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Murli Deora – Another Keeper Of Secrets loses Bucket Challenge to British Petroleum

#BP is a curse on Mankind.

Wondering how he became oil minister when he was a former Reliance official? He he he!

Goolam Vahanvati was another Keeper of Secrets who died recently.

Don’t hobnob with lizards. When they get a fright, they suspect every one.

Gopinath Munde’s vehicle was barely dented but he died. A well-liked politician, yet, no investigation.

Whatever happened to the #BucketChallenge thingy? What a bunch of #maroons.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

“All hands off the Russian Prosecutie,” Moral Volcano warns the West!

Ignore the Americans, they are totally screwed up. But, why Canada and the EU? Their economies were already hurting before the sanctions. Now, it is going to become worse with Russia retaliating. Why did leaders of these countries went along with the US in imposing sanctions on Russia, knowing well enough that it would not achieve their aims and be counterproductive. Reason? One is Blackmail. The other is deposits in Swiss bank accounts.

Russia supplies a lot of oil and gas to Europe. The US has lots of shale gas but can’t compete with Russia on price. The only choice was to remove Russia from the market, just as they had removed Iran from the market (and indirectly helped BP and Reliance up their rates for KG gas).

Crimean prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya, dubbed "Prosecutie" in Japan is among those individuals targeted by that stupid dummy called Obama.

Crimean prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya, dubbed “Prosecutie” in Japan is among those individuals targeted by that stupid dummy called Obama.

Want proof that Rothschild EVMs elected Modi rather than people of India?

  1. Modi takes most seats in Assam* ! Karnataka magically switches to BJP within one year! Congress gets a consecutive second term in Kerala despite sex scandals!
    NDTV.com graphic showing BJP snapping up most seats in Assam where their cadre are nowhere to be seen.

    NDTV.com graphic showing BJP snapping up most seats in Assam where their cadre are nowhere to be seen.

    BJP has no party structure worth the name in Assam and yet they beat Congress and AGP! (The voting machines were all for Congress recently.) In Kerala, Congress managed to retain a majority of seats despite so many sex scandals bedeviling their leaders. Given that their alliance did not have the numbers to cross the magical figure of 272, states like Rajastan had to be painted saffron totally. (Here, I reminded of Churchill who draw some sharp lines on the map of Ottoman empire and overnight created the new states of the Middle East. (They were then handed over to crypto-Jewish tribal leaders friendly to what is now British Petroleum company. Palestine did not have any oil and was colonized for European Jews under the name of Israel. It is a glorified military base masquerading as a nation.) That is why BJP leaders were talking of a Modi Wave from the beginning. Bogus votes have been entered in such a ham-handed way that makes it is plainly clear to everyone that voting machines have been tampered.

    It has not escaped notice that polling data implies that even Muslims voted for Modi.

    It has not escaped notice that polling data implies that even Muslims voted for Modi.

    And, just as I had predicted, Rothschild voting machines magically changed their behaviour in Karnataka within just one year after electing a Congress government!

    Moral Volcano predicted that Rothschild EVMs will magically change their preference for Congress in Karnata and favour BJP.

    Moral Volcano predicted that Rothschild EVMs will magically change their preference for Congress in Karnata and favour BJP.

  2. Sharp operators like Paul Dhinakaran knew months ahead of elections that Modi would be PM
    Internationally well-connected people like Paul Dhinakaran knew months before the election that Modi was going to be the next PM and took appropriate steps to protect their wealth. These guys can’t be wrong. Never! The decision to make Modi as PM was made abroad.

    Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran makes peace with Modi.

  3. Modi got modified before election
    American election managers (the Rockefellers) always ensure that the establishment candidate is aesthetically presentable. Otherwise, people might start questioning the integrity of Diebold voting machines.

    Modi - before and after pictures of his plastic surgery

    TOI report on whether Modi got modified?

    Look at what they did to Hillary Clinton before she got elected!
    Hillary Clinton before and after photos.

  4. American mole and bleeding-heart liberal Kuldip Nayar made a switch for Modi
    I just saw this on Asianet: Nayar says he voted for Modi. His excuse? Apparently, in the last 6 months, the Congress regime collapsed and “There was no governance!”
  5. AAP got more donating/volunteering/registered supporters than those voted for it in Bangalore, according to a report by The Hindu

    AAP has over 1 lakh members in Bangalore but got less votes.

