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How bootleggers are beating content ID system of sites like Youtube

Using Unicode text to fool text searches is the coolest method.

When ordinary Youtubers play some songs in the background or use music to demonstrate something, they get a copyright strike. How then are bootleggers uploading entire lengths of movies to YouTube and other sites? How does their content remains online for years without any problem?

The film and music industry encodes certain indiscernible fingerprints to their content released to theatres, discs and Internet. Media-hosting sites can trawl their site and identify copyrighted material using these fingerprints. They also provide industry officials a login and search system to identify this content and take them down using DMCA and other legal provisions.

Some content owners have instead opted to profit from bootlegger rather than taking down the bootleg material. Sites like Youtube allow copyright owners to run ads on identified bootleg content and take whatever revenue that would have gone to the channel owner.

Many old movies and TV serials are too politically incorrect for today’s snowflakes. They cannot be hosted on video streaming sites like NetFlix. Even something as recent as Friends is “problematic” for snowflakes. If a movie has words like ‘faggot’, then it is unlikely that Netflix would want to host or advertise it. So, content owners are unlikely to profit from it. With every year, kids are getting more stupid (PC) and more of the old stuff is getting removed from popular video streaming sites.

In such cases, bootleg copies made from old VHS tapes uploaded to Youtube provide content owners an alternative revenue stream. This is outside the content owners’ official channel where they may host videos for free or payment. Money made from selling dogs does not bark. All money is good money. Everyone’s is happy. That is why I do not feel bad about watching old 80s movies from Youtube.

In my journeys to find old 80s gold and trash, I have encountered some pretty smart techniques used to defeat the content ID system, which is both automatic and manual. Here they are:

  • Picture-in-picture: They play the movie inside a rectangle smaller than the whole frame. If you see the HD version, then the rectangle is still big enough to be watchable.
  • Flipped video: They horizontally flip the video. This is not a problem unless you try to read text.
  • Noise: Some low-volume noise is mixed with the audio stream.
  • Slowed audio and video: This is discernable initially but not a big impediment to watch the content.
  • Unicode titles: Unicode has several codepoints where the English alphabet is repeated. It looks like ordinary text but a text search by a copyright owner will not find them. For example, ‘HELLO’ is not the same as ‘ᴴᴱᴸᴸᴼ’. No, it is not superscript font style. These letters in Unicode are like that.
  • Blurring and shadowing: Some videos are deliberately blurred. Some others have radial shadow. The content in the middle is still clear but on the sides it is dark.
  • Cropping: Video around the edges are cut. This and the previous ones are the worst forms. Why do they even bother?

All of these techniques seem to destroy the ID fingerprint or make manual identification difficult. Those channel owners continue to make money.

In a lot of cases, the content owners do not care. Old VHS tapes degrade easily. Going after those bootleggers is a waste of their time. The market for old content is not increasing anyway.

The Alphabets sue Alphabet – YouTube should provide an option to preview its filters in action after upload instead of automatically and unexpectedly demonetizing videos

The chicken come home to roost. This should be fun.

Despite their high-decibel presence online, the market for alphabets is just not there. Hence, the lower interest by advertisers. YouTube should create a separate category for alphabets and virtue-signalling advertisers should follow their claims with actual cash. Dear Alphabets, don’t let Google and advertisers get away with some token arrangement. Get your money’s worth.

Conservative commentator Mark Dice and many others have been complaining that YouTube has been demonetizing his videos without warning. By the time, the videos get manually reviewed most of his subscribers have seen the video and he earns no money from them. This daylight robbery is affecting thousands of YouTube creators.

YouTube applies the filters without warning. Why can’t it tell the YouTuber immediately after the upload? Or, provide an option to hold the publication in case it has to be demonetized?

In other news, free-speech activist Carlos Maz is leaving his outfit. For someone intent on deplatforming others, this self-de-platforming has irony written all over. All is not lost. One of the many virtue-signalling corps can gain some good PR if they offer Maz a better position with a bigger paycheck. On Twitter, he seems depressed. Hopefully, the reptilians will not suicide him.

Falling numbers force YouTube to restore RSS feeds – So much for the miracles of Big Data!

Meekly surrenders and sneaks RSS feeds back to user accounts.

One of the banes of IT industry is buzzwords and the marketing overkill that happens around them. One of the latest buzzwords that refuses to go is Big Data. It is another way to for data mining that has been in existence for a long time. The only thing new about it is No SQL.

There are many incompetent fools programmers who can do SQL and form normalization. That is why Microsoft introduced LINQ. Then, there are system designers who don’t know how to marry a CDN with an SQL database. For these incompetent people, there is No SQL databases. Putting binary data in a database is a bad thing but a lot of database programmers do this. That is why RDBMS makers provide BLOB fields. Overtime, this slows down database and defeats scalability. This is routine in the biggest technology companies. It must be patently obvious to these people that what they are doing is wrong but nobody teaches them. This is because most programmers in the US are not graduates in computer science. They are just hobbyists with one or two IT competencies. Nobody taught them how to do it right.

