NBC News adds fake lesions to stock photo to promote measles vaccine and demonize vaccine opponents

NBC News adds fake skin lesions to stock image of healthy baby and claims it is from measles. Thanks to @MediaRabbitHole for finding this fraud.

NBC uses stock images for vaccine propaganda

Fake lesions found on stock image of healthy baby used by NBC news to promote vaccine propaganda and demonize vaccine opponents.

When the NBC News crew went to the hospital, they could find only the propaganda nurse but no actual baby with measles? Or, were they just lazy.

NBC News uses doctored stock photo of healthy baby to create false propaganda against vaccine opponents

Original stock image showing healthy baby

NBC Video

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

Subliminal messaging in US national anthem sign-off on television in the 1960s

If this kind of brainwashing was tried for over a decade 60 years ago, what would they be trying now?

Subliminal messages in US anthem broadcast in the 60s

Subliminal messages in US anthem broadcast in the 60s tell American citizens to obey, believe and trust government god. And, also consume “Ultra” and “Naomi”

Someone found an old tape of the US national anthem sequence played on US television in the 1960s during sign off (broadcast going off air – before 24-hour broadcasts) and uploaded it to YouTube, probably using the name found on the cassette – Naomi 1963.

The subliminal messages are as follows:


I extracted the frames using ffmpeg and stitched them up using GIMP. Here is the result.

Subliminal messaging in US national anthem played on television in 1960s


Analysis of the video on modern computers shows the presence of subliminal messages in the video. Some “debunkers” found a newer tape from the 1980s (Museum of Classic Chicago Television), which did not have the message. Hence, they concluded the Naomi tape was a newer tampered one.

The subliminal messages are so close to what were shown in the movie John Carpenter’s They Live that it is indeed tempting to dismiss this as a hoax.

Propaganda and subliminal messaging in the movie They Live

Subliminal messaging portrayed in the movie They Live.

However, after the invention of VCRs, it would have become easy to record the sequence and freeze-frame the times when the subliminal messages were present. It is obvious that the debunker’s tape was the newer modified one with the subliminal stuff removed.

This is a serious insult to the American people. Not only does it make assumptions on the loyalties of American citizens, it also treats them like lab animals on whom experiments can be done. The subliminal information in this tape is a form of brainwashing.

TransGenderism is GENDER APPROPRIATION! Gender Diversity is Gender Denial

Use reptilian techniques against reptilians. Anyone who does not agree is in Gender Denial.

Cross-dressers & eunuchs are using anti-discrimination laws and new rule changes to adopt children; invade designated areas such as girls’/women’s bathrooms; harass women-to-women businesses; and compete against  female athletes in sports.

Gender diversity propaganda

If “Cultural Appropriation” is a real thing, then so is GENDER APPROPRIATION!

In 2014, a “trans” male MMA fighter broke the skull of a female opponent.

In Canada, a “trans” man is suing a female beautician for refusing to provide genital waxing services (a procedure to remove groin hair prior to swimming or sunbathing) despite possessing male organs.

Recently, a male cyclist won against female athletes and has become self-appointed spokesman for “trans” athletes (shemales) who are now competing against normal women. Famous tennis player Martina Navratilova (a lesbian) spoke against this in a Twitter message. It caused a backlash against her from the “trans” community and the lefties. Navratilova, thinking she must have made some mistake, rescinded here views and offered to read up more on the subject. Unlike others who went through that rabbit hole, Martina (God bless her soul) came back in support of the poor women who had to lose against that she-man.

To put my argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organisation, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies. It’s insane and it’s cheating.


American Foreign Policy For Dummies – III

Never forget how Hillary Clinton tried to cover up the torture and murder of the US ambassador in Benghazi, Libya with a fake anti-Islamic video.

American foreign policy for dummies - Hillary burns more than half-a-million dollars on fake likes on State Department's Facebook page

Schmillary put the jinx on Moral Volcano after a blog post linking her to the downing of the “missing” Malaysian plane was popularized by Google.

I am not sure if it was before or after the 2016 presidential election in the US, Saturday Night Live claimed that Hillary Clinton was a “geek” because of her “experience” as Secretary of State while Trump had many failures in his business ventures, and hence she was the obvious choice fore President.

That is, if you want to forget the fake over-dubbed anti-Islamic video that was hurriedly put together by the skunk works department of the State Department to cover up the brutal torture (sodomized with a rod) and murder of the US ambassador in Benghazi (Libya). Later investigation revealed that these strange events happened under the  monitoring of the US military and the CIA. All US government employees and contractors were asked to go silent after the event and even lie to investigators. The full facts about this case has never been revealed.

It was one of the many horrendous crimes that Hillary committed during her short tenure of Secretary. State Department buying fake followers on its Facebook page for more than half-a-million dollars pales in comparison.

The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

As third-world immigrants start to live first-world countries, they will be polluting at the same levels as regular first-world denizens, thereby causing more “manpeople-made accelerated Climate Change”.

Populations in developed countries have been slowing down. The beneficial effect of a slowing population is lesser pollution. However illegal immigration is reversing this. When Third-world people live in developed countries, the consume and pollute like First-World citizens. It is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change. Illegal immigration is bad for the Earth. By supporting illegal immigration, you are enabling Climate Change.