    AAP has over 1 lakh members in Bangalore but got less votes.

  6. American and European government cleared his visa even before Modi was known as BJP PM candidate
    How did they known in advance that Modi would become PM? For a long time it was held that Advani was BJP PM candidate and there was just rumours that Modi might try to challenge him but that was not enough for these governments to remove his visa restriction, which were imposed in the wake of Godhra riots.

The voting pattern of Rothschild voting machines reflect one thing – maximising returns for the global kleptocracy and the continuation of the charade.

It isn’t as if Modi is going to throw out all Bangaldeshis. (Globalists’ plan is to destroy nationalities by swamping them with illegal immigrants. Modi will not move a hair to repair citizenship laws that Sonia tried to destroy (despite so many adverse observations by Supreme Court) or remove Bangladeshis from the North East. He will remain a pawn of the Rothschilds and their gang of nation-busters. If at all he does something, then his attempt would be so ham-handed that he would become India’s Milosevic. Indian intelligence agencies will ensure that.)

What Is The Green Salt Project?

“It is the fake WMD story, all over again. This time, the victim is Iran. It is clear that the Iraq fiasco has done little to change the way American diplomacy operates. Intelligence agencies come up with a conspiracy theory, media peddles the theory as news, and financially disadvantaged Americans fight someone else’s war. If Iran goes down the way Iraq did, then it is Israel, which will see another one of its security threats subjugated. Like Iraq, Iran poses no threat to the U.S.”

The Thughlak magazine by Cho Ramaswamy has a fake news feature called the ஒன்றரை பக்க நாளேடு (Half-Page Newspaper).
During the previous term of Jayalalitha as chief minister of Tamil Nadu, ஒன்றரை பக்க நாளேடு came out with an edition that focussed on the ongoing spat between J and the then governor Chenna Reddy.
Jayalalitha had initiated a slum resettlement programme in which slum dwellers would be allowed to build their shanties inside the Raj Bhavan (Governor’s residence) campus.
One news item was about a minister in Jayalalitha’s cabinet.

“Hey, Chenna Reddy! Are you in good health? Do you or don’t you want to go back to Andhra in one piece? Stop bothering our Amma,” requested the minister.

Janata Party leader, one-time Jayalalitha baiter, and India’s biggest conspiracy theorist Subramania Swamy was the subject of an interview.

Swamy: The slum resettlement programme is a Jayalalitha scheme to kill Chenna Reddy. The slum dwellers who are slated to be lodged inside Raj Bhavan are members of an LTTE hit squad.
Reporter: How do you know this is true?
Swamy: I was in China recently and Communist Party Chairman Deng Xioping gave me this information.
Reporter: Who gave Deng get this information?
Swamy: I did.

When I read about the Green Salt Project, I was instantly reminded of ஒன்றரை பக்க நாளேடு.
When the story was released, American media however went into a tizzy.
A Time magazine article about the project begins with Green salt isn’t something you’d want to sprinkle on French fries.
The story said that the IAEA had found information about a clandestine Iranian attempt to manufacture nuclear weapons.
This revealation was expected to make the American position on Iran even more unforgiving.
And, by the way, how did the IAEA get this information?
Well, the Americans provided the information.
The CIA had “recovered” a laptop from Iran, which mentioned a “green salt project” and that was reason enough to conclude Iran’s guilt.

The IAEA is supposed to be a impartial body without a partisan agenda.
However, wholly political reasons, IAEA has been the stick with which the U.S. has been trying to make Iran sit on the stool.
The IAEA cannot act without hard facts.
Its inspections inside Iran had yielded little.
Its own opinion on Iranian cooperation has been positive.
The U.S. wanted Iran to confess that it had an clandestine nuclear program and Iran refused.
The U.S. then put enormous pressure on the IAEA to make outrageous demands on Iran that no sovereign nation would accept.
To win IAEA chief Mohammed Elbaradei’s cooperation, the guy was given a lot of awards including the Nobel Prize.
He even appeared on the American Music Awards (AMA) show.
Iran refused to be buckle down and this was portrayed as evidence of lack of cooperation.
And then came the story of the stolen laptop – the smoking gun necessary to settle the case.

