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Nearly 40 years ago, a cartoonist used the “your kid has grown a foot since last time” joke and

… nothing has changed

Unlike other nuclear powers, India seems to have the most diverse types of nuclear reactors in the world. India has mastered almost every type of nuclear reactor technology, (thanks to bureaucrats love for foreign trips and bribes). Yet, Manmohan Singh, citing lack of domestic supply of nuclear fuel, made deals for very expensive nuclear reactors. Not only that, one nuclear reactor, which was abandoned by Canadian collaborators after the 1975 nuclear test and later made critical (functional) by Indian scientists without Canadian help, was also shut down.

Now, Modi has completed land acquisition for the biggest and most expensive nuclear power plant in the world. This is happening when India is a power surplus nation and when lakhs of crores of government bank loans are tied up as NPAs in hyperbolically named “super mega thermal power plants.”

Recent state elections have shown that Modi is doomed as far 2019 elections are considered. It seems that in order to make the foreign-made EVMs work “properly” in BJP’s favor, Modi is in a terrible hurry to close the Jaitapur power plant deal.

Reptilian News Cartoon: You kid has grown a foot since last time

Nuclear power plants are ticking time bombs, ready to decimate civilian populations and permanently impair generations to come.

I saw the original cartoon in US weekly at the American Center Library in Chennai. It was set in the Reagan deregulation era. I couldn’t control my laughter when I read it. This Reptilian News cartoon though is no laughing matter. As you can see I didn’t put much effort in it. It breaks my heart to draw something like this.

I Told You So! Moral Volcano prediction proved right! Modi govt restates value of “assets” seized from #Nimo

In February 2018, I predicted that Modi government will restate the value of the “assets” seized from Nirav Modi’s retail stores. This is because jewellery stores mark up the value of their stocks in many ways. First, the value of non-precious items such as paint and plastics on the jewel is given the same treatment as gold when selling to the customer. When the customer wants to sell it back to the store, these non-precious items are scrapped off the jewel and only the melted gold is weighed and valued at prevailing bullion market rates. Second, depending on the market standing of the store, a “brand premium” is added to the value of the articles. In case of designer jewellery, this can be double the value of the article purchased. Third, Indian government officials pocket some of the valuables during the raids.

People should realize that the ED was quite aware of this. They were under pressure from Modi government to inflate the value of the asset seizures.

In February 2018, I predicted that Modi government will restate the value of the “assets” seized from Nirav Modi’s stores.

PSU banks are suffering NPAs because of influence peddling by Finance Ministry officials & politicians

Why Indian government-owned banks have so much NPAs

Finance ministry officials influence banks to lend to politicians and their cronies. This is why PSBs (government banks) are burdened with so much NPAs.

As predicted by me foreign shills are peddling reports and op-eds claiming that NPAs can be eliminated if banks were privatized. It is as if private banks have not gone broke (GTB) or have no bad debts (ICICI, HDFC, Axis…). Even if some government banks are privatized the remaining banks will continue to be exploited by politicians and their influential friends.

The only solution is for government banks to be run by  bankers not bureaucrats. And independent board should take care of corporate governance and monitoring.


National Health Protection Scheme is a Jaitley jumla to regularly transfer tens of thousands of crores to private insurance companies as premium

Just like the crooked Modi farm insurance scam er scheme.


Are the two of them preparing well ahead for the general elections? Maybe at Davos Switzerland they found some new deposits in numbered accounts. Or else why would they do something like this?




Just as I had predicted (https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/disaster-capitalists-behind-modi-seek-to-exploit-uttar-pradesh-hospital-infant-deaths-to-privatize-primary-healthcare-centres/), Modi is under pressure from World Bank/IMF to privatize rural healthcare centres. It seems that in this endeavour, Modi is being aided by Naresh Trehan.


Didn’t the billions of dollars given to George Soros used to sponsor protests defaming Christians & Christianity in Ukraine & Russia

American meddling or American taxpayer dollars used to fight Christianity!

Reptilian News - George Soros and Femen attack Christianity and Christians.

American Christians pay taxes and Jewish financier George Soros spends it on Femen attacks on Christian chruches and people.