have the potential to modify our behaviour. The microbes protects themselves by hiding in the brain, after crossing blood-brain barrier, which filters out all drugs. These microbes then alter the behaviour of the host.

Perhaps the most famous example of such “zombie reprogramming” (or neuroparasitology, to give it its proper name) comes from a parasitic wasp that attaches its eggs to the belly of an orb spider. Larvae emerge and release chemicals that zombify the spider, which stops spinning its normal spiral web and instead starts producing a cocoon to hold the baby wasps when they emerge.

After reading this article, a movie I saw last year totally makes total sense. It is about a know-nothing guy (played by WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper) who finds a pair of sunglasses that makes him stumble on to a world controlled by aliens.

Roddy Piper

Wrestling star Roddy Piper is the here of the movie. Although, nobody calls him by name, he is credited as “nada” meaning nothing or nobody (just as we are).

The aliens disguise and appear like human beings but the glasses helps Piper see their true form.

Aliens among humans

The aliens live among humans and act like humans. Ordinary people are unaware of their presence among them.

The aliens control mankind using omnipresent propaganda and subliminal messaging. It’s everywhere but the glasses help Piper see and perceive only the truth.

Propaganda and subliminal messaging

There is subliminal messaging everywhere.

The aliens look out for each other. They also promote one another into positions of influence – all to the disadvantage of humans.

Aliens vs Humans - aliens win

Aliens network and promote each other, while humans have to fight for scraps.

Piper totally freaks out after a close encounter with an alien. (“You look okay maam but this one – formaldehyde face.”) Soon, the alien network is alerted.

Piper freaks out

Piper rubs an alien the wrong way and then they are out to attack him.

Two cops are sent after him. They ask him to go quiet or get killed.

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm...

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm…

Piper sees that they are both aliens and shoots them. He takes their arms and then the action begins.

Piper takes down some alien assets.

Piper Takes Down Some Alien Assets: “I came here to chew gum and kick some ass. And, I am all out of chewing gum.”

As our Fascist system frowns about movies that tell people to get awakened, They Live was not a big commercial success. (You can read the NYT review to see how its greatness was downplayed.

I now feel that ideas from this movie may have also been used to program patsies in mass-shooting incidents. You can’t just ordinary people to just go and kill people. The mind-controlled patsies may been told that their would-be victims are aliens or something along those lines, and the only way to save mankind was to kill them all. Mind control can be used to make people do anything but only under compelling circumstances. The recent harakiri incident by a Nepalese national in New Delhi proves this. Although the pictorial shows a bottle of alcohol, the man was not intoxicated. He was not just hallucinating but also receiving serious commands to do self harm.

News report of the harakiri incident in New Delhi

Ordinary people can be brainwashed into doing unthinkable things provided that they are given a compelling reason.

See… this is how the aliens use even our feeble attempts to protect ourselves against us. Hmmm….

I was made aware of this great movie by a review in The Vigilant Citizen website ( They Live is both a meaningful and entertaining movie. Even died-in-wool masala-movie fans in India will like it. I would suggest you read the Vigilant Citizen review first before going on to the movie. The 1988 movie was written and directed by John Carpenter. The entire movie was available on Youtube but now there are only trailers.

I don’t believe there are any aliens on earth. I believe most reports of aliens and UFOs are the work of homos from NASA/Pentagon. I also don’t believe that members of the elite are lizards disguised as humans on earth. They are most likely to have been hypnotized or mentally programmed from a young age so that there is no humanity left in them. There is no other way of explaining why they act so inhumanly.

Intelligence Bureau doesn’t like the taste of its own medicine

Suggests that sworn testimonies by senior police officers  before a judge mere innuendo!

The hunter becomes the hunted.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

The government’s media management is largely built around leaks planted in the media by the Indian Intelligence Bureau.

When IB officials are the subject of leaks, they don’t know where to complain! Hilarious! What is wrong with these fools?

Indian Intelligence Bureau would like your sympathy. Poor guys.

Indian Intelligence Bureau would like your understanding and sympathy. Poor suckers.

Google Washing 1 – Google covers up shoddy details about Church of Scientology

NEWSCLIP - DH - Scientology escapee Leah Remini

British Foreign Office record show that science fiction writer and Scientolgy founder Ron Hubbard set up a degree mill with some of his pals and awarded each other doctorates.

This ‘religion’ literaly forces its followers to read the science fiction written by its founder (NO SARCASM HERE).

As globalists (mostly Jews) consider Christian faith as science fiction, they have let Scientology get away with what they feel is a close parallel.

That is why Scientology is able to get away with crimes worse than kidnapping, torture, and murder.

Scientology has it own state within a state sytem. They have their own eductational system, courts, jails and even a spy network. They spy on its own members and anyone who opposes the Church. They systematically harrassed and defeated even IRS officials.

Scientology followers have to sign a contract literally offering to work unpaid for a million years (NOT A FIGURE OF SPEECH). To keep followers from escaping, followers are first stripped off their wealth and placed in debt to the Church – by charging them a huge amount for ‘training’ in ‘Dianetics’, the Scientollogy science.

The Church’s spy network keeps tabs on even those who have left it. Escapees usually have to start from scratch as they have lost everything to the Church. And, the Church hounds them to pay for past ‘training’. While most escapees shut up, some have sued the Church.

Like the Catholic Church, Scientology claimed the offenses were localized and not systemic. Coincidentally, they emptied the coffers of the sued branches and pretended they couldn’t pay damages.

The suits did reveal some weird techniques used to brainwash followers such as the device known as confession ‘meters’.

Christian groups cannot attack Scientology because the latter mockingly imitates the practices of the former but under the banner of SCIENCE.

UPDATE: As I was search for an old post I had written on Scientology, there is a Google ad for scientology trying to handle the issue. Apparently, Scientology spends a fortune on buying Google ads and in return it gets critical content Google washed away. There are plenty of anti-Scientology videos that have been taken down by Google from Youtube on request from Church of Scientology.

WEBPAGE - Google Ad - Scientology Responds

UPDATE 2: I can’t find that old post. Will my handlers restore it?

UPDATE 3: I was wrong about the million-year contract. Scientology followers need to sign a billion-year contract. And e-meter is not something you can pick up at your local Radio Shack though you can still make it using off-the-shelf components. The latest version has a USB port. Good God!

NEWSCLIP - NYT - Sceintology Defectors

From Richard Burton To Vicki Polin To Victims of Sexual Abuse At The Yeshiva University

I was down with cold and decided read a book about the infamous Damascus Affair. It was titled Debacle in Damascus. You may find it on White supremacist websites (run by the FBI/ADL) but it is really scholarly piece of work. The Affair relates to the disappearance a Capuchin friar Padro Tomaso and the arrest of 13 Jews accused of ritual murder in 1840.

