Lizard News cartoon: The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

As third-world immigrants start to live first-world countries, they will be polluting at the same levels as regular first-world denizens, thereby causing more “manpeople-made accelerated Climate Change”.

First-world population growth rates would have slowed down if not for illegal immigration and caused less less pollution. But, illegal immigration is reversing that beneficial effect and causing more Climate Change! Illegal immigration is bad for the Earth.

Lizard News cartoon: The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

Yesterday’s imperialists are today’s globalists. They are our only and one true global enemy.

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How Indian EVMs are hacked – RFID components most likely – like a crystal radio reciever set

If the ICs used in the EVMs are not manufactured in India, then countries like UK or USA are honour-bound to add undocumented software routines and components to the chips.

  • If EVM software is hardcoded into the chips, then undocumented code pathways can be included at the chip manufacturer’s end at the behest of countries like US/UK. If the code is stored in flash memory, then code or the final tally can also be flashed or compromised by EC officials. It is unlikely that the EC has chosen flash memory-based chips. So, it must be the first case.
  • The chips could have RFID elements that could leak vote count data to specially made RFID readers. After the Punjab elections, Modi seems to have received advance word about the votes cast. As a defensive measure, he asked his ministers to show details of tours they undertook to defend the demonetization exercise. This proves that someone was able to scan all the EVMs and realize that BJP-SAD combine had did not gather enough votes.
  • Another more cumbersome tactic is to use EMI readers individual vote counts. This is unlikely to be case.
  • RFID chips do not require power. The radio waves emitted by the scanners provide the power for the RFID chips to emit data. The same concept can also be used to write fresh data into the EVMs. The vote count can be changed by activating unknown code pathways and components in the chips. This is how BJP manages to win seats in places where Muslims are in majority.

When BJP was repeating “Modi Wave! Modi Wave! Modi Wave!”, they were really telling the truth. Similar to how a crystal radio receiver set uses power from AM/MW broadcast radio waves to power a small earphone speaker, RFID components in the EVM chips are activated by radio waves to hack and manipulate the vote count.

What the EC has done or EVM manufacturers such as ECIL or BEL have done is protect against physical tampering.

Most coin-operated phones in India can be hacked using tones generated by pressing certain numbers on a mobile phone. This does not require physical tampering of the machines.

When EC officials says the EVMs are tamper-proof, they are right. For these simple-minded government officials, hacking means physical tampering.

EC has challenged political parties to hack the machines under control conditions. This will not work. The EC should give each political party at least 10 sample EVMs. The political parties should be able to take the EVMs away with them. Hardware security professionals hired by political parties will then be able to study the machines at leisure – say for a month. After that, these professionals can demonstrate hackability on fresh EVMs under control conditions set by the EC. Or, at the least, they can point out unwanted components in the EVM chips, which the EC should be duty-bound to explain.

Modi enables mass-poisoning of Indians by allowing edible oils to be blended with GMO cottonseed oil

What is poisonous to the worm will also be poisonous to humans, as the pesticide is not sprayed but genetically produced in every cell of the crop.

Beware of the “refined” cooking oil available in the market. Instead of mechanically pressing the seeds to extract oil, oil refiners are using chemical solvents to do the same. And, to make the oil look crystal clear more chemicals are added and vital nutrients are removed from it. (Hindu Business Line; Solvent extractors trade body locks horns with Ramdev’s Patanjali; Vandana Shiva writes (

The ghani (oil extraction plant) set up by Mahatma Gandhi at Sewashram in Wardha, Maharashtra, has been a visible and working symbol of a self-reliant community since 1934. This living legacy is now in danger of shutting down.

Ghanis have been around since ancient times. Food historian KT Achaya dates the use of sesame oilseeds to the Harappan civilisation around 2000 BC. The ghani entails a symbiotic relationship between farmers who grow oilseeds and consumers looking for fresh, healthy, cold-pressed oil. This rustic, grassroots enterprise today finds itself on the wrong side of modern food safety regulations.

Now, to make more profits, solvent extractors are blending cooking oils with cottonseed oils. Much of Indian cotton farmers have switched to the poisonous GMO cotton. People oppose GMO for common sense, scientific, and economic reasons.

