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My thoughts are being channelled…to and from YouTube!

Recently I created a DIY LED torch on a stick.

A few days later, a YouTuber (whose channel I subscribe anonymously using RSS) also created a similar torch but she put it inside a DIY lantern. The PCB and the LED placement was the same. Something similar happened with another channel that I subscribe via RSS. One day, I created a rectangular cloth bag for my electronic piano. That day I also bought two orange-colored button-cell torches for DIY joule theif projects. The next day, this guy brings out a new video demonstrating an orange-colored rectangular bag! Are the reptilians going to ridiculous lengths and paying these people to mess with me?

Wondering if I was going crazy, I went back to this channel’s videos page and noticed that I had bought a t-shirt a few days back without realising that this guy has been wearing something similar for months. Both t-shirts had the same color and design except that mine has full sleeves. The reptilians hypnotized me into buying this!

From then onwards, I stopped watching new YouTube videos fetched by RSS. Interestingly, despite claims of Google’s technical prowess, YouTube’s RSS feed doesn’t comply with the spec. It also lists videos with wrong dates such that sometimes old videos can become listed with new dates and appear as new. Maybe Google software developers are incompetent or they intentionally want their RSS feeds to be unreliable. (RSS is anonymous whereas the advertisement platform Google prefers user-tracking subscription-based followers.) Or, did the reptilians find something in those old videos to mess with my brain and then disguised the videos as new?

I did not know and did not want to now. If it were the latter, it confirms one of two things. Google helps the reptilians. Or, the reptilians can spoof Google’s SSL certificates and run a fake YouTube instance on a private server at the ISP, customized for one individual. (Don’t think it can happen? Do you remember how Amit Shah placed a female “architect” on surveillance citing “national security reasons” when in reality it was “Saheb’s” (Modi’s) love-struck and aching heart. A police official named Vanzara released tapes of phone calls from Amit Shah because he had to spend several years in judicial custody during the trial for an encounter killing orchestrated by the Intelligence Bureau (in an attempt to recruit Modi for the FBI, prior to his elevation as a prime ministerial candidate). IB’s only defence was that the “intelligence input” had come from FBI. They could not present any evidence that the victims who were killed in cold blood had become violent before the “shooting in self-defence”. The CBI investigated the case and was about to charge on an IB officer but after Modi became PM, the caged parrot wound up the investigation.)

Times of India reporter digs deeper into Sahib’s love affair.


I then decided to make my YouTube browsing even more unpredictable. (Already, I watch the videos offline and I also block all ads.) Now, I go to a new channel and download all videos that seem to be interesting. (I have a Greasemonkey script that makes this easy.) Afterwards, no more daily checks for new videos. I don’t visit the channel again. I do add the channel’s RSS feed to my feedreader so that the reptilians can continue to waste increasing amounts of money. I check the RSS feeds intermittently so that it remains a high-cost low-return toil for them. With YouTube making less money and handing out even lesser amounts to content creators, even reptilian dollars are important. In my feed reader, YouTube RSS feeds are listed under a category called bait.

Five years ago, when I was listening to the No Agenda podcast, something similar happened. At least at that time, I managed to find that Adam Curry was a Freemason stooge. I stopped listening to the show afterwards as it became clear that the show was just a moneymaking operation for the hosts and a honeypot operation for the feds. Unlike the No Agenda hosts, the YouTubers are open and honest that they are purely commercial operators. I wish all the best for them.


Modi, don’t go to White House! They are gonna chip ya!

We have reviewed your performance. Obviously, it has been sub bar.

Remember how Benazir Bhutto was holed up in the CFR building where they repeatedly scanned her brain but they couldn’t get her to do their bidding. That’s why they killed her on her return to Pakistan. The RA&W and IB tools who are usually get giddy with excitement when there is a chance for “cooperation” with US or UK will no doubt betray you. Don’t go to the White House.

At best, you are goingta be tongue-tied like Sonia Gandhi after her surgery in the US. (There is some doubt if she really visited the US at that time.)

Or, you will become like that nutty Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili guy.

In any case, you’ll have no independent thought process afterward. You’ll give all contracts to General Electric, Boeing, British Petroleum…

People who go to Bohemian Grove or Bilderberg for the first time, go there as normal people. But, afterwards, they become like Chucky. They seem to lose any consideration for the future or the consequences of their actions. They do what they are told. They think of the present. Nothing else.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The Hypnotism of Alex Jones

If it can happen to Alex Jones, it can happen to anyone. Richard Holmes… FBI White Supremacist who managed to shoot some Christians at a Jewish center…

99 minutes into the podcast [ http://rss.infowars.com/20140422_Tue_Alex.mp3 ], Alex Jones brain gets interference and he starts speaking gibberish about what Internet and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is.