Anyway, Google has an ongoing war against RSS and it removed RSS feeds from YouTube in May. I see that for a few weeks now (probably more), the RSS feed has come back. What prompted the decision? A lot of people had subscribed to YouTube RSS feeds. The way RSS feeders work is they never tell users when a particular feed is not getting updates. So, people dropped off YouTube. Then, there was the forced Google+ integration attempt, which put off new users.

Google sneaks in RSS feed sans any announcement.

Google sneaks in RSS feed sans any announcement.

Google has been a big promoter of No SQL databases and has been using Big Data buzz to pepper its marketing propaganda. I read from Digit magazine that Eric Schmidt has said that one of his jobs is to protect people from technology that people are not ready for.

Really? Why didn’t you check RSS numbers, Eric? You don’t use Big Data? People care about the videos, not YouTube! They don’t care about Google+ either! It is no substitute. Go cannibalize on your own product. The Microsoft strategy must be working for you as well.

Anyway, Moral Volcano’s YouTube feed is at

FPS Russia is at

BTW, I am a Professional Indian. We talk a big game and accomplish nothing. Just like Eric, probably.

Note to YouTube: Change the title of the RSS feed to “Uploads by [user]” to “YouTube – [user]” or something like that.

Ars Technica article says YouTube removed RSS feeds of user subscribers in May 2014.

Ars Technica article says YouTube removed RSS feeds of user subscribers in May 2014.

“How To Browse Like A Pro” – The Non-Sheeple Guide To Online Web Services

This article is for people who already have an e-mail account with spyware services such as Gmail. Others do not have to use Gmail or other “free” web services. Just use your ISP email account or a non-US email service such as Yandex. Make it harder for the Orwellian state to get your data.

The first rule in being a pro is the ability to select the NO option. DON’T JUST ROBOTICALLY CLICK THE FIRST OPTION.

Don’t sign up for free accounts with your real name.

This is not your passport application. It is a bait. Make them do more work when they spy on you. Put your real name or nick name or better just the initials only inside the message, never in the user profile settings.

Outlook.com signup form.

Outlook.com signup form.

Just say no to Google+

When you choose Google+, you sign away your rights in the new Google+ Terms and Conditions. Just say NO.

You don't need a Google+ account.

Say no to a Google+ account

After signing up for free e-mail, enable POP and use an e-mail client to access e-mail

Go to settings and enable POP access. Then use an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or Seamonkey to access e-mail. Don’t sign into Gmail from a web browser, as it does not let you log out easily. If when you click on logout, you remain signed in – for your “convenience,” they say. Gmail has also broken the e-mail address naming system. It does not respect dots in the e-mail addressess. This means that eric.schmidt.the-creep@gmail.com is same as ericschmidtthecreep@gmail.com. You will be annoyed by what-would-have-been avoidable messages from spammers and people who try to guess e-mail addresses of their not-so-well-known contacts.

If you ever login via the Web interface, your inbox should be empty like this.

In your e-mail client, set it to delete inbox messages after retrieving via POP.

In your e-mail client, set it to delete inbox messages after retrieving via POP.

Also, change POP settings to automatically delete the online copy of your email messages after your email application (Thunderbird/Seamonkey/Outlook) has retrieved them.

Enable POP e-mail and then change POP settings to delete e-mail so there is no online copy of your e-mails.

Enable POP e-mail and then change POP settings to delete e-mail so there is no online copy of your e-mails.

Once in a while log in via web interface and ensure that your messages are getting deleted. Some web services don’t delete message and instead move it to folders like Trash. Select All and click Delete.

Once in a while log in via web interface and delete all e-mail from Trash and in case of Gmail check *All Mail* is empty too.

Once in a while log in via web interface and delete all e-mail from Trash and in case of Gmail check All Mail folder is empty too.

Retain your old Youtube name when you sign-in

YouTube is owned by Google. If you choose the first option, then Google will add a new Google+ account in your name.

Youtube sign-in.

Youtube sign-in.

Sometimes, whichever option you choose, Google will create a Google+ account for you. So, open a new window/tab and type YouTube.com agin. Yahoo also does this. It will ask you for your mobile number immediately after you log in. Don’t give your phone number. Open a new tab and type yahoo.com again.

Google is extremely sneaky. Youtube makes it difficult to login without Google+ but there is a way

Google is extremely sneaky. Youtube makes it difficult to login without Google+ but there is a way to bypass that.

People on the Internet have short attention span. Nobody cares about your username. Don’t let Google bamboozle with some yarn about your username being HARD-TO-READ. Tell them to go and multiply.

Google and its hard-to-use excuse. Disgusting!

Google’s disgusting “hard-to-read” excuse. They are trying to make a fool out of you!

Turn off Google History

Google saves your search history when you are logged in. So, don’t perform any searches when you have logged in to any of their web services. Also, turn Google Web History. Google will say that when you will get SMART SEARCH turned off when you do that. That is FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. Ignore it and disable Web History.

Disable Google Web History.

Disable Google Web History.

Use Google’s Data Tools Dashboard and DELETE EVERYTHING!

