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Lizard News – Loudmouth Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV is as annoying & non-professional as other Indian news channel

When will these channels be banned, the Nation wants to know?


Times Now was previously the worst news channel on TV. Now it has a competitor in the form of Republic TV, led by the same loudmouth Arnab Goswami. Media-buying agencies seem to be driving news channels stark raving mad. In order to retain maximum attention, the news channels dump all headlines on to the screen, which scream on to the screen, flash for a few seconds and disappear without a trace. Most of the time, there is no relation to the current news and the headlines floating all over the screen. With the launch of the new channel Republic, the madness continues.

Last year, I read online that Times Now had gone crazy with their burning issue thing. I did not immediately know what it meant. Some days later, I saw it for real on TV. They literally had Navika Kumar burning amidst graphics of flames all over the screen. To drive the point further, they was also a title “burning issue.” While it is “headlines” or “breaking news” for other channels, for Times Now it was “burning issue”, as if trying to sear it into our memories. The unabashed crudeness did not seem to have struck anyone in the Times Now crew.

So, What do you need to run a TV news channels?

  • Several people yelling like dogs.
  • The most garish gut-wrenching graphics!
  • Banners, tickers & popups everywhere trying to grab attention about news that probably never gets aired. (I change the channel.)
  • Breaking news headlines that doesn’t get covered until the next hour. If the next hour is a yelling match wait for another hour.
  • Annoying advertisements popping up in news tickers, popups & banners.

On this stupid republic TV, they may talk all the time about some big issue but that’s not the big issue. Main issue is Republic TV. Can you count how many times it is mentioned on the screen?

I hate to say it but why can’t Indian news channels learn something from foreign news channels? Of course, their judgement is just as impaired but their production values are much better. The journalist on the ground is not trying to shout all the way from the studio. The anchor, usually, is calmness-personified, not a nervous breathless jerk.

CNN offers advice to snowflakes psychologically injured by the news of Trump victory and Hillary loss.

Does it have to be so crappy?

Clips from Indian TV news channels making questionable viewership claims all the while trying to provoke war with Pakistan.

Every Indian news channel is suffering from the same syndrome. They are copying the worst from each other. On my DTH connection, I use the a la carte option and I don’t have Times New anymore. Instead, there is the free India Today channel. It is just like Times Now. Coverage on J&K is so bad that people there may soon have more beef against TV channels than against the Army. (Viewer discretion advised; The Friday Times;

This is all because of foreign-owned media-buying and TV-rating agencies. They want all advertising money to go to pet online properties owned by globalist reptilians. The long-term plan is to destroy traditional media in favour of closed-garden media shops.

Like hungry dogs fighting over a bone, Indian TV channels are being made to throw away all rules. Look at the online hashtags created by them – #MakePakPay & #BarbaricPak. These same media orgs have print newspapers. This sort of fight for crumbs does not exist there – although media rating agencies have tried to mess there to. In fact, with newspaper reader surveys they tried to initiate this sort of dog-eat-dog competition among newspapers. The tactic used is always the same – the beneficiary of the survey or that ratings tally is the leader. This makes it easier to starve and destroy the rest. Fortunately, for the Indian print media, this was not a problem, as readership has been increasing for all players. For TV companies, it has not been good because there are no reliable numbers on who is watching which channel. DTH companies would be able to reliable rating numbers if they provided a la carte options but many news channels are safely bundled with other channels so that any kind of audience measurement is impossible.


Why FBI’s Comey was fired by Donald Trump

“Yes, we will investigate if Russia had inappropriate contacts with Trump team. Hillary Clinton’s private server was… …only carelessness. We let her lawyers delete emails & smash her Blackberry devices. But, there was no criminal intent. So, I pronounce her Not Guilty!”

Clinton cheerleader Comey, clear out your desk.

$15 trillion enough to stop global warming, 97% of climate scientologists say

Special interest group run by former US president Al Gore comes up with a price tag for Climate Change. Al Gore is also surrounded by unicorns, rainbows and international bankers.


Al Bore has come up with a novel scheme to stop “Global Warming” in its tracks, costing a measly $15 trillion. Over to you, Trump.

I Told You So: Obama phone call to Macron proves that the reptilians had already chosen the winner!

French election has been stolen!

In November last year, I predicted that Marine Le Pen’s popular mandate would be stolen from her.

Of course, the names had to change because Fillon self-combusted. So, reptilians conjured a new puppet in the person of Macron.

Apparently, his older-than-him wife is his handler and this makes him the ideal puppet.