In the footnotes, I read that the famed publisher of the Kamasutra Richard F Burton was the British consul in Damascus and collected a lot of evidence about the case. He put it all in the appendix of a a book titled “The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam”. Because of the presence of strong anti-Judaic content in the book and because of the large number of Jewish friends he had, he sent the manuscript to an influential friend for opinion. The friend advised against publishing it. Burton’s wife also advised him against publishing it until he had secured his pension. Alas, Burton died a few months before his retirement. Burton’s widow continued publishing his works but when “The Jew…” was next in the list, she also died but not before leaving something (that was mysteriously discovered” later) that indicated her will that the manuscript be destroyed. Her sister Ms. Fitzgerald (one of the executors of her will) also died around the time she tried to get it published. The British Board of Deputies (the premier Jewish organization in Britain at that time) eventually acquired the manuscript and put it away in its vault. In 1898, they bore upon publishers Hutchinson to release the book without the appendix, which formed the bulk of the book and contained all the important information that Burton had collected on the case. (Hutchinson editor Wilkins also died at the ripe old age of 45.) In 2001, the British Board of Deputies put the manuscript of the appendix up for auction because they could not pay the rent at their London offices. (Paper on ‘Jewish sacrifices’ for sale, 18 May 2001,

Here is an excerpt from the preface by the editor Wilkins.

The first part—The Jew—has a somewhat curious history. Burton collected most of the materials for writing it from 1869 to 1871, when he was Consul at Damascus. His intimate knowledge of Eastern races and languages, and his sympathy with Oriental habits and lines of thought, gave him exceptional facilities for ethnological studies of this kind. Disguised as a native, and unknown to any living soul except his wife, the British Consul mingled freely with the motley populations of Damascus, and inspected every quarter of the city—Muslim, Christian, and Jewish. His inquiries bore fruit in material, not only for this general essay on the Jew, but for an Appendix dealing with the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardím or Eastern Jews, and more especially the mysterious murder of Padre Tomaso at Damascus in 1840. There is little doubt that his inquiry into these subjects was one of the reasons which aroused the hostility of the Damascus Jews against him; and that hostility was a powerful factor, though by no means the only one, in his recall by Lord Granville in 1871.

Burton, however, had collected a mass of material before he left Damascus, and in 1873, the year after he had been appointed Consul at Trieste, he began to put it into shape for publication. It was his habit to collect for many years the material of a work, to mark, learn, and inwardly digest it, and then write it in a few months. This plan he pursued with The Jew, which, with the Appendix before mentioned, was finished and ready for publication towards the end of 1874. In 1875 he came home from Trieste on leave, and brought the book with him, intending to publish it forthwith. But first he asked an influential friend, who was highly placed in the official world, to read the MS., and give him his opinion as to the expediency of publishing it. That opinion was adverse, owing to the anti-Semitic tendency of the book. Other friends also pointed out to Burton that, so long as he remained in the service of the Government of a country where the Jews enjoy unprecedented power and position, it would be unwise, to say the least of it, for him to make enemies of them. These arguments had weight with Burton, who was not as a rule influenced by anything but his own will, and for once he deemed discretion the better quality, and returned with his MS. to Trieste.

There were other considerations too. His wife had just brought out her Inner Life of Syria, which was partly devoted to a defence of his action at Damascus in the matter of the Jews. It had met with a very favourable reception. His friends were also endeavouring to obtain for him a K.C.B. and the post of Tangier, Morocco—the one thing he stayed in the Consular Service in the hope of obtaining. So the time (1875) was not deemed a propitious one for making enemies.

Burton put his MS. on the shelf, and waited for the promotion which never came. It remained there until 1886, when Tangier, which was as good as promised to Burton, was given by Lord Rosebery to Sir William Kirby-Green. Then Burton took down the MS. on The Jew again, and had it recopied. But his wife, who was endeavouring to obtain permission for him to retire on full pension, pointed out to him that since it had waited so long it might as well wait until March, 1891, when, his term of service being finished, they would retire from official life and be free to publish what they liked. Foreover, they numbered many friends among the wealthy Jews of Trieste, and had no wish to wound their susceptibilities. Burton reluctantly agreed to this, but declared his determination of publishing the book as soon as he had retired from the Consular Service. Five months before the date of his retirement he died.

Lady Burton had The Jew next on her list for publication at the time of her death. In publishing it now, therefore, one is only carrying out her wishes and those of her husband. But in the exercise of the discretion given to me, I have thought it better to hold over for the present the Appendix on the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardím and the murder of Padre Tomaso.

The only alternative was to publish it in a mutilated form; and as I hold strongly that no one has a right to mutilate the work of another writer, least of all of one who is dead, I prefer to withhold it until a more convenient season. I can do this with a clearer conscience, because the Appendix has no direct bearing on the other part of the book, and because the chapters on The Jew which are retained are by far the more important. The tone of even this portion is anti-Semitic; but I do not feel justified in going contrary to the wishes of the author and suppressing an interesting ethnological study merely to avoid the possibility of hurting the susceptibilities of the Hebrew community. It has been truly said, “Every nation gets the Jew it deserves,” and it may well be that the superstitions and cruelties of the Eastern Jews have been generated in them by long centuries of oppression and wrong. From these superstitions and cruelties the enlightened and highly favoured Jews in England naturally shrink with abhorrence and repudiation; but it does not therefore follow they have no existence among their less fortunate Eastern brethren.

You can download the redacted version published by Hutchinson at the Internet Archive ( You can find a fascimile version at,%20The%20Gypsy%20and%20El%20Islam/index.htm. The manuscript at Christies is still not available as nobody has come forward to publish it and make it public.

The other important reference in the book was General Tlass’ Matzos of Zion.

General Tlass was an ally of Syrian strongman Hafez Assad. (His son recently defected to the West. Interesting, isn’t it?)

I also came across a YouTube clip from a Oprah Winfrey show where a Jewish woman claimed to have family members who practiced child sacrifice. Both she and Oprah took care to tell people that this was not typical of all Jews.

