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‘Fat shaming’ should stop and so should ‘body positivity’

The only thing positive about the ‘body positivity’ movement is that the activists will have lower life expectancy.

Worldwide (no pun intended), obesity has reached epidemic proportions (no pun intended). People are getting fatter, sicker and dying earlier than earlier.

Globalists (no pun intended) have started a fight between

  1. obese activists (females mostly and those on the left) who are accusing others of ‘fat shaming’ them, and
  2. non-obese people (and those on the right) who are accusing obesity activists of spreading non-scientific ideas such as ‘fat acceptance’ and ‘body positivity’.

Both sides (no pun intended) should be roundly (no pun intended) criticized (no pun intended) for ignoring basic tenets of science.

Obese people need big clothes so fat models should be acceptable

‘Plus-size’ models are needed to advertise plus-size clothes. People on the right are getting offended at the very sight of these models. These people were the ones complaining about the intolerance of the ‘liberal’ Left. Their own intolerance is invisible to them. If you attack a plus-size model, her agent will tell her that any publicity is good publicity. If the ‘body positivity’ movement gets your goat and you rave about it, then that is only more publicity. Now, fast-food companies, drug companies and chemical companies can non-chalantly ask people to make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Obese people are also humans. They have feelings as anybody else. They can have a life like you can. If they have fans and followers so be it. What do you care? Let them have their space with their clothes, models and fashion shows. How intolerant of you to object!

If they want to bring fat/obese models into Victoria Secret, then that is something serious to be worried about. Your objections are then valid. Otherwise, don’t break into a sweat on seeing a fat mannequin. This kind of triggering is appropriate for the loony left.

Being obese is not the same as being fat

Being excessively or unhealthily fat is known as obesity. Many people advising obese people to exercise are themselves fat. Because they are not at obesity-level fatness, they think it is fine to be condescending and disparaging towards obese people. I do not see any reason why someone would spend an hour of their life ragging on a woman like Amy Schumer.

She is fat but not obese. If someone questions why she was paid millions for her comedy-less comedy acts, then that is a valid question. If her book was as bad as her comedy acts, then someone can question why a publisher paid millions for it. (The trade talk is that they will never recoup that money.) But, how can you question her for being fat?

Obese people cannot stop eating

Obesity is one of many problems caused by mass poisoning of people. Much of what people in the West eat today are processed foods. Even when they cook food at home, it is made of pre-processed foods. Eating fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are also not a great option because they are also sprayed with chemicals. Most food crops are GMOs. Poisonous metals such as mercury and aluminium are being used as preservatives in vaccines. Dairy cows are non-vegetarian cows. They are fed everything from ground-up wastes from meat industries and poultry litter (bird droppings). Cows, pigs, and chicken are also given levels of growth hormones and antibiotics. The water is doped with fluorine (only in the US, ostensibly to prevent tooth decay) and chlorine (disinfection). Many GMO foods contain bacterial genes that make every cell in the food item to produce a small quantity of bacterial poison. The poison is enough to kill the worms affecting the plant but not immediately kill the humans. Many cosmetics have been found to have lead, hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Eventually, all these chemicals affect humans. Some become obese. Some become autistic. Some become dyslexic. It varies. Some effects may even show up after a few generations.

Obese people become fat because they overeat. But, why do they overeat? The answers:

  • hormone disruption
  • processed foods have ingredients designed to increase craving
  • foods have become less satisfying thanks to limits on salt and sugar levels
  • gastric irritation caused by acidity disguises itself as hunger

People with gland issues (hormone disruption) will become fat even if they eat less. They will also die early.

Asking obese people to stop overeating is cruel. They cannot help it.

Exercise is not necessary to be thin

If a person eats normally, his body size will also be normal. Exercise is not necessary.

If a person is gaining excess weight, exercise can bring it down. However, this exercise will have to become part of daily routine to maintain a normal weight.

A person can also maintain a normal weight without any exercise simply by adopting a less-fattening diet.