Alex Jones, if he is not doing this on his own, should protect himself from hypnotic manipulation. Here is the transcript.

Collectively, the@@@ globalists are an artificial intelligence already. @@@And, let me announce to you here now unequivocally that artificial intelligence has existed for at least 10 years and it is called the Internet. Internet is an upload already existing sentient system but on a mass scale. It is the collective Minnesota? multi-phasic system squared to infinity algorithm and sent into the giant mainframe grids to predict the future and then to be able to steer the future with artificial stimuli brought in from the outside. And, I have told you this for 10 years. Now, it is mainstream news.

The @@@s indicate places where I think his brain gets scrambled. Jones was referred in a major way in a mainstream news report. So, some first-time listeners would have been tuning in. In order to drive them away, Jones or his enemies did something strange. When the poison in the environment, food, water, drugs and vaccines are not enough, there is always hypnotism to screw up a person’s thinking. Maybe even Jones is not immune to it. Well, if you are droning on for three hours with excessive information overload you get disoriented but this doesn’t seem one of those moments.


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Are aliens living among us & controlling mankind? Maybe/maybe not but see the cult classic “They Live” first!

We are all zombies now – actually 40% – with vaccination efforts it could be more

I’ve been wondering why so much that is happening around us defies all reason. This report in The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/9953571/There-are-zombies-among-us.html) explains it all to me.

Telegraph news report on zombie potential

Blood-brain barrier prevents drugs from targeting these microbes

There are zombies among us

40% of human population is infected with microbes that have the potential to modify our behaviour. The microbes protects themselves by hiding in the brain, after crossing blood-brain barrier, which filters out all drugs. These microbes then alter the behaviour of the host.

Perhaps the most famous example of such “zombie reprogramming” (or neuroparasitology, to give it its proper name) comes from a parasitic wasp that attaches its eggs to the belly of an orb spider. Larvae emerge and release chemicals that zombify the spider, which stops spinning its normal spiral web and instead starts producing a cocoon to hold the baby wasps when they emerge.

After reading this article, a movie I saw last year totally makes total sense. It is about a know-nothing guy (played by WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper) who finds a pair of sunglasses that makes him stumble on to a world controlled by aliens.

Roddy Piper

Wrestling star Roddy Piper is the here of the movie. Although, nobody calls him by name, he is credited as “nada” meaning nothing or nobody (just as we are).

The aliens disguise and appear like human beings but the glasses helps Piper see their true form.

Aliens among humans

The aliens live among humans and act like humans. Ordinary people are unaware of their presence among them.

The aliens control mankind using omnipresent propaganda and subliminal messaging. It’s everywhere but the glasses help Piper see and perceive only the truth.

Propaganda and subliminal messaging

There is subliminal messaging everywhere.

The aliens look out for each other. They also promote one another into positions of influence – all to the disadvantage of humans.

Aliens vs Humans - aliens win

Aliens network and promote each other, while humans have to fight for scraps.

Piper totally freaks out after a close encounter with an alien. (“You look okay maam but this one – formaldehyde face.”) Soon, the alien network is alerted.

Piper freaks out

Piper rubs an alien the wrong way and then they are out to attack him.

Two cops are sent after him. They ask him to go quiet or get killed.

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm...

Aliens want to Piper to compromise and go quiet. Piper shoots them and discovers that they die from bullets. Hmmm…

Piper sees that they are both aliens and shoots them. He takes their arms and then the action begins.

Piper takes down some alien assets.

Piper Takes Down Some Alien Assets: “I came here to chew gum and kick some ass. And, I am all out of chewing gum.”

As our Fascist system frowns about movies that tell people to get awakened, They Live was not a big commercial success. (You can read the NYT review to see how its greatness was downplayed.

I now feel that ideas from this movie may have also been used to program patsies in mass-shooting incidents. You can’t just ordinary people to just go and kill people. The mind-controlled patsies may been told that their would-be victims are aliens or something along those lines, and the only way to save mankind was to kill them all. Mind control can be used to make people do anything but only under compelling circumstances. The recent harakiri incident by a Nepalese national in New Delhi proves this. Although the pictorial shows a bottle of alcohol, the man was not intoxicated. He was not just hallucinating but also receiving serious commands to do self harm.

News report of the harakiri incident in New Delhi

Ordinary people can be brainwashed into doing unthinkable things provided that they are given a compelling reason.

See… this is how the aliens use even our feeble attempts to protect ourselves against us. Hmmm….

I was made aware of this great movie by a review in The Vigilant Citizen website (http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/they-live-the-weird-movie-with-a-powerful-message/). They Live is both a meaningful and entertaining movie. Even died-in-wool masala-movie fans in India will like it. I would suggest you read the Vigilant Citizen review first before going on to the movie. The 1988 movie was written and directed by John Carpenter. The entire movie was available on Youtube but now there are only trailers.