The woman, originally identified as Rachel, is now known as Vicki Polin. She claimed that child sacrifices were going on all over the country and that the people involved appeared like normal people to the outside world. The Conspirazzi website has a full transcript ( It seems that in the aftermath of the airing of this video, the woman was labelled as an mental case. Vicki Polin has started an organization named The Awareness Center ( and also writes for the ( Her Twitter ( web page led me to a recent incident where children of Jewish Holocaust were specifically targeted by pedophiles at a prominent New York Jewish school. Officials at the school dissuaded the victims against telling their parents, as they “had already suffered through so much.” (Yeshiva University High School former students file $380 million sex abuse lawsuit; 12 July 2013;

In summary, it seems that Jewish blood rituals have nothing to do with worshipping the devil. It is a practical scheme with which lay Jews can be collectively criminalized and the Jewish top order projected as their saviour. That is how the conspiracy survives generations.

Gold Will Be Back – Current Crash Is The Last Gasp of Market Manipulators

A price cash, amid tight physical supply situation, is an obvious indicator of market manipulation.

Last month, Zerohedge reported that the Dutch bank ABN Amro informed its customers that it will be unable to deliver gold in physical form. Many Gold ETFs have or are planning to bail out from their promise to deliver gold in physical form. When supply is tight, prices should go up.

Instead, the price of gold along with silver has crashed. Until recently, the price of a sovereign of gold was around Rs. 21,000. “Experts” are now suggesting that it will come down to Rs. 18,000 and probably even further down.


Central banks around the world have lodged their gold stocks in the vaults of the New York Fed and Bank of England. It has long been suspected that most of this gold had already been lent out and that the same stock of gold is used to convince multiple central banks that their stock is safe.

Recently, there was news that the RBI has imported several tonnes of gold from the IMF. This is totally false. What the RBI has done is write a cheque for the IMF. The IMF cashed the money and GAVE RBI THE GOLD IN DEMATERIALIZED FORM! It was not real gold.

If gold did not matter so much, why are they so upset about some country tries to repatriate its gold from New York or London, as Venezuela did recently. Newspapers in the US and UK start disparaging the rulers and central bankers whenever such a thing happens. What does it matter if some country decides to repatriate its own gold? The sole point of storing the gold in London and New York was that you could move it out any time you wanted it.

Here lies the clue. Bank of England and the New York Fed must be facing enormous pressure in delivering physical gold and even pretending it exists in their vaults. In order to remove the problem for ever, they have asked the BIS or Bank for International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) to order central banks to stop keeping reserves in gold! According to a Forbes piece titled Gold Will Get The Last Laugh On Central Banks:

Fact is, gold has acted strangely since the January 2013 release of the proposed Basel 3 liquidity regulations. These outlined assets that banks could count as liquid should world markets experience a repeat of 2008. Gold was conspicuously missing from the Basel 3 liquidity list, despite its stellar 2008 performance. Included in its stead sat such nonstarters as equities and low-rated bonds. Clearly the Bank for International Settlements—aka the bank of all banks—wished to telegraph the message that neither governments nor bankers should consider gold a currency.

If it worked, Bank of England and the New York Fed could simply print currency, buy some stocks or write some debt notes and give that junk instead gold.

Now, many other countries are toying with idea of repatriating their gold. Pressure is growing in Germany thanks to a whistleblower court case. The treatment meted to the man who unveiled the whole scam shows the extent of the rot.

The current crash seems to be orchestrated to forestall any moves by central bank from wanting their gold back. Not that any of them are thinking on those lines. All central banks (including those of supposedly anti-West China, North Korea and Iran) in the world are controlled by the Rothschilds. It is public pressure and perception that is being given the treatment. Otherwise, there is no pressure.

Despite all kinds of hoax-busting articles, the rumour that much of the gold held with the New York Fed and Bank of Engliand are gold-plated tungsten bars refuses to die down.

The current price is orchestrated well-publicized move by some investment funds to withdraw from gold and other bullion. The trading and financial community all over the world has a herd-like mentality. They have not time to look at fundamentals. They are extremely sensitive to short-term price swings. The market manipulators need only to create a swing of some momentum, then the traders go for a stampede. This is what has happened to gold.

Until a few years ago, gold price was pegged artificially by the Rothschilds. That was when people like Marc Faber and Jim Rogers were making big bets on gold, silver and other commodities. They have been made investment refugees by the huge manipulation of the currency and equity markets. To screw the bullion investors or more likely to prevent them from investing in gold, gold ETFs were launched. Gold ETS are supposedly backed by physical gold but the amount of trades involving the gold ETFs would make it look like there was million times more gold. Because of near-zero transaction cost, millions of roundabout trades of gold ETFs can be made by parties interested in keeping the price at an artificial high. This created an artificial market with an artificial price for gold. To those who are not involved in the scam, the price looks real. Now that BIS has ordered central banks (and banks under them) to stop treating gold as a liquid asset, people involved in the roundabout trades (Soros and Co.) quietly exited the scam and the bubble burst. It is gold ETFs that has fallen, not real gold. There is only a limited quantity of gold in the world. Its is clearly undervalued.


The main reason to cause this this price crash seems to be the dwindling supplies of deliverable gold. The panic created by the market manipulators is expected free up physical volumes of gold. The wires are abuzz with articles recommending people and central banks to sell all their gold now.

The price depression is artificial and will not last. Gold will be back up again. This is a Moral Volcano prediction that will proved true. Not even the Rothschilds can keep gold down for long. Eventually, it will dawn on the market they have been had by the market manipulators and they will start chasing gold ingots up the charts.

If anyone sells gold now, they will be selling at a great opportunity loss. It will greatly benefit the market manipulators. They will mop up new supplies and then sell it when the gold price climbs back it to its perch.

George Soros and Buffet are claiming that gold is over. They have also entered fantasy land and are betting on US stocks. US stocks will rise temporarily if central banks dump their gold. US stocks will do better if the US Federal Reserve continues to debase its and continues with its money-printing rush a.k.a. quantitative easing and secret market operations. It also gives free money (near-zero interest) to big US banks such as JP Morgan who invest the money in stocks. This and continued European financial troubles are the only reason why US stocks are going up. US stocks will collapse if the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” stops. US dollar will collapse if “quantitative easing” continues. Anyway it goes, US is in for financial armageddon. It is not just the US, the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and other central banks are also debasing their currency. There is no currency in the world now that can claim to be a safe haven. Even the Swiss Franc is doomed because they are intimately tied to the world economic system. Only gold can provide stability.

Gold bears are also ignoring the supply-side economics. No new gold miners are going to hit the markets. The only source of new supplies will have to be central banks. If the current bear run is enough to convince central banks to dump their gold, then the bear run will last longer. I guess the attack on the economies of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus was motivated in part by a desire to take away their gold reserves. You should see here that the Rothschilds always demand payment in gold.

Eventually, central bank gold will run out. There is not much gold stored with the NY Fed and Bank of England anyway. When their fraud with gold comes to light, gold will be back with a vengeance. It will be the new global currency whether the Rothschilds like it or not.

