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‘Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao v2021’ ebook released

A satirical coffee-table book for de-brainwashing Communist children

UPDATE (December 2021):After I released the ebook free on other sites, Amazon let the book be published on their platorm. Their objection was that Communists might be misled into thinking this was a real book by Mao Zedong. I told them it was very clear that the book was satire (with Kim Jong Un instead of Mao on the cover) and they relented. Now, the full-color paperback version of the coffee-table book is now available on Amazon for $9. The Kinde ebook is free.

Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung) went on overdrive and made these tweets in one day. But 2021 has just started. So, all his tweets have released as another coffee-table book. Well… Amazon has held it up, probably because it has this silly tweet. They never tell the correct reason. They send a mail saying something and then when I reply to the automated mail they block it for a totally another reason. This time, I have not contacted them. So, no paperback. 2021 is not over yet anyway. For now, you can download the ebook from Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, ScribD,…

However, it is available for free on other ebook stores. The v2020 coffee-table book from last year is available for sale separately. Its ebook is also free in the US.

Chairman Mao tweets AOC stopped reading tweets because of 'novel' coronavirus

A sample tweet of Chairman Mao

Ask your brainwashed Communist kids (age 16+) read this coffee-table book. If they do not comply, remind them that the educated are the first ones to be executed* when a Communist revolution succeeds.

Official Party Description: This is the second coffee-table book containing Chairman Mao’s humorous tweets. For decades, Chairman Mao has inspired us through his woke writings. In the era of Social Media, Chairman has graciously tweeted his wokeness. All his tweets from 2021 have been dutifully compiled in this volume, illustrated, and produced as a full-color coffee-table book.


  • Liberals will defend a baboon’s selfie copyright
  • But not a fellow-citizen’s freedom of expression
  • CNN defends AOC and conspiracy theories!
  • American politicians get awards for acting!
  • Nancy Palooza in the Gang of Two
  • CNN encounters with truth
  • The Cloud for business or is it a SAFE-SPACE?
  • Cat Candle vs. Donkey Ignition
  • Biden’s dog in the shower
  • Chairman strictly interested in open source software, not ‘Sexy Cyborg’
  • What can China do? Stop exports?
  • Gunboat diplomacy? In 2021?
  • De-program every Commie!
  • Mass-murderers of the world, unite!
  • Human Culling? China has plenty of expertise.
  • Kids saved by coronavirus
  • Bill Gates is not trustworthy
  • What did Marxist Bertrand Russell predict in 1924?
  • Indian Army thanks China!
  • Destroying forest trees and wildlife to promote the biofuel and green economy scam
  • Nature calls a freeze on renewable energy!
  • Military coups are part and parcel of Burmese politics
  • Mao does Arnold impression
  • Late-stage TDS? Impeachment after leaving office?
  • Reptilian Fried Chicken
  • A warmonger crocodile sheds tears over race
  • Cultural appropriation bad! Humanitarian bombing good!
  • China continues to fund US deficit… for now
  • How the Third World sees the US military
  • Chairman believes in science… the science of depopulation
  • THE SCIENCE changes if China demands it
  • The moronavirus harming American teens
  • AOC teaches Democrats what Socialism is like
  • CCP buying up Democrats of all kinds
  • #EatTheRich – an effective shakedown strategy
  • Q What?
  • Things that AOC does not know include garbage disposal, bootstrapping… but she will write new legislation
  • MSNBC enacts fake news drama with a real doctor!

* Note: Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung) was directly responsible for the deaths of 40 to 70 million Chinese people. After Mao died, the Chinese Communist Party said that he was 70% correct and 30% incorrect.

New York Times lost it sense of reality when it wanted the US government to provide the SNOWFLAKE-friendly SAFE-SPACE version of REALITY!

NYT openly asks for a ‘REALITY CZAR’. Wants a Ministry of Truth to handle conspiracy theories.

NYT’s pedophilia-friendly Kevin Roose has been suffering from heartburn on behalf of the US intelligence community. He has been mercilessly mocked by Amazing Polly on Youtube before her channel was yanked.

