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The reason Russia attacked Ukraine

The West encouraged Ukraine to poke the Russian bear and the Russian bear attacked.

For more than a decade, the US and UK has spending billions of dollars into the corrupt politics of Ukraine. As noted in this blog before George Soros got $2 billion from USAID to bribe train journalists, politicians and activists.

Reptilian News cartoon - How USAID gave George Soros billions to topple Ukrainian government
US govt agency USAI gave more than $2 billion to Geoge Soros-run Freedom House to topple the Russia-friendly regime in Ukraine. After spending a lot more money, US finally toppled the Ukrainian president and established a loyal stooge in his place.

Despite their candidates losing the elections, the US staged a coup in the form of the 2014 Maidan demonstrations. They sent neo Nazis and other criminal elements to shoot into the crowds and seize power. Alarmed at the rise of traitors and neo-Nazis in Kiev, separatists movements formed in the South and East. Ukraine’s new rulers suddenly became hostile to people’s power and demonstrations. Instead of a federal system, the new tyrants to started to run the far-flung regions of Ukraine directly from Kiev. They sent the military to deal with dissidents everywhere else. Dissidents in Crimea declared independence and Russia moved in quickly. (Crimea was Russian territory that was given to Ukraine Socialist Soviet Republic (Ukraine SSR) by Stalin’s successor Nikita Krushchev.) In the Donbass regions (Donetsk and Lugansk) where ethnic Russians were in a majority, Russia decided to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty. But, Urkaine’s ground forces shelled the two regions and airforce strafed civilian homes and public buildings identifying them as hideouts of terrorists. Russian military irregulars then joined hands with dissidents in Donbass to repulse the attackers. Under the tutelage of US and UK advisors, Kiev instituted xenophobic policies against ethnic Russians. The country’s main language was Russian. Most ethnic Ukrainians did not know or speak Ukrainian. Ukrainianian was resurrected and Russian was essentially banned. Wild threatening statements against Russians were released by neo-Nazis in power. Every year since 2014, Russia has conducted military exercises adjoining Ukraine. Each time, Ukraine claimed Russia was going to invade. In 2021 too, the US intel agencies and military claimed Russia was going to invade. With the pandemic winding down, the economy in shambles, rising inflation, Federal Reserve reversing interest rates, Hunter Biden laptop scandal reviving and Hillary Clinton’s collusion with intel agencies in smearing Trump getting revealed, Burismaiden administration needed a diversion. Like last year, US govt claimed that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. However, this time, they were going to force Russia do it. In the Georgian conflict and Donbass conflict, the Americans had learned just how many casualties had to occur before Russian military moved in. They asked the Ukraine military to cross defense lines held by Donbass separatists and started shelling civilian areas. This was against the Minsk agreements that had held somewhat of a truce in the region. As casualties increased, the leaders of the two breakaway republics appealed to Russia to intervene as lines had been crossed and deaths have increased. This was the reason Russia sent it its troops. Even Russia did not anticipate the escalation. Or, it would have prepared this long ago. It was a surprise for Russia too. As all militaries do, they have tentative war plans to deal with unforseen future events. So, they had a Ukraine invasion plan. It was dusted off and put into action. It was not a good one because if Russia left a lot of its foreign reserves with Western countries. All the oligarchs were docked in Western ports. If they had indeed planned to invade Ukraine, they would converted a substantial amount of their reserves into gold or repatriated them. They would not have risked sanctions. Even before the war, Russia was under sanctions. The US has anyway revealed that they declassified fake intelligence to make it difficult for Russia to intervene in Donbass.

In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid

In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid
“It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something.”

There is a good reason that countries like India and others formed the Non-Aligned Movement decades ago. You do not want to get caught in superpower rivalry. You might get trampled under the feet of giants when when they fight. Or, they might want to use you for fighting a proxy war.

Ukrainians did resist but in the long run they had no chance. The amount of Western money pouring into the pockets of their politicians was just too much for such a poor country. The xenophobic war pitting one slav against another in the same country has become a historical disaster. You would think that a country that had suffered so much under the Germans and the Soviets would have learned something. No. History repeats like a cruel gramaphone record.

Movie Review: Nudist Colony Of The Dead

A well-rounded satirical zombie musical.

Thumbnails from the movie 'Nudist Colony Of The Dead'

This is an ultra-low-budget movie made in 1991. It is a musical. It has zombies… nude zombies… nude zombies anxious to wreak vengeance on some religious zealots who threw them off their nudist colony. They had committed mass suicide but every time some religious campers visit the site, the nudist zombies crawl out of the ground. There is one overdue zombie with tits longer than her arms that was quite scary and funny. Mrs. Druple is her name.

There are only a few real actors in the movie but everyone puts a tremendous effort to make it functional. Kudos to the director. Unlike most zombie movies, this one has a perfect ending. The songs are all catchy. I even liked the rap number. There was another number parodying the blind singer Stevie Wonder. These songs were the best:

  • Nudist Colony Of The Dead (title theme)
  • God’s gonna show us the way
  • It’s a inky dinky do-dah morning

The most of the cast are playing a group of young rednecks heading to an outdoor Christian camp. It makes liberal fun of Christianity but I became quite inspired.