It is the fake WMD story, all over again.
This time, the victim is Iran.
It is clear that the Iraq fiasco has done little to change the way American diplomacy operates.
Intelligence agencies come up with a conspiracy theory, media peddles the theory as news, and financially disadvantaged Americans fight someone else’s war.
If Iran goes down the way Iraq did, then it is Israel, which will see another one of its security threats subjugated.
Like Iraq, Iran poses no threat to the U.S.
If Iran makes threatening gestures against the U.S., it is because the response has been complimentary.
The U.S. calls Iran as part of a global axis of evil and Iran calls the U.S. as the great Satan.

And, there is history to consider.
Not many Americans or people outside know that the U.S. once shot down an Iranian airliner simply to appease Iraq.
Going back further, we can see more of the the evil nature of Amerian foriegn policy towards iran.
To protect the interests of British Petroleum company, U.S. intelligence agencies pulled a coup that brought down the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh.
They then installed the murderous Shah of Iran, who suppressed internal dissent while allowing foriegners to plunder the country’s oil wealth.
When followers of Ayatollah Khomenei tried to overthrow the Shah, Americans were clearly helping from the wrong side. Anti-American feelings are a pan-Iranian phenomenon, not something manufactured by the mullahs.

And Iran is not the only ones who have a clandestine nuclear program.
Israel has a well-developed nuclear and missile program.
Both the U.S. and British governments have legally and illegally helped Israel achieve the capability.
However, Western governments are anxious not to offend Isreal but seem willing to go to any length to muzzle Iran. And, Israel regularly threatens Isreal or gets threats issued by the U.S.

Darlings Of The West – III**

British Petroleum (BP) Chairman Lord Browne has complained that state-owned petroleum companies from Asia where skewing the oil market. He claimed that oil producing nations could be best served if only they made deals with private international companies like BP. He said the Asian firms benefited from government-to-government deals, which did not always make economic sense. Lord Browne would have been right if we did not have things like the BTC pipeline. This project is evidence to the fact that Big Oil can leverage funds that exist beyond their balance sheets. Why else would the U.S. government pour billions of dollars of American taxpayer’s money setting the stage for a largely British project in which American companies have only marginal investments?

Billed as “the project of the century”, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline is now complete. BP says it cost $3.6 billion* to build – making it the costliest oil pipeline in the world. The pipeline starts in Azerbaijan, goes through Georgia and ends in Turkey, connecting the landlocked Caspian Sea with the Mediterranean. The ideal route to take Caspian oil out to its markets would have been through Iran or Russia but this is something the West has been keen to avoid.

The U.S. has established an airbase near Ceyhan at Incirlik. A massive military deployment around the pipeline has been planned. F William Engdahl, writing in Asia Times, says:

On April 12, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld went to Baku, his second vist in four months, to discuss demands to create a US military base in Azerbaijan. The Pentagon already de facto runs the Georgian military with its US Special Forces officers and Georgia has been asked to join the NATO. Now, Washington wants to have direct bases in Azerbaijan proximate to Russia as well as to Iran. The Pentagon has also allocated $100 million to build a Caspian Guard of special forces military, ostensibly to guard the new BTC pipeline, though the latter was deliberately built underground to make it less vulnerable, one reason for its high cost. Part of the Pentagon money would go to build a radar-equipped command center in Baku, capable of monitoring all sea traffic in the Caspian. The US wants airbases in Azerbaijan, which naturally would be seen Tehran and Moscow as a strategic provocation.

The 1,770 kilometer-long pipeline will take 6 months and 10 million barrels of oil to fill from end to end. Oil filled at Baku will take 10 days to reach Ceyhan. The pipeline is expected to carry 1 million barrels a day from the Caspian sea. But, where is this oil going to come from?

Production in the entire Caspian region currently stands at only 2 million barrels per day (bpd). The Caspian sea has proven reserves of 33 billion barrels of oil, making it the third largest in the world. (The Persian Gulf has over 700 billion barrels.) Turkey has no oil. Georgia has lots of mineral water. And, Azerbaijan? Well, it is suspected that Azeri authorities vastly overestimated their reserves and sold the idea to the Americans, who seemed to have swallowed it whole. Either that or the Americans have some secret information about the oil reserves that they are not telling anyone.

