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My plans for 2031 permanently cancelled after Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says we are all gonna die in 12 years!

As you all know, I hate to contradict or criticize beautiful women but the reptilians are forever finding new ways to detract and destroy us. Besides, there is no such thing as a moderate female reptilian (as opposed to a seriously reptilian Hillary Clinton). Just look at the tax proposals or healthcare reforms announced by Elizabeth Warren.

So, stiff upper lip and that sort of thing when you deal with these battier-than-a-fruit-bat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Just because they have a bit more feminine charm than your average cow-hormone-fed masculinized American female does not mean you should succumb to their verbalized nightmare.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez versus cows

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says methane-belching cows will kill us in 12 years

Update: Another cartoonist Rick McKee has come up with a similar looking cartoon a few weeks ago. I did not see his cartoon before drawing mine. I was inspired by a Simpsons cartoon where fat slob uses a bell and two boards hanging from his neck to warn of an impending apocalypse.

Dear Diary Maker for CNN’s Jim @Acosta Twitter page – A GreaseMonkey Javascript script

Recently, “conservatives” in the US started a campaign to troll CNN’s Jim Acosta for his repeated interruptions of US president Donald Trump. They did this by re-posting his Twitter messages prefixed with the words “Dear Diary.” Trump, himself, followed this advice and famously “Dear Diary”‘d Jim Acosta’s report from the Mexican border.

I have created this GreaseMonkey script, which automatically prefixes his tweets with the words “Dear Diary,” making it easy to screenshot them and post online.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Dear Diary Maker for Acosta on Twitter
// @namespace   net.moralvolcano.js.dear_diary_acosta_twitter
// @include*
// @include
// @version     1
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

function handle_DOMLoaded() {
	try {
			function() {
	} catch (e) {
		console.error("DDMFAT Error: " + e);

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", handle_DOMLoaded, false);

function changeAcostaTweets() {
	console.error("DDMFAT Error: Loaded");
	var arTags = document.getElementsByTagName("p");
	for (var i = 0; i < arTags.length; i++) {
		if (arTags[i].className.indexOf("tweet-text") > 0) {
			arTags[i].innerHTML = "<marquee direction=\"down\" loop=\"1\" behavior=\"alternate\" style=\"height: 2em; width: 100%; \">Dear Diary,</marquee><br /><br /><blockquote style=\"margin-left: 3em;\">" + arTags[i].innerHTML + "</blockquote>";
			if (location.href.indexOf("/status/") > "".length) {
				break; // ignore comments
	var arDivs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
	for (var i = 0; i < arDivs.length; i++) {
		if (arDivs[i].className.indexOf("tweet-stats-container") > 0) {

The code is also available at
in case WordPress warbles the code.

Switch off the Fake News TV and get a newspaper instead

John Carpenter's "They Live" was a documentary, not a science-fiction movie!

There are no magic glasses to spot them. There is no “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to fight them. Yet, they live… on TV! You are being bombarded by an unstoppable stream of globalist conditioning propaganda that is TV news. Read a newspaper instead. Choose a new medium with which you can pause and critically think for a moment about what you have been asked to believe.

Movie Review: The Stupids

The morons who passed bad reviews for this movies are THE stupids!

This movie was shown on Star or HBO when I was precocious kid of 20 years. I greatly enjoyed it. I continued to remember the “Fatal Error in Drive B:” and “That’s a well-made shoe!” jokes. I think the bush jokes are about the reptilian who was then the US president.

Film clip from the movie "The Stupids"

Alerted by his family of the “Fatal Error in Drive B:”, Mr. Stupids hits a bee with his shoe while it is resting on the car’s hood. The car is totally ruined by a bomb placed by the US military but Mr. Stupid thinks that it is a well-made shoe.

I decided to see this movie again after so many years and decided to check the reviews. Well, almost all of them were bad. What? With such good movie?!!! This movie was an adaptation of the children’s comic of the same name and director John Landis had created a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Unlike most directors, Landis created a proper children’s movie without any toilet or sex-based humour. The Hollywood Jewish elite specialize in the four Cs – crap, carnality, cruelty and crookedness. There are different audiences with different tastes and people have been making separate movies tailored for each. But the Hollywood Jewish Elite thinks on globalist terms. So, they contaminate anything and everything good with their four Cs.

The Stupids, thankfully, has escaped their pestilence and it is a movie you can watch with whole family. Today’s children’s movies will not just embarrass or shock you, they also come with a lot of propaganda and brain-washing. Avoid them by all means.