Common sense – the idea of splicing plant gene strands & putting poison-producing genes from a bacteria should be revolting. It is also a disproportionate response, like swatting a fly with a hammer. Instead of spraying a pesticide, they are putting it in every cell of the plant.

Scientific – The pesticide (from the bacterium genes) is in every cell of the crop unlike earlier solutions such as sprayed pesticides which can be washed away. The pesticide that kills the bollworm will harm humans too, even if it doesn’t immediately kill them.

Economic – For millennia, farmers are used to retaining the seeds from the current harvest for planting in the next harvest. GMO companyies want to take away this right by selling them third-generation seeds which mathematically increase the number of unviable seeds with each replanting. GMO crops are not only designed to make farmers dependent on the seed manufacturer but also specially designed pesticides such as glyphosate.

Scientists benefiting from GMO brush aside all opposition as the babblings of a superstitious lot. LEAVE THE SCIENCE TO US!

Apparently, the “bollworm-resistant GMO cotton” is not really bollworm-resistant. Even though a majority of cotton farmers have switched to SCIENCE-based GMO cotton, they still have to contend with many strains of bollworm. They have to continue to buy pesticides, which the GMO  poison was supposed to eliminate. In the US, GMO and glyphosate use has given rise to “super weeds” which grow taller than a human being! (They weeds adapted with genetic mutation as only those that survived the glyphosate spraying to create another generation.) To combat super weeds, farmers are spraying more pesticides, endangering not only themselves but also those living in the neighborhood of these farms. (GMO poisoning is then given new causes such as Zika virus without any scientific basis.)


So much for all that SHIENSH claims! Monsanto claims that testing the safety of GMO and related pesticides is not its job.

Contrary to public belief, US FDA & DOA don’t do any testing. certifing. The revolving door policy encouraged by US presidents over several decades ensures that ex-industry executives (not scientists) who become officials in these government agencies are richly rewarded when they return back to the industry after their stint at “public service”. US government scientists do not actually validate any product on the market. They are there to create an illusion for the benefit of a gullible public.

How Climate Scientologists cherry-pick climate data and lie to you

Nothing like statistics to lie about science and that’s what 97% of climate scientists use.

US Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wondered why it is so cold when the scientologists are claiming that is earth is busy warming. So, Washington Post decided to debunk what she might have implied with climate science data from the US NOAA website. Anyone can go that website and plot the graph.

Washington Post blog article cherry-picks NOAA climate data to imply Kansas temperatures have risen. Yet over last century, they have closed, as seen in previous graph.

Washington Post article uses a limited climate data set. The NOAA website has temperature date only from 1975 for Kansas City , Missouri.

If you observe the graph, there are more upward spikes in recent times. The graph seems to be on course to have more downward spikes in the next 15 years and neutralize the recent upward trend but lets not make predictions as these scientologists haphazardly do.

The date range used in the graph is very small. Kansas City (in Missouri state) temperatures are available only from 1975. This is not good to make climate predictions. If you take the entire state of Missouri, whose temperature data is available from 1900, there is a different trend in that graph. You will see that temperatures have hardly risen – zero! (Not that 100-year data is any good to make climate change predictions.)


NOAA has data from 1900 for the state of Missouri where Kansas City is located. The plotted graph shows no “climate change”.

You can twist and stretch statistics to prove almost anything. For example, if you change the date range to 1977 to 1998, there is zero climate change for Kansas City. But just move the start date by 2 years and lo you have 0.2F climate change!


Climate Change has been going on since day 1. It is what made the Earth transform from a fiery ball of fire to a living planet. The 97% of climate scientists who agonize over “man-made climate change” fear for their jobs. Do not let this false propaganda stop us from cleaning the environment. Tax the richest people on earth and make them pay for the cleanup. Spare the people at the bottom of the rich-poor pyramid.

10 Ways That Global Elites Can Slow Down Climate Change

Global elite are at the forefront of fighting climate change. They should set an example themselves first before asking others to make sacrifices.

