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Michael Moore’s ‘Planet of Humans’ documentary says that Wall-Street-backed ‘environmentalists’ are burning trees and calling it green sustainable renewable biomass energy

Reptilians like Michael Bloomberg named and shamed.

I did not know Climate Change fanatics were this stupid. Burning trees?

Talking heads on television who remind the audience to blindly trust the “shyence” should take note.

Thank you, Michael Moore, for making this movie.

Reuters uses heat record at Argentine station (63° south of equator) outside Antarctic circle (66° south of equator) to spread Climate Change alarm

The Antarctic station is three times farther away from the South Pole than it is from South America.

Reuters headline raises alarm on Antarctic temperatures.

Climate alarmists think they are helping the environment when they are actually accelerating ‘Man-made irreversible Climate Change’ by blowing unnecessary hot air.

Yesterday, Reuters quoted World Meteorological Organization to claim that Antarctica is experiencing the hottest temperature ever! It breathlessly warned:

Scientists believe global warming has caused so much melting at the south pole that the giant ice sheet is now on course to disintegrate. This would see an eventual global sea level rise of at least three meters (10 feet) over centuries.

I checked where this Antarctic station was on the map and found that its was at the very tip of the continent. Its latitude was 63° S. The Antarctic Circle latitude is currently at 66° S. It was 3° outside the Arctic circle.

This makes the research station closer to Argentina than the South Pole. I know from a PG Wodehouse novel that the southern-most province of Argentina is Tierra del Fuego. I went to TimeAndDate.com website to see how far it was from that state to the research station.

Maps showing how far away from the South Pole this research station is.

This distance from Tierra del Fuego to the Esperanza Base is just over 1100 kilometres. To the South Pole from the base, it is nearly 3000 kilometers. The TimeAndDate.com website map seems to show a longer distance because earth is spherical and the map is cut and stretched on a square.

Map showing distance between Tierra del Fuego and Esperanza Base and between Esperanza Base and South Pole.

Here is how various news organization are spinning the news report. Associated Press and other news agencies have got the memo and everyone is having a good cry over the rising temperatures. They probably needed it after Trump escaped impeachment.

Other news outlets spin the Reuters story.

In 2014, a team of Australian scientists and an international group of journalists (including from the BBC and Guardian) went to the South Pole to prove that the ice there was disappearing.

Professor Turney and his acolytes were lured into an embarrassing fiasco by their own neurotic creed. On Christmas Eve, little more than a fortnight after the start of its voyage, the Shokalskiy became wedged in thick ice. As the weather worsened so did the crisis on board. The vessel turned into a ship of fools. What made the debacle all the more humiliating was that this is now the height of summer in Antarctica, when ice coverage is meant to be at its most limited before the onset of winter. Faced by evidence that confounded their ideology the team was bewildered.

Global Warming brigade lose the plot on a ship of fools

Climate Change activist Greta Thunberg’s message to world leaders – as it should have been

Expletives deleted, bleeped and subtitled

World leaders would have definitely listened to her if she had used some f-bombs.

Linux kernel developers one year ago decided to replace all f-bombs with the word ‘hug’. This totally defanged the ability of developers of venting their anger in source code.

I hate it when people use f-bombs and other profanities even when they are not angry. Being a angry and expressing the anger is good for the soul. Being a potty mouth is good for nothing.

I saw Greta Thunberg for the first time and she does seem crazy!

Swedish teen receives backhanded compliment from Jesus-hater Sarah Silverman who praised her as a little ‘Jesus’

I steer clear of PR campaigns masquerading as news. The Swedish teen’s name was in a lot of Climate Change propaganda that was masquerading as news items. As usual, I ignored them. Of note was one news headline that drew attention to the poster child for abortion Sarah Silverman‘s surprising portrayal of the teen as ‘Jesus’. Surprising because Silverman is Jewish and hates Jesus with a passion that makes even diehard Jewish fanatics cringe in fear.

