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Let the swamp reptilians steal the election from Donald Trump! A second American revolution is needed to eradicate them!

Trump cannot fight alone. American people, the silent majority, cutting across party lines should become comrade-in-arms against dwellers of the Washington DC swamp.

Just as I predicted, the swamp creatures have foiled Trump in his plans. In turn, Trump has foiled their plans for perpetual war. The political correctness epidemic has lost the administration support. If Clinton had won, America would have collapsed. They would have banned everything. It is a big victory and a relief for peace-loving people the world over.

As per the reality distortion field created by the US mainstream media:

  • Millions of Americans silently suffering in imposed poverty and hunger will vote for Burismaiden who promises to retain lockdowns for as long as the shyentists want.
  • Americans love to see rioters destroy and loot their property in Democrat-run states, cities and towns.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris events but that is a sure sign of Trump is losing.
  • Nobody attends Biden-Harris rallies but their team is supposed to win, according to opinion polls.

In other news, a state supreme court has ruled that the signature in the “mail-in” ballots need not match. Now, anyone can vote for anyone in that state.

During the George Soros-sponsored BLM/Antifa riots, Americans have seen a taste of what it will be like when Democrats return to power in Washington DC.

I think USA needs to go through some hell for all Americans to wake up. It is not enough that only some conservatives are ready to take action. There must broad-based support cutting across party lines. The swamp creatures do not just need a lesson in people power, they must be eliminated, setting an example to reptilians all over the world. Until then, Americans should be armed and dangerous. Prepare for the second American revolution!

Millie Weaver exposes hijackers of Black Lives Matter protests – military contractors, private intelligence groups, globalist Club of Rome

Regime-change operations orchestrated by the US intelligence and military contractors, in places like Yugoslavia, Ukraine and Georgia, are now being deployed against US and are interfering in 2020 elections – all to destroy Trump and promote Communism!

The chicken have come to roost! USA is the target now. I have, on the Moral Volcano Blog, chronicled how US regime change operations had targeted against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine and other places. Never did I imagine that these contractors would be deployed against the US itself.

Millie Weaver, an InfoWars contributor, who has her own independent following on the Internet, has published startling reports on how the recent BLM protests have been hijacked orchestrated by the same globalists.

Millie Weaver and Co. had infiltrated the “grassroots” groups that have sprouted like mushrooms with special-interest, NGO and foundation money. They recorded their Zoom-skype video conferencing chats and exposed these pre-planned riots. The agitprop organization Sunrise movement has some slickly produced recruitment videos designed to fool children and parents. It has a CEO and operates like a commercial organization. The ground-level operators seem to have been sufficiently motivated and trained by military-intelligence contractors.

Many of the participants, who were recruited in the name of Climate Change and Green New Deal, are underage and are used in the forefront of the showboat protests to demonize police.

On these conferences, these agitprop activists or instigators have been caught justifying and organizing violence.

The most startling information, however, is the revelation that some of the organizers are holding off sexual harassment charges against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden (accosting and sniffing a minor) and are now able to jockey for power and position within his campaign and future presidency.

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Nirmala Sitharaman should live long, avoid flights and declare not to be suicidal or having any life-threatening ailments

Rafale Death Club seeks new members. Former defence minister Manohar Parrikar who refused to back up the Modified Rafale deal and was known to have files hidden away started the club. Others seem intent on joining it.

Remember the time when Modi was made BJP’s PM candidate and all his opponents including Advani got sidelined, died or had delibitating accidents.

  • Atal Behari Vajpayee became immobile.
  • Advani got a preemptive strike when he visted Pakistan and was later dethroned as PM candidate by RSS.
  • Jaswant Sinha fell in the bathroom and became hospitalized.
  • Gopinath Munde got accidented. (RSS chief had a fake accident on the same day.)
  • Sushma Swaraj’s aircraft almost crashed.