I don’t believe there are any aliens on earth. I believe most reports of aliens and UFOs are the work of homos from NASA/Pentagon. I also don’t believe that members of the elite are lizards disguised as humans on earth. They are most likely to have been hypnotized or mentally programmed from a young age so that there is no humanity left in them. There is no other way of explaining why they act so inhumanly.

Multiple Personality Disorder Is Nothing But Hypnotic Spells

Placed by hypnotists hired by the state police to test their skills.

When kids die from vaccines, modern science comes up with a beautiful explanation – “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” or SIDS.

When paralysis sets in after getting the polio vaccine, vaccine proponents call it Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NP-AFP).

There is no scientific explanation for these terms. But, the sheeple are mollified if it has a seemingly sophisticated name. MPD is just another pseudo-scientific term.

I was just reading another post by Vicki Polin whom I had mentioned earlier. This one was from 2005 “The Story of A Rape Victim’s Advocate” (http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.in/2005/05/the-story-of-rape-victims-advocate.html), where she describes how while she was shopping for prom dresses, she suddenly went out to buy sleeping pills and later promptly overdozed on them. Her mother who came to the hospital refused to sign the papers for treatment.

Vicky was simply programmed to commit suicide. Her mother’s behaviour is a testament to the fact that it was planned.

Doctors would rather believe Vicky’s behaviour as Multiple Personality Disorder.

From Richard Burton To Vicki Polin To Victims of Sexual Abuse At The Yeshiva University

I was down with cold and decided read a book about the infamous Damascus Affair. It was titled Debacle in Damascus. You may find it on White supremacist websites (run by the FBI/ADL) but it is really scholarly piece of work. The Affair relates to the disappearance a Capuchin friar Padro Tomaso and the arrest of 13 Jews accused of ritual murder in 1840.

In the footnotes, I read that the famed publisher of the Kamasutra Richard F Burton was the British consul in Damascus and collected a lot of evidence about the case. He put it all in the appendix of a a book titled “The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam”. Because of the presence of strong anti-Judaic content in the book and because of the large number of Jewish friends he had, he sent the manuscript to an influential friend for opinion. The friend advised against publishing it. Burton’s wife also advised him against publishing it until he had secured his pension. Alas, Burton died a few months before his retirement. Burton’s widow continued publishing his works but when “The Jew…” was next in the list, she also died but not before leaving something (that was mysteriously discovered” later) that indicated her will that the manuscript be destroyed. Her sister Ms. Fitzgerald (one of the executors of her will) also died around the time she tried to get it published. The British Board of Deputies (the premier Jewish organization in Britain at that time) eventually acquired the manuscript and put it away in its vault. In 1898, they bore upon publishers Hutchinson to release the book without the appendix, which formed the bulk of the book and contained all the important information that Burton had collected on the case. (Hutchinson editor Wilkins also died at the ripe old age of 45.) In 2001, the British Board of Deputies put the manuscript of the appendix up for auction because they could not pay the rent at their London offices. (Paper on ‘Jewish sacrifices’ for sale, 18 May 2001, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1330640/Paper-on-Jewish-sacrifices-for-sale.html).

Here is an excerpt from the preface by the editor Wilkins.

The first part—The Jew—has a somewhat curious history. Burton collected most of the materials for writing it from 1869 to 1871, when he was Consul at Damascus. His intimate knowledge of Eastern races and languages, and his sympathy with Oriental habits and lines of thought, gave him exceptional facilities for ethnological studies of this kind. Disguised as a native, and unknown to any living soul except his wife, the British Consul mingled freely with the motley populations of Damascus, and inspected every quarter of the city—Muslim, Christian, and Jewish. His inquiries bore fruit in material, not only for this general essay on the Jew, but for an Appendix dealing with the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardím or Eastern Jews, and more especially the mysterious murder of Padre Tomaso at Damascus in 1840. There is little doubt that his inquiry into these subjects was one of the reasons which aroused the hostility of the Damascus Jews against him; and that hostility was a powerful factor, though by no means the only one, in his recall by Lord Granville in 1871.

Burton, however, had collected a mass of material before he left Damascus, and in 1873, the year after he had been appointed Consul at Trieste, he began to put it into shape for publication. It was his habit to collect for many years the material of a work, to mark, learn, and inwardly digest it, and then write it in a few months. This plan he pursued with The Jew, which, with the Appendix before mentioned, was finished and ready for publication towards the end of 1874. In 1875 he came home from Trieste on leave, and brought the book with him, intending to publish it forthwith. But first he asked an influential friend, who was highly placed in the official world, to read the MS., and give him his opinion as to the expediency of publishing it. That opinion was adverse, owing to the anti-Semitic tendency of the book. Other friends also pointed out to Burton that, so long as he remained in the service of the Government of a country where the Jews enjoy unprecedented power and position, it would be unwise, to say the least of it, for him to make enemies of them. These arguments had weight with Burton, who was not as a rule influenced by anything but his own will, and for once he deemed discretion the better quality, and returned with his MS. to Trieste.

