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Let the swamp reptilians steal the election from Donald Trump! A second American revolution is needed to eradicate them!

Trump cannot fight alone. American people, the silent majority, cutting across party lines should become comrade-in-arms against dwellers of the Washington DC swamp.

Just as I predicted, the swamp creatures have foiled Trump in his plans. In turn, Trump has foiled their plans for perpetual war. The political correctness epidemic has lost the administration support. If Clinton had won, America would have collapsed. They would have banned everything. It is a big victory and a relief for peace-loving people the world over.

As per the reality distortion field created by the US mainstream media:

  • Millions of Americans silently suffering in imposed poverty and hunger will vote for Burismaiden who promises to retain lockdowns for as long as the shyentists want.
  • Americans love to see rioters destroy and loot their property in Democrat-run states, cities and towns.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris events but that is a sure sign of Trump is losing.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris rallies but their team is supposed to win, according to opinion polls.

In other news, a state supreme court has ruled that the signature in the “mail-in” ballots need not match. Now, anyone can vote for anyone in that state.

During the George Soros-sponsored BLM/Antifa riots, Americans have seen a taste of what it will be like when Democrats return to power in Washington DC.

I think USA needs to go through some hell for all Americans to wake up. It is not enough that only some conservatives are ready to take action. There must broad-based support cutting across party lines. The swamp creatures do not just need a lesson in people power, they must be eliminated, setting an example to reptilians all over the world. Until then, Americans should be armed and dangerous. Prepare for the second American revolution!

Millie Weaver exposes hijackers of Black Lives Matter protests – military contractors, private intelligence groups, globalist Club of Rome

Regime-change operations orchestrated by the US intelligence and military contractors, in places like Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Georgia, are now being deployed against US and are interfering in 2020 elections – all to destroy Trump and promote Communism!

The chicken have come to roost! USA is the target now. I have, on the Moral Volcano Blog, chronicled how US regime change operations had targeted against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine and other places. Never did I imagine that these contractors would be deployed against the US itself.

Millie Weaver, an InfoWars contributor, who has her own independent following on the Internet, has published startling reports on how the recent BLM protests have been hijacked orchestrated by the same globalists.

Millie Weaver and Co. had infiltrated the “grassroots” groups that have sprouted like mushrooms with special-interest, NGO and foundation money. They recorded their Zoom-skype video conferencing chats and exposed these pre-planned riots. The agitprop organization Sunrise movement has some slickly produced recruitment videos designed to fool children and parents. It has a CEO and operates like a commercial organization. The ground-level operators seem to have been sufficiently motivated and trained by military-intelligence contractors.

Many of the participants, who were recruited in the name of Climate Change and Green New Deal, are underage and are used in the forefront of the showboat protests to demonize police.

On these conferences, these agitprop activists or instigators have been caught justifying and organizing violence.

The most startling information, however, is the revelation that some of the organizers are holding off sexual harassment charges against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden (accosting and sniffing a minor) and are now able to jockey for power and position within his campaign and future presidency.

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Indian Election Commission will not begin counting votes for several days even though the voting machines are all DIGITAL!

Save your tears for Modi! He is not the poor possum he claims to be!

The Wire reports that, contrary to his claims of being a chaiwallah onc, Modi for a while managed a canteen owned by his uncle. Further destroying his supposed brotherhood with chaiwallahs, UP government evicted chaiwallahs from BHU campaus before Modi’s visits because they thought chaiwallahs represented a threat to Modi (https://thewire.in/203797/defective-tea-kettle-dead-sabarmati/).

Reptiian News cartoon: Modi mocks bus and train passengers

Modi asks critics of his high-speed bullet trains to ride on bullock carts.

Sheesh! The way Modi is crying around the last few days has been disgusting. Won’t they be stealing the elections this time too? Why does he become so paranoid around election time? Does he think his handlers will abandon him this time?

The election commission will not count the votes for several days, even though the voting machines are DIGITAL. Even paper ballots take less than a day to count. They are tampering the voting machines only for you, Modi. So, don’t worry, you idiot.

How Indian Electronic Voting Machines or EVMs can be hacked

Like RFID chips and crystal radio receiver sets, the EVMs can be tampered with special radio instructions used by saboteurs to change the results. If the ICs used in the EVMs are not manufactured in India, then countries like UK or USA are duty-bound to add undocumented software routines and components to the chips.

  • If EVM software is hardcoded into the chips, then undocumented code pathways can be included at the chip manufacturer’s end at the behest of countries like US/UK. If the code is stored in flash memory, then code or the final tally can also be flashed or compromised by EC officials. It is unlikely that the EC has chosen flash memory-based chips. So, it must be the first case.
    How Indian EVMs are hacked

    EVMs cannot be verified by a human. Even though ELECTRONIC voting machines can reveal the results on the same day as voting, Indian Election Commission uses a schedule to deliberately delay the results for several days, sometimes even weeks. This gives the saboteurs enough time for manipulation of the EVMs. The CCTV footage of EVM storage rooms can be easily run in a loop with fake time stamps to fool party representatives.[

  • The chips could have RFID elements that could leak vote count data to specially made RFID readers. After the Punjab elections, Modi seems to have received advance word about the votes cast. As a defensive measure, he asked his ministers to show details of tours they undertook to defend the demonetization exercise. This proves that someone was able to scan all the EVMs and realize that BJP-SAD combine had did not gather enough votes.
  • Another more cumbersome tactic is to use EMI readers individual vote counts. This is unlikely to be case.
  • RFID chips do not require power. The radio waves emitted by the scanners provide the power for the RFID chips to emit data. The same concept can also be used to write fresh data into the EVMs. The vote count can be changed by activating unknown code pathways and components in the chips. This is how BJP manages to win seats in places where Muslims are in majority.

When BJP was repeating “Modi Wave! Modi Wave! Modi Wave!”, they were really telling the truth. Similar to how a crystal radio receiver set uses power from AM/MW broadcast radio waves to power a small earphone speaker, RFID components in the EVM chips are activated by radio waves to hack and manipulate the vote count.

What the EC has done or EVM manufacturers such as ECIL or BEL have done is protect against physical tampering.

Most coin-operated phones in India can be hacked using tones generated by pressing certain numbers on a mobile phone. This does not require physical tampering of the machines.

When EC officials says the EVMs are tamper-proof, they are right. For these simple-minded government officials, hacking means physical tampering.

EC has challenged political parties to hack the machines under control conditions. This will not work. The EC should give each political party at least 10 sample EVMs. The political parties should be able to take the EVMs away with them. Hardware security professionals hired by political parties will then be able to study the machines at leisure – say for a month. After that, these professionals can demonstrate hackability on fresh EVMs under control conditions set by the EC. Or, at the least, they can point out unwanted components in the EVM chips, which the EC should be duty-bound to explain.