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The War Party makes Amerika is one-party state! Proof? US media’s amazing transformation from being a Bush-led Republican Party cheerleader to a Clinton-led Democratic Party cheerleader


During the Bush era, it was extremely frustrating for liberals & Democrats in the US as they routinely got labeled as crazy or unpatriotic if they ever criticized Bush. Everyone was supposed to be lockstep with the fancy conspiracy theories (Iraqi WMDs) put out by the “Neocon” Republicans & US government.

The New York Times took the lead in fanning war hysteria by publishing the infamous “Curveball” stories & other myths ( https://moralvolcano.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/curveball-the-man-whose-lies-caused-100000-deaths-in-iraq/).

The entire US media became Republican. It was extremely difficult for Democrats to say something contrarian.

Despite the fact that Bush fit every Village Idiot stereotype to a T, anyone drawing attention to the no-bid defense contracts and obvious war-profiteering were all accused of committing “gaffes”.

In the recent Trump-versus-Hillary election, the scale has tipped to the other side. Republicans have become the frustrated ones. The US media as a whole has gravitated to the Democratic side. They did not just endorse Hillary en masse but are also seriously censoring all bad news about her and corrupt/traitorous family.

For once, Americans are tired of war and the current Republican candidate is unbelievably straight out against war. Trump wants America to disengage from wars and get out all the troublespots that previous American presidents have created. Seriously, Trump is not pitching for the War Party.

Hillary is the obvious War Party candidate, just as Bush was. And, that’s whom US media (or their owners) will be tilted to.

Hillary is easy to blackmail & manipulate. Trump is not. The irony just doesn’t end there.

Trump is supposed to be anti-Muslim and Hillary is supposed to be pro-Muslim. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The anti-war foreign policy of a Trump administration would be beneficial to many Muslim countries currently bearing the brunt of Hillary-Obama’s declared & undeclared wars.

A “Pro-Muslim” Hillary Clinton administration will definitely extend Obama’s humanitarian bombing & droning of Muslims all over the world, ranging from Pakistan to Yemen to Mali. ISIS & other Islamic terrorists operating in the Middle East will continue to be smuggled into the US and Europe under the guise of being “refugees”.

It is not just Trump – all candidates demonized by the mainstream media are anti-war and all candidates endorsed by them are pro-war. Marie LePen of France, Nigel Farage of Britain, Frauke Petry of Germany and many other nationalist & pro-people politicians are anti-war and are ostracized by the mainstream media.

People of the world are opposed to war but the mainstream media is pitching for war & misery. Under whose orders?

EU is a fascist dream! So, all hail, “The EU is dead! Long live the UK!”

Without trade deals, how is China still the biggest trading nation in the world?


I used to hate the Brits for colonizing India but now I have forgiven them. The Brits voted for independence, and freed themselves and future generations from the tyranny of a villainous super-state called the European Union (EU).

In the 11th century, William The Conqueror (from Normandy, France) occupied England and instituted the feudal system. While much of the population became as serfs to nobles, the Jews he brought with him were exempted. Like Jews in ancient Palestine, Jews got themselves exempted from the law of the land. Jews became direct subjects of the King. By the 13th century, Jews had ruined their welcome. As traditional moneylenders (Christians were forbidden by their religion to charge interest), they were not particularly liked by the people. There were many accusations of ritual murder in which children were found murdered, often drained of all blood from their bodies. Some of these children are still worshiped as saints in many parts of Europe. Some 350 years later, Jews were formally allowed back into England by Oliver Cromwell, who had beheaded the King Charles and instituted a military dictatorship. While Cromwell’s complaint was that Charles had ignored the Parliament, he ruled more or less like a king without a formal crown on his head. Under Cromwell’s “Commonwealth”, the feudal system remained intact. Jews continued to charge high interest and squeezed out competitors in various trades. Some nobles may have changed but as a class their wealth and privileges continued.

PHOTO-EU-president-Schulz-questions-the-wisdom-of-the-crowdComing to recent times, the EU has grown into a lumbering overarching bureaucratic state. Bit by bit member states have had to cede their sovereignty to the mandarins in Brussels, Belgium. Members states had to give up everything – from jobs to control over trade and immigration. But the EU left royal families, nobility and landed gentry untouched. They would be anachronism if EU had to proceed further as a real super-state.