Obese people cannot exercise

As mentioned earlier, when a person realises that he is gaining unnecessary weight, he can either do exercises or switch to a less-fattening diet.

Obese people cannot exercise because they do not have the stamina. Even if they do any exercise, they have already crossed a threshold, whereby the catabolic rate for fat is far ahead of its metabolic rate. Asking obese people to exercise is scientifically pointless.

Cure for Obesity

Only way to escape from obesity is a change to a vegetarian or vegan diet and a gradual increase in exercise.

Unlike vegetarianism, veganism is not of much value to ordinary people. For obese people though, the results can be magical. Obese people need to first eliminate fats, animal products and mass-produced processed foods from their food list. Only then will it be a vegan diet. They should then switch to a less starchy diet. They should also avoid hormone-busting foods such as GMO soy and nutrition-less foods like GMO corn. Almost all vegans eat soy thinking that it is a health food. They are idiots.

Food cravings should be compensated with water and fruits. Water increases the metabolic rate and reduces gastric acidity. However, excessive water drinking will not be good. Continuous chewing like a cow is also not recommended. They should maintain a regular 3-meals and 8-hour early-to-bed and early-to-rise sleep routine. They should ignore negative thoughts, unkind remarks and other distractions.

They should gradually increase their exercise routine. If they improve, they can switch to a job that requires light physical exertion throughout the day.

Everything should be done in a gradual manner to avoid heart attacks and withdrawal shocks.

Things will be normal again but it will take some time.

Finding ‘Clouds of Secrecy – The army’s germ warfare tests over populated areas’ by Leonard Cole

How to use the “media” tab of the “Page Info” dialog in Firefox browser to find obfuscated images.

The book “Clouds of Secrecy: The army’s germ warfare tests over populated areas” by Leonard Cole is a mainstream academic account of US army’s covert attacks on American citizen in peacetime. It is sourced from meticulous and original research and from reports published in American newspapers like the New York Times and state/local newspapers.

The book Clouds of Secrecy - The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas by Leonard Cole

A super-big copy of the old cover of the book “Clouds of Secrecy – The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas” by Leonard Cole. You can click this image to get the full version.

How to copy browser images hidden under layers of HTML

I wanted to use the image of the book cover in a cartoon but the cover had changed in its reprint avatar. It is not as dramatic as the original.

I tried to search for the book and Google and other search engines have lost most of the links to the book. Bing search engine used by DuckDuckGo returns on images of clouds, not the book. (This shows how believable Microsoft’s claims on on AI and such.) On Google, I found very tiny images of the old cover. However, one result in its Book search was humungous. This image could not be saved easily to desktop.. On examining the HTML using the “Inspect Element” option, the image was still untraceable. To protect the copyrighted contents of books, Google has already restricted the amount of content that can be viewed but even that content is obscured using obfuscated HTML/CSS DOM code. This is understandable because Google could be and had been sued by publishers over its book scanning service. Anyway, I wanted just the cover image. Here is how I accomplished it.

Select View » Page Info » Media and scroll down to the image you want to download. Copy the URL and paste it in a browser tab. Now, you can right-click the image and save it to your desktop.

Media tab of Page Info dialog of Firefox browser

Media tab of Page Info dialog of Firefox browser allows you to find the URL of obfuscated images.

TransGenderism is GENDER APPROPRIATION! Gender Diversity is Gender Denial

Use reptilian techniques against reptilians. Anyone who does not agree is in Gender Denial.

Cross-dressers & eunuchs are using anti-discrimination laws and new rule changes to adopt children; invade designated areas such as girls’/women’s bathrooms; harass women-to-women businesses; and compete against  female athletes in sports.

Gender diversity propaganda

If “Cultural Appropriation” is a real thing, then so is GENDER APPROPRIATION!

In 2014, a “trans” male MMA fighter broke the skull of a female opponent.

In Canada, a “trans” man is suing a female beautician for refusing to provide genital waxing services (a procedure to remove groin hair prior to swimming or sunbathing) despite possessing male organs.

