Why is RBI governor Raghuram Rajan shipping physical gold held by Indians to Bank Of England? Why won’t BOE take dematerialized gold (junk IOUs) bought by RBI from IMF?

If gold is not a worthwhile investment, why is Bank of England and New York Fed asking central banks to store it in their vaults? Why can’t Bank of England or New York Fed take the 200 tons of dematerialized (paper) gold that RBI bought from IMF? International bankers don’t want to deal with their own junk IOUs?

Exactly two years back, there was a coordinated global news blitzkrieg against gold. Such PR campaigns usually use some real-world event and for this one Goldman Sachs’ short position on gold was used. Suddenly every pundit in pink papers around the world started saying that the era of gold was over, gold had lost its lustre, it was a poor investment and blah… blah… blah… Goldman coyly reversed its position but it hardly caused a ripple. (http://www.foxbusiness.com/news/2013/04/23/goldman-tells-clients-to-close-bets-on-lower-gold-prices/)

The blitzkrieg was necessary to prevent a breach of the psychological $2000 an ounce barrier – something that would have caused the US dollar to collapse.

Meanwhile, the Indian Rupee was sliding against the USD and there were newspaper columns and editorials and media interviews about how gold was bad for India. (In the corrupt money system that we have now, US dollar will rise even if American economy is not doing well and sliding into debt and Indian rupee will lose value even if it is doing okay! US debt-to-GDP is now over 100% and its treasure bills are not even rated junk!)

“Money invested in gold just disappears from the economy,” they said. What about money invested in electronic gadgets that we import by the billion and pollute the environment? Don’t they suffer 100% depreciation? There is no import ban or duty on that. People have always known that gold retains its value and could be used to tide over tough times. No, these guys weren’t aware of that. “Gold is BAD!” Like petroleum, which is extremely energy-dense, gold is extremely value-dense. You can hold a small quantity of it and it will still hold a larger value with no risk of depreciation.

Globally, there is a shortage of gold, which is not being acknowledged. Gold stored with Bank of England and New York Fed by central banks from around the world has been surreptitiously sold to make up for the deficit.

BIS asked Central Banks were asked to replace gold with stocks!

To reduce the demand for gold from central banks, Bank of International Settlements quietly amended the Basel 3 liquidity list for banks worldwide eliminating gold and replacing it with stocks! (http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/04/17/gold-will-get-the-last-laugh-on-central-banks/)

Central banks shipping gold to Bank of England

When the RBI claimed it bought 300 tonnes of gold from the IMF, it was not real gold but DEMATERIALIZED GOLD, or just IOUs. Hidden in this info box is the only published acknowledgement that I could find that the 200 tons bought by RBI was just dematerialized gold.

Meanwhile, operatives such as former greencard holder and RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had tried to mop up gold by ordinary Indians and ship it to Bank of England, ostensibly to improve the reserves quality! (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/reserve-bank-of-india-seeks-quotes-to-swap-gold-to-improve-reserves-quality/articleshow/37650780.cms).

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold instead.

RBI fooled everyone by claiming it bought over 200 tons of gold from IMF. It bought paper gold or dematerialized gold instead. The news items says “More recently, in 2009, it bought gold from the International Monetary Fund in dematerialized form.”

I read in BusinessWorld or somewhere that RBI interestingly stores (some/all of?) its physical gold reserves in the vaults operated by HSBC in Bombay.

Gold leaving vaults and refineries from the West at an unprecedented rate

As gold seems to be leaving refineries in Switzerland faster than could be replaced, Indian government had tried to offset gold imports by trying to create domestic supplies in the name of government-issued gold bonds. (http://www.thehindu.com/business/Economy/swiss-gold-exports-to-india-cross-rs-12-lakh-crore/article6823458.ece)

New York Fed refuses to keep its promise – won’t deliver gold!

New York Fed told Germany that their gold would take seven years to ship and gave it only 5 tons. Germany obediently agreed to continue keep its reserves in New York. This image is part of a bigger illustration create by www.VisualCapitalist.com.