This list does not include the people terrorists killed by the Intelligence Bureau and Gujarat Police based on some bogus FBI alert.

Anyone who knows Modi’s deals will be eliminated by the Mossad.

#IToldYouSo – A wimp who could not answer a question at his first press conference in 5 years steals the election of a billion people!

Opposition parties should have boycotted the election once the news of the missing 2 million EVMs came out

Modi and his controller

Modi chickened out at his first-ever press conference.

Modi had destroyed the economy with demonetization and unemployment had hit the highest in decades. Still, Modi wins the election and defeats almost everyone who stood against anyone. How’s that possible? Just as I predicted, it was EVM FRAUD.

There were plenty of opportunities to ensure the fairness of the elections but Indian opposition failed to take action and let Modi & BJP steal the election.

How the tongue-tied Modi stole the election

  • Modi was allowed to use government machinery to promote his party. He even asked private airlines to tell passengers about the achievements of his government. (Ministry asks airlines to promote govt’s achievements with flyers, snubbed; His nomination should have been challenged in the EC or the court at that time itself. Indian opposition napped.

    BloomberQuint story

  • Modi and BJP candidats repeatedly broke the model code of conduct (MCC) but Indian opposition did not seek the removal of EC commissioners who let the BJP get away with it. An election boycott was due at that time but Indian opposition failed to do the needful.
  • Nearly 20 lakh EVMs were missing. The moment the news came out, the election process should have been stopped and an investigation started. But, there was barely any reaction. Indian government agencies give their usual lame excuses and Indian parties blithely accept them without protest. It is not beyond the pale of imagination that these EVMs were used to change the vote in favor of the BJP with the connivance of EC officials. Big companies that have increased their balance sheets under Modi would have offered jobs and other opportunities to relatives of cooperating EC officials and election monitors.
  • Even though the EVMs were ELECTRONIC, the election process took nearly two months instead of one day. The results should have been declared on the same day but the extended election calendar gave EC and BJP plenty of time to bring in manipulated EVMs and steal the election.
  • Indian opposition parties failed to track the EVMs. This allowed BJP and EC to steal the election. Sitting outside strong rooms on counting day was not going to change anything as the fake votes were already cast.
  • At the Supreme Court, BJP’s nightwatchman Arun Mishra refused to allow counting of paper slips. Immediately, all Indian political parties should have boycotted the election. Modi’s handlers would have thought they had covered all aspect of the fraud but opposition boycott was not something they could have manipulated. But, as usual, Indian opposition failed to do the right thing. Some politicians were busy planning post-election strategy. Mayawati broke ranks from the opposition and claimed that she would ally with the BJP if they would let her become PM. Beggar’s belief!

Modi has successfully destroyed all institutions – the judiciary, CAG, EC, CBI,… Then, why did Indian opposition parties repose faith in the same institutions? Did they expect the SC to go against the government? Did they expect the EC to give a proper explanation to why so many EVMs were missing? Or, why so many of them were filmed being transported without police escort. Did they expect BJP candidates to be punished for violating the MCC?

What if the SC or the EC had lost their might? Indian opposition should have shown its mettle and boycotted the election. EC can’t just conduct an election with just BJP, independents and NOTA on the ballot! It was a lost opportunity. They can spend another five years ruing their stupidity.

How to prevent Modi/BJP/EC from stealing an election

Not everything is lost. Indian parties even now can bring the SC and EC to their terms by engaging an election boycott. No election participation unless proper explanation is provided for the missing EVMs and the election process changed along these lines:

  • The EVM design should be changed. Future EVMs should generate paper slips which are then counted by machines, as votes stored in the memory chips cannot be verified by humans. Printed voting slips can be verified by humans and by machines.
  • EVMs and the printed voting slips should have checksum hash codes on the lines of blockchain technology so that vote manipulation can be checked at all levels.
  • All voting booths at a polling station should be placed in an open ground in view of all monitoring party delegates. Voting inside schools and other buildings should be avoided.
  • The boxes containing the voting slips should be transported and stored only in the view of the monitors.
  • The voting should be done in one day all over the country and the result should be declared on the same day. If the EVMs are electronic, then this is possible.
  • Before actual vote counting, a test run using dummy voting slips should be performed in the presence of monitors to ensure that they are working properly.
  • If there is any complaint about the machines counting the votes, then manual counting should be performed in the presence of party monitors.