App Review: Zombie Roadkill is the best game app for Android – Combines both racing and first-person shooter

I have been playing this game for three years now and I still have not completed it yet. The app has alternating racing and FPS games in a total of 80. Each type of the game is top of the class, at least from what I have played. I still have 20 more games to finish in it.

Zombie Roadkill game app for Android

The best racing and first-person shooter games in one game app – Zombie Roadkill

BreitBart video of traumatized Google leadership proves that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot to catch up

Nothing can outwit Natural Stupidity

The news is full of reports about AI this and AI that. These people don’t understand that any software program is an example of AI. It is nothing new. It has been existence for long. It being hyped up by some companies which want to project an image that they are on the cutting edge of technology.

The sad truth is no amount of AI can be help if those in charge of it are morons. Nothing better illustrates this as the BreitBart video of Google leadership in the aftermath of Trump’s election or Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. Skip to 16 minutes and 42 seconds.

What a bunch of morons!

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Kuldip Nayyar has died! Other DoD stringers should follow his example

Many regular readers of Kuldip Nayyar have had the uneasy feeling that he was promoting the objectives of the US government through his column in newspapers. I have not had this dubious pleasure but I assume he was like C Raja Mohan, who was also a well-known US stringer working for The Hindu as its strategic affairs editor. I have however read him much latter in his career when he wrote occasional op-eds in The Hindu and Deccan Herald. He was then moonlighting as a human rights activist. As a webmaster, I found that US Department of State regularly tracks his column.

US foreign ministry regularly checks if he has completed his assignments

The Americans have always considered Jawaharlal Nehru as a Russian project and one of the many assignments they gave Nayyar was to obtain public evidence or evidence that could be made public about the “relationship” between Nehru & Edwina Mountbatten. The Americans used Nayyar as a proxy to obtain letters they wrote each other. Sonia Gandhi, who seems to be the custodian of some of these letters, refused any cooperation. In his book excerpts published by Outlook magazine (, we find him digging through personal papers of Maulana Azad. He also had accompanied Lal Bahadur Shastri (who succeeded Nehru as Prime minister) to the Soviet Union where Shastri mysteriously “died”. The KGB has a lot of experience in murdering top leaders and making it look natural. They have dispatched many Soviet leaders this way and each time this happened members of the deceased leader’s support group also die in quick succession. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an obstacle for Indira Gandhi was promoted by Nehru. Sonia Gandhi is also supposed to be a Russian project. According to Subramaniam Swamy, her father was a Nazi who got co-opted by the KGB when he was imprisoned by the Soviets in a Siberian labour camp.

Whenever The Hindu reported border candlelight vigils arranged by the USIS (an information service run by the CIA), I found that Kuldip Nayyar had always participated in them.

I got totally convinced of his employment by the Americans when he became one of many notables to come a full circle about Modi – those who spent considerable time demonstratively hating Modi and then ignominiously ending that phase by wholeheartedly endorsing that ghoul (

More on Kuldip Nayyar in the Moral Volcano Blog –

Karunanidhi has died! Other politicians should follow his example

Indians who speak English or write in it are forever indebted to anti-Hindi agitators like Karunanidhi.

Nehru, being a closet Communist and overt Socialist, followed the globalist objective of destroying all forms of identity – race, religion, gender, relationship, etc.

Language was one of many identities that Indians strongly identified with.

An anglophone at heart, who according to Gandhi “dreamt in English), Nehru had no particular love for Hindi but he was ready to impose that North Indian language on the rest of us.

Instead of ‘Unity in diversity’, Nehru tried to impose Hindi through education. Anti-Hindi agitations ensured that the huge diversity of Indian language survive and flourish. Otherwise, they would have succumbed to Hindi in India just like Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh languages had supplanted by English in the British Isles.

In India, English is a neutral language and serves the need for a link language very well. No Indian language has become a victim of its usage.

Well, other than the above, Karunanidhi was no good, particularly when compared to MGR or Jayalalitha. DMK introduced large-scale corruption to Tamil Nadu. Alcohol prohibition was lifted by DMK – first of many betrayals against Tamizh people. His ill-advised decisions made the Kaveri water problem even more problematic.

He also extended this treachery to Sri Lankan Tamils first by cultivating terror groups like LTTE, although the central intelligence agencies were also doing the same. It culminated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. When the Sri Lankan army was routing the LTTE, the near-invalid Karunanidhi went on a public hunger strike. Sri Lankan army couldn’t care less but Karunanidhi ended the hunger strike claiming that a ceasefire had been declared. Over 60,000 Tamils died in shelling when they came out from their safe places.