1. Don’t live in big luxury homes – Choose Hong Kong-style one-room apartments

Big houses consume more energy. They also trap more sunlight and contribute to global warming. Live in one-room apartments in clustered high-rise apartments, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

2. No private planes – Travel economy on commercial passenger airlines – Or, better, choose trains & buses!

Private planes contribute to global warming. Private luxury jets, in particular, are extremely wasteful and polluting. If you have to travel by air, then choose scheduled economy-class flights on commercial airlines. Prefer mass transport options such as trains or buses. Walk if necessary. Don’t use cars. If you use electric cars, you still are expending fossil fuels at the thermal power plants.

3. You should have no children – If you have any, kill them – It is the ethical thing to do!

Expanding global population threatens the future of our planet. In order to encourage others, you should stop producing children. If you already have children, then kill them. Post-birth abortions are supposedly ethical. This idea was floated on BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

4. Vaccinate your children, often – Enroll your entire tribe in vaccine trials – Use force if necessary

Your vaccine propaganda has included claims that an infant could safely take up to 1,00,000 hundred vaccines (Paul Offit, October 2005; Parents’ Pack newsletter; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). You should set an example to others by giving all those vaccines to your kids in public. There should be weekly elite vaccination camps.

All elites should be mandatorily enrolled in vaccine trials and experimental drugs. Drugs/vaccines proven safe after extensive testing on your crowd should only be released for general use.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Elites should be administered experimental vaccines by force if necessary.

An article in American Medical Association's Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

An article in American Medical Association’s Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

Vaccinated populations seem to show high incidence of cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. Fertility rates are also decreasing among vaccinated populations. Many of them are turning homosexual or discovering alternative lifestyles that does not involve baby-making. Less population means less climate change. Go for it!

5. Eat less – Eat mass-produced plastic food made from recycled industrial waste – Eat roaches if you like non-vegetarian

We know you are gluttons. Many of you are overweight. Every meal you take at a restaurant could feed a Third-world family for a year. You should eat less. Preferably plastic food from McDonalds.

Or, as United Nations recommends, eat cockroaches and insects.

Taco Bell used to say that their version of “organic” sand passes the test.

Eat trees if you are the type that seeks to be one with the Universe. MacDonald’s saw dust cellulouse may look appealing to you.

There is saw dust in McDonald's non-dairy milk shake?

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

6. Stop polluting the environment – Buy pollution control equipment – Use modern technologies

You own most of the world’s biggest polluters – factories, mines, etc. You cause most pollution. How about reducing that? How about installing pollution control equipment with your own money? Or using modern technologies that mitigate/avoid pollution?

7. Stop destroying forests and farmlands – Don’t throw economic hitmen on nations – Don’t threaten/attack/rape/kill/bribe!

You are acquiring forests and farmlands from poor people in Third World countries. How about stopping that? You are also hiring economic hitmen and thugs to drive out farmers and forest dwellers. You are bribing government officials, police and military. You are also overthrowing governments, politicians and anyone in your path. Stop that.

8. Stop hiding your income – Repatriate funds hidden abroad – Pay your fair share of taxes!

Individuals pay tax on their total income. Corporations pay tax only on profit before tax. You put all your expenses on the books of your companies, trusts and other cutouts and you pay little income tax. In fact, many of you show notional losses to pay no tax or even demand refunds from past payments. Even the profits generated by companies are held in tax havens abroad and are never repatriated. If you pay your fair share of taxes, it will help governments fund efforts to save the environment.

9. Contribute to save the environment – Pay Elite Carbon Tax – Carbon tax exclusively for elites!

Carbon tax should be exclusive for the elite. You own most of the wealth. Then, you should pay carbon tax, not the slaves. Carbon tax should be a top-down affair, affecting owners of polluting industries such as oil companies and miners, not consumers.

10. Give green technologies a chance – Don’t co-opt them and make them financially unviable

You control the banks and the lending. Your advisers mandate what technologies to choose and what equipment to buy. This increase the capital cost of implementing green technologies and makes them seem unviable.

Modi’s enduring legacy will be American nuclear reactors & GMO killing us with cancer & unpayable debt

It is extremely sad and astounding how much a megalomaniac’s vanity can be exploited.

Hanford nuclear site waste clean-up proves to be a headache – even for the US. As always, the site is located close to a river which supplies drinking water.

Hanford nuclear site waste clean-up proves to be a headache – even for the US. As always, the site is located close to a river which supplies drinking water.