After Trump’s win, the globalists seem to be totally upset. That’s why they asked the world’s greatest teleprompter reader to pip Trump by placing a well-publicized phone call to Macron before election.


Even after eight years as President, Obama still feels it necessary to compete with the newcomer in Trump. It only proves that Obama was never really a President – just a dummy figurehead!

I Told You So: A defensive Modi had advance knowledge of voting (tampering) results when he asked his ministers details of their demonetization promotion efforts

Even though “electronic” voting machines were used, it took weeks, instead of a day, to finish voting.

After the elections in Punjab, the American embassy seems to have told Modi that most votes have been cast against the BJP-SAD coalition. To avoid being blamed for the loss and expecting the same in UP elections, Modi tried to put his cabinet detractors on the defensive. He asked for details of tours if any conducted by them to raise support for demonetization. The reptilians seems to have told Modi, they weren’t going reverse the Punjab verdict because the incumbents were thoroughly hated. It wasn’t worth the effort.


In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress made the mistake of allying with another hated incumbent party and that created scope for getting away with tampering the foreign-made EVMs chips. Unfortunately for BJP, their vote bank was totally gone. Not a problem, said the reptilians. Modi had done well with treasonous demonetization and national ID swindles and had won their approval. Like a treat for a good dog, the reptilians seem to have initiated largescale tampering of the EVMs. Even before the voting was over, Modi let the cat out of the bag with his “electric [electronic] shocks” statement ( Modi got votes even in Muslim-majority areas.


If they could get away with vote tampering in the general elections, the reptilians could effect the same in a handful of states too. ( But, how can they do that after after demonetization?… Remember, Uttar Pradesh is like Bihar a state where huge numbers of casual laborers had become jobless and/or had to return from other states because of demonetization.

Not a problem! In America, the reptilians feared an armed revolt after Trump said he will not accept the result if it went against him. Yet, even though they let him win, they gave the popular vote to Schmillary Clinton. In comparison, India is a docile country where the population does not have guns to challenge the government.

Have you noticed something else? Amazing how that schmuck Modi has so suddenly overcome his own doubts and become more eloquent on demonetization than before. Modi is even calling for more humility in his party. That’s hilarious!

Everything about this government is fake. It wins fake elections. It fakes GDP numbers. It gave fake reasons for demonetization – to reduce India’s gold demand (reptilians are running out of physical gold and had to unwind massive long positions in crude oil) and to give payments banks-led cashless transactions a lift up (very few licenses were picked up). They wouldn’t admit that they didn’t have the brains to smoothly & efficiently implement a demonetization plan.

You know they are stupid because they are still refusing to print the 1000 rupee note, which is an important denomination in terms of transaction volumes. All they had was the willingness to accept orders from abroad. As a result, the economy is stuck in reverse gear. Most people are spending only on basics and cut back on discretionary spending. The good thing however is that digital transactions are going to fall and the fantastic dream of a cashless economy will revert back once enough cash percolates into the economy. My people will return to their old ways.

Modi is daydreaming and believing in his own lies. That is why RBI refuses to reveal details about returned currency notes. More than expected amount has been returned to banks and RBI will most likely falsify those numbers and justify the stupid/useless exercise.

If a US court can stop Donald Trump’s temporary defensive order against aliens, then courts can also stop offensive actions such as humanitarian bombing and war too!

Go ahead and set a precedent for peace and freedom.

Donald Trumps is peeved that his executive orders have been questioned by courts. He is wrong. Under the US constitution, all executive actions can be reviewed by judiciary.

However, US courts have always chosen not to interfere with executive actions if they were related to national security. This reticence by the US judiciary was exploited to the hilt by Bush and Obama administrations. US courts have refrained from interfering with issues ranging from Bush’s unilateral war against unknown terrorists in what are now called for the first time as “Muslim-majority countries” to Obama’s pervasive NSA surveillance and secret roving FBI national security letters. Even when such executive actions suffered from grave unconstitutionality and impinged on the lives and liberties of US citizens and aliens, US courts have not intervened with a stay order.

Ideally, a court can only ask for reasons behind an executive action before choosing to whether or not to suspend the action. US courts have erred because they stayed Trump’s order before giving his administration a proper chance to explain. The courts should not have stayed Trump’s executive order because it:

  • is temporary and not final
  • is related to national security
  • affects only aliens and does not affect the life and liberty of US citizens

Now, if the appeals court decides to stop Trump’s innocuous temporary defensive action against aliens, then that would also imply that future US presidents can also be stopped from going to war or conduct humanitarian bombing. All that peaceniks would have to do is simply file a brief at a local US Federal court. Privacy advocates can also stop Obama’s executive actions that have justified indiscriminate NSA surveillance. Technology companies can also get rid of the FBI national security letters. Hurray!