In any case, in the short term, the exit of market manipulators will calm the markets and retail demand from Asia will set price of gold back up again. (Indian retailers are unlikely hit the market under volatile conditions. They would like gold price to get settled first.) Gold’s biggest consumers are India and China. Economic situation in US, Europe and world over is unlikely to improve in the short term. If the current bull run is a charade by Soros and co., to secretely mop up physical gold by artificially depresssing its price, then there is good upside for gold in the long-short term. All indications are positive. There is no need to go short on gold. Hold or buy at every price dip, depending on your risk profile.

When I mean buy gold, I mean BUY PHYSICAL GOLD (FOR DELIVERY). The current price slump is something that affects gold ETFs. Gold exchanged-traded funds are bogus financial instruments. They say they are backed by physical gold but they only have physical gold IOUs. Ordinary folks and even seasoned investors should avoid gold ETFs. Instead, they should visit a jewelery shop and buy 24-carat or 22-carat (ornamental) gold.


UPDATE (29 April 2013): Goldman Sachs has “ended” its recommendation to sell gold. (Goldman Cuts Commodity Outlook as It Exits Bet on Gold Drop, Bloomberg; 23 April 2013; Meanwhile, it is asking central banks to invest in stocks. (Goldman’s O’Neill: OK for Central Banks to Buy Equities; CNBC; 25 April 2013; History has shown that Goldman Sachs advices its customers one thing and takes the exact opposite bet. Now, the situation is no different. Goldman Sachs has made a lot of people exit gold and is asking everyone it can convince to invest in stocks. This can only mean one thing. A big stock market crash is in the offing. Goldman will be holding the gold and everyone else including central banks will be holding worthless stocks. One must note that the shift from gold to stocks is not being orchestrated by Goldman Sachs. As noted earlier, it was imposed was decided way back by the Rothschilds, as reflected in the January 2013 Basel 3 liquidity regulations released by the Bank for International Settlements.

How News Is Served by Rothschild Media Properties & Governments

Exhibit 1: George Jahn’s AP exclusive on Iran’s nuclear program

In November last year, AP reporter George Jahn, who also writes for Times of Israel, produced this diagram as having been leaked by "a country critical" of Israel" as the proof of Iran's alleged nuclear program.

In November last year, AP reporter George Jahn, who also writes for Times of Israel, produced this diagram as having been leaked by “a country critical” of Israel” as the proof of Iran’s alleged nuclear program. This was such an obvious piece of shoddy propaganda that the report was panned by nuclear scientists and prominent Israel watchers. Unfortunately, most Americans were bombarded by the original report, not the subsequent critical review. Most of the time, Americans have no way of telling propaganda from real news. Almost all of the media are owned by Rothschild fronts. Independent voices are bought over or infiltrated and destroyed from within.

Exhibit 2: Decomposed body of MI6 spy is found in a padlocked bag and the police conclude that he must of locked himself in

MI6 spy went into a sports bag and then locked himself, Rothschild's London Police say.

MI6 spy went into a sports bag and then locked himself, Rothschild’s London Police say.

The most important paragraph in the BBC report: “None of his DNA was found on the lock attached to the bag and his palm prints were not found on the rim of the bath.”

Exhibit 3: Bogus Surveys and Opinion Polls: News organizations will parrot anything they are told

Deccan Herald: Pakistanis express surprise over a survey that claimed that they were the "happiest" people in the world.

Deccan Herald: Pakistanis express surprise over a survey that claimed that they were the “happiest” people in the world.

Pakistan suffers from almost weekly mosque shootings and bazaar bombings, in addition to illegal US drone strikes. Yet, they are considered the happiest.

In the aftermath of the NSA surveillance scandal, news organizations conducted a survey to claim that a majority of Americans support surveillance.

Exhibit 4: Polio Surveillance Report shows thousands of paralysis cases but all of them are classified as non-vaccine related

News reports reguarlly question the sanity of those who are opposed to vaccines. Have they ever looked at the raw data? Thousands of paralysis attacks. Unlike the Injectable Polio Vaccine (IPV), the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) promoted by Bill Gates Foundation contains live but “attenuated” viruses. The body structure viruses are so basic that you can barely tell if it is alive!

Thousands of children suffering from paralsysis after receiving polio vaccine.

Thousands of children suffering from paralsysis after receiving polio vaccine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lies about how the polio vaccine works.

WHO website removes information on how the vaccinated individuals infect non-vaccinated people and then claims that it is passed around through contamination.

WHO website removes information on how the vaccinated individuals infect non-vaccinated people and then claims that it is passed around through contamination.

Kids who become paralytic after getting a polio vaccine are supposed to have acquired NON-POLIO ACUTE FLACCID PARALYSIS (NVD AFP). These cases are discarded wholesale as they are deemed not to be VACCINE-DERIVED POLIOVIRUS (NVDPV).

When infants die from vaccines, it is called SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME. These deaths are either ignored or worse, their parents are accused of violently shaking the children and killing them.

Doctors and researchers will come to any conclusion in the name of SCIENCE!

This health news says alcohol is good for health.

This health news says alcohol is good for health.

Exhibit 5: Top economists think that money printing to prop up stock and debt markets is good

Financial markets all over the world are addicted to money printing or debasement of currency.

Financial markets all over the world are addicted to money printing or debasement of currency.

Exhibit 6: Silence can be bought

Even a public utility like the BBC pays big money to silence potential whistleblowers.

Even a public utility like the BBC pays big money to silence potential whistleblowers.

Exhibit 7: Even in the face of contrarian evidence, they will repeat the lies

Climate Scientologists wrestle with evidence claiming that global temperatures have actually fallen.

Climate Scientologists wrestle with evidence claiming that global temperatures have actually fallen.

Earth turned to a living planet thanks to Climate Change.

Earth turned to a living planet thanks to Climate Change.

Exhibit 8: Mandela – from terrorist to liberty icon

News and PR organisations work hand-in-hand. They can make night as day and vice versa. Mandela was for long a Communist terrorist.

DH report on the Mandela makeover

From Abraham Lincoln to Mandela to Obama, manipulating the memory of the past is the prime objective of the globalists.

Exhibit 9: Rothschilds float infanticide legalization as “post-birth abortion”

This article was published in a “medical ethics” journal of the British Medical Journal.

More info at

Nazi Amerika proves the logical conclusion of a Democracy is a Fascist State!

People who have been spared the horrors of Communism and Socialism are condemned to suffer through a slow descent into Fascism. There will be no peace until Rothschilds set up their World Government/Dictatorship.


