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US Defense Department under Obama disguised payments as “research” contracts & spied on Donald Trump

This UK guy, Stefan Halper, was a recipient of a million dollars from US Department of Defense. It was a payoff for spying engagements with previous administrations. Asked why this guy was deployed on Trump campaign, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under Obama (James Clapper) portrayed it as “benign information gathering” – the understatement of this millennium!

Reptilian News - Benign information spying

A reptilian explains what is benign information spying.

Didn’t the billions of dollars given to George Soros used to sponsor protests defaming Christians & Christianity in Ukraine & Russia

American meddling or American taxpayer dollars used to fight Christianity!

Reptilian News - George Soros and Femen attack Christianity and Christians.

American Christians pay taxes and Jewish financier George Soros spends it on Femen attacks on Christian chruches and people.

Donald Trump should investigate Freedom House and other George Soros NGOs which received billions of dollars from USAID

US State department and intelligence agencies have funneled $2 billion to their Ukrainian friends with just two USAID contracts

Reptilian News cartoon - How USAID gave George Soros billions to topple Ukrainian government

US govt agency USAI gave more than $2 billion to Geoge Soros-run Freedom House to topple the Russia-friendly regime in Ukraine. After spending a lot more money, US finally toppled the Ukrainian president and established a loyal stooge in his place.

USAID Yellowbook FY 2001 archived at

Remember Pussy Riot? The ugly posterchild of American meddling in Russian politics

Its name was a combination of slang & metaphor. Pussy Riot was an English name that would be meaningless to most Russians. Name recognition was not the prime objective of the group. All that the US State Department or whoever controlled them wanted was to get the group members arrested. They enacted one outrageous stunt after another. Realising that it was a trap, the Russian police ignored them, even when they indulged in a drug-fuelled naked orgy inside a museum, supposedly a protest against Putin’s call against declining birth rates. (One of them was pregnant at that time.) When they invaded the hallowed portals of a famous church, ordinary Russians called for their arrest. Russian police had no choice but to implement the laws of the state.

US State Department was waiting just for that. The evil Russian state arrested a group of artists engaged in a protest. Evil Putin. Same guy responsible for the incarceration of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. With clockwork precision, Western media exploded in outrage. Madonna and other celebrities expressed support.

Public memory is short. Nobody remembers that now. Now, the tables have turned. It is the US of A that is complaining of Russian meddling. How cute.

Trump should ignore the legacy status quo & support Korean unification

Like China, North Korea is controlled by some reptilians in New York.

Trump should end the security theatre prevailing in Japan & Korea.

The fancy idea of cornering North Korea using sanctions & military threats is useless. Cuba is a good example. The victims are Koreans & the beneficiaries are the military contractors.

Trump should give the North an open offer to withdraw from the Koreas if they united. The communists in the North & the political/military criminal allies in the South should be given amnesty. The nuclear arsenal should be left to the  judgment of the government elected by a united Korea.

If the communists cannot reject it because the charade otherwise collapses.

Trump should ignore status quoists, withdraw US military and support Korean unification.

The fake news media led by @CNN are unlikely to be impressed with anything that Trump does. They don’t even seek to give an appearance of being journalists anymore. CNN president has already been public that they are not going to focus on news from everywhere (as there dedicated news agencies for that) and instead being a platform for high-quality debate & expert viewpoints. So, why fret over a bunch of yakkety yap yaps?

Is India’s military approach with Pakistan and China on even keel?

Indian soldiers are engaged in a low-key jostling & shoving war on the Sikkim border. With Pakistan, we are always ready fight.

This is not right. Our ethos requires us to show equanimity against the weak and the mighty.

Reptilian News cartoon: Modi's approach to China and Pakistan (both of which are hostile to India and occupy Indian land) are different.

Modi’s approach to China and Pakistan (both of which are hostile to India and occupy Indian land) are different. With smaller Pakistan, Modi talks about surgical strikes. With larger China, Modi very humbly talks about friendship.

China cannot start an armed conflict with India because of the long border wherein Indian troops can launch strikes on the ground. Because the Tibetan plateau is thinly populated & mostly desert, there’s is very little cover on the ground. Their air assets would be vulnerable if brought close to the border. If far away, they wouldn’t have quick reaction times. Unlike 1962 skirmishes, where they tried to stop the PLA on the border itself & suffered lots of casualties, Indian military strategy should be to draw them in, stretch their supply lines, destroy forward bases from the air, and slaughter the starving demoralized soldiers on the ground.

Omigod! Saudi Arabia accuses fellow ISIS sponsor Qatar of [brace for it] TERRORISM!

Pots call the kettle black! Saudi Arabia joins other Mid-East countries including Bahrain, Egypt, & UAE in accusing Qatar of aiding terrorist outfits ISIS & Al Qaeda and break off diplomatic ties.

Reptilian News cartoon: ISIS terror sponsored by USA and Israel with help from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar

Until recently, ISIS was armed and supported by USA, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. What happened now?


I don’t understand what charm Trump put on the House of  Saud, the unthinkable has happened!

TTIP, TPP and RCEP are a charade of interlocking precursor treaties for WTO 2.0

Obama said TTIP and TPP will allow “United States to set the rules of international trade.” At the same time, his administration hid the rules from members of US Congress. So, who was setting the rules? Certainly not his administration. Transnational companies, not necessarily American ones, were writing the rules. Somehow, America was writing the rules while its elected representatives had no say in it. All the pre-draft negotiations were conducted in secret.

The US-led treaties did not include China. China for its part had started RCEP. Despite that, all of these treaties had the same goals:

  • Wholesale elimination/reduction of import duties over and above what WTO 1.0 required.
  • Enriching transnational companies.
  • Usurpation of the jurisdiction of courts and national legislatures.
  • Tax-payer funded payouts from national budgets to aggrieved MNCs decided by arbitration courts.

Decades of free trade with China has destroyed vast swathes of manufacturing in the industrialized world.

This was going to be taken further with these so-called regional treaties. Some exclusivity was added to make it appear alluring like forbidden fruit.

After MNCs have covered various regions of the world with such treaties, WTO secretariat can be expected ask the regions to stop fighting with each other and come together again under a common WTO 2.0 framework. This is how it is going to be, I bet.

With WTO 1.0, the GATT negotiations took decades to get all countries on board. For WTO 2.0, they are taking chunks out of the whole and getting it passed by different groups.

Ultimately, everything will fit into place. At least that’s what they hoped for. Unfortunately, Trump has withdrawn the US from TTIP & TPP.

But this is a longterm project. It will in all likelihood outlast Trump. These internationalists are like cockroaches.

Of course, our economies will be totally destroyed before WTO 2.0 comes into place. Our parliaments and courts will be unable to help us. MNCs will have set up leins on tax revenues.

WTO 2.0 would then be offered as the solution of the problem it helped created. This is a tried-and-tested technique of the globalists. The solution is the problem and vice-versa.

In India, there has been no awareness of TTIP, TTP or RCEP. Ministry of Commerce is conducting negotiations with other RCEP members. They realize the dangers of free trade with China but are unlikely exit the grouping because of pressure from PMO. Modi, the traitor, is all for RCEP.

Nobody in the Parliament is opposing it. No party has taken a position against it. When the deal is signed, the media will read about it in Wikipedia and blabber something as if they knew about it all along.

Reptilian News cartoon: RCEP is realy Road to China-led Economi Pauperization

RCEP is one of many international treaties designed to set the stage for WTO version 2 treaty – placing sovereign nations subservient to the interests of multinational corporations. RCEP is designed to hollow out national economies using custom duty-free imports of Chinese goods.