New York Times wants the government to provide them with reality

The reptilians are very afraid that their trade in human subjects was almost exposed in the WayFair scandal, which was exposed by Amazing Polly. They will not let her stay on Rumble.

Amazing Polly is a big believer in Q. Well, Q was not able to stop the steal in 2020.

Her website is still not working well. The videos are at

On, her channel is at

I predicted that the election would be stolen in the book Reptilian News Cartoons v2020 several months before the election.

Moral Volcano Prediction for 2020 US elections and afterwards - CNN Projection

Published: ‘Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao: A coffee table book for Communist children’

Status: A print replica ebook is available now. A paperback version of the coffee table book with glossy cover will be available soon.

For decades, Chairman Mao has inspired us through his woke writings. In the era of Social Media, Chairman has graciously tweeted his wokeness. All his tweets have been dutifully compiled in this volume, illustrated, and produced as a full-color coffee-table book.

Book cover: Humorous Tweets of Chairman Mao

The print replica ebook is available on Kindle for $0.99 in other country domains of Amazon.


  • Too many Whites
  • No executions without trial. Chairman is strict!
  • AP – The definition of Fake News
  • CNN – Very Fake News!
  • The Liberal pathogen
  • WHO’s feeling good
  • About this pandemic
  • Eleven Jinping has banned number XI in China
  • AOC – All Over Climate
  • Global Cooling
  • Freedom to spread propaganda
  • Central banks or printing presses?
  • Deep State used to steal foreign elections
  • Is the Devil a Vatican employee?
  • Nancy Pansy Pelosi
  • The New Speak Times
  • Fact-check a joke and save humanity
  • Communist dicks leave feminists dissatisfied
  • Spy vs. Spy

Real Purpose: Make your brainwashed Communist kids (age 16+) read this coffee-table book. If they do not comply, remind them that educated people are the first ones to be executed when any Communist revolution succeeds. Mao Zedong was directly responsible for the deaths of 40 to 70 million Chinese people. (After Mao died, the Chinese Communist Party said that he was 70% correct and 30% incorrect.)

Free ebook link
The price match to $0 is only on On other country domains of Amazon, the price is $0.99.

Mark Dice is a reptilian now! Here is the proof!!!

WARNING: Disturbing Video Content!

Conservative Youtuber friend Mark Dice has long been a thorn in butt for reptilian American media outlets like CNN. Hence, it should be of no surprise that he got assimilated into the reptilian fold. Well, what has been expected has happened.

This video clearly proves that the man previously known as Mark Dice has been body-snatched by the reptilians. It does not show him speaking with a forked tongue but the reptilian beast wearing his skin is definitely trying to sense some prey in the immediate surroundings. You can see the reptilian flicking its tongue left and right, taking advantage of when Mark’s old brain is trying to think. This is disconcerting to watch. Parental discretion is advised.

Update: I uploaded a slower video, which removes all doubts.

Mark Dice video showing reptilian traits

Should we cancel Bill Gates and his coronovirus ‘vaccine’ because he invests in private prisons profiting mainly from Black and immigrant incarceration?

They banned cartoon characters for less!
Mother Jones article

Is the Gates Foundation still investing in private prisons? Bill and Melinda Gates’ philanthropy won’t say!

New covers for my book ‘Reptilian News Cartoons v2020 by Moral Volcano’ are epic!

Different covers for different editions.

I hate the word ‘epic’ whenever and wherever it is used to describe something that is supposedly impressive but in this case I approve.

For a full introduction to what this book is read

The “Reptilian News Cartoons” book – paperback, ebook and free sample PDF download

The “Reptilian News Cartoons” book – paperback, ebook and free sample PDF download

Three-years-worth of Reptilian News cartoons has been made into a book with extensive commentary using mainly mainstream news sources. No conspiracy news sites.

Updated cover (24-May-2020)

Reptilian News Cartoons paperbacks

Buy Kindle eBook or paperback

This full-colour print-replica eBook is available for $2.99, £1.49, €2.69. The full-color printed paperback is beyond the reach of most people – $60, £44 or €49 (more expensive than Obama’s or Kardashian’s hardbound books). It is expensive because of the high number of pages and color option. The B/W paperback is $12, £12 or €12. Only a traditional publisher can bring the cost within the purchasing power of most people. I got no response from InfoWars, my last and only hope.