Government justify their existence by offering to provide some essential services. To accomplish this, they need to raise taxes. Corruption ensures that most of the money eventually becomes spent on non-essential services (government employees and private contractors). Government then cuts back on essential services. But, corruption cannot stop there.

Soon enough, there is not enough tax money to spend on non-essential services either. So, government tells its employees raise taxes in other forms – permits, quotas, licenses, penalties, fines, etc. Government then tells employees that if they did not collect enough money, their jobs will be on the firing line.


Even then, collection will not be enough. With all-round looting and fudging, money will move out of the government faster than it moves in.

To solve that problem, collection will be privatized. For this to work, judiciary will have to be coopted. It will be privatized. Jails will also be privatized because government employees may develop something called conscience.

Thus, the logical conclusion of a democratic government is a Fascist state. A Fascist state eventually transforms itself into a one-man dictatorship.

It is the case with other forms of government. A Socialist state will become Communist state. A Communist state eventually transforms itself into a one-man dictatorship.

It is only in a democracy that people have a chance to prevent the system from reaching its logical conclusion.

This can be accomplished only if people in a democracy are vigilant. (In a dictatorship, people have lost everything. It is the top-order that needs to be vigilant – against coups, revolutions, invasions, etc.)

The first step in protecting democracy is ensuring that elections are free and fair. Electronic voting machines owned by the Rothschilds are neither free or fair. Return to paper ballot and remain vigilant.

Freedom Cops Bust 3 Girls For Running A Lemonade Stand


Freedom Water Cops Stop Woman From Distributing Free Water In Searing Heat


Freedom Courts Jail Man For Collecting Rainwater


Freedom Cops Barge Into Woman’s Home For Uncut Grass

WEBPAGE - American Cops Barge Into House To Serve Warrants For Uncut Grass

Freedom Cops Give $2500 Ticket For 3-Year-Old Kid Peeing In Front Yard


American Freedom Police execute innocent homeless man on camera

Amerika’s Fascist government fines landowner 75,000 a day for building a pond on his property

American land-owner fined 75,000 a day for building a pond.

American land-owner fined 75,000 a day for building a pond.

When Rothschild bankers launder money for drug cartels and terrorist groups, there is no case.

HSBC was asked to pay only 1.9 billion dollars for laundering money, include those of drug cartels and terrorist groups. No bankers were sent to jail.

HSBC was asked to pay only 1.9 billion dollars for laundering money, include those of drug cartels and terrorist groups. No bankers were sent to jail.

Rising numbers of aging and sick make euthanasia an option?

Is Vatsala Vedantam, former associate editor of Deccan Herald, drinking koolaid from the global depopulationists? Maybe not. It seems that her husband was diagnosed with cancer but he refused to accept it. Doctors put him on treatment and he died shortly afterwards. Instead of questioning the treatment, she has now become an advocate of legalized murder and unwittingly aiding the Rothshild agenda to depopulate the globe.

What a ghastly title???!!!

I shudder when I read it!

The job of doctors is to save lives. If doctors say that there is no hope for recovery, then it is for the family to decide to take the patient home and let the person die in peace. Nobody else has a say in this.

Cancer patients face the most danger of being designated as “terminal cases.” Current cancer treatments are nothing but quackery as most patients die from the treatment rather than from the disease. After soaking the family for all they are worth, the hospital designates the patient as a terminal case and sends them home with a big bill. With legalized murder, hospitals will want to try this on more people. If private hospitals are allowed to bill the government, as they do in the West, then hospitals will be encouraged to put anyone they can find on the fast track to heaven.

Euthansia is murder that hides behind a euphemism. If it is legalized, then global depopulation agenda will have a field day. In the UK, many thriving patients have been dispatched to heaven under the innocuously-named “Liverpool Care Pathway.” (Daily Mail; Euthanasia by the back door: Hospitals ‘death pathway’ is open to error; 4 September 2009; It seems that LCP was a Malthusian experiment that could have been perfected in UK and then applied all over the world under the aegis of UN and WHO.


Critics dubbed it the “road to death” and accused the NHS of killing off thousands of elderly patients. Supporters say it helped their relatives have a peaceful and dignified death. Last month, an independent review recommended the LCP be phased out in England, within the next six to 12 months. One patient under the LCP was 90-year-old Kathleen Vine. Four months after doctors at a hospital in the south-east of England used it to care for her, she is back at home and in good spirits. Her granddaughters, Helen Bishop and Alison English, say the LCP was used as a justification for sedating Mrs Vine and denying her food and water. “Nan didn’t want to die, it wouldn’t even have been euthanasia. So, as far as we’re concerned, it would have felt to us as if our Nan would have been starved to death and killed,” Alison said. Mrs Vine was taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder, and a few days after being admitted she developed pneumonia. “All I remember is they weren’t feeding me. Up above my bed they put ‘nil by mouth’ and I was begging for food,” she recalled. She said that when she asked doctors and nurses for food, she was ignored. “I was being left to die. If it hadn’t have been for my family I would be dead now. I would just have been another statistic on the books.” Her family were told she had 48 hours to live but when her granddaughters visited her in hospital they said she did not look like someone who was dying. “Nanny was sitting up in bed and she was saying, “I’m really hungry, I’m really thirsty,” said Helen. (BBC, Liverpool Care Pathway: ‘They told my family I was dying’,

The British Medica Journal’s Journal of Ethics recently published an article that argued for “post-birth” abortions. (After-Birth Abortions: Why Should The Baby Live; Guibilini and Minerva; Bill Gates famously mentioned at a TED conference that vaccine can help reduce global population. Many vaccines distributed WHO were found to have been laced with hormones that caused women to miscarry.

Economists and other globalist penny-pinchers should not be allowed to decide who should live and who should not? Providing free quality healthcare for all is the solution. PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE HEALTHCARE, NOT FREE DEATH.

Why are Jews hated all over the world?

There is a short answer and a long answer for this question. The short answer is: They hunt with the hounds and run with the hare. The criminal elite of the world (most of whom are Jews) use ordinary Lay Jews as cannon fodder against the rest of humanity. Jews are sacrificed when there is a blowback. Most often, the blowback is sponsored by the same Jewish criminal elite, for they have a freakish determination to control both sides of a conflict. Inevitably, surviving Jews nurse a strong grudge against non-Jews. And, this sequence repeats itself in an endless pitiless self-reinforcing cycle.

Let us take an example. In the Weimar Republic, rich and powerful Jews (acting on behalf of the
Rothschilds and other banking families) used their influence to financially squeeze Germany. Germany had no natural resources and was greatly dependent on exports. The German nation was then systematically impoverished by hyperinflation. German Jews, exploiting their international connections, cornered all the supply of hard currency and bought everything on the cheap.