Although UK was a member of the EU, it had not ceded all of its sovereignty. It continued to have its own currency – the Sterling Pound, and did not have to follow many EU conventions. As an internationalist, the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron wanted to UK to subsume into the EU. In this, he faced opposition from the old guard in his party, whose loyalties lie with the royalty and the upper class of British society.

To bypass opponents in the Conservative Party and go ahead with full EU integration, Cameron called for a referendum – the Brexit. A pal of his, Boris Johnson, seems to have been given the task of preventing the likes of Nigel Farage of UKIP (UK Independence Party) from hijacking the Brexit Leave vote. During the run-up to the vote, a known supporter of Palestinians and unfortunately a supporter of the Remain campaign was, let’s say, sacrificed for maximum advantage. (In France or Turkey, there is always a terrorist attack whenever the politicians in power are not doing well in the popularity charts.) To make matters worse, YouGov published a poll in which weeks of Leave campaign advantage was reversed and the Remain campaign was shown as in the lead. This was the reason why voter turnout was high.

Given such high turnout, the writing was on the wall. But the globalists had to show that Remain campaign was not in a minority. Hence the final tally showed a difference of just a few percentage points.

If the Leave camp was in a minority, then the turnout would have been low. The television images of rapefugees from Middle East and boat people from Africa had created indelible impression that UK and the EU was under an invasion. Instead of stopping the influx, German government were getting them to stay. As it became clear that Germany would not stop refugees, millions of illegal migrants started invading the borders of the borderless EU states. These illegals were everywhere – inside bus stations, railway stations and highways. When they were stopped, they started attacking. In Germany, Sweden and other countries, rapefugees started mounting sexual assaults on women. Instead of arresting them, authorities wanted citizens to take precautions. Churches were asked to remove the crosses when refugees were housed in them. Citizens living in state housing complexes were asked to leave to make way for refugees. Near the English Channel, illegal immigrants had stopped trains, trucks and other traffic.

The alien invasion came at a time of financial turmoil in EU states. EU integration and free trade had destroyed the manufacturing base of these countries. Countless factories and businesses had shut down. Jobs had become. Housing and education was becoming more and more expensive by the day. Despite all that, anyone opposing the illegal migration was immediately branded as a Nazi. Politicians and journalists were making bold-faced lies about the alien invasion and its response. It seemed that system had failed. The referendum captured a revolt in the making.

Is it the end of the world now? Hang yourself if you want!

Before the refrendum, everyone from the Janet Yellen to the EU to the IMF was claiming that Brexit would be catastrophic. After the refrendum, nothing happened. Sure, stockmarkets crashed but they are still trading higher than the week before.

Will Brexit be bad for the UK? UK is broke. It can’t get out with the EU as a millstone around its neck.

No. Britain was not a full member of the EU. It continues to have its own currency, which trades freely in the market.

Despite the fact that EU regulations are already like mountains, the group is still in its infancy. EU member states still have national parliaments and are sovereign states.

The globalists initially sold the public that the EU was just a common market for goods. Over time, the customs union was followed by a common bureaucracy, powerless common parliament, a common currency, common regulations, common court…

In recent years, EU states have been suffering from financial turmoil. It was caused by poor lending practices, low interest rates and unpayable private/public debt. With the common currency, national governments were unable to guide their economies.

The solution to the financial turmoil in EU, as suggested by the globalist kleptocrats, was now a common fiscal union. A fiscal union means national parliaments are obsolete and no longer in control of their budgets. With each crisis, the kleptocrats have showed no sign of slacking. They were moving the EU super-state project even further. UK was facing doom in the EU, as are other remaining state within the union. The EU bureacracy already operates in an opaque manner. The total secrecy with which the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty was being negotiated is proof. In the US, the kleptocrats were guiding the American government on similar lines with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Even as the American public and legislators were denied access to the draft and minutes of the negotiations, US president Obama claimed that his country (and not China) would be writing the rules of international trade. (In India, Modi government has put Nirmal Sitharam on a similar secret deal called Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership  (RCEP) with Asian and Oceanic countries. The EU is part of a larger World Government project and Modi is a small pawn in it. Because Indian media is clueless about TPP and TPIP, there is no media discussion on the ill effects of RCEP. Instead, they are loudly agonizing over a useless NSG membership.)