Google provides a bird’s eye-view on the data that you have stored with Google. Take a look at it – Settings » Account » Data Tools » Dashboard. Then, start deleting stuff. You don’t need to store anything online. Get a hard disk and store locally.

Google's Data Tools Dashboard.

Google’s Data Tools Dashboard.

Log out of Google

Most people don’t see the “Stay signed in” check box is selected by default. Earlier, it used to be unchecked by default. Now, they want to track you like a shadow.

Remember to uncheck the "Stay signed in" check box.

Remember to uncheck the “Stay signed in” check box.

If you forgot to uncheck, then ensure you have really signed out. Google, which invests a great deal in usability, has made it difficult to log out completely. Here is how you log out if you ever forget to uncheck the “Stay signed in” check box. You can always delete private data from the browser menu. It clears all their tracking.

How to fully log out of Google.

How to fully log out of Google.

There are plenty of free web mail providers. You do not have to use Google. Avoid them.

Use browser settings to get rid of privacy loopholes

Set cookies to be automatically deleted when you close the browser. Don’t use the spyware browser Chrome for heaven-sake.

Automatically clear cookies when you close the browser.

Automatically clear cookies when you close the browser.

Clear browser cache and other private data using browser menu option.

Always remember to clear private data before closing the browser.

Always remember to clear private data before closing the browser.

In Firefox, the default option for clearing history does not clear you entire history. Change it to clear everything. I would have expected Google Chrome to have such a devious option but not Firefox.

Screenshot-Clear All History

I use Opera 12.6 – the last version built with Opera’s own rendering engine Presto. Don’t use the latest Opera version built with Google spyware Chrome‘s rendering engine. There is no difference between Chrome and Opera browser now. It is the same spyware with a different name. Use a good firewall. Keep your OS updated and don’t visit shady websites. Explore all options/settings in your browser and change them to suit your requirements. Don’t use Google or Microsoft services or other US-based service. There are many alternatives for them. Keep your online data spread over in many places. Don’t make it easy for your overlords to take a look at them.

Always remember, they are watching you.

Google is watching you (animation gif)

Beware! Google is watching you.

Don’t end up like Miss Teen USA or Scott Ritter or Eliot Spitzer – all of them compromized by their carelessness. Scott Ritter was an UN weapons inspector in Iraq and exposed US claims that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. FBI monitored his computer for a long time and then got him sex chat with their personnel who were pretended to be teenagers. Then, they busted him. Eliot Spitzer was New York Attorney General and was prosecuting top Wall Streets firms such as Goldman Sachs for cheating pension funds and other investors by selling them toxic assets and other dodgy financial “assets”. US government officials who would not prosecute US banks that laundered illegal funds of drug lords and terrorists money by chance looked at at his credit card spending and found that he has been paying expensive hookers. They busted him and he had to resign.

Don’t fall into a trap

There are some guys who says online privacy is non-existent. Tell them to share their passwords if that is true.

To think that mass surveillance is about national security is a myth. It is for blackmailing and harassing non-conformists and potential troublemakers. You may defensively think that you have nothing to hide but unbeknownst to you will get suckered into a trap. If not you, somebody else in your family. Misfortune affects you when you least expect it. Most browsers can now activate your web camera and look at you. They can listen to your microphone. Malware is available off the shelf to activate the web camera and microphone without switching on the indicator light. OEM webcam manufacturers have been asked by PC and laptop manufacturers to make totally controlled by firmware rather than hardware.

Why? Because US government has made them do it. US government is the #1 buyer of IT hardware and software. They dictate the standards. The biggest IT services firm is not IBM. It is Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin, who are better known as defence contractors. They handle most of US government’s outsourced contracts. NSA is part of the US military and it has dirt on all Americans. It is a police state. You live in an Orwellian world. Infrastructure created by the police state will also be used by voyeurs at your ISP or anywhere on the Web.

Read the following articles for more information on:

How to unlink and delete the Google+ Profile that was sneaked into your Youtube account

GIF animation explains how to delete the Google Plus profile.

Google has several sneaky ways of making sign up for their Google+ service. You see them everywhere. At work, I installed Google Chrome for testing and the first thing it did on opening was to ask me to sign in to Google. They made their Chrome browser usurp the hold of IE and Firefox by putting a download button in every search result page. Most people are unconsciously slavish minded and do what they are told. When you install Chrome, it takes over all settings and that’s how they built up their number. Now, every time you use any of their services, they ask you to part with your photo and phone number. All major Internet services seems to have been told at a Bilderberger meeting that the Rothschild stooges were getting exposed on the Internet by anonymous posters and this had to stop. The solution seems to be photos and mobile number so that everyone can be tracked like a dog.

Today, when I uploaded my degenerate Diwali video, I found that Youtube had created a Google+ account and linked to it. Here is how I deleted the Google+ profile. Click on this image to see the GIF animation.

IMPORTANT: Delink the Youtube account first and only then delete the Google+ profile. Otherwise, your Youtube content will also get deleted.

IMPORTANT: Delink the Youtube account first and only then delete the Google+ profile. Otherwise, your Youtube content will also get deleted.