BreitBart video of traumatized Google leadership proves that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot to catch up

Nothing can outwit Natural Stupidity

The news is full of reports about AI this and AI that. These people don’t understand that any software program is an example of AI. It is nothing new. It has been existence for long. It being hyped up by some companies which want to project an image that they are on the cutting edge of technology.

The sad truth is no amount of AI can be help if those in charge of it are morons. Nothing better illustrates this as the BreitBart video of Google leadership in the aftermath of Trump’s election or Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. Skip to 16 minutes and 42 seconds.

What a bunch of morons!

Also see:

Beware of the Sumatran Rat Monkey! BrainDead is the goriest bloodiest zombie movie ever

This movie is not kid-friendly, family-friendly or adult-friendly.

This movie from the early 1990s begins rather slowly. I thought that as it was a British movie, it was going to be a slow boring horror movie. No. This movie is from a New Zealand director. The horror fest picks up pace like no tomorrow. While watching the movie, you hope the director would slow down at some point. Nope, the dismembered zombie parts transmogrify and become fresh (if you can call it that) creatures that simply defy description. The movie becomes extremely funny once the zombies start acting up.

Top 10 or 20 or 30 alien-zombie-ghost-slasher horror or horror-comedy movies from the Eighties

The reptilians have destroyed my Dish TV STB and I am unable to watch news or films. I am now forced to use YouTube as an alternative TV.

The 80s were a dark period in human history because there were no mobile phones! A ghost could simply cut the phone cord and have you totally at its mercy, just like Joan Hackett found out in Dead of Night.

In moviemaking, the 80s were a turning point because you had most of the comforts of modern life and yet landlines were still the primary means of communication; computer graphics were not sufficiently developed and special effects continued to rely on special props and makeup; and public tolerance of gratuitous nudity had reached a comfortable high. Teenagers (the main target audience) were immature enough to ignore the bloopers but mature enough to be attracted by the convenient excuse for heavy petting with their mates inside the theater.

  • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948):
    This horror-comedy should be the first movie for anyone diving into the alien-ghost-zombie-slasher genre. The duo are totally unlike their staccato gag delivery on their eponymous vintage radio show. They are funny nevertheless. This movie has the original Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and a last-minute cameo by Vincent Price as the Invisible Man.
  • Zombies on Broadway (1945):
    This kid-friendly RKO production stars a different duo in competition with the above and is just as funny. Bela Lugosi stars as a professor involved in raising zombies.
  • The Boogie Man Will Get You:
    This 1942 movie with Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre is a horror comedy where Karloff plays a mad scientist who has managed to preserve dead bodies and is on course to revive them as superhumans. Town sherriff Lorre tries to cash in on the discovery and he dishes out most of the gags (with Latin translation) in the movie. “Slapsie” Maxie Rosenbloom also appears as one of the scientist’s unfortunate martyrs to science.
  • Invaders from Mars (1953):
    Invaders is another kid-friendly but thrilling film involving aliens – the first one dealing with Martians. This movie was not copyrighted and is in public domain. It is available somewhere on
  • Transylvania Twist:
    This is a delightful little movie that makes fun of all other horror movies. You will particularly like the beautiful actress Teri Copley after this song sequence. This movie was panned by some critics but is just the opposite. It is a fun movie that anybody will like, except perhaps for those losers.

    Note: You will see the director and the lead actress from Chopping Mall at the end of this video.