To make the pipeline more viable, Azerbaijan offered to let Russia send its oil through the pipeline. To add pressure, Turkey placed restrictions on Russian oil tankers that currently take oil across the Black Sea through the narrow Bosphorous straits. Russia has so far refused to join the project adding that its oil will bypass the Bosphorous with the new Burgas pipeline, which runs over Bulgaria to Greece. Thus, the only other country that can make the project viable is Kazakhastan. However, President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhastan is a cool player who does not place all his eggs in one basket. He likes to keep a safe distance from both Moscow and Washington. Today, companies from Russia, North America, and Europe are already working in Kazakhastan. There is a possibility that Kazakhastan’s oil and gas go East to China. If it did, then the BTC pipeline would be doomed. So, many observers wondering if the U.S. is giving shape to a “color revolution” for Kazakhastan.
USAI YellowBook records billions transferred to Ukraine via Soros-run Freedom House

A study of the color revolutions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia are a good way to measure how much money the U.S. has spent to help make Western oil companies like BP richer. During elections in Ukraine, the U.S. embassy was seen in great action. Special camps were conducted to train journalists in “democratic values.” The U.S. financed the exit polls, which predicted a huge win for the pro-Western candidate Yushchenko. When Yushchenko lost, the “pro-democracy activists” from the youth movement called Pora (It’s Time) (which again was financed by the U.S.) effected the “Orange Revolution.” Elections were conducted again and the pro-US candidate Yushchenko won. In Azerbaijan, a “good dictator” (pro-American) Haidar Aliyev was in power when the pipeline talks began. Engdahl continues:

Former US national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski was a consultant to BP during the Bill Clinton era, urging Washington to back the project. In fact, it was Brzezinski who went to Baku in 1995, uofficiall in behalf of Clinton, to meet with then Zeri president Haidar Aliyev, to negotiate new independent Baku pipeline routes including what became the BTC pipeline.

Brzezinski also sits on the board of an impressive, if little known, U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC). The chairman of USACC in Wahsington is Tim Cajka, president of ExxonMobil Exploration. Other USACC board members include Henry Kissinger and James Baker III, the man who in 2003 personally went to Tbilisi to tell Eduard Shevardnadze that Washington wanted him to step aside in favour of the US-trained Georgian Shaakashvili. Brent Scowcroft, former national security advisor to George H W Bush, also sits on the board. And, Cheney was a former board member before he became the U.S. Vice-President. A more high-powered Washington team of geopolitical fixers would be hard to imagine. This group of prominent individual certainly would not give a minute of their time unless an area of utmost geopolitical strategic importance to the US or to certain powerful interests there.

When Haider Aliyev died, his son Ilham Aliyev succeeded him in an election that was rigged but to the U.S. was fair. But, things are not going very well for him. The U.S. is now financing opposition groups fashioned on the Ukrainian Pora. Central Asian republics lying in the direction of a possible Kazakhastan-China route are now facing serious threats. A radical Islamic movement led by Hizbut-Tehrir (HT) and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) is operating from the Ferhana valley whose stated aim is to create a pan-Central Asian caliphate covering Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Hizbut Tehrir operates from Whitehall, London. Britain has refused to ban it although Germany has already done so. Interestingly, the group is now headed by an IT professional named Jalaluddin Patel.

* – The project was financed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is owned by Western countries.


‡ – They literally coached him – no metaphor is used here.

† – The pipeline goes through the Borjomi region of Georgia. Borjomi is home to Georgia’s mineral water industry, which contributes 10% percent of Georgia’s exports. It is also the largest employer and contributor to the budget in this economically depressed region. While the BTC consortium has pledged to adopt extra safety measures in the Borjomi region, such as thicker pipes and additional block valves, members of the mineral water industry worry that the market for mineral water is dependent on image and reputation, and that the Borjomi brand could suffer irreparable harm, even if there is no spill or leakage. Georgia is known throughout the former Soviet Union (FSU) for its mineral water resources. The Borjomi brand of mineral water has been distributed throughout the FSU for more than a century and is widely recognized. There have been reports that the BTC did not really fulfill the promises in their haste to complete the project ahead of schedule. The Georgian government is powerless to do anything because as part of the agreement with the BTC consortium it has ceded sovereignity over the narrow stretch of land where pipeline has been laid. This has prompted many commentators to refer to the BTC pipeline as Pipelineistan.

UPDATE (04/01/06): Last year, China acquired PetroKazakhastan, a Canadian company with operations in Kazakhastan. China also built the 988-kilometer-long Atasu-Alashankou pipeline a record 10 months to carry the oil from the oil fields of PetroKazakhastan.

** – This post is yet to be completed.