Update: After the elections, previously suppressed statistics are tumbling out.

Unemployment stats tumble out post-election

Thanks to Modi’s alleged masterstroke, Indian economy has not recovered from the demonetization. Unemployment is the highest in 45 years as per BloombergQuint.

Live Mint report says Modi govt suppressed unemployment data

Modi govt suppressed unemployment data before election to create the illusion that all is well

Moral Volcano Prediction: Mandh-buddhi Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi will win 2019 elections and/or form government again at any cost

You can mock all you want, this is the kind of fool that globalists want as their puppet.

Modi, our radar expert

Modi claims he wanted Pakistan airstrike not to be postponed because he thought clouds would prevent Pakistani radar from tracking Indian fighter aircraft

Every stooge is usually given at least two terms.

Reptilian News cartoon: How foreign countries can change Indian voting results

Indian EVMs use foreign-made ICs (microchips) and components. Foreign governments can now decide who will win Indian elections by requiring these EVMs use undocumented secret code routines that respond to external radio instructions supplied by election saboteurs.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (25-Apr):

  • Modi and his Israeli promoters and the Intelligence Bureau will ensure that Modi wins by tampering the #EVMs. These reports are useless. Modi knows who to bribe. After all, he got the most money from anonymous electoral bonds.

UPDATE (14-May-2019): Apparently, the stupid fool Narendra ‘Jumla-is-my-middle-name’ Modi writes poetry. His other superpowers include the ability to write down questions he will be asked in future scripted interviews.

Modi scripted question from NewsNation

Modi’s handlers got the questions and answers already printed for him.

MoralVolcano on Twitter (29-Apr):

  • If EC allows Modi to be elected despite these violations, then the losers can challenge elelection claiming that the EC had given Modi an unfair advantage.

  • Going by Hindutva Voting Machine malfunction trends, #Modi Wave is intact.

  • Candidates fighting against #Modi should file their cases now, as after the election courts may not want to stop him from getting sworn in.

Hillary wants to run again for the office of President!

Hillary wants to run again for the office of President

The Overly Attached Presidential Candidate award goes to Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

Given the level of corruption charges related not just to the Clinton Foundation, one would presume that the Clintons would not be interested in attracting attention to themselves. Instead, they are planning to run again. Why? Maybe, because they see that as the only way they can avoid jail. But, why are the so afraid? Trump early in his presidency said he did not want to go after her for her crimes. Under him, the FBI continues to be like under Obama. Recently, they raided the whistleblower of the Clinton Foundation.

Maureen Dowd says:

The Clintons’ tin cup is worthy of the Smithsonian. They hoovered more than $2 billion in contributions to their campaigns, foundation and philanthropies.

After the White House, the money-grubbing raged on, with the Clintons making over 700 speeches in a 15-year period, blithely unconcerned with any appearance of avarice or of shady special interests and foreign countries buying influence. They stockpiled a whopping $240 million. Even leading up to her 2016 presidential run, Hillary was packing in the speeches, talking to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the American Camp Association, eBay, and there was that infamous trifecta of speeches for Goldman Sachs worth $675,000.



Karunanidhi has died! Other politicians should follow his example

Indians who speak English or write in it are forever indebted to anti-Hindi agitators like Karunanidhi.

Nehru, being a closet Communist and overt Socialist, followed the globalist objective of destroying all forms of identity – race, religion, gender, relationship, etc.

Language was one of many identities that Indians strongly identified with.