New York Fed melted Germany’s gold without permission

Central banks hold their gold in New York Fed’s vaults on the promise that the gold would be untouched but New York Fed has acknowledged that it had melted Germany’s gold bars. This proves that gold stored by other countries had been melted to be sold on the open market.

“The organisational preparations were very time-consuming since the required agreements and contracts are voluminous and detailed,” the Bundesbank’s Thiele said in a statement four weeks later. Additionally, some bars in New York had to be melted and recast. To Boehringer, the recasting was the ultimate red flag. It meant any trace of original serial numbers had been wiped out. “Their untouched existence since the 1960s is no longer provable,” Boehringer says.

The Bundesbank explained that it recast the bars because they hadn’t met the “London good delivery” standard. Such gold is at least 99.5 percent pure and comes in bars of roughly 400 troy ounces, or 12.44 kilograms. They must bear certain marks, such as year of manufacture, and have sides that measure within specified dimensions. The gold in American vaults is a mix of London good delivery and lower-quality bars. Boehringer figured maybe the German bars had oddball weights and purities and needed to be recast.

He did some quick math on the Bundesbank’s own numbers, dividing the total weight it had disclosed for New York holdings by the number of bars it listed. It came out to about 12.5 kilograms per bar—same as London good delivery. If the central bank’s published numbers were right, Boehringer says, “There would not be a reason to melt them, but they did.”

10 Ways That Global Elites Can Slow Down Climate Change

Global elite are at the forefront of fighting climate change. They should set an example themselves first before asking others to make sacrifices.

1. Don’t live in big luxury homes – Choose Hong Kong-style one-room apartments

Big houses consume more energy. They also trap more sunlight and contribute to global warming. Live in one-room apartments in clustered high-rise apartments, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

2. No private planes – Travel economy on commercial passenger airlines – Or, better, choose trains & buses!

Private planes contribute to global warming. Private luxury jets, in particular, are extremely wasteful and polluting. If you have to travel by air, then choose scheduled economy-class flights on commercial airlines. Prefer mass transport options such as trains or buses. Walk if necessary. Don’t use cars. If you use electric cars, you still are expending fossil fuels at the thermal power plants.

3. You should have no children – If you have any, kill them – It is the ethical thing to do!

Expanding global population threatens the future of our planet. In order to encourage others, you should stop producing children. If you already have children, then kill them. Post-birth abortions are supposedly ethical. This idea was floated on BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

4. Vaccinate your children, often – Enroll your entire tribe in vaccine trials – Use force if necessary

Your vaccine propaganda has included claims that an infant could safely take up to 1,00,000 hundred vaccines (Paul Offit, October 2005; Parents’ Pack newsletter; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). You should set an example to others by giving all those vaccines to your kids in public. There should be weekly elite vaccination camps.

All elites should be mandatorily enrolled in vaccine trials and experimental drugs. Drugs/vaccines proven safe after extensive testing on your crowd should only be released for general use.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Elites should be administered experimental vaccines by force if necessary.

An article in American Medical Association's Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

An article in American Medical Association’s Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

Vaccinated populations seem to show high incidence of cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. Fertility rates are also decreasing among vaccinated populations. Many of them are turning homosexual or discovering alternative lifestyles that does not involve baby-making. Less population means less climate change. Go for it!

5. Eat less – Eat mass-produced plastic food made from recycled industrial waste – Eat roaches if you like non-vegetarian

We know you are gluttons. Many of you are overweight. Every meal you take at a restaurant could feed a Third-world family for a year. You should eat less. Preferably plastic food from McDonalds.

Or, as United Nations recommends, eat cockroaches and insects.

Taco Bell used to say that their version of “organic” sand passes the test.

Eat trees if you are the type that seeks to be one with the Universe. MacDonald’s saw dust cellulouse may look appealing to you.