Climate Change case against illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants are reversing population decline and causing more Man-made Global Warming.

Yesterday’s imperialists are today’s globalists. They are our only and one true global enemy.

Fair Use Credits:
Natural Ways channel, Youtube

How Indian Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs can be hacked

Like RFID chips and crystal radio receiver sets, the EVMs can be tampered with special radio instructions used by saboteurs to change the results. If the ICs used in the EVMs are not manufactured in India, then countries like UK or USA are duty-bound to add undocumented software routines and components to the chips.

  • If EVM software is hardcoded into the chips, then undocumented code pathways can be included at the chip manufacturer’s end at the behest of countries like US/UK. If the code is stored in flash memory, then code or the final tally can also be flashed or compromised by EC officials. It is unlikely that the EC has chosen flash memory-based chips. So, it must be the first case.
    How Indian EVMs are hacked

    EVMs cannot be verified by a human. Even though ELECTRONIC voting machines can reveal the results on the same day as voting, Indian Election Commission uses a schedule to deliberately delay the results for several days, sometimes even weeks. This gives the saboteurs enough time for manipulation of the EVMs. The CCTV footage of EVM storage rooms can be easily run in a loop with fake time stamps to fool party representatives.[

  • The chips could have RFID elements that could leak vote count data to specially made RFID readers. After the Punjab elections, Modi seems to have received advance word about the votes cast. As a defensive measure, he asked his ministers to show details of tours they undertook to defend the demonetization exercise. This proves that someone was able to scan all the EVMs and realize that BJP-SAD combine had did not gather enough votes.
  • Another more cumbersome tactic is to use EMI readers individual vote counts. This is unlikely to be case.
  • RFID chips do not require power. The radio waves emitted by the scanners provide the power for the RFID chips to emit data. The same concept can also be used to write fresh data into the EVMs. The vote count can be changed by activating unknown code pathways and components in the chips. This is how BJP manages to win seats in places where Muslims are in majority.

When BJP was repeating “Modi Wave! Modi Wave! Modi Wave!”, they were really telling the truth. Similar to how a crystal radio receiver set uses power from AM/MW broadcast radio waves to power a small earphone speaker, RFID components in the EVM chips are activated by radio waves to hack and manipulate the vote count.

What the EC has done or EVM manufacturers such as ECIL or BEL have done is protect against physical tampering.

Most coin-operated phones in India can be hacked using tones generated by pressing certain numbers on a mobile phone. This does not require physical tampering of the machines.

When EC officials says the EVMs are tamper-proof, they are right. For these simple-minded government officials, hacking means physical tampering.

EC has challenged political parties to hack the machines under control conditions. This will not work. The EC should give each political party at least 10 sample EVMs. The political parties should be able to take the EVMs away with them. Hardware security professionals hired by political parties will then be able to study the machines at leisure – say for a month. After that, these professionals can demonstrate hackability on fresh EVMs under control conditions set by the EC. Or, at the least, they can point out unwanted components in the EVM chips, which the EC should be duty-bound to explain.

Modi enables mass-poisoning of Indians by allowing edible oils to be blended with GMO cottonseed oil

What is poisonous to the worm will also be poisonous to humans, as the pesticide is not sprayed but genetically produced in every cell of the crop.

Reptilian News - GMO Bt-Cotton poisoning cows and humans

Unlike conventional plants given a surface spray of pesticides, GMO Bt-Cotton plants produce unnatural toxins in every cell. After removing the cotton wool, cottonseeds are crushed and the oil blended into cooking oils, thereby poisoning humans as well. Crushed cottonseeds are also used as cattlefeed.

Beware of the “refined” cooking oil available in the market. Instead of mechanically pressing the seeds to extract oil, oil refiners are using chemical solvents to do the same. And, to make the oil look crystal clear more chemicals are added and vital nutrients are removed from it. (Hindu Business Line; Solvent extractors trade body locks horns with Ramdev’s Patanjali; http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/agri-business/solvent-extractors-trade-body-locks-horns-with-ramdevs-patanjali/article8547756.ece) Vandana Shiva writes (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/know/small-oil-crisis/article8194051.ece):

The ghani (oil extraction plant) set up by Mahatma Gandhi at Sewashram in Wardha, Maharashtra, has been a visible and working symbol of a self-reliant community since 1934. This living legacy is now in danger of shutting down.

Ghanis have been around since ancient times. Food historian KT Achaya dates the use of sesame oilseeds to the Harappan civilisation around 2000 BC. The ghani entails a symbiotic relationship between farmers who grow oilseeds and consumers looking for fresh, healthy, cold-pressed oil. This rustic, grassroots enterprise today finds itself on the wrong side of modern food safety regulations.

Now, to make more profits, solvent extractors are blending cooking oils with cottonseed oils. Much of Indian cotton farmers have switched to the poisonous GMO cotton. People oppose GMO for common sense, scientific, and economic reasons.

Common sense – the idea of splicing plant gene strands & putting poison-producing genes from a bacteria should be revolting. It is also a disproportionate response, like swatting a fly with a hammer. Instead of spraying a pesticide, they are putting it in every cell of the plant.

Scientific – The pesticide (from the bacterium genes) is in every cell of the crop unlike earlier solutions such as sprayed pesticides which can be washed away. The pesticide that kills the bollworm will harm humans too, even if it doesn’t immediately kill them.

