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India should correct Nehru’s mistakes and recognize China’s illegal occupation of Tibet, Mongolia, Turkestan and Manchuria

Modi, who claimed to have quit Social Media, is tweeting from a China-made phone.

Corrected map of China and neighbouring regions it has illegally occupied.

Reptilian News carton - How to stop Chinese military intrusions from Tibet

If Chinese military intrudes into India, India should not confront them but instead take Tibetan protestors in the opposite direction.

Alternative to China? Dear Donald Trump, how about America?

Every country needs its own manufacturing base to protect its sovereignty and to sustain a working class mainstay for the economy.

Tear up those free-trade accords and leave the WTO. Impose a blanket 20% customs/countervailing duty on all imports. Negotiate individual customs duty arrangements with countries willing to trade with the United States on an equitable basis.

Asking American companies to find an alternative to China is no different than asking them to move to Mexico under NAFTA. America will not be great again unless it returns to manufacturing.

Fake News in Xi’s China (state censorship) and Modi’s India (self-censorship)

Reptilian News - Fake news in China and India

Press censorship in 11 Jinpeng’s China and Modi’s India

Over the past few weeks, Western media have mocked the Chinese state for censoring innocuous words on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter alternative. This is despite the clamour in the West for cracking down on alternative news sites and ideas.

Skeptical as I was, I searched for the same words on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Nope, no sign of censorship. Western media claimed the number 1984 has been banned. Baidu had no problem with it either.

All-seeing eye on Eleven Jinping

Moral Volcano spots halo on Eleven Jinping in Reuters photo

Meanwhile, CNN campaigned that YouTube shut down Alex Jones’ Info Wars channel and also contacted advertisers for their comments. YouTube then suspended/purged several channels. Even gun hobbyists channels felt compelled to move to a popular pawn streaming site.

Then came the famous Chinese eye-rolling video. A female journalist at a business news website rolled her eyes in frustration at a long-winded and obviously pre-scripted question at an official Chinese state press conference. Xi’s power grab has been in motion for a few years now but Western media is quick to hang him. This happens even while police, intelligence agencies and every petty government department in the West is arming itself with ever more surveillance and autocratic powers.

What’s so unusual about a pre-scripted question? Anyone who has watched Obama’s press meets and interviews knows that it was all a charade. American journalists would shamelessly applaud him and laugh at his lamest jokes. It was only when he would tour abroad that he would get a dose of reality. Obama looks like a kid whose candy has been taken away from him.

Note how a lone American journalist, out of habit probably, tries trigger a clapping frenzy.

Indian media used to be apolitical, as competition is fierce. Somehow, Modi has conquered them. Everyone in the media is afraid. Of what, we don’t know.

When Kapil Sibal gave his press conference on the mysterious deaths of three other people in the Judge Loya case, it was reported live in the afternoon. But by evening, all news channels avoided any mention. Next day, newspaper vaguely alluded to some issues in the case and that Congress party demanded a thorough investigation. They all printed a PTI report that was misleadingly brief. Total and absolute self-censorship!

Is India’s military approach with Pakistan and China on even keel?

Indian soldiers are engaged in a low-key jostling & shoving war on the Sikkim border. With Pakistan, we are always ready fight.

This is not right. Our ethos requires us to show equanimity against the weak and the mighty.

Reptilian News cartoon: Modi's approach to China and Pakistan (both of which are hostile to India and occupy Indian land) are different.

Modi’s approach to China and Pakistan (both of which are hostile to India and occupy Indian land) are different. With smaller Pakistan, Modi talks about surgical strikes. With larger China, Modi very humbly talks about friendship.

China cannot start an armed conflict with India because of the long border wherein Indian troops can launch strikes on the ground. Because the Tibetan plateau is thinly populated & mostly desert, there’s is very little cover on the ground. Their air assets would be vulnerable if brought close to the border. If far away, they wouldn’t have quick reaction times. Unlike 1962 skirmishes, where they tried to stop the PLA on the border itself & suffered lots of casualties, Indian military strategy should be to draw them in, stretch their supply lines, destroy forward bases from the air, and slaughter the starving demoralized soldiers on the ground.

I Told You So: Ajit Doval or China-Pak Dual Agent has once again played Modi for a fool – Indus Water Treaty blackmail results in China’s BrahmaPutra blackmail


As Americans like to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”

There was nothing wrong with the Indus Water Treaty. It was, if you pardon the pun, water tight. There was not much that Pakistan could do. Pakistan actually wanted it renegotiated under a whole new treaty so that they could have more water, limit India’s share & have enough implementation issues so that they could have one more stick to blame India with.

Modi, being a compulsive megalomaniac, became an easy sucker for the trap set by his traitorous NSA Ajit Doval.

As an upper riparian state, China’s development plans for BrahmaPutra were limited by India’s good behavior with the Indus Water Treaty.

Now, short-sighted diplomatic slights against Pakistan has pulled India down from the higher moral ground it enjoyed for decades.

Good luck, morons! Why does Modi surround himself with fools?

I told you so earlier:

Today, in the news:

If China wants to build an expensive non-viable railway line to Kathmandu, it’s in India’s strategic interest to let it be so!


An inexpensive katcha road to Nepal via India will anyday make it all look stupid & wasteful. Anyone advising Modi govt to compete with China is a double agent. All these mega railway projects, including transcontinental ones, built by China will make huge losses forever and make the goods expensive. They’re being pursued with eager because Chinese officials want to buy property in London, New York & Vancouver. No matter what India does, these projects will go on to completion.

Communist China had to take the fall first because Obama & Wall Street Smart Money wants to be blame-free

For now… From US to China, central banking now means propping up stock markets.

Chinese retail investors have been totally spooked and are not going come back. Those that are still in the market are there to sell.

Chinese central bank and pension funds run by Chinese government can buy all the (worthless) shares in the market.