CAUTION: Not likely family-friendly horror

  • Spaced Invaders: I saw a review of this movie at GoodBadFlicks and decided to see it. I think it is kid-friendly but I am not sure.
  • Carnival of Souls:
    This 1962 movie was made within a low budget of $30,000. Unlike most low-budget horror films, this is near-art-house variety. It is about a woman who survives an automobile accident (drag race) and is then tormented by fate which wants her to die. She goes into a trance while awake and people don’t seem to recognize her as if she were a ghost. A pale-faced man (played by the director) scares her several times by appearing out of nowhere. The ending has a neat twist.
  • Night of the living dead (1968):
    I got this movie on a Digit magazine cover disc. A low-budget and slow horror film, which I never finished initially. Got too scared, probably. It is supposed to have inspired all subsequent zombie dead movies probably because they tried to feast on living human flesh. Earlier, zombies were fresh corpses that were reanimated by Voodoo or unexplained medical discovery/research. There is a colorized version of the movie on YouTube. It or my download did not have the ending. So, I never finished it. It is not very entertaining.
  • Return of the living dead (1985):
    This movie was on TV several years ago. It is about an experimental military chemical leak which reanimates corpses and even dismembered body parts. Some people exposed to the chemical fail to realize they have died and become zombies. Lack of pulse or body temperature confirms this. An attempt to burn zombified bodies backfires as the chemical mixes with rain, falls on a graveyard and the dead crawl out.
  • Dawn of the dead (1978):
    I saw the extra long version of this movie and did not finish it. The begginning is not understandable and I ended up fast-forwarding most sequences. The fun begins when the main characters get holed up in a shopping mall. One of the main characters gets bitten and is shot by his pal on becoming a zombie. I ended it there.
  • Killer clowns from outer space:
    A low-budget but extremely funny movie I saw on TV several years ago.
  • The thing:
    This John Carpenter movie was on television I think some years ago. I’ve forgotten much of the plot and I remember that it was very interesting.
  • They live:
    This is another John Carpenter movie, my favorite horror director. It stars wrestler Roddy Rowdy Piper and has already been reviewed here on Moral Volcano (
  • Fright Night 1, 2:
    The cross, holy water, holy shroud and interestingly garlic are toxic/allergic to vampires.
  • CHUD:
    Radioactive material secretly stored and forgotten by the US government in an underground railway tunnel have turns some people into zombies. They first kill the homeless underground dwellers and then turn on those above.
  • Night of the comet:
    A comet hits the earth, envelops everything in a red haze, kills most people, turns survivors into zombies. The few who were protected under layers of steel and other material survive. Among them two plunky sisters with whom you will instantly fall in love…
  • Demons 1 & 2:
    Part 1 has the demons unleashed at a cinema. They attack members of the audience who become zombies. The audience is trapped as exits are closed. Only two escape without being bitten. However, the world outside has also been affected by the zombies that have already escaped. Part 2 has the demons moving to the VHS or TV side of the business for some reason. More entertaining.
  • Spookies: A Dracula movie with all huge variety of monsters and ghouls. Good scares but tiresome. Special FX advanced for its time supposedly.

