Published: ‘Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao: A coffee table book for Communist children’

Status: A print replica ebook is available now. A paperback version of the coffee table book with glossy cover will be available soon.

For decades, Chairman Mao has inspired us through his woke writings. In the era of Social Media, Chairman has graciously tweeted his wokeness. All his tweets have been dutifully compiled in this volume, illustrated, and produced as a full-color coffee-table book.

Book cover: Humorous Tweets of Chairman Mao

The print replica ebook is available on Kindle for $0.99 in other country domains of Amazon.


  • Too many Whites
  • No executions without trial. Chairman is strict!
  • AP – The definition of Fake News
  • CNN – Very Fake News!
  • The Liberal pathogen
  • WHO’s feeling good
  • About this pandemic
  • Eleven Jinping has banned number XI in China
  • AOC – All Over Climate
  • Global Cooling
  • Freedom to spread propaganda
  • Central banks or printing presses?
  • Deep State used to steal foreign elections
  • Is the Devil a Vatican employee?
  • Nancy Pansy Pelosi
  • The New Speak Times
  • Fact-check a joke and save humanity
  • Communist dicks leave feminists dissatisfied
  • Spy vs. Spy

Real Purpose: Make your brainwashed Communist kids (age 16+) read this coffee-table book. If they do not comply, remind them that educated people are the first ones to be executed when any Communist revolution succeeds. Mao Zedong was directly responsible for the deaths of 40 to 70 million Chinese people. (After Mao died, the Chinese Communist Party said that he was 70% correct and 30% incorrect.)

Free ebook link
The price match to $0 is only on On other country domains of Amazon, the price is $0.99.

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