Economic – For millennia, farmers are used to retaining the seeds from the current harvest for planting in the next harvest. GMO companyies want to take away this right by selling them third-generation seeds which mathematically increase the number of unviable seeds with each replanting. GMO crops are not only designed to make farmers dependent on the seed manufacturer but also specially designed pesticides such as glyphosate.

Scientists benefiting from GMO brush aside all opposition as the babblings of a superstitious lot. LEAVE THE SCIENCE TO US!

Apparently, the “bollworm-resistant GMO cotton” is not really bollworm-resistant. Even though a majority of cotton farmers have switched to SCIENCE-based GMO cotton, they still have to contend with many strains of bollworm. They have to continue to buy pesticides, which the GMO  poison was supposed to eliminate. In the US, GMO and glyphosate use has given rise to “super weeds” which grow taller than a human being! (They weeds adapted with genetic mutation as only those that survived the glyphosate spraying to create another generation.) To combat super weeds, farmers are spraying more pesticides, endangering not only themselves but also those living in the neighborhood of these farms. (GMO poisoning is then given new causes such as Zika virus without any scientific basis.)



So much for all that SHIENSH claims! Monsanto claims that testing the safety of GMO and related pesticides is not its job.

Contrary to public belief, US FDA & DOA don’t do any testing. certifing. The revolving door policy encouraged by US presidents over several decades ensures that ex-industry executives (not scientists) who become officials in these government agencies are richly rewarded when they return back to the industry after their stint at “public service”. US government scientists do not actually validate any product on the market. They are there to create an illusion for the benefit of a gullible public.


Won’t Social Media use, ever-connected Cloud, always-on Internet, sneaky Internet-Of-Things, omnipresent Wi-Fi, discarded smartphones, batteries and electric vehicles, & free international trade in plastic materials and wastes accelerate Climate Change? NO!

98% of Climate Scientists agree government spying and mass-poisoning is more important than Climate Change!

Reptilian News - Social media use is causing Climate Change

Social media use, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Always-on WiFi/Internet all consume electricity and cause Accelerated Man-made Irreversible Climate Change.


Electric vehicle myth

Electric Vechicles consume power from thermal plants. They are not green. They cost a lot to produce and dispose. They pollute the environment far more than fossil fuel cars.

How Climate Scientologists cherry-pick climate data and lie to you

Nothing like statistics to lie about science and that’s what 97% of climate scientists use.

US Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wondered why it is so cold when the scientologists are claiming that is earth is busy warming. So, Washington Post decided to debunk what she might have implied with climate science data from the US NOAA website. Anyone can go that website and plot the graph.

Washington Post blog article cherry-picks NOAA climate data to imply Kansas temperatures have risen. Yet over last century, they have closed, as seen in previous graph.

Washington Post article uses a limited climate data set. The NOAA website has temperature date only from 1975 for Kansas City , Missouri.

If you observe the graph, there are more upward spikes in recent times. The graph seems to be on course to have more downward spikes in the next 15 years and neutralize the recent upward trend but lets not make predictions as these scientologists haphazardly do.

The date range used in the graph is very small. Kansas City (in Missouri state) temperatures are available only from 1975. This is not good to make climate predictions. If you take the entire state of Missouri, whose temperature data is available from 1900, there is a different trend in that graph. You will see that temperatures have hardly risen – zero! (Not that 100-year data is any good to make climate change predictions.)


NOAA has data from 1900 for the state of Missouri where Kansas City is located. The plotted graph shows no “climate change”.

You can twist and stretch statistics to prove almost anything. For example, if you change the date range to 1977 to 1998, there is zero climate change for Kansas City. But just move the start date by 2 years and lo you have 0.2F climate change!


Climate Change has been going on since day 1. It is what made the Earth transform from a fiery ball of fire to a living planet. The 97% of climate scientists who agonize over “man-made climate change” fear for their jobs. Do not let this false propaganda stop us from cleaning the environment. Tax the richest people on earth and make them pay for the cleanup. Spare the people at the bottom of the rich-poor pyramid.

Reptilian News - Thank you, Climate Change

The Earth changed from a burning ball of fire to a water-filled life-supporting habitat for birds and animals thanks to Climate Change. Climate Change began on Day 1 before dinosaurs, life…

10 Ways That Global Elites Can Slow Down Climate Change

Global elite are at the forefront of fighting climate change. They should set an example themselves first before asking others to make sacrifices.

1. Don’t live in big luxury homes – Choose Hong Kong-style one-room apartments

Big houses consume more energy. They also trap more sunlight and contribute to global warming. Live in one-room apartments in clustered high-rise apartments, as in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

When you call something smart, the smarts seem to be disappear from the people.

2. No private planes – Travel economy on commercial passenger airlines – Or, better, choose trains & buses!

Private planes contribute to global warming. Private luxury jets, in particular, are extremely wasteful and polluting. If you have to travel by air, then choose scheduled economy-class flights on commercial airlines. Prefer mass transport options such as trains or buses. Walk if necessary. Don’t use cars. If you use electric cars, you still are expending fossil fuels at the thermal power plants.