WARNING: Confirmed not family-friendly horror

  • Chopping mall:
    This movie features one of the sisters from the Comet film. A shopping mall acquires some security robot prototypes and an lightning strike (the original ‘glitch’, most commonly used for everything that goes wrong today i.e., in the stupefying millennial parlance) causes a malfunction in them. Unlike my electrical circuits, which get fried, the robots act like they have acquired a psychopathic malware whereafter they start sneaking up on stowaways and killing them. This and all remaining movies have nudity in them. They are not family-friendly.
  • Sole Survivor:
    This 1984 movie is like Carnival of Souls and is about how fate finally gets its quarry – a woman who is the sole survivor of a plane crash.
  • Blob:
    This movie features a primordial ooze as the villain, which stowawys on a meteorite. It gets into the sewage system and increases its bulk by dissolving people. The movie is famous or notorious for its car scene nudity and it was I think the first movie in which I saw frontal nudity. My friends rented a VHS casette and they were laughing nervously when the nudity appeared. I did not quite understand it. The scene of the man disappearing into a washbasin is another special effects scene that should not missed. Several years ago, I read a Russian report of a similar blob in an underground railway station. I wonder what happened.
  • Evil Dead 1, 2, 3:
    Evil Dead (1) was a low-budget horror that was extremely successful when it came out. It was about a bunch of friends spending time at a cabin and then becoming victims to an ancient demons they mistakenly awaken. Evil Dead 2 was I think a remake of the original with better production values. I don’t know which one I saw. When this movie was released in the Eighties, people said that there was a prize for anyone who would dare to watch it alone in a theater. They said someone in the West tried it and died of heart attack. Evil Dead 3 is another low-budget but more high-tech horror comedy. Extremely funny and thrilling.
  • Night of the creeps:
    I saw this movie on TV and it was quite funny then. Forgotten much of it now.
  • Slumber Party Massacre 1, 2, 3:
    I have seen one of these movies. In most slasher movies, the killer gets off easily without feeling much pain. In the one that I saw, he not only gets mutilated but one of his intended victims comes with a knife digs into him like there was no tomorrow. It was very gratifying to see that after so many girls were killed. More so because the girls sneak up on the killer and injure him but not of course before a huge toll on lives.
  • Sleepaway Camp 2, 3:
    A horror-comedy. More horror and sufficient comedy. The sister of singer Bruce Springsteen is the killer. She was born a boy but after a sex-change operation and escape from an asylum(?) she is now a team leader at a summer camp. A prude, she doesn’t like what she finds at the camp after hours. She is also easily annoyed.
  • The Video Dead:
    The undead trapped in a video are unleashed back in to the world by a television. Very good scares.
  • Slugs:
    I saw this movie when we first got cable. It was horrible then and horrible now. You are better off not watching it.
  • Night of the demons (1988):
    This movie is about a bunch of teenagers spending a night at an abandoned mortuary as a dare on Halloween night. One black guy surprisingly doesn’t die first and is in fact is one of two…
  • April Fool Day:
    A girl invites several friends to stay at her family cottage. One-by-one, the invitees get killed. A surprising twist in the end.
  • Basket Case:
    This is an unusual horror movie, as the source of the horror is a separated deformed twin.
  • Return to horror high:
    This movie takes the end twist to the most unbelievable extent.
  • Delusion:
    This 1980 movie tricked me with its ending. I thought no movie twist would ever surprise me.
  • Slaughter High:
    The socially inept nerd gets scalded in acid in a prank gone wrong. He escapes the asylum and wrecks revenge on his classmates having a reunion at their defunct school.
  • Monster in the closet:
    This is the movie that you should see last or after you have sufficiently covered all aspects of the genre. Every hackneyed routine used in the above movies is parodied in this movie albeit with a twist. This movie is fully of such surprises. For example, the monster is defeated using a totally impossible-to-guess tactic in this movie. There is one nude bathing scene which parodies all such gratuitous nudity scenes in these movies. If you delete this one scene, the rest of the movie is fun for the whole family. This is probably the best Troma Entertainment ( movie ever.

    ffmpeg -i "Monster In The Closet- staring Paul Walker! - YouTube.mp4" -t 00:15:40 -codec copy monster1.mp4
    ffmpeg -i "Monster In The Closet- staring Paul Walker! - YouTube.mp4" -ss 00:17:50 -codec copy monster2.mp4

About critics and their stupid opinions

There are some websites that have LISTS of horror and horror comedies. I found the above movie titles through these lists. After reading these sites, I would go to Wikipedia and IMDB to read about audience reactions to the movie. Besides being frank and funny, the comments by ordinary users are more informative than those of the critics. Critics’ opinion are mostly useless and sometimes misleading. Some months ago, I saw a movie called Apartment 1303. It was universally panned by critics but I found it quite scary. The fools who call themselves critics seem to have destroyed many good movies in this way. Ordinary people rely on movie critics for a honest opinion and the latter deliberately mislead their audience. Like globalists, the critics praise anything foreign even if it is bad. An example is the movie Vengeance of the Zombies. The male lead is the famous Spanish horror master Paul Naschy. He was handicapped by the fact that it was an English (dubbing?) movie and he was playing an ethnic Indian. Whatever the case, it was extremely awkward movie to watch. Except for the female lead Romy, the movie was downed by all-round failures in acting, editing and direction. But, the critics uniformly liked it and praised it to high heavens because it was a foreign production. Worst among critics is Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t know why the opinion of fools from this website should be listed on Wikipedia. Almost every movie page on Wikipedia has their rating under the heading of “public reception”. Rotten Tomotoes references in Wikipedia should be removed, particularly in light of reports that they are openly and deliberately trying to steer the reviews. So, learn to ignore the critics.

My own appreciation of horror is pretty basic. Once you start watching a movie, your instinct is not to to abandon it midway because you have already spent valuable time on it. You don’t want it to be a complete loss. That is why I stop watching a movie or fast-forward it if there is a lack of thrills. I found the Matrix movie simply unwatchable. I attempted to watch it several times when it was on TV but it was unbelievably fake and incredibly awkward to watch. Ditto for the Alien series. The actors act like they are scared but there are no scares for the audience. The film storytelling tactic of saving the best for the last is just not good. It is a recipe for an incredibly disappointing movie, particularly when the climax fails to click. (I did finish the Alien movies till the end. Matrix no.) A movie needs to be entertaining the from the get-go. Most of the 80s horror movies listed here know how to entertain – right from the beginning. Their intended audience knew what to expect and the makers knew what to give and usually they did a good job of it.

