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Zombie Roadkill is the best game app for Android – Combines both racing and first-person shooter

I have been playing this game for three years now and I still have not completed it yet. The app has alternating racing and FPS games in a total of 80. Each type of the game is top of the class, at least from what I have played. I still have 20 more games to finish in it.

Zombie Roadkill game app for Android

The best racing and first-person shooter games in one game app – Zombie Roadkill

BreitBart video of traumatized Google leadership proves that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot to catch up

Nothing can outwit Natural Stupidity

The news is full of reports about AI this and AI that. These people don’t understand that any software program is an example of AI. It is nothing new. It has been existence for long. It being hyped up by some companies which want to project an image that they are on the cutting edge of technology.

The sad truth is no amount of AI can be help if those in charge of it are morons. Nothing better illustrates this as the BreitBart video of Google leadership in the aftermath of Trump’s election or Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. Skip to 16 minutes and 42 seconds.

What a bunch of morons!

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Kuldip Nayyar has died! Other DoD stringers should follow his example

Many regular readers of Kuldip Nayyar have had the uneasy feeling that he was promoting the objectives of the US government through his column in newspapers. I have not had this dubious pleasure but I assume he was like C Raja Mohan, who was also a well-known US stringer working for The Hindu as its strategic affairs editor. I have however read him much latter in his career when he wrote occasional op-eds in The Hindu and Deccan Herald. He was then moonlighting as a human rights activist. As a webmaster, I found that US Department of State regularly tracks his column.

US foreign ministry regularly checks if he has completed his assignments

The Americans have always considered Jawaharlal Nehru as a Russian project and one of the many assignments they gave Nayyar was to obtain public evidence or evidence that could be made public about the “relationship” between Nehru & Edwina Mountbatten. The Americans used Nayyar as a proxy to obtain letters they wrote each other. Sonia Gandhi, who seems to be the custodian of some of these letters, refused any cooperation. In his book excerpts published by Outlook magazine (, we find him digging through personal papers of Maulana Azad. He also had accompanied Lal Bahadur Shastri (who succeeded Nehru as Prime minister) to the Soviet Union where Shastri mysteriously “died”. The KGB has a lot of experience in murdering top leaders and making it look natural. They have dispatched many Soviet leaders this way and each time this happened members of the deceased leader’s support group also die in quick succession. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an obstacle for Indira Gandhi was promoted by Nehru. Sonia Gandhi is also supposed to be a Russian project. According to Subramaniam Swamy, her father was a Nazi who got co-opted by the KGB when he was imprisoned by the Soviets in a Siberian labour camp.

Whenever The Hindu reported border candlelight vigils arranged by the USIS (an information service run by the CIA), I found that Kuldip Nayyar had always participated in them.

I got totally convinced of his employment by the Americans when he became one of many notables to come a full circle about Modi – those who spent considerable time demonstratively hating Modi and then ignominiously ending that phase by wholeheartedly endorsing that ghoul (

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Karunanidhi has died! Other politicians should follow his example

Indians who speak English or write in it are forever indebted to anti-Hindi agitators like Karunanidhi.

Nehru, being a closet Communist and overt Socialist, followed the globalist objective of destroying all forms of identity – race, religion, gender, relationship, etc.

Language was one of many identities that Indians strongly identified with.

An anglophone at heart, who according to Gandhi “dreamt in English), Nehru had no particular love for Hindi but he was ready to impose that North Indian language on the rest of us.

Instead of ‘Unity in diversity’, Nehru tried to impose Hindi through education. Anti-Hindi agitations ensured that the huge diversity of Indian language survive and flourish. Otherwise, they would have succumbed to Hindi in India just like Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh languages had supplanted by English in the British Isles.

In India, English is a neutral language and serves the need for a link language very well. No Indian language has become a victim of its usage.

Well, other than the above, Karunanidhi was no good, particularly when compared to MGR or Jayalalitha. DMK introduced large-scale corruption to Tamil Nadu. Alcohol prohibition was lifted by DMK – first of many betrayals against Tamizh people. His ill-advised decisions made the Kaveri water problem even more problematic.