Not only that, agents of the Rothschilds from American and European banking families covertly started financing one named Hitler and his Nazi (pronounced natzi as it is an abbreviation of National Socialism) party. (Fascism, like Communism and Socialism, was a governance model being tried out by the Rothschilds to enslave people. Big Business and their press organs expressed great admiration for it at that time, as it was a wonderful marriage of
corporate greed and political power.) As the Nazi gained influence, his distractors in the Press (again Jews) dug out information that his father was born out of wedlock and that his paternal grandfather might have been Jewish – Frankenberger, a scion of the seigneurial house of Ottenstein and Baron Rothschild of Vienna were cited as potential candidates. Hitler’s mother is thought to have conceived when she worked as a maid in the household of Baron Rothschild. In his time, German Jews used to call Hitler as the “Austrian Jew.”)

When Hitler came to power, he unleashed a rule of terror against Jews. The objective was to drive all Jews to the small Jewish colony in Palestine. This did not work out as intended. Jews living under German occupation tried to escape to other countries in Europe and America, not to Palestine. Jewish organizations successfully lobbied their governments to close their borders to fleeing Jews. The only door open was in Palestine. (Israel is a military base masquerading as a nation. Israel and several Muslim-majority countries were carved out of the Turkish empire by the British to prevent it from monopolizing Middle-East oil.) So, the theatre of war was extended to all over Europe. Jews who had escaped were caught, brought back in trains and quartered in concentration camps. (Concentration camps were invented by the Rothschilds in their conflict with the Boers (19th century Dutch settlers in Transvaal (now in South Africa). Tens of thousands, including women and children lost their lives). Jews in the concentration camps were integral part of the workforce that supplied the war effort and were reasonably looked after during most of the war.

International Jews working for the Rothschilds, who until then were financing the German war machine, made a deal to switch sides if the UK and the US agreed to let the USSR take half of Europe, the West take control of oil-rich Arab nations, and both of them establish Israel as a nation in the Turkish colony of Palestine. As agreed, General Patton was asked to cool his heels and Soviet forces were allowed to catch up and “free” many countries in Eastern Europe from
German occupation. It was doom for Germany after that. Even though Germany offered to surrender many times, the Allies refused and unleashed a bombing campaign that delayed the end of the war for as long as possible. In the final days of World War II, hundreds of thousands of inmates perished in the concentration camps from epidemics and starvation. The emaciated bodies of the Jewish inmates, dead and living, were photographed and portrayed as victims of German war crimes.

When the war ended, young and able Jews were eagerly exported to Palestine not just from Germany but also from the USSR and the countries occupied by it in Eastern Europe. Once in Palestine, Jewish terrorist gangs unleashed a war against the British forces and Palestinians. In 1948, the UN unilaterally decided to divide Palestine between Jews and Palestinians. At that time, Palestine was 67% non-Jewish (1,237,000) and 33% Jewish (608,000). Jews were offered 55% percent of the land when they owned only 7% of it. When the British mandate ended, Jews declared Israel as a sovereign nation and was recognized as such by the UN, US, and USSR. Thus, curtains were officially raised for “Arab prejudice.” Today, Israel is the biggest Jewish ghetto in the world, as the Israelis have built a wall surrounding it to keep the Palestinians out.

Decades later, stories began to be told about “a Jewish Holocaust” under Hitler wherein an astounding number of six million Jews had perished. This was astounding because there was never six million Jews under German occupation and it was unlikely that such a huge number could be killed in the poorly equipped gas chambers. No post-mortem remains were produced to back up the claim. The Holocaust figure was revised several times downwards by Holocaust “authorities” themselves but the six million number continues to be used as fact. Under Stalin, 20 million Christians were killed, starved or tortured to death. Most of Stalin’s executioners were Jews. In World War II, more than 50 million Christians died. (Rothschild’s New World Order underlings see these mass murders in positive light, calling them “mass cullings.”

Yet, people are constantly reminded of the mythical 6 million Jews who perished under Nazi rule.
After the WWII, Jews took control of Nazi concentration camps and put ethnic Germans (Christians) in them. Here thousands of German Christians were starved, tortured and killed. A Jewish reporter John Sack wrote a book An Eye for an Eye: The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust. The original publisher who commissioned the book refused to print. One publisher pulped its edition. Years later, the TV program 60 Minutes and the newspaper New York Times corroborated what Sack wrote: that at the end of World War II, thousands of Jews sought revenge for the Holocaust. They set up 1,255 concentration camps for German civilians — German men, women, children and even babies were beat, whipped, tortured and murdered.

Rothschild’s Depopulation Agents Float Legal Infanticide Balloon

Earlier, the American Medical Association’s Journal of Ethics suggested that forced testing of experimental vaccines should be made mandatory.

Now, the British Medical Journal’s Journal of Medical Ethics is suggesting that parents should be allowed to kill their babies if they do not want them AFTER THEY ARE BORN. They are calling infanticide as “after-birth abortion.”


Recently, I read a report in the ET about an Indian company’s rotavirus vaccine. It was tested on 6800 infants in numerous hospitals. Do you think parents would have knowingly given their kids experimental vaccines? Even if they were told about, do you think there were educated enough to take an informed decision. It seems that we get new medicines and vaccines after it has been tested on poor/uneducated people.


Today, it has become common for a woman visiting a hospital to be given a pitch for taking a Gardasil HPV vaccine, costing Rs. 4500. After the woman takes the shot, she will be told that that was only the first of three shots. Final price will come to Rs. 13500. The price of such vaccines are artificially marked up and sold to doctors at huge discounts, often up to half the retail price.

A mass trial of the HPV vaccines were conducted on girl students from poor families living government hostels in AP.

The trial was disguised as a vaccine donation by If you go to the website, you will realize that the AP campaign was not really altruistic but an effort to prove the vaccine as effective and get governments in developed countries to subsidize the vaccines.


In 2010, 48 babies died in a vaccine trial conducted at India’s premiere government hospital AIIMS in New Delphi. This hospital was built with foreign money and is being used to test foreign drugs.

The cost of conducting trials in India is 20% to 60% of the cost in industrialized countries. The RTI query also digs out information on the top drugs (according to volume of consumption) made in a foreign country that were used during the trials on the babies.

AIIMS has said five foreign-manufactured medicines were tested during the trials. They were zinc tablets for treating zinc deficiency and serving as a nutritional supplement, olmesartan and valsartan for treating blood pressure-related problems, rituximab for treating chronic focal encephalitis and gene-activated human glucocerebrosidase for treating Gaucher’s disease, which affects the liver. AIIMS said it had taken clearance for the trials from its own ethics committee, the health ministry steering committee (HMSC) on ethics and the national ethics committees of ICMR and DBT.