There is saw dust in McDonald's non-dairy milk shake?

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

6. Stop polluting the environment – Buy pollution control equipment – Use modern technologies

You own most of the world’s biggest polluters – factories, mines, etc. You cause most pollution. How about reducing that? How about installing pollution control equipment with your own money? Or using modern technologies that mitigate/avoid pollution?

7. Stop destroying forests and farmlands – Don’t throw economic hitmen on nations – Don’t threaten/attack/rape/kill/bribe!

You are acquiring forests and farmlands from poor people in Third World countries. How about stopping that? You are also hiring economic hitmen and thugs to drive out farmers and forest dwellers. You are bribing government officials, police and military. You are also overthrowing governments, politicians and anyone in your path. Stop that.

8. Stop hiding your income – Repatriate funds hidden abroad – Pay your fair share of taxes!

Individuals pay tax on their total income. Corporations pay tax only on profit before tax. You put all your expenses on the books of your companies, trusts and other cutouts and you pay little income tax. In fact, many of you show notional losses to pay no tax or even demand refunds from past payments. Even the profits generated by companies are held in tax havens abroad and are never repatriated. If you pay your fair share of taxes, it will help governments fund efforts to save the environment.

9. Contribute to save the environment – Pay Elite Carbon Tax – Carbon tax exclusively for elites!

Carbon tax should be exclusive for the elite. You own most of the wealth. Then, you should pay carbon tax, not the slaves. Carbon tax should be a top-down affair, affecting owners of polluting industries such as oil companies and miners, not consumers.

10. Give green technologies a chance – Don’t co-opt them and make them financially unviable

You control the banks and the lending. Your advisers mandate what technologies to choose and what equipment to buy. This increase the capital cost of implementing green technologies and makes them seem unviable.

Rising numbers of aging and sick make euthanasia an option?

Is Vatsala Vedantam, former associate editor of Deccan Herald, drinking koolaid from the global depopulationists? Maybe not. It seems that her husband was diagnosed with cancer but he refused to accept it. Doctors put him on treatment and he died shortly afterwards. Instead of questioning the treatment, she has now become an advocate of legalized murder and unwittingly aiding the Rothshild agenda to depopulate the globe.

What a ghastly title???!!!

I shudder when I read it!

The job of doctors is to save lives. If doctors say that there is no hope for recovery, then it is for the family to decide to take the patient home and let the person die in peace. Nobody else has a say in this.

Cancer patients face the most danger of being designated as “terminal cases.” Current cancer treatments are nothing but quackery as most patients die from the treatment rather than from the disease. After soaking the family for all they are worth, the hospital designates the patient as a terminal case and sends them home with a big bill. With legalized murder, hospitals will want to try this on more people. If private hospitals are allowed to bill the government, as they do in the West, then hospitals will be encouraged to put anyone they can find on the fast track to heaven.

Euthansia is murder that hides behind a euphemism. If it is legalized, then global depopulation agenda will have a field day. In the UK, many thriving patients have been dispatched to heaven under the innocuously-named “Liverpool Care Pathway.” (Daily Mail; Euthanasia by the back door: Hospitals ‘death pathway’ is open to error; 4 September 2009; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1210848/Terminally-ill-care-scheme-death-pathway-warn-experts.html). It seems that LCP was a Malthusian experiment that could have been perfected in UK and then applied all over the world under the aegis of UN and WHO.


