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Google Washing 5 – Moral Volcano blog vanishes from Google results – Censorship not affecting Facebook or Twitter reposts

This is to the attention of whichever a-holes are involved in this $h!tjob. The Facebook links are still coming up. All my e-mail posts are reposted on Twitter and Facebook. If you are censoring Google results, that doesn’t do the job. Facebook and Twitter links are still there in the google results, morons.

After Mozilla released Firefox Developer Edition, I wanted to add it to the “Open with” menu of Opera. I wanted to check the WordPress post where I had published the steps involved in this. Usually, for such a thing like this, I would type “moral volcano” and suffix that with words from the title of the post. Moral Volcano blog is not in the results anymore.

It seems that someone has put in a word to that schmuck Eric Schmidt’s outfit to get Moral Volcano off the results. Who would that be? Google’s claim to fame was its ability to get the correct page in the very first result. It used to work for over 10 years. Not anymore. Moral Volcano is off the first result. Facebook and Twitter links do show up in its place but you need to get past those sites before hitting the blog.


Google Washing Example 3 – Google protects Indian Intelligence Bureau from online bullies

Google hides article titled “Intelligence Bureau doesn’t like the taste of its own medicine” for no good reason. How can those a-holes protect us from terrorists if they are afraid of an innocuous online article. Boo hoo!

Here, Google, come fetch this!
URL: https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2013/07/31/intelligence-bureau-doesnt-like-the-taste-of-its-own-medicine/

Google removes all direct links to an article (despite the entire article title in quotes in the search) and instead fills the results page with links that do not have the content.

Google links to all kinds of pages except the article page.

Intelligence Bureau complains about CBI leaking news about Ishrat Jehan case to media.

Intelligence Bureau complains about CBI leaking news about Ishrat Jehan case to media.

Google Washing 1 – Google covers up shoddy details about Church of Scientology

NEWSCLIP - DH - Scientology escapee Leah Remini

British Foreign Office record show that science fiction writer and Scientolgy founder Ron Hubbard set up a degree mill with some of his pals and awarded each other doctorates.

This ‘religion’ literaly forces its followers to read the science fiction written by its founder (NO SARCASM HERE).

As globalists (mostly Jews) consider Christian faith as science fiction, they have let Scientology get away with what they feel is a close parallel.

That is why Scientology is able to get away with crimes worse than kidnapping, torture, and murder.

Scientology has it own state within a state sytem. They have their own eductational system, courts, jails and even a spy network. They spy on its own members and anyone who opposes the Church. They systematically harrassed and defeated even IRS officials.

Scientology followers have to sign a contract literally offering to work unpaid for a million years (NOT A FIGURE OF SPEECH). To keep followers from escaping, followers are first stripped off their wealth and placed in debt to the Church – by charging them a huge amount for ‘training’ in ‘Dianetics’, the Scientollogy science.

The Church’s spy network keeps tabs on even those who have left it. Escapees usually have to start from scratch as they have lost everything to the Church. And, the Church hounds them to pay for past ‘training’. While most escapees shut up, some have sued the Church.

Like the Catholic Church, Scientology claimed the offenses were localized and not systemic. Coincidentally, they emptied the coffers of the sued branches and pretended they couldn’t pay damages.

The suits did reveal some weird techniques used to brainwash followers such as the device known as confession ‘meters’.

Christian groups cannot attack Scientology because the latter mockingly imitates the practices of the former but under the banner of SCIENCE.

UPDATE: As I was search for an old post I had written on Scientology, there is a Google ad for scientology trying to handle the issue. Apparently, Scientology spends a fortune on buying Google ads and in return it gets critical content Google washed away. There are plenty of anti-Scientology videos that have been taken down by Google from Youtube on request from Church of Scientology.

WEBPAGE - Google Ad - Scientology Responds

UPDATE 2: I can’t find that old post. Will my handlers restore it?

UPDATE 3: I was wrong about the million-year contract. Scientology followers need to sign a billion-year contract. And e-meter is not something you can pick up at your local Radio Shack though you can still make it using off-the-shelf components. The latest version has a USB port. Good God!

NEWSCLIP - NYT - Sceintology Defectors