After many weeks of this girl in the news, I saw a video of her for the first time when I hit Sara Gonzales channel. (This is a good Sara and thank God for that.) I was expecting someone like Malala and was wondering anyone would be angry with a little kid. I should have known I was wrong. God! The Swedish girl is a freak. Like a possessed demon. The remake of Exorcist would not have been a worldwide hit if only they had cast this fruitcake.

Like Mandela being a Communist Marxist trained by Israel Mossad, it will come as a surprise that her activism and new-found fame is the result of a carefully planned PR exercise. (Who’s REALLY behind 16-year-old Greta Thunberg? Ugly feud between her opera singer-turned-climate-activist mother and the green PR man who she accuses of exploiting her; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6946815/Whos-REALLY-16-year-old-Greta-Thunberg.html)


Unscientific world of Climate Models and Climate Change Targets

Who controls the weather

When AOC, Merkel and Macroni submit the Paris Climate Deal targets report, the giant bearded guy in the sky who controls weather events will switch things into slow mode.

The sciensters have made many dire predictions in the past.

BBC claim of ice-free Arctic summers by 2013

In 2007, BBC claimed that Climate Scientologists have concluded that the Arctic summers would be ice-free by 2013.

Some of them were literally caught up in their own folly.

Daily Express article “Global warming brigade lose the plot on a ship of fools” by Leo McKinstry

This cartoon by Rick McKee easily demonstrates how the climate propagandists spin their tales.

Climate Change fools change positions often than climate.

The Climate Change case against Illegal Immigration

As third-world immigrants start to live first-world countries, they will be polluting at the same levels as regular first-world denizens, thereby causing more “manpeople-made accelerated Climate Change”.

Populations in developed countries have been slowing down. The beneficial effect of a slowing population is lesser pollution. However illegal immigration is reversing this. When Third-world people live in developed countries, the consume and pollute like First-World citizens. It is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change. Illegal immigration is bad for the Earth. By supporting illegal immigration, you are enabling Climate Change.

Climate Change case against illegal immigration

Illegal immigrants are reversing population decline and causing more Man-made Global Warming.

Yesterday’s imperialists are today’s globalists. They are our only and one true global enemy.

Fair Use Credits:
Natural Ways channel, Youtube

Social media, Internet of Things & Cloud Computing cause Global Warming!

How to use reptilian techniques against reptilians.

Globalist spy on us using several ways. So ask if social media use, wireless devices, Internet of Things (IoT), & cloud computing cause global warming.

Say that every minute someone uses these things, an iceberg melts or a seal pup dies. Tell them to get rid of smartphone & other connected devices; get a landline or a basic feature phone; and close all social media accounts.

How to stop Climate Change

Social media use, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Always-on WiFi/Internet all consume electricity and cause Accelerated Man-made Irreversible Climate Change.

In reply to Slashdot [@slashdot]:

Bali Plans To Switch Off Internet Services For 24 Hours For New Year ‘Quiet Reflection’ https://t.co/emVcQQTDv4

Say “Thank you, Climate Change” for turning Earth from a ball of fire to a living planet

Every day is Climate Change Appreciation Day

Reptilian News cartoon: Thank you, Climate Change

The Earth changed from a burning ball of fire to a water-filled life-supporting habitat for birds and animals thanks to Climate Change. Climate Change began on Day 1 before man, dinosaurs, life…

Climate Change began on Day 1, much before man, dinosaurs or even life on earth. For turning Earth from a ball of fire to a living planet, thank Climate Change.

Al Gore will go away for a $15 trillion “Climate Change” windfall

Special interest group run by former US president Al Gore comes up with a price tag for Climate Change. Al Gore is also surrounded by unicorns, rainbows and international bankers.

Reptilian News cartoon: Al Gore's $15 trillion Climate Change bill

Al Gore and his banker buddies have come with a modest figure of just $15 trillion, which will be necessary to arrest Climate Change. So, relax now. Trump will mail the check anytime soon.

Al Bore has come up with a novel scheme to stop “Global Warming” in its tracks, costing a measly $15 trillion. Over to you, Trump.