Speaking to  TOI,  Verma said, “This is shocking. We decided to file the RTI when we saw parents unable to admit their seriously ill children at AIIMS while children of some other poor and illiterate families were being kept in the hospital needlessly for a long time.”

He added, “AIIMS said in its reply that families of patients are given social counselling before trials are started. With most patients in AIIMS being illiterate and belonging to extremely poor families, I doubt if they even understand what a clinical trial is and what their children are being subjected to.”

Wings Of Fire

In the early 60s, he successfully developed a hovercraft in the early 60s called Nandi, which moved on an air cushion of about 40 mm with a load of 550 kg. Kalam notes ruefully that India continues to import hovercrafts even today.

Thanks to President Abdul Kalam’s immense popularity, a book of non-fiction has found a place in several Indian homes. His autobiography Wings Of Fire is a bestseller for years. I got to reading it only now.

The book has an anecdote about Werner von Braun.* von Braun visited in India and Kalam had the opportunity to meet him. von Braun was impressed with the efforts of the Indian scientists in developing indigenous technology and the enormouse challenges they faced in the process. At that time, Indian efforts in the fields of space and nuclear science were looked with suspicion by developed countries and few came forward to help the country. von Braun told Kalam:

America is a country of great possibilities but they look upon everything un-American with suspicion and contempt. They suffer from a deep-rooted NIH (Not Invented Here) complex and look down on alien technologies. If you want to do anything in rocketry, do it yourself… SLV-3 is a genuine design and you may be having your own troubles. But, you should always remember that we don’t just build on success; we also build on failures.

Events that followed proved that von Braun was right. After the successful flight of the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3), the world reacted with shock. Kalam says:

Gary Milholin, a so-called specialist in missiles and warhead technologies, had made a claim in The Wall Street Journal that India had made Agni with the help of West Germany. I had a hearty laugh reading that German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR) had developed Agni’s guidance system, the first stage rocket, and a composite nose cone, and that the aerodynamic model of Agni was tested in the DLR wind tunnel. An immediate denial came from the DLR, who in turn speculated that France had supplied the Agni guidance electronics. American Senator Jeff Bingaman even went to the extent of suggesting that I picked up everything needed for Agni during my four-month stay at Wallop’s Island in 1962. The fact that at that time the technology was not in existence was not mentioned.

In May 1998, India conducted a series of nuclear tests in Pokhran. The biggest surprise was that the tests were conducted in total secrecy. A missile test was scheduled on the same day in Chandipur (Orissa) and American spy satellites were busy observing the missile test and missed the action in the Rajastan desert. But, the Newsweek magazine claimed that American intelligence had indeed spotted the activity. They suggested the spooks were on their way to inform their President but by then the Indian government had already made the announcement to the world. Contrary to this, the U.S. News & World Report quoted an unnamed intelligence official who claimed that spies in the US government had betrayed the locations of American spy satellites to the Indian government. Of course, when it came to doubting the Indian government’s claims on the yeilds from the nuclear tests, the American media spoke in one voice. There were even doubts that a thermonuclear test was even conducted! That fact that India had been engaged nuclear research since the 50s, had already tested a nuclear device in 1975 and had been reprocessing fissile material for several decades had no meaning to them. Foreign media crews however roamed the streets to cover protests but were treated to wild celebrations of joy. The irrepressible BBC later made a documentary that showed an unidentified Bishnoi villager (his face was not shown) who claimed that he actually saw a big mushroom cloud after the tests! Again, the fact that it was an underground test escaped them.

Kalam also mentions Tipu Sultan who pioneered the use of rockets in India. After Tipu Sultan was killed in 1799, the British captured 700 rockets and subsystems of 900 rockets. These were then taken to England for reverse engineering. Despite his humble beginnings, Tipu Sultan was way ahead of his time. It is no wonder that he was much maligned by British Company historians.

Abdul Kalam did have his detractors. In the early 60s, he successfully developed a hovercraft in the early 60s called Nandi, which moved on an air cushion of about 40 mm with a load of 550 kg. The project’s principal backer was Krishna Menon, the defence minister in Nehru’s cabinet. After Menon’s resignation, the hovercraft development stopped. Kalam notes ruefully that India continues to import hovercrafts even today.

This kind of waste is not limited to hovercrafts. We keep buying all kinds of weapons from Western countries when they could have been developed in India. Why do we do this? A proper answer to this question can be found if one has read the transcripts from the Tehelka scandal. Buying from Russia or from Indian makers such as HAL offers no thrills to the babus in the Ministry of Defence and to the officers in the military. There are no middlemen involved. There is no party, no kickbacks and no fun. This is also the reason why Indian defence projects like the Arjun Main Battle Tank (MBT) and Advanced Technology Vessel¤ (nuclear-powered submarine) fail to take off.

India has the licence to produce a limited number of Sukhoi-30 aircraft in India. The Russian MAPO-MiG company has also offered to sell top-class fighters to India at prices that are a fraction of similar Western aircraft. Would India buy them? No, they want the American F-16, at least 126 of them. Even the American air force is not buying these outdated aircraft anymore. Several former service chiefs have written to the government protesting the planned purchase. The way United States has behaved in the past should have offered little comfort to the planners. Remember that the U.S. prevented India from acquiring Cray supercomputers. (It is of course a different story that the guys at C-DAC Pune took this as a challenge built more powerful machines.) The United States had also prevented the Russian space agency Glavkosmos from transfering cyrogenic rocket engine technology. The sanctions on Glavkosmos are still in place.

The case with Britain is not much different. British-built Sea King helicopters were grounded because of a lack of spares, which were covered by US sanctions. Yet, India had signed a contract to buy 66 British Aerospace Hawk Advance Jet Trainers. As in the case of F-16s, the Royal Air Force has refused to buy these planes.

Also, when Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister, he bought several helicopters from Britain in a deal that was pushed by Margaret Thatcher. The helicopters had numerous safety problems and the entire fleet was grounded. The uselesss hardware started rusting away in a military depot. When the Indian Air Force tried to sell it off as scrap, it made a few embarrassing headlines. Britain put a lot of pressure on the government to stop the sale.

One can never be really sure if weapons bought from these countries will be working for our benefit or for someone else. When India received an aircraft carrier from the Soviet Union, long-range maritime surveillance aircraft from several NATO countries followed the warship, as it sailed from Russian shores to India. Besides this vessel, India had a British-built aircraft carrier. Was the NATO anxiousness about it? No, they always knew exactly where the warship was and did not care much.

