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Supreme Court judgement in any murder case involving Amit Shah: Visitation by God

Reptilian News cartoon - Judg Loya murder case

All evidence points to Amit Shah in the Judge Loya murder case but not even the Supreme Court will dare to order an investigation leave alone convict him.

From Gandhi to Loya, the RSS culture is a trail of murders!

UPDATE (31-January-2018): After Kapil Sibal press conference at INC HQ, no Indian news website has published any of the questions raised by him. All of them have taken the easy way out by publishing a news agency report, which simply says Sibal/Congress wants an independent SC-monitored probe. Nothing else. Nothing about two other murders – one of a retired judge and another of an activist lawyer. Nothing about the government doctor filing two post-mortem reports for the same time in which the Loya’s body was examined. The National Herald, run by the Congress, is reporting it for obvious reasons. The Wire is the only other news source that is reporting the details. Every other news editor in India is under blackmail.

Modi government’s blackmail of judges works?

The SC said Aadhaar should be voluntary, not mandatory. Modi government accepted the verdict but went ahead with it anyway. They belatedly passed a “money bill” making Aadhaar mandatory for “services” for the poor.

The SC allowed IT returns to be filed without Aadhaar by those who have not applied for i but Modi government made Aadhaar or Aadhaar “enrollment number” mandatory.

After SC ruled that privacy was a fundamental right, Modi government insists nothing has changed.

Soon a five-member constitutional bench will decide whether Aadhaar is mandatory. But, no relief until then. “Link PAN with Aadhaar”, the government thunders.

The CBI had neatly sewed up the Gujarat police’s encounter killing of Ishrat Jehan’s custodial killing under NDA but the under Modi government all accused are getting acquitted.

Even before the election when everyone was talking about the “Modi Wave”, Amit Shah openly said there is no judge available to convict him. Whe Modi came to power, CBI lawyer spoke for 15 minute. Amit Shah lawyer spoke for 3 days. “NOT GUILTY”, the court said but someone was.



Reptlian News cartoon: Aadhaar relies on the weak security provided by a mobile SIM

Aadhaar relies on the weak security provided by a mobile SIM. The Aadhaar system assumes that SIM’s cannot be cloned. The identification data in a SIMs can be cloned by phone manufacturers, telecom companies, hackers and even governments.

Blackmail raj! After NDTV’s CBI troubles, Indian news channels are afraid of Modi govt like hell!

Reptilian News cartoon: BJP equals Blackmail & Jumla Party

After launching cases against NDTV, other Indian TV news channels prefer to target opposition parties and farmers/Kashmiri protestors rather than take on Modi govt.

CBI was careful not to drag in GE or NBC, against which is the main ED case, as sought by S Gurumurthy & others. Maybe Modi’s controllers would have been very upset.

Instead, they chose to snag NDTV in a pretty weak case involving ICICI Bank. No action on money laundering.

Still, the channels are so scared they are blaming the victim. When farmers in MP were protesting, the channels changed their tune after a while and claimed farmers were at fault.

Modi thinks meeting the US ambassador is a great deal; It is just the beginning of a long period of blackmail; IB has turned over long tapes of Modi to the Americans

Nancy Powell is an accomplished blackmailer. In Pakistan, she prevented Nawaz Sharif from forming government after the elections. Musharaff would not let PML or PPP form the government until this woman was satisfied.

She was also involved in tranferring US government funds to the Taliban.

After Modi becomes PM, he will be under daily blackmail. No Yeshwanth or Jaswanth will be in charge of the economy. No yoga guru either. That would have been too much of a joke anyway.

Raghuram Rajan will bring his chelas from the Chicago mafia and THEY will run the show. Modi and the RSS will quitely put their tails between their legs and watch from the sidelines.

India will quietly transition to the CFR model.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.