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Let the swamp reptilians steal the election from Donald Trump! A second American revolution is needed to eradicate them!

Trump cannot fight alone. American people, the silent majority, cutting across party lines should become comrade-in-arms against dwellers of the Washington DC swamp.

Just as I predicted, the swamp creatures have foiled Trump in his plans. In turn, Trump has foiled their plans for perpetual war. The political correctness epidemic has lost the administration support. If Clinton had won, America would have collapsed. They would have banned everything. It is a big victory and a relief for peace-loving people the world over.

As per the reality distortion field created by the US mainstream media:

  • Millions of Americans silently suffering in imposed poverty and hunger will vote for Burismaiden who promises to retain lockdowns for as long as the shyentists want.
  • Americans love to see rioters destroy and loot their property in Democrat-run states, cities and towns.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris events but that is a sure sign of Trump is losing.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris rallies but their team is supposed to win, according to opinion polls.

In other news, a state supreme court has ruled that the signature in the “mail-in” ballots need not match. Now, anyone can vote for anyone in that state.

During the George Soros-sponsored BLM/Antifa riots, Americans have seen a taste of what it will be like when Democrats return to power in Washington DC.

I think USA needs to go through some hell for all Americans to wake up. It is not enough that only some conservatives are ready to take action. There must broad-based support cutting across party lines. The swamp creatures do not just need a lesson in people power, they must be eliminated, setting an example to reptilians all over the world. Until then, Americans should be armed and dangerous. Prepare for the second American revolution!

Alternative to China? Dear Donald Trump, how about America?

Every country needs its own manufacturing base to protect its sovereignty and to sustain a working class mainstay for the economy.

Tear up those free-trade accords and leave the WTO. Impose a blanket 20% customs/countervailing duty on all imports. Negotiate individual customs duty arrangements with countries willing to trade with the United States on an equitable basis.

Asking American companies to find an alternative to China is no different than asking them to move to Mexico under NAFTA. America will not be great again unless it returns to manufacturing.

US Defense Department under Obama disguised payments as “research” contracts & spied on Donald Trump

This UK guy, Stefan Halper, was a recipient of a million dollars from US Department of Defense. It was a payoff for spying engagements with previous administrations. Asked why this guy was deployed on Trump campaign, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under Obama (James Clapper) portrayed it as “benign information gathering” – the understatement of this millennium!

Reptilian News - Benign information spying

A reptilian explains what is benign information spying.

American blacks are “racis”

On American TV, blacks are being trotted out to claim that American whites are racist because they did not vote for a white woman! Of course, the white woman was endorsed by Obama but that doesn’t make her black. Hillary Clinton is a evil untrustworthy war-monger. Her self-serving slushfund a.k.a Clinton foundation received hundreds millions from foreign donors including Russia & Saudi Arabia. Now that she is not President, many of these foreign governments are seeking refunds. Yet, it is Trump who is accused of impropriety, of all things collusion with Russia. Trump campaigned on his own limited funds. Hillary Clinton had the entire political establishment behind error. Her campaign funds was several time that of Trump. All “Social Media” companies openly campaigned. All bad news about Clinton was forgotten. She was no longer untrustworthy. It was all about glass ceilings & women’s empowerment. She had everything going for her. Opinion polls & exit polls predicted a landslide win for her.

Trump should ignore the legacy status quo & support Korean unification

Like China, North Korea is controlled by some reptilians in New York.

Trump should end the security theatre prevailing in Japan & Korea.

The fancy idea of cornering North Korea using sanctions & military threats is useless. Cuba is a good example. The victims are Koreans & the beneficiaries are the military contractors.

Trump should give the North an open offer to withdraw from the Koreas if they united. The communists in the North & the political/military criminal allies in the South should be given amnesty. The nuclear arsenal should be left to the  judgment of the government elected by a united Korea.

If the communists cannot reject it because the charade otherwise collapses.

Trump should ignore status quoists, withdraw US military and support Korean unification.

The fake news media led by @CNN are unlikely to be impressed with anything that Trump does. They don’t even seek to give an appearance of being journalists anymore. CNN president has already been public that they are not going to focus on news from everywhere (as there dedicated news agencies for that) and instead being a platform for high-quality debate & expert viewpoints. So, why fret over a bunch of yakkety yap yaps?

Why, unlike Obama administration, there are so many leaks with Trump’s

FBI Bug: We are bugs left behind from the Obama administration. We drive Trump crazy now.

CIA bug: Earlier, we used to relay orders from CFR.

Reptilian News cartoon: FBI bugs the White House and leaks to the Press

An alphabet soup of American intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA and NSA have bugged the White House for decades. They are now driving Trump crazy with leaks because he giving orders instead of taking them from controllers usually supplied from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Donald Trump should pave way for Korean unification

By first withdrawing military forces from the Korean peninsula and letting the two halves decide on their own what the terms of unification should be. American military presence is the main hindrance to peace in that region. Same for Okinawa.

Inspite of how much they hate Trump, the mainstream media in the US always loves a good war.

Much of South Korean population lives in the capital Seoul. The city can be enveloped in North Korea’s low-tech saturation artillery fire and the entire population can be liquidated in under half an hour.


Kim Jong Un and his band of Communists should be given a blanket pardon so that the unification process can move forward. They can anyway move to China.

If a US court can stop Donald Trump’s temporary defensive order against aliens, then courts can also stop offensive actions such as humanitarian bombing and war too!

Go ahead and set a precedent for peace and freedom.

Donald Trumps is peeved that his executive orders have been questioned by courts. He is wrong. Under the US constitution, all executive actions can be reviewed by judiciary.

However, US courts have always chosen not to interfere with executive actions if they were related to national security. This reticence by the US judiciary was exploited to the hilt by Bush and Obama administrations. US courts have refrained from interfering with issues ranging from Bush’s unilateral war against unknown terrorists in what are now called for the first time as “Muslim-majority countries” to Obama’s pervasive NSA surveillance and secret roving FBI national security letters. Even when such executive actions suffered from grave unconstitutionality and impinged on the lives and liberties of US citizens and aliens, US courts have not intervened with a stay order.

Ideally, a court can only ask for reasons behind an executive action before choosing to whether or not to suspend the action. US courts have erred because they stayed Trump’s order before giving his administration a proper chance to explain. The courts should not have stayed Trump’s executive order because it:

  • is temporary and not final
  • is related to national security
  • affects only aliens and does not affect the life and liberty of US citizens

Now, if the appeals court decides to stop Trump’s innocuous temporary defensive action against aliens, then that would also imply that future US presidents can also be stopped from going to war or conduct humanitarian bombing. All that peaceniks would have to do is simply file a brief at a local US Federal court. Privacy advocates can also stop Obama’s executive actions that have justified indiscriminate NSA surveillance. Technology companies can also get rid of the FBI national security letters. Hurray!