How YouTubers can beat Google censorship of their channel

Use RSS. Be anonymous. Beat censorship.

Tell your subscribers to get an RSS reader app with an integrated browser. You can also add Youtube RSS feeds to Firefox browser and Thunderbird/Seamonkey email client.

Do not ask your viewers to subscribe. Give them your RSS feed.

Ask your viewers to add this feed link to their favourite RSS reader application. RSS feeds are natively supported in many browsers and email clients. There are also dedicated RSS reader browser extensions and mobile apps.

Of course, this link is too much for ordinary people to handle. A simple solution is to host the contents of this file on your own site. You have a site, right? Or, a blog? Every time you create a new video, download the contents of the channel RSS feed and save it to your website at a permanent easy-to-remember link.

Steven Crowder complains of Youtube censorship all the time so I will use his channel for an example. His channel’s RSS feed is:

He can simply upload this XML file to his site, say, at

He can also add a redirection directive in his site so that the following URL resolves to the above XML file (the location of the saved Youtube RSS feed):

Now, when a viewer wants to add the channel to an RSS reader, the feed URL easy to remember and type.

I used to manually edit my site’s RSS feed in a text editor. There is no absolute need to use YouTube’s channel feed but it is easier and safer. A simple mistake can break an XML file.

Another RSS alternative – blogs

Of course, there is no need to copy the updated XML file from YouTube to your website each time upload a video. Many blogging software automatically generate RSS feeds. (Blogs can also post the videos to social media sites.) Just embed your latest video in a blog post. The blogging software will include the video in the blog’s RSS feed. Then, in your videos, tell your viewers to use an RSS reader and subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed.

This blog’s RSS is . Anyone subscribing to this URL in an RSS reader will see all the videos I post and anything else I refer to in the blog posts.

Mark Dice says that YouTube removed his shirts merchandise from his channel. A blog’s RSS will have no such problems. Free and open-source blogging software such as WordPress can be used to power entire websites on any server or site host, not just on (You can of course ask to host your blog at your .com domain.) In that case, the URL would be much simpler ( and easier to remember for your subscribers.

RSS has been killed off by many tech companies to create their own private walled gardens but it can still be used to beat censorship. Having a blog, rather than a Youtube channel alone, will be greatly empowering. Try it.

RSS is for anything that regularly creates fresh content

RSS is not just for Youtubers or bloggers. All good websites including news sites and discussion forums provide RSS feeds. RSS readers offer a much better browsing experience. Your viewers will thank you for it. Tell them to look out for the orange RSS logo.

Don’t ask me how that RSS logo appeared on this Youtube page. I am a hacker 😉

Ask your viewers to import their subscriptions in an RSS reader

This page explains how to export all channel subscriptions to an OPML file. Many RSS readers support importing from OPML files. Not many RSS readers can handle Youtube’s poorly coded RSS feeds but the one that I am using does it very well.

Will it count?

You can have a million subscribers but that does not mean Youtube will show your latest video to every one of that million. Google has assigned you some annoyance ratio and depending on that you will get a proportion of the traffic. If you are like Eli, The Computer Guy, it might be near zero. (He must have seriously annoyed someone.) You cannot build a business trusting Youtube.

If you go strictly by the RSS route, your subscriber count as displayed on Youtube will not increase much and the traffic from “Related content” will not be there. So, you need tell use RSS subscriptions as an option.

As you increase your RSS subscriptions, you will find an organic increase in your viewcounts. Viewcounts from RSS subscriptions cannot by depressed by Youtube. Your videos will not be buried by other subscriptions.

Anonymous views will be counted for revenue. It does not matter how your subscribers see your videos – on, a video app, a blog, or an RSS reader. Ads will appear on all of them.

Viewers can always click on the Youtube logo to comment on the video or to rate it.

And, for heavensake, do not use the FeedBurner URL for your RSS feed. Don’t you ever learn anything?

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