3. You should have no children – If you have any, kill them – It is the ethical thing to do!

Expanding global population threatens the future of our planet. In order to encourage others, you should stop producing children. If you already have children, then kill them. Post-birth abortions are supposedly ethical. This idea was floated on BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

4. Vaccinate your children, often – Enroll your entire tribe in vaccine trials – Use force if necessary

Your vaccine propaganda has included claims that an infant could safely take up to 1,00,000 hundred vaccines (Paul Offit, October 2005; Parents’ Pack newsletter; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). You should set an example to others by giving all those vaccines to your kids in public. There should be weekly elite vaccination camps.

All elites should be mandatorily enrolled in vaccine trials and experimental drugs. Drugs/vaccines proven safe after extensive testing on your crowd should only be released for general use.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Vaccines are regularly tested on babies without the consent of parent. Babies that die from vaccines are ascribed wrong cause of death but their dead bodies are used for studying the effects of vaccines anyway.

Elites should be administered experimental vaccines by force if necessary.

An article in American Medical Association's Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

An article in American Medical Association’s Journal of Medical Ethics floats the idea of forced vaccinations.

Vaccinated populations seem to show high incidence of cancer, hypertension, and other diseases. Fertility rates are also decreasing among vaccinated populations. Many of them are turning homosexual or discovering alternative lifestyles that does not involve baby-making. Less population means less climate change. Go for it!

5. Eat less – Eat mass-produced plastic food made from recycled industrial waste – Eat roaches if you like non-vegetarian

We know you are gluttons. Many of you are overweight. Every meal you take at a restaurant could feed a Third-world family for a year. You should eat less. Preferably plastic food from McDonalds.

Or, as United Nations recommends, eat cockroaches and insects.

Taco Bell used to say that their version of “organic” sand passes the test.

Eat trees if you are the type that seeks to be one with the Universe. MacDonald’s saw dust cellulouse may look appealing to you.

There is saw dust in McDonald's non-dairy milk shake?

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

6. Stop polluting the environment – Buy pollution control equipment – Use modern technologies

You own most of the world’s biggest polluters – factories, mines, etc. You cause most pollution. How about reducing that? How about installing pollution control equipment with your own money? Or using modern technologies that mitigate/avoid pollution?

7. Stop destroying forests and farmlands – Don’t throw economic hitmen on nations – Don’t threaten/attack/rape/kill/bribe!

You are acquiring forests and farmlands from poor people in Third World countries. How about stopping that? You are also hiring economic hitmen and thugs to drive out farmers and forest dwellers. You are bribing government officials, police and military. You are also overthrowing governments, politicians and anyone in your path. Stop that.

8. Stop hiding your income – Repatriate funds hidden abroad – Pay your fair share of taxes!

Individuals pay tax on their total income. Corporations pay tax only on profit before tax. You put all your expenses on the books of your companies, trusts and other cutouts and you pay little income tax. In fact, many of you show notional losses to pay no tax or even demand refunds from past payments. Even the profits generated by companies are held in tax havens abroad and are never repatriated. If you pay your fair share of taxes, it will help governments fund efforts to save the environment.

9. Contribute to save the environment – Pay Elite Carbon Tax – Carbon tax exclusively for elites!

Carbon tax should be exclusive for the elite. You own most of the wealth. Then, you should pay carbon tax, not the slaves. Carbon tax should be a top-down affair, affecting owners of polluting industries such as oil companies and miners, not consumers.

10. Give green technologies a chance – Don’t co-opt them and make them financially unviable

You control the banks and the lending. Your advisers mandate what technologies to choose and what equipment to buy. This increase the capital cost of implementing green technologies and makes them seem unviable.

Modi’s enduring legacy will be American nuclear reactors & GMO killing us with cancer & unpayable debt

It is extremely sad and astounding how much a megalomaniac’s vanity can be exploited.

Hanford nuclear site waste clean-up proves to be a headache – even for the US. As always, the site is located close to a river which supplies drinking water.

Hanford nuclear site waste clean-up proves to be a headache – even for the US. As always, the site is located close to a river which supplies drinking water.


‘Fat shaming’ should stop so should ‘body positivity’

The only thing positive about the ‘body positivity’ movement is that the activists will have lower life expectancy.

Worldwide (no pun intended), obesity has reached epidemic proportions (no pun intended). People are getting fatter, sicker and dying earlier than earlier.

Globalists (no pun intended) have started a fight between

  1. obese activists (females mostly and those on the left) who are accusing others of ‘fat shaming’ them, and
  2. non-obese people (and those on the right) who are accusing obesity activists of spreading non-scientific ideas such as ‘fat acceptance’ and ‘body positivity’.

Both sides (no pun intended) should be roundly (no pun intended) criticized (no pun intended) for ignoring basic tenets of science and human decency.

Obese people need big clothes so fat models should be acceptable

‘Plus-size’ models are needed to advertise plus-size clothes. People on the right are getting offended at the very sight of these models. These people were the ones complaining about the intolerance of the ‘liberal’ Left. Their own intolerance is invisible to them. If you attack a plus-size model, her agent will tell her that any publicity is good publicity. If the ‘body positivity’ movement gets your goat and you rave about it, then that is only more publicity. Now, fast-food companies, drug companies and chemical companies can non-chalantly ask people to make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Obese people are also humans. They have feelings as anybody else. They can have a life like you can. If they have fans and followers so be it. What do you care? Let them have their space with their clothes, models and fashion shows. How intolerant of you to object!