Lingering Questions

Women in the 80s, at least teenagers, seem to have been pretty inept. Or, that is what these stories would like you to believe. There are a few exceptions, like the girls in the Comet, but most of them don’t know how to bolt a door when a killer/monster/alien is chasing them or show the slightest knowledge of self defence. Screaming were what they did mostly. If they did fight, of course, no movie. The horror genre has a name for these women – scream queens – I learned this recently. Black guys are mostly the first ones to be sacrificed. People feel hypnotically drawn into dark passageways and dungeons without ever needing a light or a weapon. Any kind of moral lapse means assured death.

Bad movies

Before I finish, I would like to mention the genre of “bad movies”. In quotation marks because the movies are so bad that they are somewhat entertaining to watch. Many horror and horror comedies movies fall in this category. Examples are:

  • The Creature Wasn’t Nice: This movie was super annoying. The cast included Leslie Nielsen but there was no plot for most of the movie. You might however want to watch it if you relish the way the scientist chief gets eaten by the monster alien creature he adopted from an adverse environment in the name of SCIENCE. All those morons who create/support harmful/destructive commercial food and drug products and justify it in the name of SCIENCE should go down like that. The “Monster in the closet” movie also has a scientist who ends up in a similar way.
  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama:
    A few teenagers unwittingly unleash a demon from a container at a bowling arena. The demon in this movie suffered from an extreme case of sedentary ailments. It never moved much. It however turned a few other teenagers into demons and made them attack the original group.
  • Creepozoids:
    The monster is from the Alien movie and it gives birth to Chucky-like goblin offspring. Survivors from a nuclear apocalypse in 1998 encounter these monsters in a secret government lab. This movie is proof that you can make a movie with no budget if it is set in a dark warehouse. Linnea Quigley, a scream queen, was the only reason I watched the movie. In the Bowl-o-Rama movie, there was just not enough of her punk attitude.
  • Class of Nukem High:
    It started off interesting but took forever to end. Bad bad bad movie from House of Troma. But a good critique of how private nuclear power companies behave.

I wish most horror films involving aliens, zombies or creatures were be horror comedies. Otherwise, they become tiresome to watch.

Movie database

Finally, there is an abandoned software from the defunct video rental chain BlockBuster. It provides a good database of movies (including non-English titles) up to the mid 90s. It can be run using Wine in Linux and in newer Windows using Windows compatibility mode.


Kuldip Nayyar has died! Other DoD stringers should follow his example

Many regular readers of Kuldip Nayyar have had the uneasy feeling that he was promoting the objectives of the US government through his column in newspapers. I have not had this dubious pleasure but I assume he was like C Raja Mohan, who was also a well-known US stringer working for The Hindu as its strategic affairs editor. I have however read him much latter in his career when he wrote occasional op-eds in The Hindu and Deccan Herald. He was then moonlighting as a human rights activist. As a webmaster, I found that US Department of State regularly tracks his column.

US foreign ministry regularly checks if he has completed his assignments

The Americans have always considered Jawaharlal Nehru as a Russian project and one of the many assignments they gave Nayyar was to obtain public evidence or evidence that could be made public about the “relationship” between Nehru & Edwina Mountbatten. The Americans used Nayyar as a proxy to obtain letters they wrote each other. Sonia Gandhi, who seems to be the custodian of some of these letters, refused any cooperation. In his book excerpts published by Outlook magazine (, we find him digging through personal papers of Maulana Azad. He also had accompanied Lal Bahadur Shastri (who succeeded Nehru as Prime minister) to the Soviet Union where Shastri mysteriously “died”. The KGB has a lot of experience in murdering top leaders and making it look natural. They have dispatched many Soviet leaders this way and each time this happened members of the deceased leader’s support group also die in quick succession. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an obstacle for Indira Gandhi was promoted by Nehru. Sonia Gandhi is also supposed to be a Russian project. According to Subramaniam Swamy, her father was a Nazi who got co-opted by the KGB when he was imprisoned by the Soviets in a Siberian labour camp.

