New satirical book about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘AOC Tweets Actually’ published

A full-colour coffee-table book about at post-woke America in 2024 when the ‘Gang of Four’ (formerly ‘The Squad’) takes over the White House.

Intent: Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it. Despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people have perished under Communism, many democratic countries have embraced it in bits and pieces. (The moronavirus pandemic has made it worse by turning democratically elected public servants into tiny tyrants.) Thanks to UN-inspired educational curriculum like Common Core, young people today confuse capitalism with Fascism (corporatism). It is in the nature of powerful businesses and cartels to try to undermine democracy if they can and make it serve their interests. As free citizens, it is our duty to protect the system by fighting those Fascists. In a democracy, citizens need to be alert about subversion. In a dictatorship, it is the tyrants who need to be worried. Surrendering your rights to a Communist clique will not solve problems. That would be like jumping out of a hot pan and in to the fire. This book clearly tells the reader what is wrong with such a strategy. It mixes the past with the present to portray a chillingly accurate picture of what life will be under Communism if it comes to power in future.

Synopsis: A satirical look at post-woke America in 2024 when another stolen election brings total disaster. A ‘Gang of Four’ (formerly ‘The Squad’) takes over the White House. Chairman AOC and her Communist junta rule the USSA with an iron fist for the globalist kleptocracy.

Contents: ★ Fact-checked: Biden press briefings are not staged ★ Never forget what happened on January 6th… and after ★ It is easy to live up to high standards if you have none! ★ The Green New Steal ★ ‘How to be a racist’ by George Soros ★ For decades, TV networks have been prepping for the end of civilization ★ AOC stabs everyone in the back ears before 2024 elections ★ AOC attacks Chunk Yoghurt where it hurts ★ Chairman Mao does Ahnol impression ★ It’s about time Liberals learned what Socialism feels like! ★ Passive-aggressive Junk Bond ★ A dead counter-revolutionary is a good counter-revolutionary ★ One of the biggest jokebooks of all time! ★ Chairman Meow humour ★ Chairman Mao tells when it’s time to quit social media ★ Chairman Mao has a genuine doubt ★ As one American horror story ends, another begins ★ It is unimportant who will vote but what is extraordinarily important is who will count the votes ★ Socialist regimes run out of other people’s money pretty quick! Then, what happens? ★ With Communism, comes purges and starvation ★ Guilty of bringing the media-shill profession to disrepute ★ Billionaires lose their shirts ★ Australia or Austrialia? ★ Twitter will do what it does best better under government control, Socialist economists say ★ The Communist Firing Squad

Target: This 30-page full-colour coffee-table book is in the same style of previous Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao volumes. It is uses trenchant humour to amply illustrate the evils of Communism. It makes an ideal red-pill for kids who have been brainwashed by Common Core and liberal colleges. If your kids refuse to read it, tell them educated people are the first ones to be executed when a Communist revolution succeeds.


Some of the tweets can be still be found at and

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