If they want to bring fat/obese models into Victoria Secret, then that is something serious to be worried about. Your objections are then valid. Otherwise, don’t break into a sweat on seeing a fat mannequin. This kind of triggering is appropriate for the loony left.

Being obese is not the same as being fat

Being excessively or unhealthily fat is known as obesity. Many people advising obese people to exercise are themselves fat. Because they are not at obesity-level fatness, they think it is fine to be condescending and disparaging towards obese people. I do not see any reason why someone would spend an hour of their life ragging on a woman like Amy Schumer.

She is fat but not obese. If someone questions why she was paid millions for her comedy-less comedy acts, then that is a valid question. If her book was as bad as her comedy acts, then someone can question why a publisher paid millions for it. (The trade talk is that they will never recoup that money.) But, how can you question her for being fat?

Obese people cannot stop eating

Obesity is one of many problems caused by mass poisoning of people. Much of what people in the West eat today are processed foods. Even when the cook food at home, it is not pre-processed foods. Eating fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are also not a great option because they are also sprayed with chemicals. Most food crops are GMOs. Poisonous metals such as mercury and aluminium are being used as preservatives in vaccines. Dairy cows are non-vegetarian cows. They are fed everything from ground-up wastes from meat industries and poultry litter. Cows, pigs, and chicken are also given levels of growth hormones and antibiotics. The water is doped with fluorine (only in the US, ostensibly to prevent tooth decay) and chlorine (disinfection). Many GMO foods contain bacterial genes that make every cell in the food item to produce a small quantity of bacterial poison. The poison is enough to kill the worms affecting the plant but not immediately kill the humans. Many cosmetics have been found to have lead, hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Eventually, all these chemicals affect humans. Some become obese. Some become autistic. Some become dyslexic. It varies. Some effects may even show up after a few generations.

Obese people become fat because they overeat. But, why do they overeat? The answers:

  • hormone disruption
  • processed foods have ingredients designed to increase craving
  • foods have become less satisfying thanks to limits on salt and sugar levels
  • gastric irritation caused by acidity disguises itself as hunger

People with gland issues (hormone disruption) will become fat even if they eat less. They will also die early.

Asking obese people to stop overeating is cruel. They cannot help it.

Exercise is not necessary to be thin

If a person eats normally, his body size will also be normal. Exercise is not necessary.

If a person is gaining excess weight, exercise can bring it down. However, this exercise will have to become part of daily routine to maintain a normal weight.

A person can also maintain a normal weight without any exercise simply by adopting a less-fattening diet.

Obese people cannot exercise

As mentioned earlier, when a person realises that he is gaining unnecessary weight, he can either do exercises or switch to a less-fattening diet.

Obese people cannot exercise because they do not have the stamina. Even if they do any exercise, they have already crossed a threshold, whereby the catabolic rate for fat is far ahead of its metabolic rate. Asking obese people to exercise is scientifically pointless.

Cure for Obesity

Only way to escape from obesity is a change to a vegetarian or vegan diet and a gradual increase in exercise.

Unlike vegetarianism, veganism is not of much value to ordinary people. For obese people though, the results can be magical. Obese people need to first eliminate fats, animal products and mass-produced processed foods from their food list. Only then will it be a vegan diet. They should then switch to a less starchy diet. They should also avoid hormone-busting foods such as GMO soy and nutrition-less foods like GMO corn. Almost all vegans eat soy thinking that it is a health food. They are idiots.

Food cravings should be compensated with water and fruits. Water increases the metabolic rate and reduces gastric acidity. However, excessive water drinking will not be good. Continuous chewing like a cow is also not recommended. They should maintain a regular 3-meals and 8-hour early-to-bed and early-to-rise sleep routine. They should ignore negative thoughts, unkind remarks and other distractions.

They should gradually increase their exercise routine. If they improve, they can switch to a job that requires light physical exertion throughout the day.

Everything should be done in a gradual manner to avoid heart attacks and withdrawal shocks.

Things will be normal again. It will take some time.

I saw Greta Thunberg for the first time and she does seem crazy!

Swedish teen receives backhanded compliment from Jesus-hater Sarah Silverman who praised her as a little ‘Jesus’

I steer clear of PR campaigns masquerading as news. The Swedish teen’s name was in a lot of Climate Change propaganda that was masquerading as news items. As usual, I ignored them. Of note was one news headline that drew attention to the poster child for abortion Sarah Silverman‘s surprising portrayal of the teen as ‘Jesus’. Surprising because Silverman is Jewish and hates Jesus with a passion that makes even diehard Jewish fanatics cringe in fear.

After many weeks of this girl in the news, I saw a video of her for the first time when I hit Sara Gonzales channel. (This is a good Sara and thank God for that.) I was expecting someone like Malala and was wondering anyone would be angry with a little kid. I should have known I was wrong. God! The Swedish girl is a freak. Like a possessed demon. The remake of Exorcist would not have been a worldwide hit if only they had cast this fruitcake.

