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Moral Volcano Prediction: Modi is too chicken to close his Social Media accounts

It is also meaningless if his IT cell does not follow suit.

Still, it is a good thing he is talking about it.

Social Media is a useless and wasteful activity that consumes a lot of electricity for absolutely nothing. Social Media is undoubtedly causing accelerated irreversible Man-made Climate Change.

Modi will quit social media, he says

Update: Modi did give up his accounts but he transferred the ownership to a few women activists, as if it were a charitable donation. It would have been better if he had said that Social Media is bad for our mental health. Still, I salute his willingness to get rid one of the most evil inventions of the new millennium.
Boomers vs Millennials

Goop’s vagina-scented candles smell fishy

The product is really named “This smells like my vagina”. Are Americans so fat they cannot visit a urinal?


Celina Jaitley

When, as kids, we tried to memorise film songs, elders would butt in and tell us to memorise our text books so that we could score good marks and become wealthy. When the TV singing competition “American Idol” spawned copycat programmes in India, kids had a good excuse for wasting time with film songs. Things have become worse after Social Media has given rise to several millionaires and a few billionaires.

Hollywood actress and entrepreneur Gwenyth Paltrow had gained notoriety selling dubious stuff but nobody could have guessed this one coming. The site says that the product sold out. One girl in the UK is selling her bathwater. Another Social Media celebrity has become a billionaire selling nothing.

News like this really makes you question the purpose of life. There are people who are doing two or three jobs to make ends meet and then there are these people. Dear God! Please strike this planet and erase all traces of it from the Universe.

Gwenyth Paltrow vagina-scented candle

Original cartoon credit: Playboy

Texe Marrs is no more

Conspiracy theorist, author and Christian preacher Texe Marrs has died. (I have mentioned him before in this blog.) He was ailing for many years and his assistant was running his radio show. He succumbed to his illnesses today. He will be buried tomorrow with military honours. He worked for some time as a psychology professor at a Texas university. In his military career, he was asked to track practical uses for advanced technology. This later helped him look at conspiracy theories involving scientific applications. He received a message from God and became a preacher. He also wrote many conspiracy books and published weekly radio shows. He also runs an orphanage with donations from listeners. I wonder what will happen to it.

I saw Greta Thunberg for the first time and she does seem crazy!

Swedish teen receives backhanded compliment from Jesus-hater Sarah Silverman who praised her as a little ‘Jesus’

I steer clear of PR campaigns masquerading as news. The Swedish teen’s name was in a lot of Climate Change propaganda that was masquerading as news items. As usual, I ignored them. Of note was one news headline that drew attention to the poster child for abortion Sarah Silverman‘s surprising portrayal of the teen as ‘Jesus’. Surprising because Silverman is Jewish and hates Jesus with a passion that makes even diehard Jewish fanatics cringe in fear.

After many weeks of this girl in the news, I saw a video of her for the first time when I hit Sara Gonzales channel. (This is a good Sara and thank God for that.) I was expecting someone like Malala and was wondering anyone would be angry with a little kid. I should have known I was wrong. God! The Swedish girl is a freak. Like a possessed demon. The remake of Exorcist would not have been a worldwide hit if only they had cast this fruitcake.

Like Mandela being a Communist Marxist trained by Israel Mossad, it will come as a surprise that her activism and new-found fame is the result of a carefully planned PR exercise. (Who’s REALLY behind 16-year-old Greta Thunberg? Ugly feud between her opera singer-turned-climate-activist mother and the green PR man who she accuses of exploiting her;


NBC News adds fake lesions to stock photo to promote measles vaccine and demonize vaccine opponents

NBC News adds fake skin lesions to stock image of healthy baby and claims it is from measles. Thanks to @MediaRabbitHole for finding this fraud.

NBC uses stock images for vaccine propaganda

Fake lesions found on stock image of healthy baby used by NBC news to promote vaccine propaganda and demonize vaccine opponents.

When the NBC News crew went to the hospital, they could find only the propaganda nurse but no actual baby with measles? Or, were they just lazy.

NBC News uses doctored stock photo of healthy baby to create false propaganda against vaccine opponents

Original stock image showing healthy baby

NBC Video

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

Dear Diary Maker for CNN’s Jim @Acosta Twitter page – A GreaseMonkey Javascript script

Recently, “conservatives” in the US started a campaign to troll CNN’s Jim Acosta for his repeated interruptions of US president Donald Trump. They did this by re-posting his Twitter messages prefixed with the words “Dear Diary.” Trump, himself, followed this advice and famously “Dear Diary”‘d Jim Acosta’s report from the Mexican border.