There were other considerations too. His wife had just brought out her Inner Life of Syria, which was partly devoted to a defence of his action at Damascus in the matter of the Jews. It had met with a very favourable reception. His friends were also endeavouring to obtain for him a K.C.B. and the post of Tangier, Morocco—the one thing he stayed in the Consular Service in the hope of obtaining. So the time (1875) was not deemed a propitious one for making enemies.

Burton put his MS. on the shelf, and waited for the promotion which never came. It remained there until 1886, when Tangier, which was as good as promised to Burton, was given by Lord Rosebery to Sir William Kirby-Green. Then Burton took down the MS. on The Jew again, and had it recopied. But his wife, who was endeavouring to obtain permission for him to retire on full pension, pointed out to him that since it had waited so long it might as well wait until March, 1891, when, his term of service being finished, they would retire from official life and be free to publish what they liked. Foreover, they numbered many friends among the wealthy Jews of Trieste, and had no wish to wound their susceptibilities. Burton reluctantly agreed to this, but declared his determination of publishing the book as soon as he had retired from the Consular Service. Five months before the date of his retirement he died.

Lady Burton had The Jew next on her list for publication at the time of her death. In publishing it now, therefore, one is only carrying out her wishes and those of her husband. But in the exercise of the discretion given to me, I have thought it better to hold over for the present the Appendix on the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardím and the murder of Padre Tomaso.

The only alternative was to publish it in a mutilated form; and as I hold strongly that no one has a right to mutilate the work of another writer, least of all of one who is dead, I prefer to withhold it until a more convenient season. I can do this with a clearer conscience, because the Appendix has no direct bearing on the other part of the book, and because the chapters on The Jew which are retained are by far the more important. The tone of even this portion is anti-Semitic; but I do not feel justified in going contrary to the wishes of the author and suppressing an interesting ethnological study merely to avoid the possibility of hurting the susceptibilities of the Hebrew community. It has been truly said, “Every nation gets the Jew it deserves,” and it may well be that the superstitions and cruelties of the Eastern Jews have been generated in them by long centuries of oppression and wrong. From these superstitions and cruelties the enlightened and highly favoured Jews in England naturally shrink with abhorrence and repudiation; but it does not therefore follow they have no existence among their less fortunate Eastern brethren.

You can download the redacted version published by Hutchinson at the Internet Archive (http://archive.org/details/TheJewTheGypsyAndElIslam). You can find a fascimile version at http://www.burtoniana.org/books/1898-The%20Jew,%20The%20Gypsy%20and%20El%20Islam/index.htm. The manuscript at Christies is still not available as nobody has come forward to publish it and make it public.

The other important reference in the book was General Tlass’ Matzos of Zion.

General Tlass was an ally of Syrian strongman Hafez Assad. (His son recently defected to the West. Interesting, isn’t it?)

I also came across a YouTube clip from a Oprah Winfrey show where a Jewish woman claimed to have family members who practiced child sacrifice. Both she and Oprah took care to tell people that this was not typical of all Jews.

The woman, originally identified as Rachel, is now known as Vicki Polin. She claimed that child sacrifices were going on all over the country and that the people involved appeared like normal people to the outside world. The Conspirazzi website has a full transcript (http://www.conspirazzi.com/vicki-polin-jewish-satanic-ritual-abuse-survivor/). It seems that in the aftermath of the airing of this video, the woman was labelled as an mental case. Vicki Polin has started an organization named The Awareness Center (http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.com) and also writes for the Examiner.com (http://www.examiner.com/sexual-abuse-9-in-chicago/vicki-polin). Her Twitter (https://twitter.com/vickipolin) web page led me to a recent incident where children of Jewish Holocaust were specifically targeted by pedophiles at a prominent New York Jewish school. Officials at the school dissuaded the victims against telling their parents, as they “had already suffered through so much.” (Yeshiva University High School former students file $380 million sex abuse lawsuit; 12 July 2013; http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/yeshiva-university-high-school-students-file-380-million-sex-abuse-lawsuit-article-1.1393327#ixzz2Z1UsjzpK)

In summary, it seems that Jewish blood rituals have nothing to do with worshipping the devil. It is a practical scheme with which lay Jews can be collectively criminalized and the Jewish top order projected as their saviour. That is how the conspiracy survives generations.