Reptilian Books

All of these books are for reprogramming the brainwashed and forewarning the ignorant.

  • Reptilian News Cartoons v2020: This collection of 149 Reptilian News Cartoons (published for three for years before 2020 on the Moral Volcano blog) with commentary spread over 434 pages is the funniest book ever written. A black-n-white paperback was created because of the high cost of the color paperback.

    Book cover

    This book is also a monument for fake news. It has lots of fake news, both from Moral Volcano and from mainstream news journalists. You may not be able to tell the difference but the MSM material is usually funnier. Hence, the commentary accompanying each cartoon has citations almost always from mainstream news sources – very embarrassingly so. No “CONSPIRACY” news sites. NO REAL REPTILIANS.

    • eBook:
      • Print-replica ebook: Print-replica ebook: ₹600, $2.99, £2.99, €2.99 – Exact number of pages as the paperback but no hyerlinks.
      • Traditional EPUB ebook: Traditional ebook: ₹600, $2.99, £2.99, €2.99. More page turns but has hyperlinks.
      • Paperback
        • Full Colour: $90, £40, €49.
        • Black-n-white: $12, £11, €12
        • Sample:
          • Mostly color 70-page PDF – It has 12 cartoons and commentary.
            Sample pages
        • On the back cover
          Back cover
        • How to find the boook:
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        • Rave Reviews From The Press…
          • Hillary Clinton
            This is pure Indian propaganda!”
          • The New York Times
            “This book is full of lies, mostly sourced from our newspaper and other mainstream media sources.”
          • CNN
            “This book may have more fake news than CNN but it is not the quantity that matters.”
  • Humorous Tweets of Chairman Mao v2020: For decades, Chairman Mao has inspired us through his woke writings. In the era of Social Media, Chairman has graciously tweeted his wokeness. All his tweets have been dutifully compiled in this volume, illustrated, and produced as a full-color coffee-table book.

    Book cover

    Make your brainwashed Communist kids (age 16+) read this coffee-table book. If they do not comply, remind them that educated people are the first ones to be executed when any Communist revolution succeeds.

  • Humorous Tweets of Chairman Mao v2021: Due to popular demand, Chairman Mao tweets from a day in 2021 has been made into another coffee-table book. The ebook is free on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ScribD and other stores/libraries.