EU is a fascist dream. UK is better off without all that red tape and bureaucracy.

How can UK trade without trade deals? Trade without trade deals is free trade!

Nations should be able to regulate their trade. Trade deals are bondage agreements. UK does not need trade deals to trade in goods or services. The biggest trading nation in the world is China. It has a huge pool of slave labour and it is destroying manufacturing nations all around the world without any fancy trade deal.

Many European countries like Norway and Switzerland already trade with EU states without enjoying the “benefits” of being a EU state.

Will not Brexit affect stockmarkets? Not any more wobbly than it is already!

The effects of Brexit will not be immediate. Cameron has delayed Brexit until October when he resigns. The new Prime Minister has two years time after that to negotiate the exit. UK can sign new trade deals with individual EU nations if it wants to. EU leaders say they want a quick UK exit but they will try to make it difficult for the UK to exit and will make it a long-drawn-out process, lest it encourage other nations to leave.

If other EU nations do not provide duty-free access to UK exports, then UK can impose duties on their exports too. This will also help restarting the manufacturing base in the UK while shoring up revenues for the government. EU needs the UK more than UK needs Europe.

Will not Scotland want to leave? Sturgeon is a Merkel!

Earlier, I would have liked Scotland to leave the UK. Now, I don’t. Small nations are easier to exploit. What happened in Iceland and Greece are good examples. If Scotland wants to leave Great Britain be part of the EU, it will be like exchanging one master for another. Sturgeon is a Merkel in disguise, put in there like Boris Johnson for a purpose.

How can you trade the Brexit

Just how stupid were those billion dollar bets based on the last minute YouGov opinion poll! It clearly shows that pundits in the media and the markets are totally clueless when it comes manipulation of events.

Stockmarkets have become extremely sentiment-driven. They are like a cat on a wall. However, thanks to quantitative easing, a lot of government money has come into the stockmarket. It will not return unless interest rates are hiked.

Only if China stops buying US treasuries or Saudi Arabia wants to bill crude oil in other currencies than the US dollar will stockmarkets collapse as a whole in the immediate term.

Over the long term, massive corporate debt defaults are looming the US, where companies have borrowed from the market to buyback equity, which have boosted share prices. This will cause a slow downturn in the Dow. If it gets ugly, purchases of US treasuries by other central banks cannot be justified. US government will have to then devalue its currency or default on some of it debt, as I have already predicted.

You should have already bought gold as a hedge against all bad news. Stocks with good EPS and ROCE can be picked. Stocks that have run up like crazy should be avoided.


The bottom-line is that trade deals are not needed for UK to be trading. It was the unfree trade that was destroying UK businesses (the steel industry, for example). Even if other countries leave the EU, so much the better. Only when national governments have full control over their economies, can manufacturing for internal consumption (rather than exports) be able to provide enough jobs and create lasting prosperity.

Indian FM lines up his minions for central bank governor post

Central banking was invented by the Rothschilds. All central banks today are controlled by them, including those in Communist countries. In fact, it was international bankers in London and New York who financed Lenin and sent him to Russia.

Unknown to most people, central banks in Western countries are privately owned. In India, Indian government is notionally the owner of the RBI shares. However, as a precondition to sending FDI to India, the decision-making at the RBI was made totally independent of the central government. The RBI governor goes to Basel (Switzerland) every year I guess and gets programmed at the meetings of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). He listens to nobody else.

Yet, Indian RBI governors have not done great damage to the Indian economy. There is no full convertibility and interest rates have not been slashed. The trouble with Western economies is low interest rates. In that environment, there are no good investment options except the stock market and derivatives. A few privileged banks such as Bank of America and JP Morgan can borrow money at zero or no interest rates and control entire economies like in a cartel. Thus, the Big Banks on Wall Street have grown to own big stakes in all big influential companies. As they are very close to the fountainhead of the money printing presses, they get the maximum out of the dollar. Everytime the money changes hands, the dollar loses its value and the banks grow in influence.