Recently, a male cyclist won against female athletes and has become self-appointed spokesman for “trans” athletes (shemales) who are now competing against normal women. Famous tennis player Martina Navratilova (a lesbian) spoke against this in a Twitter message. It caused a backlash against her from the “trans” community and the lefties. Navratilova, thinking she must have made some mistake, rescinded here views and offered to read up more on the subject. Unlike others who went through that rabbit hole, Martina (God bless her soul) came back in support of the poor women who had to lose against that she-man.

To put my argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organisation, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies. It’s insane and it’s cheating.


How UN enables processed-food companies and fast-food chains to poison humans

Avoid processed foods as much as you can. Always check the ingredients list on the packaging.

Ever wonder what those stories about McDonalds using cardboard or Taco Bell adding sand or Heinz sauce having no tomato were about?

Codex Alimentarius uses numbers to hide names of ingredients and additives

Codex Alimentarius enables food companies and junk-food restaurant chains to use industrial wastes and other harmful substances as food additives.

There were news reports initally and for several years after that email chains claiming that the secret ingredient of many fast-food items were unnatural and disgusting items such as cardboard or sand. This has prompted the companies to address the perception – see these McDonald’s & Taco Bell website pages. So, are the reports true? Or, are they urban legends?

In McDonald’s case, what the emails were really referring to as cardboard or saw dust was really wood pulp which is referred in the “business” as cellulose.

There is saw dust in McDonald’s non-dairy milk shake?

In Taco Bell’s case, there was again some moral skullduggery because the company claimed that they used “pure organic” silicon dioxide implying that the SiO2 was extracted from plant sources. Truth is that mass-produced “food-grade” silicon dioxide is always processed from sand. This is because the percentage of SiO2 in organic sources is not high enough to be economical. The organic sources themselves are expensive and are not voluminous like sand.

Several years ago, one fellow worker told me that she visited a factory near my hometown (when she was working as a journalist in The Hindu) where they processed hair that Tirupati temple devotees had shaved off as sacrifice. In this smelly factory, the hair was cleaned and hydrolyzed to create an ingredient that is used to stiffen ice cream. That ingredient is L-Cysteine.

Most ice creams sold in the market are not really ice creams. They are called frozen deserts as they are made from vegetable oil such as the cheap palm oil with milk added as just another flavour. Amul ensured this in a lawsuit filed against these high-priced but cheapo MNC ice-cream companies. Unlike the hard chocolate-flavour ice cream, vannilla and strawberry flavoured ice-creams tend to separate and settled down over time. The hair ingredient helps prevent this from happening.

Information for this cartoon was sourced from the book E For Additives, among others.

Leonard Cole’s “Clouds of Secrecy” – US/UK governments conducted germ warfare experiments on populated areas affecting millions

Reptilian News cartoon - US/UK use of bioweapons on their own citizens

Reports of attacks using biological weapons by US/UK military on civilians

Other references you can look up are US governments GAO report called “Human Experimentation” and numerous reports on the so-called mainstream media of continuing tests in populated areas such as railway tunnels and subways.

Leonard Cole’s “Clouds of Secrecy – The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas”

Modi govt enables MNCs mass-poison Indians by permitting “Indian” GMO mustard

Modi government approves mass-poisoning of Indians via GMO food crops.

Modi government grants approval for an “Indian” GMO mustard, opening gateway for foreign-made GMO food crops.

GMO Bt Cotton already poisons Indians via cottonseed-blended cooking oil. Cattlefeed based on Bt cottonseed also ends up poisoning milk.

Reptilian News - GMO Bt-Cotton poisoning cows and humans

Unlike conventional plants given a surface spray of pesticides, GMO Bt-Cotton plants produce unnatural toxins in every cell. After removing the cotton wool, cottonseeds are crushed and the oil blended into cooking oils, thereby poisoning humans as well. Crushed cottonseeds are also used as cattlefeed.