Critics dubbed it the “road to death” and accused the NHS of killing off thousands of elderly patients. Supporters say it helped their relatives have a peaceful and dignified death. Last month, an independent review recommended the LCP be phased out in England, within the next six to 12 months. One patient under the LCP was 90-year-old Kathleen Vine. Four months after doctors at a hospital in the south-east of England used it to care for her, she is back at home and in good spirits. Her granddaughters, Helen Bishop and Alison English, say the LCP was used as a justification for sedating Mrs Vine and denying her food and water. “Nan didn’t want to die, it wouldn’t even have been euthanasia. So, as far as we’re concerned, it would have felt to us as if our Nan would have been starved to death and killed,” Alison said. Mrs Vine was taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder, and a few days after being admitted she developed pneumonia. “All I remember is they weren’t feeding me. Up above my bed they put ‘nil by mouth’ and I was begging for food,” she recalled. She said that when she asked doctors and nurses for food, she was ignored. “I was being left to die. If it hadn’t have been for my family I would be dead now. I would just have been another statistic on the books.” Her family were told she had 48 hours to live but when her granddaughters visited her in hospital they said she did not look like someone who was dying. “Nanny was sitting up in bed and she was saying, “I’m really hungry, I’m really thirsty,” said Helen. (BBC, Liverpool Care Pathway: ‘They told my family I was dying’, http://www.bbc.com/news/health-23698071)

The British Medica Journal’s Journal of Ethics recently published an article that argued for “post-birth” abortions. (After-Birth Abortions: Why Should The Baby Live; Guibilini and Minerva; http://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411.full.pdf) Bill Gates famously mentioned at a TED conference that vaccine can help reduce global population. Many vaccines distributed WHO were found to have been laced with hormones that caused women to miscarry.

Economists and other globalist penny-pinchers should not be allowed to decide who should live and who should not? Providing free quality healthcare for all is the solution. PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE HEALTHCARE, NOT FREE DEATH.

Cell phone radiation is the new tobacco – Mobile phone industry propagandists freak out over NTP study

It took several decades for the US government to accept a link between tobacco and cancer. It will take many more decades to prove the link between wireless radiation and cancer. Unfortunately, by then, human civilization would have gone past Idiocracy (the movie) state and reached the Planet of the Apes state.

DAILY MAIL: A woman who carried a phone in her bra for 10 years was diagnosed with cancer.

DAILY MAIL: A woman who carried a phone in her bra for 10 years was diagnosed with cancer.

US government will go to war on a mere suspicion that the leader of some oil-rich country is harboring thoughts of acquiring nuclear weapons. Citing non-existent terrorists, they will ask citizens in their country and outside to give up their rights for the “greater common good.” But, when scientific studies suggest a possible health risk to the population, they prefer to look away.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the US government had formed the National Toxicology Program (NTP) to conduct a large-scale study on the link between cancer and mobile phone radiation. The preliminary results indicate that there may be a risk of cancer for phone radiation. Scientific American says:

The researchers found that as the thousands of rats in the new study were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose–response relationship. Overall, the incidence of these rare tumors was still relatively low, which would be expected with rare tumors in general, but the incidence grew with greater levels of exposure to the radiation. Some of the rats had glioma—a tumor of the glial cells in the brain—or schwannoma of the heart. Furthering concern about the findings: In prior epidemiological studies of humans and cell phone exposure, both types of tumors have also cropped up as associations.

In contrast, none of the control rats—those not exposed to the radiation—developed such tumors. But complicating matters was the fact that the findings were mixed across sexes: More such lesions were found in male rats than in female rats. The tumors in the male rats “are considered likely the result of whole-body exposure” to this radiation, the study authors wrote. And the data suggests the relationship was strongest between the RF exposure and the lesions in the heart, rather than the brain: Cardiac schwannomas were observed in male rats at all exposed groups, the authors note. But no “biologically significant effects were observed in the brain or heart of female rats regardless of modulation.” Based on these findings, Portier said that this is not just an associated finding—but that the relationship between radiation exposure and cancer is clear. “I would call it a causative study, absolutely. They controlled everything in the study. It’s [the cancer] because of the exposure.”

– Major Cell Phone Radiation Study Reignites Cancer Questions; 27 May 2016; http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/major-cell-phone-radiation-study-reignites-cancer-questions/

Even before the news trickled out, the media has been flooded with articles asking people not to freak out. They are also muddying the debate by taking cheap shots at sellers of radiation shields and other such products.