Indian corporates such as the Tatas, Birlas and the Ambanis want to imitate the Big Banks on Wall Street. They want to become the quasi rulers of India and own all the wealth. This is why they are asking the RBI to lower interest rates and issue banking licenses. To make it really easy for them, they want rules to be relaxed. Not only that, they want PSU banks to be destroyed so that there is no competition.

The current governor is proving to be a tough cookie. He has been very reluctant to lower interest rates as it would fuel runaway inflation. He also has not been very enthusiastic about giving banking licenses to Tatas, Birlas, and Ambanis. For this reason, the government decided that it was time for reforms. First, it talked about of a super regulator. Then, it wanted more control over the RBI decision making. Then, it appointed an auditor to check RBI’s account books. Now, it looks like the government is not going to give Gov. Subbarao an extension.

And, who is going to fill his shoes? Chidambaram’s minions. One is an inexperienced World Bank import. The other is I don’t know who he is but I know that he is a shill. With either of these in the RBI governor post, then it is doom for the Indian economy. The Fascist state a la Amerika will be upon us. Predatory lending, leveraged buyouts, monopolies, crony capitalism… will be the order of the day. The transition could be catastrophic too. The Indian economy will just crash because of the exuberance and ineptness of these modern-day wannabe Rothschilds.

Nazi Amerika proves the logical conclusion of a Democracy is a Fascist State!

People who have been spared the horrors of Communism and Socialism are condemned to suffer through a slow descent into Fascism. There will be no peace until Rothschilds set up their World Government/Dictatorship.


Government justify their existence by offering to provide some essential services. To accomplish this, they need to raise taxes. Corruption ensures that most of the money eventually becomes spent on non-essential services (government employees and private contractors). Government then cuts back on essential services. But, corruption cannot stop there.

Soon enough, there is not enough tax money to spend on non-essential services either. So, government tells its employees raise taxes in other forms – permits, quotas, licenses, penalties, fines, etc. Government then tells employees that if they did not collect enough money, their jobs will be on the firing line.


Even then, collection will not be enough. With all-round looting and fudging, money will move out of the government faster than it moves in.

To solve that problem, collection will be privatized. For this to work, judiciary will have to be coopted. It will be privatized. Jails will also be privatized because government employees may develop something called conscience.

Thus, the logical conclusion of a democratic government is a Fascist state. A Fascist state eventually transforms itself into a one-man dictatorship.

It is the case with other forms of government. A Socialist state will become Communist state. A Communist state eventually transforms itself into a one-man dictatorship.

It is only in a democracy that people have a chance to prevent the system from reaching its logical conclusion.

This can be accomplished only if people in a democracy are vigilant. (In a dictatorship, people have lost everything. It is the top-order that needs to be vigilant – against coups, revolutions, invasions, etc.)

The first step in protecting democracy is ensuring that elections are free and fair. Electronic voting machines owned by the Rothschilds are neither free or fair. Return to paper ballot and remain vigilant.

Freedom Cops Bust 3 Girls For Running A Lemonade Stand


Freedom Water Cops Stop Woman From Distributing Free Water In Searing Heat


Freedom Courts Jail Man For Collecting Rainwater


Freedom Cops Barge Into Woman’s Home For Uncut Grass

WEBPAGE - American Cops Barge Into House To Serve Warrants For Uncut Grass

Freedom Cops Give $2500 Ticket For 3-Year-Old Kid Peeing In Front Yard


American Freedom Police execute innocent homeless man on camera

Amerika’s Fascist government fines landowner 75,000 a day for building a pond on his property

American land-owner fined 75,000 a day for building a pond.

American land-owner fined 75,000 a day for building a pond.

When Rothschild bankers launder money for drug cartels and terrorist groups, there is no case.

HSBC was asked to pay only 1.9 billion dollars for laundering money, include those of drug cartels and terrorist groups. No bankers were sent to jail.

HSBC was asked to pay only 1.9 billion dollars for laundering money, include those of drug cartels and terrorist groups. No bankers were sent to jail.