Modi enables mass-poisoning of Indians by allowing edible oils to be blended with GMO cottonseed oil

What is poisonous to the worm will also be poisonous to humans, as the pesticide is not sprayed but genetically produced in every cell of the crop.

Reptilian News - GMO Bt-Cotton poisoning cows and humans

Unlike conventional plants given a surface spray of pesticides, GMO Bt-Cotton plants produce unnatural toxins in every cell. After removing the cotton wool, cottonseeds are crushed and the oil blended into cooking oils, thereby poisoning humans as well. Crushed cottonseeds are also used as cattlefeed.

Beware of the “refined” cooking oil available in the market. Instead of mechanically pressing the seeds to extract oil, oil refiners are using chemical solvents to do the same. And, to make the oil look crystal clear more chemicals are added and vital nutrients are removed from it. (Hindu Business Line; Solvent extractors trade body locks horns with Ramdev’s Patanjali; http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/agri-business/solvent-extractors-trade-body-locks-horns-with-ramdevs-patanjali/article8547756.ece) Vandana Shiva writes (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/know/small-oil-crisis/article8194051.ece):

The ghani (oil extraction plant) set up by Mahatma Gandhi at Sewashram in Wardha, Maharashtra, has been a visible and working symbol of a self-reliant community since 1934. This living legacy is now in danger of shutting down.

Ghanis have been around since ancient times. Food historian KT Achaya dates the use of sesame oilseeds to the Harappan civilisation around 2000 BC. The ghani entails a symbiotic relationship between farmers who grow oilseeds and consumers looking for fresh, healthy, cold-pressed oil. This rustic, grassroots enterprise today finds itself on the wrong side of modern food safety regulations.

Now, to make more profits, solvent extractors are blending cooking oils with cottonseed oils. Much of Indian cotton farmers have switched to the poisonous GMO cotton. People oppose GMO for common sense, scientific, and economic reasons.

Common sense – the idea of splicing plant gene strands & putting poison-producing genes from a bacteria should be revolting. It is also a disproportionate response, like swatting a fly with a hammer. Instead of spraying a pesticide, they are putting it in every cell of the plant.

Scientific – The pesticide (from the bacterium genes) is in every cell of the crop unlike earlier solutions such as sprayed pesticides which can be washed away. The pesticide that kills the bollworm will harm humans too, even if it doesn’t immediately kill them.

Economic – For millennia, farmers are used to retaining the seeds from the current harvest for planting in the next harvest. GMO companyies want to take away this right by selling them third-generation seeds which mathematically increase the number of unviable seeds with each replanting. GMO crops are not only designed to make farmers dependent on the seed manufacturer but also specially designed pesticides such as glyphosate.

Scientists benefiting from GMO brush aside all opposition as the babblings of a superstitious lot. LEAVE THE SCIENCE TO US!

Apparently, the “bollworm-resistant GMO cotton” is not really bollworm-resistant. Even though a majority of cotton farmers have switched to SCIENCE-based GMO cotton, they still have to contend with many strains of bollworm. They have to continue to buy pesticides, which the GMO  poison was supposed to eliminate. In the US, GMO and glyphosate use has given rise to “super weeds” which grow taller than a human being! (They weeds adapted with genetic mutation as only those that survived the glyphosate spraying to create another generation.) To combat super weeds, farmers are spraying more pesticides, endangering not only themselves but also those living in the neighborhood of these farms. (GMO poisoning is then given new causes such as Zika virus without any scientific basis.)



So much for all that SHIENSH claims! Monsanto claims that testing the safety of GMO and related pesticides is not its job.

Contrary to public belief, US FDA & DOA don’t do any testing. certifing. The revolving door policy encouraged by US presidents over several decades ensures that ex-industry executives (not scientists) who become officials in these government agencies are richly rewarded when they return back to the industry after their stint at “public service”. US government scientists do not actually validate any product on the market. They are there to create an illusion for the benefit of a gullible public.