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App Review: Zombie Roadkill is the best game app for Android – Combines both racing and first-person shooter

I have been playing this game for three years now and I still have not completed it yet. The app has alternating racing and FPS games in a total of 80. Each type of the game is top of the class, at least from what I have played. I still have 20 more games to finish in it.

Zombie Roadkill game app for Android

The best racing and first-person shooter games in one game app – Zombie Roadkill

Movie Review: Beware of the Sumatran Rat Monkey! ‘BrainDead’ or ‘Dead Alive’ is the goriest bloodiest zombie movie ever

This movie is not kid-friendly, family-friendly or adult-friendly.

This movie from the early 1990s begins rather slowly. I thought that as it was a British movie, it was going to be a slow boring horror movie. No. This movie is from a New Zealand director. The horror fest picks up pace like no tomorrow. While watching the movie, you hope the director would slow down at some point. Nope, the dismembered zombie parts transmogrify and become fresh (if you can call it that) creatures that simply defy description. The movie becomes extremely funny once the zombies start acting up.

Correct way to handle a Zombie Outbreak is to nail one of them to a tree – no zombie would dare to enter your compound

As an experienced zombie response specialist (I have watched a few movies and read some novels), I have to say that most zombie response manuals, such as this one, are wrong. Zombies should not be incinerated or dissoved in acid. During a zombie outbreak, fuel is expensive and you don’t want to deal with hazardous material. In times like these, the simplest solution is the best solution. You should drive a nail into the skull of one of them and stick them to a board outside your house. This will not kill it of course but that’s exactly what we want. The zombie will keep groaning and like a scarecrow, it will drive other zombies from venturing into your area. To nail your first quarry, you need a shotgun. (Small pistols and revolvers are not recommended. A S&W .357 will do but may take multiple shots.) Train the gun on the zombie’s legs below the knees. After taking out the legs, destroy the zombie’s hands below the elbow. (Above-the-knee shots will drain the zombie of body fluids and will ruin the zombie’s usefulness.) Do not aim for the head or body, as that would totally damage the zombie’s audio output.

Zombie outbreak response manuals, such as this one, are invariably wrong.

Zombie outbreak response manuals, such as this one, are invariably wrong.

World War Z (the novel, not the movie) seems to have the most authentic-looking zombie outbreak situation. The Thing by John Carpenter is good. The Return of the Living Dead is another good one.

After the outbreak, the world is most likely to be turned into what was imagined by Robert Rankin in his Rex Mundi series.