Like Mandela being a Communist Marxist trained by Israel Mossad, it will come as a surprise that her activism and new-found fame is the result of a carefully planned PR exercise. (Who’s REALLY behind 16-year-old Greta Thunberg? Ugly feud between her opera singer-turned-climate-activist mother and the green PR man who she accuses of exploiting her; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6946815/Whos-REALLY-16-year-old-Greta-Thunberg.html)


Are you dog owner or a dog jailer?

UPDATE: Twitchy reports Washington Post posted an article that called for a post.

Like people in the Dark Ages, many scientists think that an animal is intelligent only if it exhibits human-like behaviour. It would be a fair comparison if humans were capable of feats that animals do too. When was the last time a human ran like a cheetah and brought down a wildebeest with a bite to the neck? When did man build a hive, collect nectar and make honey? Never. So, why are animals measured against a scale meant for humans?

It is not just scientists. Even ordinary people expect their pets to acquire human-like traits. Dogs are prime victims of these unreasonable expectations. Like any other mammal, dogs have a specific lifestyle. They are optimized for it. Forcing it to do other things is torture. But, dogs being dogs, they aim to please and they suffer.

Dogs are pack animals. They prefer their own kind. Wild dogs do not require humans. Domestic dogs are dependent on man for food. Even then, dogs like to be free. Dogs in rural areas have full run of their neighbourhood. They socialize with other dogs and go anywhere they like. Theoretically, that is. Dogs form groups, mark their territory and fiercely defend it against other dogs. So, a dog’s range is limited to one or two square kilometres at best. In urban areas, the situation is very bad for dogs. People living in the urban jungle have imprisoned the dogs in concrete prison complexes known as apartment buildings. Local government regulations ensures that dogs have to be under the leash in public areas. If a dog escapes the leash, it is a BAD DOG. If a BAD DOG is caught, it is put to death or the owner pays a fine. Dog owners do not mind the regulations. In fact, they were proud and happy if the dog ignores its natural instincts and accepts the leash. Dogs in apartment cannot bark when they want to or play when they want to. They cannot bite, scratch or destroy the furniture. What does an apartment have for a dog apart from food? Nothing. And, how does the dog respond to this mistreatment? With absolute love and loyalty.

What does the dog owner think of this torture? Oh, no, they treat dogs like family. They do not even call it a dog when it is within hearing distance. Some dog lovers are so crazy that they admonish outsiders who refer to their dog as a dog. Some of these unfortunate creatures are given haircuts resembling landscaped gardens. Most owners give dogs a bath but do dogs need baths? No, they do not. When you let the dog inside of the house instead of making it stay in the kennel, you want it to be ‘clean’ – clean like a human. Can a dog be clean? You can give crystal-clear mineral water from Lake Baikal to a dog and the stupid thing will still drink from the proverbial bowl. Dogs do not use toilet paper but you let that thing sit on the sofa! You do not know the meaning of cleanliness and you want the dog to be clean!

CNN health advice

Talk to your baby like you talk to your dog

Can you expect a dog to be like a human? A dog does not want to be treated like a human. You are making the same stupid mistake as the stupid scientists. A dog is happy only when it is left to be a dog. A dog is happiest not when it is with humans but when it is with other dogs.

Who should have dogs? Should people who do not have a garden or a backyard have dogs? No. Do not imprison a dog in your concrete jail because YOU want to be happy. That is extreme selfishness. Your dog is not happy in your apartment. Should disabled and lonley old people have dogs? Go ahead and make an exception for them. Only those with large farms and raising special dog breeds should be allowed to fence in their dogs. An expensive dog in an apartment jail has no use for the special skills present in its genes.

How can a domestic dog be happy? Get rid of the doggie ordinance. Free the dogs. Let them fight it out and divide their territory in their own way. Let them roam the countryside and socialize unhampered. If they bite humans or their numbers rise to pestilence levels, exterminate them immediately. What about rabies? Dog communities are self-policing. A mad dog will be immediately identified and driven away.

Dogs working in a farm have specific duties and they cannot be allowed to roam outside for obvious health reasons. But, let the others be free. Do not shave the hair off a dog’s skin or make them wear silly dresses. Dogs also have an image to maintain.

[I have mixed feelings about this one. After writing it, my compound is run over by stray dogs. They are creating a nuisance. It is as if some dogs have read this and did not like it.]

Why do dogs bite the postman?

Dogs mark their territory but postmen do not respect them. Postmen pick up scents of dogs from other territories. When the postmen walks in to your dog’s territory, he is bringing in the scents of extra-territorial dogs. The dog goes straight for the postman’s feet because that is where the ETs seem to be hiding. Dogs chase vehicles for the same reason. Believe it or not! Well, that is my theory.

Nirmala Sitharaman should live long, avoid flights and declare not to be suicidal or having any life-threatening ailments

Rafale Death Club seeks new members. Former defence minister Manohar Parrikar who refused to back up the Modified Rafale deal and was known to have files hidden away started the club. Others seem intent on joining it.

Remember the time when Modi was made BJP’s PM candidate and all his opponents including Advani got sidelined, died or had delibitating accidents.

  • Atal Behari Vajpayee became immobile.
  • Advani got a preemptive strike when he visted Pakistan and was later dethroned as PM candidate by RSS.
  • Jaswant Sinha fell in the bathroom and became hospitalized.
  • Gopinath Munde got accidented. (RSS chief had a fake accident on the same day.)
  • Sushma Swaraj’s aircraft almost crashed.

