Google leads a covert war against RSS & anonymity on the Web

Google News used to provide RSS feed links for any search that you performed from the search box. This allowed you to keep track of all subsequent news updates for that particular topic using a feed-reader application. Well, Google has killed that feature. RSS link is not available anymore.

The RSS features was great. You could put in a search for “monsanto” and keep track of all Monsanto-related news. You could do a search for “rothschild -wasau -giraffe” and get all news stories about the foremost terrorists in the world, that is, the Rothschild family.

At a Bilderberger group meeting, it seems that Eric Schmidt was told that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers did not like this. Google now wants people to be logged into their service in a browser so that it can monitor them for the surveillance agencies.

This Google News link will not give you an RSS feed anymore.

The RSS feed is available only if you search using a different URL.

To get the RSS feed URL, you need to add the “&output=rss” to the address.

Google is not alone in this. Twitter removed RSS feed for their accounts. With RSS, you could track a Twitter user without having to create an account or explicitly follow them. (They referred to RSS as “unsecured endpoints.”) It will not be a long time before other websites follow suit. ScribD has removed RSS feeds.

I have not used Google Reader and don’t even know what it looked like. After Google shut down that service, there were many online articles about Google Reader alternatives. None of them mentioned My Yahoo!. I have been using this service for over a decade. It does a good job of aggregating not just news stories and RSS but also provides cartoons, weather updates, and stock quotes. (Opera browser (up to v12.6) had a reload option in its web page context menu, which ensured that your My Yahoo! page was automatically refreshed.) Yahoo has a good financial news portal at Yahoo! Finance. ( and they can provide quotes and company news for the stocks in your portfolio.

RSS used in My Yahoo

This screenshot is from 2005.

Now, Yahoo has started hiding its My Yahoo! service. You will not find the link on many Yahoo pages. That’s how things are with RSS these days.

Opera browser (until version 12.6) had an integrated RSS reader. It was absolutely great. After another Bilderberger group, some people took over Opera company, made it drop the Opera product altogether and instead build Google Chrome-based browser. After that Opera browser has become a Google Chrome clone. Opera, until 12.6, was not just a browser. It pioneered speed dials, tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, and many other features that other browser makers stole from it. It also had an integrated e-mail client, RSS feed reader, torrent client, chat client, download manager, and many other things. Now, it has nothing. It is just an empty shell that contains Google Chrome spyware.

BTW, in the last episode of the No Agenda Show podcast (, Adam Curry let others know about his discovery of why Google collects phone numbers.

At a BilderBerger meeting, top websites in the world were asked to obtain phone numbers from their visitors, ostensibly to help them recover their passwords.

At a BilderBerger meeting, top websites in the world were asked to obtain phone numbers from their visitors, ostensibly to help them recover their passwords.