Because of the ampleness of zombie tits in the movie, some have commented that the movie was more fun to make than to watch. I do not agree. It is good entertainment. A decent budget would have killed it.

I do not know where I got my copy. It says in the beginning the Super-8 film was poorly lit and had to remastered and spliced with videotape footage.

New satirical book about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘AOC Tweets Actually’ published

A full-colour coffee-table book about at post-woke America in 2024 when the ‘Gang of Four’ (formerly ‘The Squad’) takes over the White House.

Intent: Those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it. Despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people have perished under Communism, many democratic countries have embraced it in bits and pieces. (The moronavirus pandemic has made it worse by turning democratically elected public servants into tiny tyrants.) Thanks to UN-inspired educational curriculum like Common Core, young people today confuse capitalism with Fascism (corporatism). It is in the nature of powerful businesses and cartels to try to undermine democracy if they can and make it serve their interests. As free citizens, it is our duty to protect the system by fighting those Fascists. In a democracy, citizens need to be alert about subversion. In a dictatorship, it is the tyrants who need to be worried. Surrendering your rights to a Communist clique will not solve problems. That would be like jumping out of a hot pan and in to the fire. This book clearly tells the reader what is wrong with such a strategy. It mixes the past with the present to portray a chillingly accurate picture of what life will be under Communism if it comes to power in future.

Synopsis: A satirical look at post-woke America in 2024 when another stolen election brings total disaster. A ‘Gang of Four’ (formerly ‘The Squad’) takes over the White House. Chairman AOC and her Communist junta rule the USSA with an iron fist for the globalist kleptocracy.

Contents: ★ Fact-checked: Biden press briefings are not staged ★ Never forget what happened on January 6th… and after ★ It is easy to live up to high standards if you have none! ★ The Green New Steal ★ ‘How to be a racist’ by George Soros ★ For decades, TV networks have been prepping for the end of civilization ★ AOC stabs everyone in the back ears before 2024 elections ★ AOC attacks Chunk Yoghurt where it hurts ★ Chairman Mao does Ahnol impression ★ It’s about time Liberals learned what Socialism feels like! ★ Passive-aggressive Junk Bond ★ A dead counter-revolutionary is a good counter-revolutionary ★ One of the biggest jokebooks of all time! ★ Chairman Meow humour ★ Chairman Mao tells when it’s time to quit social media ★ Chairman Mao has a genuine doubt ★ As one American horror story ends, another begins ★ It is unimportant who will vote but what is extraordinarily important is who will count the votes ★ Socialist regimes run out of other people’s money pretty quick! Then, what happens? ★ With Communism, comes purges and starvation ★ Guilty of bringing the media-shill profession to disrepute ★ Billionaires lose their shirts ★ Australia or Austrialia? ★ Twitter will do what it does best better under government control, Socialist economists say ★ The Communist Firing Squad

Target: This 30-page full-colour coffee-table book is in the same style of previous Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao volumes. It is uses trenchant humour to amply illustrate the evils of Communism. It makes an ideal red-pill for kids who have been brainwashed by Common Core and liberal colleges. If your kids refuse to read it, tell them educated people are the first ones to be executed when a Communist revolution succeeds.


Some of the tweets can be still be found at and

Did Modi govt block

Would the globalist stooge stoop so low?

Screenshot of blocked site

It appears like Modi govt has a grudge against Moral Volcano.

BSNL (my ISP) is injecting ads into all http sites. Some of these ad sites are incidentally blocked by Modi govt for some reason. (Those pigs do not read a reason.) When I or anyone who is a BSNL subscriber tries to load in the browser, BSNL’s Javascript injection attempts to load the ad site instead. Then, Internet blocking happens. That is how this notice gets displayed or so I am led to think.

If Arun Jaitley were alive to this situation (pun unintended) — he never was or he would have alerted Modi to the ‘Entire Political Science’ university certificate fiasco — he would have used one of his favorite words to describe it — DICHOTOMY!


Arnab Goswami may have advised photoshop artist who faked Modi’s MA degree certificate in ENTIRE POLITICAL SCIENCE

It takes two clicks on the bookmark (in quick succession) to load my site. I suggest everyone (all two of you) do the same. I have changed the daily news motto to be ‘the fun alternative to depressing daily news’. It is fashioned in the style of a talk show’s comedian monologue. Every news item will have some funny chatter accompanying it. This will make the depressing nature of our daily news more tolerable.

Moral Volcano prediction: Modi repealed farms laws so that BJP can steal upcoming state elections (in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Goa and Punjab) without raising suspicion about foreign-made EVMs (Hindutva Voting Machines)

His apology was that the farmers were not too stupid to believe his jumla.

Modi waited for 700 farmers to die before having a change of brick (his heart)?