This guy is a lobbyist for the phone industry but hides it in his op-ed articles.

This guy is a lobbyist for the phone industry but hides it in his op-ed articles.

The industry propagandists hide their affiliation by adding a non-disclaimer disclaimer to the article – “Views expressed in this article are personal.” Apart from them, there are sellouts from the medical/scientific profession who have been encouraged write articles and even maintain entire websites and blogs to propagate the idea that cell phone radiation is safe. All of them cite prestigious organizations such as WHO and Mayo Clinic as having cleared cell phone radiation. Unfortunately, most “studies” are just surveys made on other studies. The original studies have serious limitations and/or are not conclusive enough.

All cell-phone-cancer "myth-debunking" articles quote studies that were limited in scope.

All cell-phone-cancer “myth-debunking” articles quote studies that were limited in scope. (http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/cellular-phones)

The World Health Organization (WHO) formed International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to study the issue. IARC designated that cell phone radiation was possibly carcinogenic. Possibly under pressure from telecoms, WHO later announced that there is no link. It currently has a study to be released this year that will conclusively prove/disprove the link.

World Health Organization has two position on the cancer risk from cell phone radiation and masts.

World Health Organization has two position on the cancer risk from cell phone radiation and masts. http://www.who.int/features/qa/30/en/

The propagandists are not above making false statements or making wrong conclusions. This hack from Business Insider says that rats were exposed to radiation levels that do not correspond to those exposed to humans. With all the Wi-Fi and mobile data (2G/3G/4G/5G) networks connecting all the apps (that report back to home base all the time), Bluetooth devices, smart watches and bands including the hyped-up Internet of Things (IoT) coupled with the equally hyped-up Big Data, the rats would have got comparatively less radiation. One of the most abominable views espoused by them is that the mobile phone waves, which can pass through buildings and underground, cannot get below the skin!

A "Relax, sheeple" article from Business Insider.

A “Relax, sheeple” article from Business Insider. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/why-shouldn-t-freak-cell-173100095.html

If it is 100% sure that there is no risk of cancer for wireless radiation sources, then why do government websites still carry precautionary measures against cancer. These pages should be removed.

Government web pages on cancer recommend that phone exposure be limited.

Government web pages on cancer recommend that phone exposure be limited. (http://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/radiation/cell-phones-fact-sheet)

Scientists and doctors are having a tough time with demands to provide unassailable “SCIENCE-BASED” conclusions. For now, they are citing studies that show no link while advising people to take precautions. Propagandists meanwhile will laugh all the way to bank.




Free offer of 100 units of electricity and fear of DMK force EVMs to vote for AIADMK

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition. PMK’s chances wiped out because of manifesto “issues”.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

For the last two elections, MK has been saying it will be his last election.

Rothschild voting machines (EVMs) have once again voted for BJP in Assam, despite the fact that party has no base in Assam. Although the EVMs voted for the Communist-led coalition in Kerala, Congress miraculously won more than half as much as the Communists. This is astonishing despite 2 terms of scam-tainted Congress rule. Congress should not have won the previous term either. American embassy officials who decide which way the EVMs should vote are not totally pro-Congress. In TN, the ensured that BJP’s rival Congress’ coalition with DMK did not win. Apparently, it hasn’t yet dawned on the DMK that the EVMs are controlled by US embassy. They should do a deal with the Americans to win next time. PMK made the mistake of including a lot of viable pro-poor and pro-farmer solutions in the manifesto. The Western multinationals don’t like that. In politics, truth should be revealed only when its time has come. Otherwise, you create unwanted enemies and destroy your chances.

In a stroke of genius, Jayalalitha had offered 100 units of free electricity. This meant that most households in TN would make significant savings in their monthly expenses.

