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Moral Volcano Prediction: Tech billionaires will be sacrificed for the EAT-THE-RICH activists of BLM and Antifa after Biden win

BLM and Antifa have already protested in posh localities housing these billionaires with chants of “Eat The Rich”. What do they plan to do after the election?

  • “When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.” – A BLM/Antifa protestor
  • Vogue’s Anna Wintour Apologizes After Black Staffers Call for Her Removal over Diversity Complaints – Brietbart

George Soros has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is USAID money routed through color revolutions in Eastern Europe.

One of the explicit goals of BLM is the destruction Black families. It is on their website. Before they destroy themselves, they are going to take a lot of innocents down with them.

The first among them are the tech billionaires. They are always in the news. Everyone knows they have money. BLM/Antifa protestors have already visited their homes and talked about opportunities denied to Blacks and how the knives are going to come out. Several crowds were reported chanting “Eat The Rich” in places like Beverly Hills.

BLM has become decentralized. Thousands of groups of protestors carrying the BLM banner have been engaging in looting, rioting and extortion.

Money is not a problem anymore for BLM/Antifa

Hundreds of thousands of businesses have paid protection money to BLM/Antifa groups. When Biden becomes President, these groups will become more emboldened.

Millennial Millie has provided proof that several of these Far Left groups have Biden under blackmail.

Currently, the BLM/Antifa riots seem to be arranged by private contractors of DoD, CIA and FBI. After the election, they will not need any of these contractors. Mob rule observes no rules. The rich lemmings will be the first to die.

Social distancing to extinction?

Evolution is in reverse gear, ever since we allowed WHO to dictate to national governments.

News organizations just love to talk down to people and lecture them with cut-and-paste UN propaganda.

Reptilian News Cartoon by Moral Volcano

Evolution is in reverse gear thanks to Coronavirus pan(dem)ic, news organizations and social media. We have decided that mass starvation is safer and stopped all economic activity.

How the US media deliberately lies about Trump

After lobbying governments to ban the Trump event and fear-mongering attendees about coronavirus, US media gleefully claims Trump event was a failure. Truth is different.

These people, who made this video, had made reservations but were unable to attend the event because it was postponed for a fake “Juneteenth” holiday, one of several excuses used to sabotage the Trump event.

Arrested Atlanta cops deserve their fate because they needlessly escalated a non-confrontational situation to a fatal shooting

A drunk person is not in a position to take orders.

A Black man was found asleep at the wheel at a fastfood joint’s driveway. The police were called in to deal with the situation. They woke up the man and gave him a field sobriety test. He somehow got agitated and tried to escape. He grabbed a taser and pointed at one of the cops. The cops shot and killed him. The fastfood joint was burned down and Atlanta witnessed riots.

All this loss of life and property could have been avoided if the policemen had better judgement. (Policing in America is not about maintaining the peace but mostly about feeding the prison-industrial complex with the raw material – Black men.)

The man was drunk. He had not crashed the vehicle. He passed out. The police could have impounded the vehicle and asked the person to leave home in a taxi. Instead, they had decided to take the man to prison. Different people react in different ways when they are drunk. There was no reason for the police to make the man agitated and paranoid when he was not sober. If they were tough enough to take him to court, then they should have use force, not weapons.

Brawndo shipments to CHAZ or Chaozistan

Kaitlin is wrong on this. If the police have to be so tough all the time, then everyone else have to be tough on the police.

Contact tracing is mathematically futile because eventually everyone will be considered ‘possibly infected’

Someone in the media is peddling these ‘coronavirus sucess stories’, almost always centered around contact tracing.

There is an urban legend called six degrees of separation. It suggests that any two persons anywhere in the world can be connected to each other wit just six common acquaintances.

In contact tracing, if it is done thoroughly, almost everyone who is on the move can be connected everyone else on the move. Hence, it is mathematically futile to do contact tracing because eventually everyone will eventually have be considered as ‘possibly infected’ including everyone in tracing teams, medical personnel, police, civil administration and government workers, and politicians in power.
Despite this known futility, there have been several of these ‘coronavirus success stories’. Countries that do this tracing are being portrayed in the media as those best-positioned to ‘defeat’ the virus.

