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Let The Humanitarian Bombing of Syria Start – What are they waiting for?

The fact that the presence of gas in these waters would be a cause for trouble has been known for years.

The fact that the presence of gas in these waters would be a cause for trouble has been known for years.

All this talk of impeachment is bogus. Assad is going to be toppled. Whether it is going to be peaceful or not is the question.

Syria has some oil (the heavier kind) but it has lots of offshore natural gas that was discovered recently. Israel claims that all of these gasbeds for itself of course and that is the reason for war.

The availability of gas must have been known for several decades but it has been only recently when the “discovery” of the massive Leviathan field was announced.

Research suggests there may be as much as 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas waiting to be tapped off the coasts of Syria, Lebanon and Israel, as well as Gaza, according to a study last year by the US Geological Survey. The crown jewel of Israel’s recent finds is the Leviathan field, with its estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, valued at more than US$95 billion (Dh349bn). However, Lebanon believes it also has a claim to the Leviathan field. The countries are technically at war and do not recognise either land or sea borders. Israel has simply unilaterally declared its maritime boundaries with Lebanon. Based on its boundaries on land, Israel established a maritime zone that veers well to the north, an area that encompasses all the known major gas fields. Giora Eiland, Israel’s former national security adviser, who is now a consultant to companies involved in the gas exploration, said: “It means all the new gas fields should fall in the waters of Israel.” Lebanon has responded by submitting to the UN the coordinates of what it says are its maritime boundaries. It has also lodged a formal protest with the world body against Israel.

There is unlimited oil and gas in this world. The Rothschilds create these wars to keep supply limited. Only, then people will be enslaved by the dishonest Rothschild money system.