However, the shine from the victory will not last. Just look at Modi. He scored a massive victory but now looks a worse lameduck than Manmohan Singh. The TN govt has a huge debt load. State-owned firms also have lakhs of debt. The gradual implementation of liquor prohibition will create a huge void in the state’s revenues. (The state started vending liquor because of numerous incidence of sale of spurious liquor and consequent deaths, and the rampant amounts of kickbacks that police and politicians from deriving from the illicit trade.). The offer of 100 units of free current from the already stressed Electricity Board will create even more problems.

The only solution for Jayalalitha is to to oppose GST and ensure that Sales Tax and other state taxes are collected properly. The tax rate should be low to ensure there is no evasion. The state should target the big traders and shop establishments first and ensure they all pay. Small traders should be spared or asked to pay self-declared nominal amounts. Otherwise, she will become a failure like Modi.

Another problem that her second terms faces is from the DMK. Though her coalition MLAs had contested the elections under the Two Leaves symbol, there is no guarantee that DMK will not attempt to wean away her MLAs and break her party. DMK has more MLAs now and they are not likely to wait for 2021 for to get back into power.

Opinion polls snuff out MDMK-led coalition

The People Welfare Front had some momentum but it was all vaporized by opinion polls which predicted they would lose. The coalition was formed very late in the game and did not do enough preparatory work to make a viable case for itself to form an alternate government. At least CPI and MDMK would have won a few seats. American embassy officials decided otherwise.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

After election loss, Vijaykanth rams bus through coalition headquarters.

Stalin should return to வெள்ள வேட்டி & abandon social-media-crazy new-age marketers

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

Stalin gave up his tradition white-and-white veshti and went around wearing color trousers.

The taint of 2G is not easy to shake off. Some stuffed-up marketers sold Stalin the idea that the நமக்கு நாமே campaign would be enough. Ignoring his own good judgment, gained from decades in politics, he got sold on the advice of some PR gimmick specialists. It has no effect on poor and rural voters. He even gave up traditional dhoti and became indistinguishable to the crowd in election meetings. If DMK won almost 100 seats, it was only because American embassy officials wished that PMK and other parties should lose. BJP leadership seems to have been already told what the result was going to be. They did not show up for press conferences or showed up late. They left Tamilisai Soundararajan and others to fend for themselves and perform a thankless job – all for nothing.
TV-CLIP-BJP-Tamilisai Soundararajan-cleans-up

TV coverage


Tamil election-eve comedy shows for 2016

Wish they did not end with the elections.

Election comedy shows have livened up TN polls on TV.

Election comedy shows have livened up TN polls on TV.

  • News 7 TV – ஊருக்குள்ள பேசிக்கராங்க
    This program was seriously produced. Sadly, it aired the last episode before election day.
  • Jaya TV – நல்லா சொல்லராருங்க டீட்டெய்லு
    Singamuthu’s impressions of Vijayakanth and Karunanidhi are the best on TV. His trenchant criticism of other politicians and parties were not to be missed. The program stopped airing after Singamuthu joined the campaign on the ground.
  • Makkal TV – மு க கா க
    This oddly named program was also oddly scheduled, late into the night. Most of the intended audience would have missed it. The Sun TV-style jyothidam prescriptions for politicians and parties were great, as were the Pulikesi sketche(s?).
    PMK's election comedy uses a Sun TV (pagutharivu medhavigal)-style Jyothidan.

    PMK’s election comedy uses a Sun TV (pagutharivu medhavigal)-style Jyothidan.

  • Thanthi TV – இது எப்படி இருக்கு
    This show featured clips from election events that are not usually seen in the usual news broadcasts – such as the sad spectacle of poor people doing dabangkuthu, empty chairs in the audience, and people holding chairs above their heads during rain (one guy starts it and then everyone imitates). Excellent musical accompaniment was quite thoughtfully provided.
  • Sun News – தேர்தல் மேடை
    This program at least tried to maintain some vague objectivity. They threw some soft balls at DMK candidates and star campaigners, which was on expected lines. But, they also feature speeches by DMK opponents taking down other DMK opponents. For some reason, Sun News stopped making the program much before the rest of the channels.