This list does not include the people terrorists killed by the Intelligence Bureau and Gujarat Police based on some bogus FBI alert.

Anyone who knows Modi’s deals will be eliminated by the Mossad.

An ode to the buffalo

The animal does everything a cow does and more but does not get the same respect.

Hindus hold all life sacred and some animals are considered holy because of their association with certain gods and godesses. The cow is holiest of holies not only because of its association with Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi and many others but also because it is integral to the Indian way of life. They are used as dairy cows, draught animals (ploughing, transport, turning the yoke), racing animals (jallikattu), etc.

But, there is one other animal that does all this but does not get the same respect. That’s the Indian buffalo. The domestic Indian buffalo is a humble creature. Cows can get irritable but the buffalo? No, sir, they are the humblest, friendliest, and arguably the most lovable of all farm animals. You can even climb on a buffalo and use it as a personal mode of transport. Most shepherds, when they are children, do this. Try the same on a cow and you will be pounded to pulp.

Buffaloes are also fun-loving animals. When they are taken to a water body, there is always one individual who tends to gallop forcing the rest of the herd to maintain the same agitated pace. This is a problem for the shepherd so he ties its horns to its legs. This does not cause any pain but forces its run to a tiring trot. A few days later, the rope is removed and the buffalo knows better than to gallop. Buffaloes cannot sweat like cows and therefore like to wallow in water. How it does this is extremely funny. It does not slip into the water with the grace of a crocodile or even a cow. It lifts two legs on one side, leans on the other two legs, flops into the water and creates a huge splash. It will do this even in shallow water.

A cow’s horns are sharp. When young zebu bulls are turned into oxen (bullock cart animals), they grow to twice the height of a man. Do not mess with them. They are extremely irritable. If they are sitting on the ground and chewing the cud, do not go near them. When the flies buzz around them, they shake their heads violently. Their horns will hurt you like no tomorrow. If they get angry or feel threatened, they can pick a grown man and throw him several feet away with those horns. The buffalo has horns but they are curved inward and are unlikely to harm anyone even if the beast tried. Their horns can hurt the buffalo more than anybody else and the farmer usually files their tips.

Milkmen all over India mix buffalo milk with cow milk. In fact, many of them only have buffaloes because the milk is thicker and very few people can tell the difference when it is adulterated with water. If a housewife complains that the milk is watery, the milkman says, “Amma, this is 100% cow’s milk and cow’s milk is always thin.” When a Tamizh kid does poorly in studies, their parents offer to buy him two buffaloes or four cows. Ask any Tamilian. One buffalo is always worth two cows. In fact, many dairy farmers became dairy farmers because either them or an ancestor was deemed not good for studies and born to herd buffaloes. When I build my farm, I will do the same.

A biochemical analysis will prove that buffalo milk is different from cow milk. For an adult, there is no perceivable difference. That is why milk cooperatives and milk product companies do not care. All milk is good milk. If a farmer takes goat’s milk to a collection agent, I do not think it is treated any differently. (Goat milk is expensive and no farmer would sell it at the same price.) It is all mixed, homogenized, pasteurized and packed.

When Indian milk packets started appearing on US supermarket shelves, the dairy lobby there got their government to mandate that buffalo milk be clearly identified as buffalo milk and not to be passed off as cow milk.

Yes, sir. The buffalo is as good as a cow if not better. Indians show it respect only during harvest festivals like Baisakhi or Pongal but the cow is worshipped the year around. The reason of course is that the buffalo is the vahan of Lord Yama. If the buffalo is pleased, it might bring along his master. That is not the same as with the cow, who brings in Lakshmi and Lakshmi means wealth and prosperity. Nobody is a fan of death and that’s the reason buffaloes are not given as much credit as the cow.

You will find plenty of stray cows on the road but have you ever seen a stray buffalo? No, never. If you have, then it is because the farmer was taking them to pasture or returning home. When a buffalo stops producing milk, it is immediately slaughtered for meat. Its hooves and horns are processed. Its skin is made into leather. The buffalo’s contribution to our lives is one of unrequited service and sacrifice.

Alternative to China? Dear Donald Trump, how about America?

Every country needs its own manufacturing base to protect its sovereignty and to sustain a working class mainstay for the economy.

Tear up those free-trade accords and leave the WTO. Impose a blanket 20% customs/countervailing duty on all imports. Negotiate individual customs duty arrangements with countries willing to trade with the United States on an equitable basis.

Asking American companies to find an alternative to China is no different than asking them to move to Mexico under NAFTA. America will not be great again unless it returns to manufacturing.

The Alphabets sue Alphabet – YouTube should provide an option to preview its filters in action after upload instead of automatically and unexpectedly demonetizing videos

The chicken come home to roost. This should be fun.

Despite their high-decibel presence online, the market for alphabets is just not there. Hence, the lower interest by advertisers. YouTube should create a separate category for alphabets and virtue-signalling advertisers should follow their claims with actual cash. Dear Alphabets, don’t let Google and advertisers get away with some token arrangement. Get your money’s worth.

Conservative commentator Mark Dice and many others have been complaining that YouTube has been demonetizing his videos without warning. By the time, the videos get manually reviewed most of his subscribers have seen the video and he earns no money from them. This daylight robbery is affecting thousands of YouTube creators.