I have created this GreaseMonkey script, which automatically prefixes his tweets with the words “Dear Diary,” making it easy to screenshot them and post online.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Dear Diary Maker for Acosta on Twitter
// @namespace   net.moralvolcano.js.dear_diary_acosta_twitter
// @include*
// @include
// @version     1
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==

function handle_DOMLoaded() {
	try {
			function() {
	} catch (e) {
		console.error("DDMFAT Error: " + e);

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", handle_DOMLoaded, false);

function changeAcostaTweets() {
	console.error("DDMFAT Error: Loaded");
	var arTags = document.getElementsByTagName("p");
	for (var i = 0; i < arTags.length; i++) {
		if (arTags[i].className.indexOf("tweet-text") > 0) {
			arTags[i].innerHTML = "<marquee direction=\"down\" loop=\"1\" behavior=\"alternate\" style=\"height: 2em; width: 100%; \">Dear Diary,</marquee><br /><br /><blockquote style=\"margin-left: 3em;\">" + arTags[i].innerHTML + "</blockquote>";
			if (location.href.indexOf("/status/") > "".length) {
				break; // ignore comments
	var arDivs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
	for (var i = 0; i < arDivs.length; i++) {
		if (arDivs[i].className.indexOf("tweet-stats-container") > 0) {

The code is also available at
in case WordPress warbles the code.

Gender Diversity epidemic is likely caused by hormone disruptors in food, household articles, drugs and vaccines

The last paragraph of the Rockefeller report on population is something every “trans” or victim of hormone disruptors should read.

The real reason behind gender dysphoria?

Gender diversity problem another globalist divide-and-rule game.

In his 1924 essay titled “ICARUS or the future of science”, “Fabian Socialist” Bertrand Russell says:

I am compelled to fear that science will be used to promote the power of dominant groups, rather than to make men happy… More sensational … is the possibility of controlling the emotional life through the secretions* of the ductless glands. It will be possible to make people choleric or timid, strongly or weakly sexed, and so on, as may be desired. Differences of emotional disposition seem to be chiefly due to secretions of the ductless glands, and therefore controllable by injections or by increasing or diminishing the secretions. Assuming an oligarchic organization of society, the State could give to the children of holders of power the disposition required for command, and to the children of the proletariat the disposition required for obedience. Against the injections of the State physicians the most eloquent Socialist oratory would be powerless. The only difficulty would be to combine this submissiveness with the necessary ferocity against external enemies; but I do not doubt that official science would be equal to the task… All that is essential in our hypothesis is the belief that physiology will in time find ways of controlling emotion, which it is scarcely possible to doubt. When that day comes we shall have the emotions desired by our rulers, and the chief business of elementary education will be to produce the desired disposition, no longer by punishment or moral precept, but by the far surer method of injection or diet. The men who will administer this system will have a power beyond the dreams of the Jesuits…

American Foreign Policy For Dummies – II

Portrait of an American dickhead: CNN’s Van Jones

CNN's Van Jones, a dickhead

After the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Van Jones claimed it was a “whitelash” against a black president. You’d have thought that he was upset because the candidate endorsed by Obama was not elected.
No, siree! His true colors were on display after Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria. Van Jones said, Trump was now President and will be president for eight more years if he continues to be war president. <

Switch off the Fake News TV and get a newspaper instead

John Carpenter's "They Live" was a documentary, not a science-fiction movie!

There are no magic glasses to spot them. There is no “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to fight them. Yet, they live… on TV! You are being bombarded by an unstoppable stream of globalist conditioning propaganda that is TV news. Read a newspaper instead. Choose a new medium with which you can pause and critically think for a moment about what you have been asked to believe.

Movie Review: The Stupids

The morons who passed bad reviews for this movies are THE stupids!

This movie was shown on Star or HBO when I was precocious kid of 20 years. I greatly enjoyed it. I continued to remember the “Fatal Error in Drive B:” and “That’s a well-made shoe!” jokes. I think the bush jokes are about the reptilian who was then the US president.

Film clip from the movie "The Stupids"

Alerted by his family of the “Fatal Error in Drive B:”, Mr. Stupids hits a bee with his shoe while it is resting on the car’s hood. The car is totally ruined by a bomb placed by the US military but Mr. Stupid thinks that it is a well-made shoe.

I decided to see this movie again after so many years and decided to check the reviews. Well, almost all of them were bad. What? With such good movie?!!! This movie was an adaptation of the children’s comic of the same name and director John Landis had created a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Unlike most directors, Landis created a proper children’s movie without any toilet or sex-based humour. The Hollywood Jewish elite specialize in the four Cs – crap, carnality, cruelty and crookedness. There are different audiences with different tastes and people have been making separate movies tailored for each. But the Hollywood Jewish Elite thinks on globalist terms. So, they contaminate anything and everything good with their four Cs.

The Stupids, thankfully, has escaped their pestilence and it is a movie you can watch with whole family. Today’s children’s movies will not just embarrass or shock you, they also come with a lot of propaganda and brain-washing. Avoid them by all means.