‘Experts’ quoted in these reports say that the national-level citizen surveillance apps should be replaced with one global ‘contact tracing’ app that that relies on a global database with all countries providing supplementary data to a global administrator of the app because viruses do not recognize borders (and all that jazz).

Citizens voluntarily placing themselves under surveillance will make global governance no more a dream! That’s the obvious objective.

Moral Volcano Prediction: Modi is too chicken to close his Social Media accounts

It is also meaningless if his IT cell does not follow suit.

Still, it is a good thing he is talking about it.

Social Media is a useless and wasteful activity that consumes a lot of electricity for absolutely nothing. Social Media is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change.

Modi will quit social media, he says

Update: Modi did give up his accounts but he transferred the ownership to a few women activists, as if it were a charitable donation. It would have been better if he had said that Social Media is bad for our mental health. Still, I salute his willingness to get rid one of the most evil inventions of the new millennium.
Boomers vs Millennials

Goop’s vagina-scented candles smell fishy

The product is really named “This smells like my vagina”. Are Americans so fat they cannot visit a urinal?


Celina Jaitley

When, as kids, we tried to memorise film songs, elders would butt in and tell us to memorise our text books so that we could score good marks and become wealthy. When the TV singing competition “American Idol” spawned copycat programmes in India, kids had a good excuse for wasting time with film songs. Things have become worse after Social Media has given rise to several millionaires and a few billionaires.

Hollywood actress and entrepreneur Gwenyth Paltrow had gained notoriety selling dubious stuff but nobody could have guessed this one coming. The site says that the product sold out. One girl in the UK is selling her bathwater. Another Social Media celebrity has become a billionaire selling nothing.

News like this really makes you question the purpose of life. There are people who are doing two or three jobs to make ends meet and then there are these people. Dear God! Please strike this planet and erase all traces of it from the Universe.

Gwenyth Paltrow vagina-scented candle

Original cartoon credit: Playboy

Texe Marrs is no more

Conspiracy theorist, author and Christian preacher Texe Marrs has died. (I have mentioned him before in this blog.) He was ailing for many years and his assistant was running his radio show. He succumbed to his illnesses today. He will be buried tomorrow with military honours. He worked for some time as a psychology professor at a Texas university. In his military career, he was asked to track practical uses for advanced technology. This later helped him look at conspiracy theories involving scientific applications. He received a message from God and became a preacher. He also wrote many conspiracy books and published weekly radio shows. He also runs an orphanage with donations from listeners. I wonder what will happen to it.

I saw Greta Thunberg for the first time and she does seem crazy!

Swedish teen receives backhanded compliment from Jesus-hater Sarah Silverman who praised her as a little ‘Jesus’

I steer clear of PR campaigns masquerading as news. The Swedish teen’s name was in a lot of Climate Change propaganda that was masquerading as news items. As usual, I ignored them. Of note was one news headline that drew attention to the poster child for abortion Sarah Silverman‘s surprising portrayal of the teen as ‘Jesus’. Surprising because Silverman is Jewish and hates Jesus with a passion that makes even diehard Jewish fanatics cringe in fear.

After many weeks of this girl in the news, I saw a video of her for the first time when I hit Sara Gonzales channel. (This is a good Sara and thank God for that.) I was expecting someone like Malala and was wondering anyone would be angry with a little kid. I should have known I was wrong. God! The Swedish girl is a freak. Like a possessed demon. The remake of Exorcist would not have been a worldwide hit if only they had cast this fruitcake.

Like Mandela being a Communist Marxist trained by Israel Mossad, it will come as a surprise that her activism and new-found fame is the result of a carefully planned PR exercise. (Who’s REALLY behind 16-year-old Greta Thunberg? Ugly feud between her opera singer-turned-climate-activist mother and the green PR man who she accuses of exploiting her;