Donald Trump will be a lameduck president

Moral Volcano loses all election bets but Americans, Britons and Tamilians won

After making a series of accurate bets on the stockmarket, my run of luck reversed strangely. If I bought a share, it would tank the very next day with no hint of bad news. If I sold a share, the very next day it would shoot up. This happened around the time I accused LIC of bailing out FIIs and buying shares at atrociously high prices. I then decided to use reverse psychology and made predictions on Brexit, TN elections and US presidential elections. In all of them, I clearly mentioned who should be the winner but why they won’t be because of tampered voting machines.

To push the stakes higher, I bought Sun TV shares before election results day. To make Trump win, I bought Infosys. (However, I hedged my bets with Sun Pharma, which seemed to have bottomed out but it posted good results and was rated “outperform” by brokerages. The US FDA will fix that with some adverse inspection reports.)

Globalization had hollowed out economies. Manufacturing had moved out to less developed economies such as China & Mexico and has caused huge job losses in Europe and USA. To make it unviable for small businesses, Western economies had imposed numerous unnecessary rules and regulations that exporters in China & Mexico don’t have to follow. Central banks, for their part, have been running moneyprinting presses like there is no tomorrow and have irredeemably debased their currencies. Everything was set to explode.

If the Brexit vote had failed, there surely been a revolution. If Trump was not allowed to win, there would have been a second musket revolution.

The reptlians seems to have accepted a short-term battle loss to win a long-term war. They just could not accept the defeat wholesale. That is Brexit has been nullified by a High Court in the UK. AIADMK won but almost barely, not overwhelmingly as it should have. Trump won the electoral college but it voting machines were made to give Hillary the “popular vote”. It was as if her & her family’s corruption & untrustworthiness had no effect. It was as if America was not reeling under joblessness or many oo those employed are employed at low wages or have to work two or even three parttime jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t as if healthcare premiums have not rocketed under Obamacare. It was as if millennials can barely make rent or are unlikely to move out of their homes anytime soon.

Trump played his cards well. However, it is being said that JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is being considered as Treasury secretary. We have seen many doves before. Colin Powell was once touted as a dove and being against the Irag invasion but he ended up brandishing a fake anthrax vial at the UN Security Council. Trump may just follow suit. Bill Clinton refused to play by his CFR minders and they brought out Monica Lewinsky to teach him a lesson. Ross Perot was blackmailed and forced to step down from the race. Obama claimed to a be a grassroots candidate but became a Wall Street favorite. The reptilians will try the same tricks on Donald Trump too.

If Trump does not buckle under pressure, Republicans will turn coat and prove to be worse than Democrats. He will not be able to stop immigrants or reform the corrupt Washington DC culture. That is all right though. A hostile lameduck president is better than a warmonger like Hillary Clinton or George Bush. No war and no TPP.

Hindus & Muslims should oppose a Uniform Civil Code or risk aiding the globalist plot to destroy religions & establish a worldwide dictatorship

Hindus and Muslims should on their own seek to remove weaknesses in their civil code such as instant triple talaq rather than get buffaloed into a straitjacket personal law.


Stop deluding yourself that we are all part of a global family and we should get rid of “divisions” such as race, religion and nationality.

Just remember that the globalists are the same reptilians that colonised India and (out of spite) broke into two parts when they left. The same reptilians who wrote the Treaty of Versailles and bankrolled Hitler. The same reptiles that rounded up Jews fleeing Germany and sent them to concentration camps. (The preferred exit option was the illegal colony of Israel that Nazis & Zionists were trying unsuccessfully to populate against Arabs already in existence for 1500 years in the Turkish region of Palestine.) The same reptiles that then interned thousands of non-combatant Germans in the camps and put Jews in charge of a reverse “Holocaust”. The same reptilians who transformed United States into a victorious version of Nazi Germany and hold hundreds of military bases in over 150 countries. And made the USA constantly engaged in wars for over six decades and supported numerous genocidal/dictatorial regimes and presided over state-sponsored murder of millions of people in dozens of countries. The same reptilians who have looted every other country with their deceitful web of debt and conceited “international” organizations, who have wiped out the coffers of numerous states and then mercilessly demand austerity (salary/pension/social spending cuts) and dubiously named economic reforms (asset stripping & firesale of not just state-owned enterpriseses but also basic public utilities such as roads, water supply).