Did Modi govt block MoralVolcano.com?

Would the globalist stooge stoop so low?

Screenshot of blocked MoralVolcano.com site

It appears like Modi govt has a grudge against Moral Volcano.

BSNL (my ISP) is injecting ads into all http sites. Some of these ad sites are incidentally blocked by Modi govt for some reason. (Those pigs do not read a reason.) When I or anyone who is a BSNL subscriber tries to load MoralVolcano.com in the browser, BSNL’s Javascript injection attempts to load the ad site instead. Then, Internet blocking happens. That is how this notice gets displayed or so I am led to think.

If Arun Jaitley were alive to this situation (pun unintended) — he never was or he would have alerted Modi to the ‘Entire Political Science’ university certificate fiasco — he would have used one of his favorite words to describe it — DICHOTOMY!


Arnab Goswami may have advised photoshop artist who faked Modi’s MA degree certificate in ENTIRE POLITICAL SCIENCE

It takes two clicks on the bookmark (in quick succession) to load my site. I suggest everyone (all two of you) do the same. I have changed the daily news motto to be ‘the fun alternative to depressing daily news’. It is fashioned in the style of a talk show’s comedian monologue. Every news item will have some funny chatter accompanying it. This will make the depressing nature of our daily news more tolerable.

Comments on this blog are moderated by government agents. The Moral Volcano Essential Reading List will explain why.

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