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What is fake news? The definitive answer!


Fake news by Sky News

Fake news from Sky News: When news anchors bring in experts merely for their propaganda value and cut them off mid-sentence if they doubt the official conspiracy theory.


Fake News - Douma attack video by White Helmets terrorist group

Western media: When you repeatedly broadcast a fake video from a terrorist organization (White Helmets) as your government’s “iron-clad” evidence of a chemical attack (justifying airstrikes) and blackout from the news when the alleged victims turn up unharmed.


Fake News by BBC

When the BBC journalist explicitly asks the expert why he is telling the truth when it is contrary to the official conspiracy theory.

Kuldip Nayyar has died! Other DoD stringers should follow his example

Many regular readers of Kuldip Nayyar have had the uneasy feeling that he was promoting the objectives of the US government through his column in newspapers. I have not had this dubious pleasure but I assume he was like C Raja Mohan, who was also a well-known US stringer working for The Hindu as its strategic affairs editor. I have however read him much latter in his career when he wrote occasional op-eds in The Hindu and Deccan Herald. He was then moonlighting as a human rights activist. As a webmaster, I found that US Department of State regularly tracks his column.

US foreign ministry regularly checks if he has completed his assignments

The Americans have always considered Jawaharlal Nehru as a Russian project and one of the many assignments they gave Nayyar was to obtain public evidence or evidence that could be made public about the “relationship” between Nehru & Edwina Mountbatten. The Americans used Nayyar as a proxy to obtain letters they wrote each other. Sonia Gandhi, who seems to be the custodian of some of these letters, refused any cooperation. In his book excerpts published by Outlook magazine (, we find him digging through personal papers of Maulana Azad. He also had accompanied Lal Bahadur Shastri (who succeeded Nehru as Prime minister) to the Soviet Union where Shastri mysteriously “died”. The KGB has a lot of experience in murdering top leaders and making it look natural. They have dispatched many Soviet leaders this way and each time this happened members of the deceased leader’s support group also die in quick succession. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an obstacle for Indira Gandhi was promoted by Nehru. Sonia Gandhi is also supposed to be a Russian project. According to Subramaniam Swamy, her father was a Nazi who got co-opted by the KGB when he was imprisoned by the Soviets in a Siberian labour camp.

Whenever The Hindu reported border candlelight vigils arranged by the USIS (an information service run by the CIA), I found that Kuldip Nayyar had always participated in them.

I got totally convinced of his employment by the Americans when he became one of many notables to come a full circle about Modi – those who spent considerable time demonstratively hating Modi and then ignominiously ending that phase by wholeheartedly endorsing that ghoul (

More on Kuldip Nayyar in the Moral Volcano Blog –

CIA rag Ms Mag wants Americans to accept a politically correct, fat-n-fugly, Wonder Woman of colour!

Reptilian News cartoon: Politically correct fat-n-fugly Wonder Woman of colour?

Ms Mag asks why Wonder Woman is white and pretty and not fat, fugly, colored, and trans…

The prejudiced author seems to imply being non-white is like being fat, ugly or a transvestite, not that any of the latter is necessarily bad. The latest Wonder Woman was already toned down to suit the sentiments of non-Americans. Apparently, CIA didn’t think it was enough. Nice self-goal, monkeys!

Everytime Indian media talks about David Headley…

Everytime Indian media talks about David Headley, Pakistan gets the Ape Man out of the cupboard, dusts him off & present him before the media. And, the likes of Arnab Goswami & Rajdeep Sardesai go, as the Americans like to say, ape sh**! Or, maybe it’s like giving starving dogs a bone.

What is Fake News? (Part Deux)

Reptilian News cartoon: NYT poll predicts a landslide for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump

Reptilians own the companies the manufacture electronic voting machines but it is also their duty to prep the masses so that the outcome does not shock the public.

Fake News is nothing new. They just gave it a new name.

It has been going on for a long time.

The reptilians release phony opinion polls and exit polls to make people receptive to the outcome of their tampered elections. It also helps prevent the possibility of a third or fourth party ever emerging in the American political landscape. Americans are dumbed down to thinking that their individual vote will be “wasted” if they for a non-establishment party.

What is Fake News?

Reptilian News cartoon: PETD or Post-Election Traumatic Disorder

CNN tells how to cope with post-election depression.

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, leftist snowflakes were so mortified that CNN brought a psychiatrist to prescribe alleviating measures. Before the election, they tried to prep the masses for a close-fought Hillary victory.

Reptilian News cartoon: NYT poll predicts a landslide for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump

Reptilians own the companies the manufacture electronic voting machines but it is also their duty to prep the masses so that the outcome does not shock the public.