An anglophone at heart, who according to Gandhi “dreamt in English), Nehru had no particular love for Hindi but he was ready to impose that North Indian language on the rest of us.

Instead of ‘Unity in diversity’, Nehru tried to impose Hindi through education. Anti-Hindi agitations ensured that the huge diversity of Indian language survive and flourish. Otherwise, they would have succumbed to Hindi in India just like Gaelic, Scottish and Welsh languages had supplanted by English in the British Isles.

In India, English is a neutral language and serves the need for a link language very well. No Indian language has become a victim of its usage.

Well, other than the above, Karunanidhi was no good, particularly when compared to MGR or Jayalalitha. DMK introduced large-scale corruption to Tamil Nadu. Alcohol prohibition was lifted by DMK – first of many betrayals against Tamizh people. His ill-advised decisions made the Kaveri water problem even more problematic.

He also extended this treachery to Sri Lankan Tamils first by cultivating terror groups like LTTE, although the central intelligence agencies were also doing the same. It culminated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. When the Sri Lankan army was routing the LTTE, the near-invalid Karunanidhi went on a public hunger strike. Sri Lankan army couldn’t care less but Karunanidhi ended the hunger strike claiming that a ceasefire had been declared. Over 60,000 Tamils died in shelling when they came out from their safe places.

Airnoob’s Vicious Circular Argument

After BJP’s defeat in Karnataka, Airnoob refused to accept the reality and started raving in denial

BJP loses foor test and their CM candidate cries and resigns but Republic TV says Congress is in a fix! BJP tried to poach MLAs and form government, but when they failed Republic TV claims they have won the moral high ground!

Airnoob: Yeddyurappa’s decision to resign has the Congress foxed.

Guest: No they are not.

Airnoob: Then, why aren’t they rushing to the Raj Bhavan to form the government?

Guest: They will… later maybe

Airnoob: With only 38 MLAs they are going to wait outside Raj Bhavan.

Guest: Congress & JDS have more seats than BJP.

Airnoob: It’s an opportunistic alliance.

Guest: Better than BJP trying to poach MLAs & forming a government?

Airnoob: BJP has outfoxed the Congress.

Arnab Goswami on Republic TV

Arnab Goswami was not willing to accept the reality. He remained in denial all day on the day of the results.

Russian meddling? An alphabet soup of American govt and non-governmental organizations have been meddling in Latin America for a century now

Reptilian News - American meddling in Latin America

US have been meddling not just in Russian politics but also for decades in Latin America. USA has been involved in everything from political assassinations to torture to genocidal regimes to drug/arms running

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an NGO run by the Democratic Party in the US. It receives fund s from the US govt and acts as a conduit for funds to opposition groups, journalists and activists in other countries so that no hostile government can stand up to US hegemony.

The Republican Party has its own NGO to source US govt funds – International Republican Institute. Apparently, no foreign country is free unless its politicians are trained by the Americans.

The military leaders of these banana republics are ex-alumni of military academies run by the US Department of Defense. They are always ready to effect a coup should the political leaders fall out of line.

USAID funds and loans given by IMF and World Bank are used for financial arm-twisting.

This is over and above the activities of economic hitmen hired by the CIA and its faceless corporations. (Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman and Blum’s Rogue Superpower.)

Amit Shah epitomizes criminalization of politics

BJP president Amit Shah is the Gabbar Singh of Indian politics

Will Rajnikanth be any different from Vijaykanth (who has reportedly abused and hit many of his party workers? Rajnikanth in one of his famous film songs claimed that he did not want a political party or a flag. Now, to the consternation of film star-hating PMK, he has started a new party.

Amit Shah is the Gabbar Singh of Indian politics

BJP president Amit Shah has been accused of ordering a hit on one BJP minister Haren Pandya, encounter killings and surveillance of a female architect believed to be Modi’s (Saheb’s) love interest.