Orphanage children are unfortunate but can’t be demanded like property! Missionaries Of Charity have a duty to ensure what is best for the kids.


I could have guessed it. This one writes for Times Of India.


Recently, in BusinessLine paper, one female writer expressed alarm about a form of on-screen vulgarity (“HAPPY TWO-PARENT FAMILIES”) that has permeated children films (which to me appears to be the last-remaining form of popular entertainment that has not yet totally degenerated). She really demanded depressing films about delinquent children!


The problem is that these singles and homos seem to think it is all about them. They suffer from a persecution & inferiority complex and want others to suffer for their misfortunes.

How about wanting that others DON’T suffer like you did? Be happy for them.

BJP will win Bihar! As secular parties clump together, tampered voting machines will give a higher share of Bihar votes to the discredited Modi Wave!

If these voting machines can make BJP win in places like Assam, then Bihar will be a cakewalk.

Instead of contesting Bihar elections separately, splitting the vote & making BJP an also-ran footnote and forming a colation after the elections, secular parties have clumped together to give added credence to the phony Voting Machines that will give a higher share of votes to the discredited Modi Wave!

Indian Parliament should intervene & stop judiciary from privatizing itself to kangaroo (arbitration) courts set up abroad – obviously a payoff (golden parachute) scheme for judges

The CAG has flagged the Antrix-Devas contract as violative of rules. Law of Contract says a contract that is illegal cannot be enforced. ISRO had rightly canceled the contract but a private khap panchayat (it’s okay if the globalist kleptocrats arranged it) of attorneys and retired judges have ruled otherwise.

Arbitration has to be voluntarily sought by both parties of a dispute.

When ISRO didn’t see the merits of arbitration and CAG observation prevented it from proceeding with the contract, how can the Supreme Court order ISRO to submit to the whims of a kangaroo court, with a fanciful official-sounding name. Ditto for the ONGC case against Reliance Industries. ONGC didn’t want arbitration and wanted the dispute settled by government or in Indian courts. My guess is that the judges who subverting the jurisdiction of Indian courts are getting massive payoffs.

Remember, top Reliance officials have been caught buying secret government papers pertaining directly to the court cases.

The very definition of arbitration has been perverted.

It is quite likely that the law ministry is also neck deep in this conspiracy to create a precedent where secret/private courts can order governments around violating all norms of jurisdiction and national sovereignity.

Meanwhile, the WTO is saying Indian laws are not good enough to stop imports of GMO-fed US poultry.