Rising numbers of aging and sick make euthanasia an option?

Is Vatsala Vedantam, former associate editor of Deccan Herald, drinking koolaid from the global depopulationists? Maybe not. It seems that her husband was diagnosed with cancer but he refused to accept it. Doctors put him on treatment and he died shortly afterwards. Instead of questioning the treatment, she has now become an advocate of legalized murder and unwittingly aiding the Rothshild agenda to depopulate the globe.

What a ghastly title???!!!

I shudder when I read it!

The job of doctors is to save lives. If doctors say that there is no hope for recovery, then it is for the family to decide to take the patient home and let the person die in peace. Nobody else has a say in this.

Cancer patients face the most danger of being designated as “terminal cases.” Current cancer treatments are nothing but quackery as most patients die from the treatment rather than from the disease. After soaking the family for all they are worth, the hospital designates the patient as a terminal case and sends them home with a big bill. With legalized murder, hospitals will want to try this on more people. If private hospitals are allowed to bill the government, as they do in the West, then hospitals will be encouraged to put anyone they can find on the fast track to heaven.

Euthansia is murder that hides behind a euphemism. If it is legalized, then global depopulation agenda will have a field day. In the UK, many thriving patients have been dispatched to heaven under the innocuously-named “Liverpool Care Pathway.” (Daily Mail; Euthanasia by the back door: Hospitals ‘death pathway’ is open to error; 4 September 2009; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1210848/Terminally-ill-care-scheme-death-pathway-warn-experts.html). It seems that LCP was a Malthusian experiment that could have been perfected in UK and then applied all over the world under the aegis of UN and WHO.


Critics dubbed it the “road to death” and accused the NHS of killing off thousands of elderly patients. Supporters say it helped their relatives have a peaceful and dignified death. Last month, an independent review recommended the LCP be phased out in England, within the next six to 12 months. One patient under the LCP was 90-year-old Kathleen Vine. Four months after doctors at a hospital in the south-east of England used it to care for her, she is back at home and in good spirits. Her granddaughters, Helen Bishop and Alison English, say the LCP was used as a justification for sedating Mrs Vine and denying her food and water. “Nan didn’t want to die, it wouldn’t even have been euthanasia. So, as far as we’re concerned, it would have felt to us as if our Nan would have been starved to death and killed,” Alison said. Mrs Vine was taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder, and a few days after being admitted she developed pneumonia. “All I remember is they weren’t feeding me. Up above my bed they put ‘nil by mouth’ and I was begging for food,” she recalled. She said that when she asked doctors and nurses for food, she was ignored. “I was being left to die. If it hadn’t have been for my family I would be dead now. I would just have been another statistic on the books.” Her family were told she had 48 hours to live but when her granddaughters visited her in hospital they said she did not look like someone who was dying. “Nanny was sitting up in bed and she was saying, “I’m really hungry, I’m really thirsty,” said Helen. (BBC, Liverpool Care Pathway: ‘They told my family I was dying’, http://www.bbc.com/news/health-23698071)

The British Medica Journal’s Journal of Ethics recently published an article that argued for “post-birth” abortions. (After-Birth Abortions: Why Should The Baby Live; Guibilini and Minerva; http://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2012/03/01/medethics-2011-100411.full.pdf) Bill Gates famously mentioned at a TED conference that vaccine can help reduce global population. Many vaccines distributed WHO were found to have been laced with hormones that caused women to miscarry.

Economists and other globalist penny-pinchers should not be allowed to decide who should live and who should not? Providing free quality healthcare for all is the solution. PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE HEALTHCARE, NOT FREE DEATH.

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