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Should we cancel Bill Gates and his coronovirus ‘vaccine’ because he invests in private prisons profiting mainly from Black and immigrant incarceration?

They banned cartoon characters for less!
Mother Jones article

Is the Gates Foundation still investing in private prisons? Bill and Melinda Gates’ philanthropy won’t say!

UK’s REFORM.co.uk tells Modi to eliminate Death Penalty and start Private Prisons and extended life sentences

On their Twitter feed, Reform.co.uk try to name and shame critics of the Fascist system and praise others crony capitalists.

On their Twitter feed, Reform.co.uk try to name and shame critics of the Fascist system and praise others crony capitalists.

You will soon see a #TimesView about the need to eliminate ghastly practice (one-eye blink) of state taking the life of person and the need for longer sentences for heinous crimes. They will cite terrorist attacks and gang rapes during debate phase but by the time it is implemented anything will be a heinous crime. Anything you do will be a crime like in the UK or US.

Elders at Reform.org are devious. Capital punishment is a relic of old time and has no place in a democracy. But if you successfully oppose it, then you get into a more worse world because of private prisons. Either way you are screwed.

Reform.co.uk masquerades as a think tank and promotes Fascist subversion of democracies.

Reform.co.uk masquerades as a think tank and promotes Fascist subversion of democracies.

Moral Volcano Prediction – Private jails coming to India – Reform.co.uk on the job

The Delhi gangrape incident is getting curioser and curioser.

First, a not-so-unusual gangrape incident is given an overwhelming amount of media attention. Showing remarkable alacrity the female victim is given a media name “Nirbhaya” similar to cyclones (which again is trend copied from the US).

Next, the government flies the injured woman to Singapore going stoutly against local medical advice. This clearly killed her – the first state-sponsored murder in the case.

Then, the male victim retracts his statement that Delhi police delayed help for several hours. (Economic Times; Delhi gangrape: Cops didn’t delay, says victim’s friend now; 23 February 2013; http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-02-23/news/37257421_1_pcr-van-delhi-gangrape-police-response) This obviously was under pressure from Delhi Police.

WEBPAGE - ET - Male Friend of Delhi Gangrape Victim Retracts On Delhi Police Delay

Delhi Police seems to be very corrupt. Their anti-national character has been exposed in the book Who Killed Karkare. Recently, the Asia Times published an article series how Delhi Police falsified evidence against the Radio Iran journalist in the Israeli embassy woman car-bombing case. (The allegedly “injured” Israeli woman refused to be taken to a hospital and urged members of the public who tried to help her that she be taken to the embassy instead – “No hospital. Embassy only.” She supposedly had shrapnel lodged in her spine, lung and liver. I read the eye-witness accounts of her refusal to go to a hospital, probably in Bangalore Mirror, but I am unable to find a link to its online page.) Delhi Police also seem to be very influential. Many people who took part in the protests called by Anna Hazare were booked in false cases and tortured by police all over India.

Now, one of the prime accused in the case is found hanging in a cell where he was with several other inmates.

I believe that this is just one of several incidents of corruption in government jails that are going to be scandalized. The stage is being set for private jails on the lines of UK and other Western countries.

In the mid 90s, I used to visit the British Council library in Chennai several times a week. I remember that the British media orchestrated a similar campaign to scandalize law enforcement. Their focus was sex crimes and also capital punishment. Their demands were tougher laws, public registries, chemical castration and isolated housing of sex offenders. (These laws were never targeted at the biggest sex offenders of the UK, that is, the elite. The Saville scandals is testament to this.)

This campaign against sex offenders was curiously accompanied with a separate campaign to abolish capital punishment.

Both campaigns (there may have been others that I am not aware of) simply set the stage for private prisons.

Today, private prisons in the UK are just managed by three companies, which are most likely fronts of the Rothschilds, just like any other privatized industry.

What is missing in the Indian campaign is the demand for abolishing capital punishment. However, it is already in the list of recommendations submitted by a retired judge. This report among other thing recommends punishment for “marital rape.”

So, who is going to run private prisons India? My guess is that it the usual suspects will be involved in collaboration with Western private jail contractors. Tatas, Reliance, and the Mahindras are prime candidates. All three of them are vying to be “defence majors” like Lockheed Martin and Boeing. They want to privatize all public services, even water supply and education. They already monopolize power supply in some cities. In future, I expect them to offer private jails as well.

The need for private jails was necessary because sometimes members of the elites get into jails. Private jails allows the elite keep these unfortunates in good comfort. (The “Knights Templar” Norwegian mass-murdere Breivik is going to a plush private prison.) I also believe that private jails will allow the elite to serve their own brand of justice against troublesome characters such as environmentalists, anti-corruption crusaders, etc.

British Prison Industrial Complex – Private Prisons Industry Wins Contracts By Media Campaign – Reform.co.uk rules roost

Here is the BBC “news” article on the report praising private prisons. The report was prepared by a “center-right think tank” named Reform. In the annual report of Reform.co.uk, you will find that the prison contractors are among its 33 corporate sponsors. (Interestingly, the think tank is registered as a company.)

WEBPAGE - British Prison Industrial Complex

Thanks to http://antioligarch.wordpress.com/2013/02/24/what-the-bbc-conceals-on-private-prisons-research/