Whenever The Hindu reported border candlelight vigils arranged by the USIS (an information service run by the CIA), I found that Kuldip Nayyar had always participated in them.

I got totally convinced of his employment by the Americans when he became one of many notables to come a full circle about Modi – those who spent considerable time demonstratively hating Modi and then ignominiously ending that phase by wholeheartedly endorsing that ghoul (

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Karunanidhi has died! Other politicians should follow his example

Indians who speak English or write in it are forever indebted to anti-Hindi agitators like Karunanidhi.

Nehru, being a closet Communist and overt Socialist, followed the globalist objective of destroying all forms of identity – race, religion, gender, relationship, etc.

Language was one of many identities that Indians strongly identified with.

An anglophone at heart, who according to Gandhi “dreamt in English), Nehru had no particular love for Hindi but he was ready to impose that North Indian language on the rest of us.

Instead of ‘Unity in diversity’, Nehru tried to impose Hindi through education. Anti-Hindi agitations ensured that the huge diversity of Indian language survive and flourish. Otherwise, they would have succumbed to Hindi in India just like Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh languages had supplanted by English in the British Isles.

In India, English is a neutral language and serves the need for a link language very well. No Indian language has become a victim of its usage.

Well, other than the above, Karunanidhi was no good, particularly when compared to MGR or Jayalalitha. DMK introduced large-scale corruption to Tamil Nadu. Alcohol prohibition was lifted by DMK – first of many betrayals against Tamizh people. His ill-advised decisions made the Kaveri water problem even more problematic.

He also extended this treachery to Sri Lankan Tamils first by cultivating terror groups like LTTE, although the central intelligence agencies were also doing the same. It culminated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. When the Sri Lankan army was routing the LTTE, the near-invalid Karunanidhi went on a public hunger strike. Sri Lankan army couldn’t care less but Karunanidhi ended the hunger strike claiming that a ceasefire had been declared. Over 60,000 Tamils died in shelling when they came out from their safe places.

I Told You So! Moral Volcano prediction proved right! Modi govt restates value of “assets” seized from #Nimo

In February 2018, I predicted that Modi government will restate the value of the “assets” seized from Nirav Modi’s retail stores. This is because jewellery stores mark up the value of their stocks in many ways. First, the value of non-precious items such as paint and plastics on the jewel is given the same treatment as gold when selling to the customer. When the customer wants to sell it back to the store, these non-precious items are scrapped off the jewel and only the melted gold is weighed and valued at prevailing bullion market rates. Second, depending on the market standing of the store, a “brand premium” is added to the value of the articles. In case of designer jewellery, this can be double the value of the article purchased. Third, Indian government officials pocket some of the valuables during the raids.

People should realize that the ED was quite aware of this. They were under pressure from Modi government to inflate the value of the asset seizures.

In February 2018, I predicted that Modi government will restate the value of the “assets” seized from Nirav Modi’s stores.

US Defense Department under Obama disguised payments as “research” contracts & spied on Donald Trump

This UK guy, Stefan Halper, was a recipient of a million dollars from US Department of Defense. It was a payoff for spying engagements with previous administrations. Asked why this guy was deployed on Trump campaign, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under Obama (James Clapper) portrayed it as “benign information gathering” – the understatement of this millennium!

Airnoob’s Vicious Circular Argument

After BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, Airnoob refused to accept the reality and started raving in denial

BJP loses foor test and their CM candidate cries and resigns but Republic TV says Congress is in a fix! BJP tried to poach MLAs and form government, but when they failed Republic TV claims they have won the moral high ground!

Airnoob: Yeddyurappa’s decision to resign has the Congress foxed.

Guest: No they are not.

Airnoob: Then, why aren’t they rushing to the Raj Bhavan to form the government?

Guest: They will… later maybe

Airnoob: With only 38 MLAs they are going to wait outside Raj Bhavan.

Guest: Congress & JDS have more seats than BJP.

Airnoob: It’s an opportunistic alliance.

Guest: Better than BJP trying to poach MLAs & forming a government?

Airnoob: BJP has outfoxed the Congress.

Lizard News Cartoon: Arnab outfoxed