Google deletes Ajit Vadakayil’s Blogspot blog, Captain moves to WordPress-run

Google Search has censored his name so I assume they deleted the blog as well.

I have been busy with a lot of things and did not find time for a post about recent happenings on Ajit Vadakayil’s blog but a search on DuckDuckGo led me to his blog where a notice has been placed that the site has been terminated.

The Google-owned Blogspot is a really bad blogging platform but Vadakayil’s blog was worst of the worst-formatted blog on the WorldWideWeb. Ajit can use computers but seems to be incredibly lazy. He writes in ALL CAPS. He uses extremely shocking images. He recursively quotes and quotes his own posts, comments and replies. He writes a lot of conspiracy theories multi-stranded DNA, meteor lingas… Aamir Khan who claims to be a paragon for freedom of speech filed a case against him and got him temporarily arrested. There are no backup references for a lot of his claims. I like many others have found that some of his most outrageously unbelievable claims are in fact true. It all adds to his allure so much so that his followers have given him lakhs of rupees as donations. I recently found that he had started some Kalki ashram or institute with some woman named Suman. It could be his adopted daughter. I do not know or want to know. She has a bizarre and sordid history by his own account. It is difficult to make head or tail of what he is saying because of the recursive posts. I do not read his blog regularly and I do not what happened in the interim. Several years have passed since my last visit to his blog. This Suman has a blogspot blog that has the same hopeless formatting. Ajit has appointed her as the beneficiary of the donations and himself as the presiding diety!

I do not know what prompted Google to delete his blog. Was it the bad formatting? They are least qualified to complain!

WordPress is running his new site. It was registered a year ago. Did Google give him a warning in advance so that he could move (export) his old blog posts to Wordpres? I do not want to dig deeper into the old posts. I am afraid what I might discover. However, I would like to warn him about this Kalki thing. It is a trap.

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