When Narasimha Rao was Prime Minister, India installed a civilian radar system in the capital built by the American defence major Lockheed Martin. All aircraft flying in and out of the capital would be visible on the radar, giving the US unprecedented access to real-time military data. During the previous BJP regime, George Fernades fitted several Indian warships with Israeli Barak missiles. Worse still, India is planning to buy their AWACS system, an airborn radar that can track enemy and friendly aircraft. Now, they will know what we do see and what we don’t see. In a war, the U.S. can pass on this information to Pakistan if it wants to. Talks are also on with the U.S. to buy Patriot anti-missile complexes, which if deployed will be tracking targets in our airspace.

Already, stringers in the media are passing off salesmen literature as stragic affairs reading. Quoted below is a The Economic Times piece titled Strategic Paradigm Shift by “security expert” K. Subrahmanyam. Content inside brackets are mine.

we have the ability today to translate defence equipment purchases into a larger technology relationship that would cover high-end outsourcing. As a result, even in a short time span, we can foster a reverse dependency by the US…
[American arms industry could really become dependent on India! Hurray!]

No US president can give an assurance that Congress would not interrupt sales in the future…
[Not so much of a problem with the Russians or even the French]

if our purchases and collaborations turn substantial, the stakes for the US companies and legislators dependent on them would be too high to invoke sanctions lightly…
[In other words, India should greatly increase its weapons import bill with the U.S.]

The growing trade gap with the US is likely to lead to pressures on outsourcing…
[Are the Americans really talking about their TRADE GAP with India? Wow!]

The debate over data privacy could easily assume a protectionist colouring.
[Americans are stupid. You can get away with huge arms purchases alone. New Indian laws on data protection? Nah, they are not needed.]

Sometime in the 90s, a gadget maker in Britain released a mobile phone that did not feature a receive-call button or a ring tone. The phone automatically picks up the call when its is dialled. Who would buy such phones? Jealous spouses, for example. Suppose a guy suspects his wife is having an affair and entertaining him in the house. The husband could buy this phone and hide it in the bedroom. From his office, the husband can dial the phone, listen to the sounds in the phone’s vicinity and thereby keep tabs on his wife. Now, the question is what if the United States uses this technology with the military hardware that they are planning to sell us? Worse, what if the United States is using this technology with the military hardware that have been already sold to us?

* – von Bruan was the famous German rocket scientist who made the infamous V-2 missiles. Thousands of these rockets were manufactured by the Nazis and caused a great deal of damage in London during the Second World War. After Germany’s defeat, like many of her scientists, von Braun was taken to the United States. In the States, von Braun was given the top position in the rocketry programme by the NASA. Working for the US Army, von Braun developed the Jupiter missile, the first IRBM (Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile) with a range of 3000 km. In short, there was none bigger than von Braun in the field of rocket science at that time.

† – Kalam went to the US to get trained on sounding rockets. These rockets do not have the capacity to escape into space. They are primarily used for measuring atmospheric phenomenon.

‡ – Breaking all rules of defence research, Kalam employed scientists and researchers from civilian institutions like the IISc and CSIR. For example, it was a team of students who developed computer-based modelling programs for the Agni.

¤ – Officially, Indian government denies the existence of the project. But, a military scientist and Dr. Raja Ramanna clashed openly in a series of articles about the project in the Open Page of The Hindu.

Jews Ran Concentration Camps For Germans!!!

A Jewish reporter named John Sack has written a book called An Eye To Eye ( It details in graphic details the 1255 concentration camps that JEWS (no, not Germans) ran for captured Germans after the Second World War.

More than 25% of the inmates in these camps died. A secret study by the German government in 1974 concluded that there were probably 200,000 or more people in the prisons and camps, with a death rate of twenty to fifty per cent. Sack estimates that 60,000 to 80,000 died, “But it may have been higher, because in some camps 80 per cent died.”

While scores of old and invalid Nazi veterans have been hounded and prosecuted, no trials will be held for the Jews who ran the concentration camps. The book received a near-total blackout in the US and Western media because of the widespread clout of the Jewish diaspora.’s_Eye_For_An_Eye

Indian Parliament should intervene & stop judiciary from privatizing itself to kangaroo (arbitration) courts set up abroad – obviously a payoff (golden parachute) scheme for judges

The CAG has flagged the Antrix-Devas contract as violative of rules. Law of Contract says a contract that is illegal cannot be enforced. ISRO had rightly canceled the contract but a private khap panchayat (it’s okay if the globalist kleptocrats arranged it) of attorneys and retired judges have ruled otherwise.

Arbitration has to be voluntarily sought by both parties of a dispute.

When ISRO didn’t see the merits of arbitration and CAG observation prevented it from proceeding with the contract, how can the Supreme Court order ISRO to submit to the whims of a kangaroo court, with a fanciful official-sounding name. Ditto for the ONGC case against Reliance Industries. ONGC didn’t want arbitration and wanted the dispute settled by government or in Indian courts. My guess is that the judges who subverting the jurisdiction of Indian courts are getting massive payoffs.

Remember, top Reliance officials have been caught buying secret government papers pertaining directly to the court cases.

The very definition of arbitration has been perverted.

It is quite likely that the law ministry is also neck deep in this conspiracy to create a precedent where secret/private courts can order governments around violating all norms of jurisdiction and national sovereignity.

Meanwhile, the WTO is saying Indian laws are not good enough to stop imports of GMO-fed US poultry.




Subhash TweetsToRSS Server v2015.10.02.34 has been released

In a previous update, TweetsToRSS Server started serving permanent offline images using base64 encoding. This increased the response times (given slow connections) and Seamonkey/Thunderbird failed to update the feeds. Now, base64 encoding has been made optional and images are cached and encoded only once in a serving.

Subhash Browser & Feed Reader v2015.09.26 mimicks desktop browser to retrieve RSS feeds

My RSS feed parser (from AndroidWithoutStupid) is the most robust RSS/ATOM/RDF parser out there. However, recently, The Hindu RSS feeds failed to be processed. Has the war on RSS had come to India?

Apparently, The Hindu newspaper’s RSS feeds cannot be accessed by an HTTP client whose useragent (browser identification) contains the word “Titanium”. That means the Karbonn Titanium mobiles cannot access it. Apparently, they are facing attacks from some bots with a similar name.

The latest update mimicks a desktop browser to retrieve the RSS feeds.

The Hindu web page listing the RSS feeds cannot be accessed on any mobile browser except Subhash Browser (with its IE or Firefox disguise).