If BJP had stolen (or whoever steals the election on their behalf) in UP, Utharakand and Punjab while protesting farmers were still camping in Delhi, wouldn’t it raise suspicion? Such a win would have made it clear to everyone that Indian electronic voting machines (EVMs) have been tampered. It is only to avoid this suspicion, Modi’s handlers had advised him to withdraw the farm laws. A man who has been so stubborn, causing so much suffering including loss of life and jobs through his ill-advised decisions such as Aadhaar, demonetization and lockdown, is supposed to bowed down to popular will. Farmers will now forget everything and vote for BJP. Beggar’s belief!

In West Bengal, BJP desperately wanted to start a new innings. But, whoever decides these electoral outcomes decided not to give the state so quickly to BJP. They do not want a lot of pople become suspicious at the same time. So, they were given the second position in most assembly constituencies. CPI-M had come third. To prevent CPI-M from casting doubt on the EVMs, their in Kerala unpopular government were given another five-year term. (This is similar to how politicians like Justin Trudeau of Canada and Gavin Newsom of California were able to get re-elected despite being not just unpopular but hated by everyone. In times of COVID, these tiny tyrants will be doubly empowered by globalist controlllers.) Now, CPI-M cannot say they did not lose in West Bengal while claiming they won in Kerala, can they? That is how the contesting parties have been handled post-election. In Delhi, AAP was allowed to win another term so they are not going to complain. In TN, BJP has no following anyway. AIADMK unwisely allied with the hated BJP. Would Tamilians vote for them? No! So, DMK was handled.

BJP had lost so many states that they desperately need win the next state elections. In order to assuage the BJP, the election outcomes seems to have been promised to them. If BJP had lose these states too, then his handlers would not let him repeal the farm laws. Now, BJP is going to win these states and they will say Modi wave is intact.

Varun Gandhi is doing what Shatrughna Sinha and Yashwant Sinha were doing earlier. relaunched with a Daily News feature – now the conservative alternative to Drudge Report

I had given up on the thinking that I had too many domains. I bought it again, as there are so many Moral Volcano books now. I have also decided to move my blog to it. (WordPress’ new block editor is annoying and they seem to have sabotaged the classic editor. The block editor has some interesting features but is less useful and more complicated. Like Gnome 3, they hobbled the old stuff to force people to like the new stuff. Less is more. Black is white.) It will take some time. The biggest change is that the home page of the site is like Drudge Report. (I am still writing the code. It will probably be launched in January 2022.) I used to read this site every day until last year when I noticed that Drudge had become woke and was peddling Leftist propaganda. Since then, several alternatives had cropped up. They have retained some aspects of Drudge Report but they all have problems. They have revolting ads, too many news articles, lots of images, hot air (views, opinions), celebrity stuff, social media news and anything the Leftist media hypes. I need news, not views (unless it is my own). So, the home page is very sparse and very user-friendy. There is no Javascript – no analytics, cookies, tracking, ads or social media. It will have an RSS feed so that users can anonymously access the content. Despite the ‘daily’ name, it will be updated over a week, unless I get help from some volunteers. There is a page for submitting news articles. It does have Javascript for validation purposes but other pages such as news archives and the blog will have no Javascript.


Moral Volcano Prediction: Tech billionaires will be sacrificed for the EAT-THE-RICH activists of BLM and Antifa after Biden win

BLM and Antifa have already protested in posh localities housing these billionaires with chants of “Eat The Rich”. What do they plan to do after the election?

  • “When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.” – A BLM/Antifa protestor
  • Vogue’s Anna Wintour Apologizes After Black Staffers Call for Her Removal over Diversity Complaints – Brietbart

George Soros has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is USAID money routed through color revolutions in Eastern Europe.

One of the explicit goals of BLM is the destruction Black families. It is on their website. Before they destroy themselves, they are going to take a lot of innocents down with them.

The first among them are the tech billionaires. They are always in the news. Everyone knows they have money. BLM/Antifa protestors have already visited their homes and talked about opportunities denied to Blacks and how the knives are going to come out. Several crowds were reported chanting “Eat The Rich” in places like Beverly Hills.

BLM has become decentralized. Thousands of groups of protestors carrying the BLM banner have been engaging in looting, rioting and extortion.

Money is not a problem anymore for BLM/Antifa

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have paid protection money to BLM/Antifa groups. When Biden becomes President, these groups will become more emboldened.

Millennial Millie has provided proof that several of these Far Left groups have Biden under blackmail.

Currently, the BLM/Antifa riots seem to be arranged by private contractors of DoD, CIA and FBI. After the election, they will not need any of these contractors. Mob rule observes no rules. The rich lemmings will be the first to die.

Social distancing to extinction?

Evolution is in reverse gear, ever since we allowed WHO to dictate to national governments.

News organizations just love to talk down to people and lecture them with cut-and-paste UN propaganda.

Reptilian News Cartoon by Moral Volcano

Evolution is in reverse gear thanks to Coronavirus pan(dem)ic, news organizations and social media. We have decided that mass starvation is safer and stopped all economic activity.

How the US media deliberately lies about Trump

After lobbying governments to ban the Trump event and fear-mongering attendees about coronavirus, US media gleefully claims Trump event was a failure. Truth is different.

These people, who made this video, had made reservations but were unable to attend the event because it was postponed for a fake “Juneteenth” holiday, one of several excuses used to sabotage the Trump event.