He also extended this treachery to Sri Lankan Tamils first by cultivating terror groups like LTTE, although the central intelligence agencies were also doing the same. It culminated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. When the Sri Lankan army was routing the LTTE, the near-invalid Karunanidhi went on a public hunger strike. Sri Lankan army couldn’t care less but Karunanidhi ended the hunger strike claiming that a ceasefire had been declared. Over 60,000 Tamils died in shelling when they came out from their safe places.

Reptilian News – US Defense Department under Obama disguised payments as “research” contracts & spied on Donald Trump

This UK guy, Stefan Halper, was a recipient of a million dollars from US Department of Defense. It was a payoff for spying engagements with previous administrations. Asked why this guy was deployed on Trump campaign, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under Obama (James Clapper) portrayed it as “benign information gathering” – the understatement of this millennium!

Reptilian News - Benign information spying

A reptilian explains what is benign information spying.

Reptilian News – Don’t condemn a reptilian because he is a schnook …er…a zuckerberg

The poor schlub!
Hang him, please!

No (green reptilian) blood.
Just put him in a deep freeze.

An electric chair may leave him charred.
You know what that means.

The risk of a ‘Return Of The Living Dead‘.
Or of some alien species.

The Winklevoss twins created Facebook but the contrite schlub here stole the idea.

Reptilian News - Is Mark Zuckerberg a reptile?

Difficult to believe that this thing is human

Reptilian News – Fake News in Xi’s China (state censorship) and Modi’s India (self-censorship)

Reptilian News - Fake news in China and India

Press censorship in 11 Jinpeng’s China and Modi’s India

Over the past few weeks, Western media have mocked the Chinese state for censoring innocuous words on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter alternative. This is despite the clamour in the West for cracking down on alternative news sites and ideas.

Skeptical as I was, I searched for the same words on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Nope, no sign of censorship. Western media claimed the number 1984 has been banned. Baidu had no problem with it either.

Meanwhile, CNN campaigned that YouTube shut down Alex Jones’ Info Wars channel and also contacted advertisers for their comments. YouTube then suspended/purged several channels. Even gun hobbyists channels felt compelled to move to a popular pawn streaming site.

Then came the famous Chinese eye-rolling video. A female journalist at a business news website rolled her eyes in frustration at a long-winded and obviously pre-scripted question at an official Chinese state press conference. Xi’s power grab has been in motion for a few years now but Western media is quick to hang him. This happens even while police, intelligence agencies and every petty government department in the West is arming itself with ever more surveillance and autocratic powers.

What’s so unusual about a pre-scripted question? Anyone who has watched Obama’s press meets and interviews knows that it was all a charade. American journalists would shamelessly applaud him and laugh at his lamest jokes. It was only when he would tour abroad that he would get a dose of reality.

Note how a lone American journalist, out of habit probably, tries trigger a clapping frenzy.

Indian media used to be apolitical, as competition is fierce. Somehow, Modi has conquered them. Everyone in the media is afraid. Of what, we don’t know.

When Kapil Sibal gave his press conference on the mysterious deaths of three other people in the Judge Loya case, it was reported live in the afternoon. But by evening, all news channels avoided any mention. Next day, newspaper vaguely alluded to some issues in the case and that Congress party demanded a thorough investigation. They all printed a PTI report that was misleadingly brief. Total and absolute self-censorship!

Reptilian News – Social media, Internet of Things & Cloud Computing cause Global Warming!

How to use reptilian techniques against reptilians.

Globalist spy on us using several ways. So ask if social media use, wireless devices, Internet of Things (IoT), & cloud computing cause global warming.

Say that every minute someone uses these things, an iceberg melts or a seal pup dies. Tell them to get rid of smartphone & other connected devices; get a landline or a basic feature phone; and close all social media accounts.

Reptilian News - Social media use is causing Climate Change

Social media use, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Always-on WiFi/Internet all consume electricity and cause Accelerated Man-made Irreversible Climate Change.

In reply to Slashdot [@slashdot]:

Bali Plans To Switch Off Internet Services For 24 Hours For New Year ‘Quiet Reflection’