Size: 30 MB Pages: 434 Cartoons: 149

How to find reptilian news cartoons on Amazon

How to find reptilian news cartoons on Amazon



For some reason, Amazon UK prices are cheaper than their other sites.

Back Cover

Reptilian News Cartoons book back cover blurb

I have mailed the entire book to Alex Jones for sale on their InfoWars store. If this book is sold by anybody else, it will be difficult to reach a more focused audience. Even if they decide not to publish it, it is good that they have a copy and use the ideas. So far, they have not responded. Maybe Google and Microsoft have censored my mail.


The book is written in legally correct or safe language. Anything not supported by mainstream news media citations is clearly identified as speculation. On the front and back covers, the buyer is asked to read this disclaimer. The upshot is I have some ideas and I would like to share with like-minded individuals. And, if anyone does not like my ideas, he/she can go forth and multiply by himself/herself.

The line about the movies is quoted from a movie review by somebody else. I have not seen the first two movies but the last one…. I saw that two decades ago because it had two beautiful actresses in it but it drained the life out of me.

Sample Cartoon Commentary Page

As mentioned on the back cover, almost all news citations accompanying each cartoon are from the mainstream news media. This commentary is for the “Thank Climate Change” cartoon. (The “Climate Consensus” was manufactured by asking the converted.)

Climate Change consensus explained

Sample PDF Download

A 70-page sample for a dozen of the cartoons with watermarks and mostly B/W images can be downloaded from this link.

Download: 3.2 MB Pages: 70 Cartoons 12

No conspiracy news sites

The citations are entirely from mainstream media source. The screenshots have been edited for accommodation within the boundaries of the page but the full stories can be checked out by following the news site links provided in the citations. (Unlike the e-book mailed to InfoWars, the downloadable sample has interactive links. However, when the links refer to pages not included in the e-book sample, they will behave as simple non-interactive text.)

Reptilian News Cartoons citations from New York Times

It took me more than a day to download over a gigabyte of NYT archive links (just links, not pages) from the last 170 years representing… let us say below 20 million pages. I did not hack their site. Google gave it to me.

Text search of New York Times archive links

Google and even DuckDuckGo were hiding/manipulating results. I found an alternative way to search old news.

As reported by New York Times (read the “CIA Established Many Links To Journalists in U.S. and Abroad” article in the animation), CIA has its agents working in many newspapers. Their main job is obfuscation – rewrite headlines to hide the scandalous activities of the reptilians. Most newspaper readers are headline skimmers. Here is an example of a news report where a former DEA agent went public on CIA’s drug trafficking business. Note how the editors have changed the title to make it innocuous. My changes to the article show how the article should really have been.

Chicago Tribunew news report about DEA agent who revealed CIA drug trafficking

Counterspeak using Globalist Newspeak

Globalists have spent considerable time and resources to brainwash the plebians into human sheep, and destroy society and nations as a whole. Reptilian News Cartoons provide inventive counterthink using the same language as the globalists’ insidious propaganda. Everyone needs to this book for de-programming. For example, transexual men and élfinity (L»∞) are the main victims of the globalist depopulation agenda now. Instead of being the forefront of the opposition, they are supporting further depopulation. Over several pages, this book tries to bring these misguided people to reality. Here are some banners used in the book.

American students are brainwashed by liberal colleges and universities to be Communists

Drowning in debt American students are veering towards Communism/Socialism without knowing its dangers.

MeToo - Hashtag Believe Women with broken skuls

#BelieveWomen with broken skulls – Men beating women is not an even-playing field.

Hashtag Toxic Masculinity is trans men invading women's sports

Toxic Masculinity is transexual men claiming to be women and competing with them.

Hashtag Male Privilege and Patriachy is Trans Men invading children's safe spaces and women

Male Privilege and Patriachy is transexual men invading children’s safe spaces and women

Mass-hypnosis is everywhere. Brainwashed lemmings are hurtling themselves to extinction. We need to stop it.