YouTube applies the filters without warning. Why can’t it tell the YouTuber immediately after the upload? Or, provide an option to hold the publication in case it has to be demonetized?

In other news, free-speech activist Carlos Maz is leaving his outfit. For someone intent on deplatforming others, this self-de-platforming has irony written all over. All is not lost. One of the many virtue-signalling corps can gain some good PR if they offer Maz a better position with a bigger paycheck. On Twitter, he seems depressed. Hopefully, the reptilians will not suicide him.

#IToldYouSo – A wimp who could not answer a question at his first press conference in 5 years steals the election of a billion people!

Opposition parties should have boycotted the election once the news of the missing 2 million EVMs came out

Modi and his controller

Modi chickened out at his first-ever press conference.

Modi had destroyed the economy with demonetization and unemployment had hit the highest in decades. Still, Modi wins the election and defeats almost everyone who stood against anyone. How’s that possible? Just as I predicted, it was EVM FRAUD.

There were plenty of opportunities to ensure the fairness of the elections but Indian opposition failed to take action and let Modi & BJP steal the election.

How the tongue-tied Modi stole the election

  • Modi was allowed to use government machinery to promote his party. He even asked private airlines to tell passengers about the achievements of his government. (Ministry asks airlines to promote govt’s achievements with flyers, snubbed; https://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/centre-asks-airlines-to-promote-modi-govt-s-achievement-with-flyers-119022101176_1.html) His nomination should have been challenged in the EC or the court at that time itself. Indian opposition napped.

    BloomberQuint story

  • Modi and BJP candidats repeatedly broke the model code of conduct (MCC) but Indian opposition did not seek the removal of EC commissioners who let the BJP get away with it. An election boycott was due at that time but Indian opposition failed to do the needful.
  • Nearly 20 lakh EVMs were missing. The moment the news came out, the election process should have been stopped and an investigation started. But, there was barely any reaction. Indian government agencies give their usual lame excuses and Indian parties blithely accept them without protest. It is not beyond the pale of imagination that these EVMs were used to change the vote in favor of the BJP with the connivance of EC officials. Big companies that have increased their balance sheets under Modi would have offered jobs and other opportunities to relatives of cooperating EC officials and election monitors.
  • Even though the EVMs were ELECTRONIC, the election process took nearly two months instead of one day. The results should have been declared on the same day but the extended election calendar gave EC and BJP plenty of time to bring in manipulated EVMs and steal the election.
  • Indian opposition parties failed to track the EVMs. This allowed BJP and EC to steal the election. Sitting outside strong rooms on counting day was not going to change anything as the fake votes were already cast.
  • At the Supreme Court, BJP’s nightwatchman Arun Mishra refused to allow counting of paper slips. Immediately, all Indian political parties should have boycotted the election. Modi’s handlers would have thought they had covered all aspect of the fraud but opposition boycott was not something they could have manipulated. But, as usual, Indian opposition failed to do the right thing. Some politicians were busy planning post-election strategy. Mayawati broke ranks from the opposition and claimed that she would ally with the BJP if they would let her become PM. Beggar’s belief!

Modi has successfully destroyed all institutions – the judiciary, CAG, EC, CBI,… Then, why did Indian opposition parties repose faith in the same institutions? Did they expect the SC to go against the government? Did they expect the EC to give a proper explanation to why so many EVMs were missing? Or, why so many of them were filmed being transported without police escort. Did they expect BJP candidates to be punished for violating the MCC?

What if the SC or the EC had lost their might? Indian opposition should have shown its mettle and boycotted the election. EC can’t just conduct an election with just BJP, independents and NOTA on the ballot! It was a lost opportunity. They can spend another five years ruing their stupidity.

How to prevent Modi/BJP/EC from stealing an election

Not everything is lost. Indian parties even now can bring the SC and EC to their terms by engaging an election boycott. No election participation unless proper explanation is provided for the missing EVMs and the election process changed along these lines:

  • The EVM design should be changed. Future EVMs should generate paper slips which are then counted by machines, as votes stored in the memory chips cannot be verified by humans. Printed voting slips can be verified by humans and by machines.
  • EVMs and the printed voting slips should have checksum hash codes on the lines of blockchain technology so that vote manipulation can be checked at all levels.
  • All voting booths at a polling station should be placed in an open ground in view of all monitoring party delegates. Voting inside schools and other buildings should be avoided.
  • The boxes containing the voting slips should be transported and stored only in the view of the monitors.
  • The voting should be done in one day all over the country and the result should be declared on the same day. If the EVMs are electronic, then this is possible.
  • Before actual vote counting, a test run using dummy voting slips should be performed in the presence of monitors to ensure that they are working properly.
  • If there is any complaint about the machines counting the votes, then manual counting should be performed in the presence of party monitors.

Update: After the elections, previously suppressed statistics are tumbling out.

Unemployment stats tumble out post-election

Thanks to Modi’s alleged masterstroke, Indian economy has not recovered from the demonetization. Unemployment is the highest in 45 years as per BloombergQuint.

Live Mint report says Modi govt suppressed unemployment data

Modi govt suppressed unemployment data before election to create the illusion that all is well